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Good Morning,

                          Yesterday was a great day for our birds. Most of the birds went right by the loft and came back from the south. The first group came from behind me , went over my head and dropped on the landing board. The second group hit the board while the first group was still trapping. They really did well and were none the worse for their efforts.

                         Today all the birds will have their traditional love of home day, with open hole and the bath pans in front of them.

                                        Thanks again for your support,



Good Morning,

                                 The birds are up and on their way. They were released at 7:00 AM , from the south rim of the Grand Canyon with no wind, Clear skys, and 32 degrees.

             ,                            Good luck to all in todays activation race.



Good Morning,

                          I gave the birds a short confidence toss on Tuesday and they were awesome. Today I went 65 miles on a beautiful crisp morning with a little bit of a tail wind. These birds are so ready ! They didn't even do one loop before disappearing to the south. All that driving and their gone so fast ! Tony and myself went to breakfast and before we knew it my son Mike was on the phone saying the birds were home. I left one bird home today because she needed a little extra rest.It was a great warm-up toss before our activation race this weekend. The birds will be shipped to the south rim of the Grand Canyon on Friday night. Good Luck to all. 

                                         Thanks for your support,



Good Morning,

                  We had another challenging race yesterday with the birds having to navigate up to 22 mph East winds along the course. As a group they did an awesome job with the first group flying 1297.00 y.p.m. A group of around 28 birds came straight off the course , did a half loop and hit the board. The rest came in at their leisure.

                                 Good job by our breeders.

                                                       Thanks to All.



Good Morning,

                      Our birds were released at 6:45 from the 140 mile station. The sky was clear,temp was 43 degrees, and winds were from the East,North East @ 10 MPH. The hauler called back after the release and said there was no straglers and after a loop and a half they were headed due South. We couldn't ask for more than that.  

                                 Good Luck to All!



Good Morning All ! 

                 The Birds went on a Short 25 mile confidence toss on tuesday and most of them flew 60 miles an hour to home. Thursday they went on a 65 mile toss just to get them back into work mode. They flew very close to 60 miles an hour again. I think they are very ready for their second race of 140 miles, I don't have any concerns about them having a very good race. Good Luck to Everyone ! 



Good morning all ,

                          Yesterday we had our first race and it turned out to be a good test for character for our feathered warriors. At the release the weather was absolutly beautiful. We had 44 degrees,Calm winds,and a beautiful blue sky. The birds were released at 7:05 and took off like champs. We had full sun most of the way home. At about 25 miles from home every thing changed and they hit some scattered showers and a slight head wind. The majority went right through it and made some good speeds. About half of the group hit the loft at 09:24 AM. Shortly after that all hell broke loose. It started raining in buckets and continued through out the day. As of night fall we had 47 birds home. I am pretty sure the rest will be home after they dry out. Overall I thought the birds did a great job .

                                        Thanks again for all your support,



Good Morning All.

                    These birds have finally pulled their heads out of that dark place and have started to act like racing pigeons. We had one tough toss on Monday from 15 miles.Since then they have been awesome. They are grouping really fast and heading for home after 2 loops. They went 35 miles today and beat me home. Tomorrow they will get a better test from 55 miles.This will be the first time going through the mountains. The way they are acting now, I expect no problems.

                                  Good Luck,



 Hi everybody, 

                We finally got our WinCompanion software hooked up and running. I will try to keep updating the training as much as possible. 

                           I took the birds for their second toss from 2.5 miles. All the birds hit in one large group. As you can see on the live feed, not all the birds went in. The cocks wanted to chase hens and eventually they all went back up and flew a little longer. Rest assured that they all came home in one drop. At this point I wouldn't be to concerned with the clocking order.




Good Morning Everybody,

                     The weather is finally starting to break a little bit. It is a good morning for the birds to fly and they are taking full advantage of it.  

                      Mike will be assigning the chip bands today. The wiring for the computer and the Tauris system is finally complete. We are hoping to be up and running this week. I will be doing some short tosses starting Monday morning. I will keep you in the loop until Win Companion is live. 

                                Thanks for your patience,


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