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Hello Everyone,

The final Race will be Wednesday.  Lunch will be served at 12:30. We will have plenty to eat and drink. And we will wait for the birds after that. Everyone is invited.  Best of Luck to all.  


Hello Everyone, 

First of all congratulations to those that had good showings from the 300 mile race.  Looking at the long range weather forecast, it looks like  Wednesday April 24th will be the best day for the final race.  

I have also had a lot of questions about when we are accepting birds for next year. We are accepting young birds now for next year’s race.  We will accept them from now until July.  



Hello Everyone,


Congrats too Conrad Mullins and Zach Garfield and sons for having the 1st two birds today.  It was a good race today and I am pleased on how the birds are doing.  Utah is a tough place to race pigeons as the course is tough dealing with mountain passes and flying from 2000 feet elevation to 6500 feet in elevation.  Tough winds and hawks are abundant.  Speaking of Hawks we had one today hit the birds coming in when they were landing on the landing board.  It actually got one bird and took it to the ground before I was able to scare it off.  The bird is cut up a little bit should be ok.. I have contacted the owner.  Her is the payout for this year.


Total in Entry Fees- $85,400

Spring Break -%10-$8,540

Total Left for Prizes- $76,860

$150 Mile Race- 6 Free Perch Fees to 1st Bird to trap

200 Mile Race Winner $1,000 1st Bird to trap

235 Mile Race- 6 Free Perch Fees to 1st bird to trap

300 Mile Payout %25 =$18,965

350 Mile Payout %50 =$37,930

Avg Speed top Ten %25 =$18,965


300 Mile Payout

1. $5,690    

2. $2,755

3. $1,806

4. $1,494

5. $1,238

6. $1,048

7-10. $621

11-15. $348

16-20. $142


350 Mile Payout

1. $11,379

2. $5,310

3. $3,414

4. $2,750

5. $2,275

6. $1,896

7-10. $1,043

11-15. $569

16-20. $284

21-30. $246


Avg Speed Payout

1. $5,690

2. $3,793

3. $2,845

4. $1,896

5. $1,517

6. $948

7. $848

8. $668

9. $468

10. $289





Hello Everyone!!


Birds were released at 7:30am.  Partly cloudy Skies and no wind.. It should be a good day today with no wind on most the course and as they get closer to home they will have a slight tailwind.  Best of Luck to Everyone!!! It looks like we will have 427 paid Entry Fees this year.  For the amount of $85,400in prizes.  It has been a struggle this year collecting Entry Fees for some reason.  This amount is depending on two late checks I received and I will cash them tomorrow.  I will get this figured up and post the payout today.  Best of Luck to Everyone!!!


Hello Everyone,

The birds are doing pretty good so far, they look like little Rockets in the great shape that they are in.  This weeks weather has been terrible for training.  We finally got a break in the weather today.  We have been having some pretty good consistancy with a lot of them.  I had a training set up for today and took the birds to 50 miles but it was foggy, so I brought the birds back to 40 miles and released them.  I had my wife that was home try to fix the release time and reset the clock but it didnt get set correctly.  Anyways the birds got a good 40 mile toss in and all of them returned.  I will run a loft fly tomorrow so we can show what birds are here.  The 300 mile race will be Sunday.  Good Luck to all!!


Remember the colored bird prizes as well.. All the winnings for this come out of Spring Breaks Pocket, nothing comes out of the Entry Fees for this.

Thank You


Hello Everyone, 

Well the weather here has turned ugly again.  We have rain and a inch of snow.  The biggest problem has been the 30mph winds we have had.  I might be able to train Friday and have the race on Sunday.  Best of luck to Everyone!!!


Hello Everyone, 

Birds are up at 7:30am... Should be s perfect day.  Clear, Sunny and hardly any wind if any it will be a slight headwind. I will try to have payout posted soon, had a few checks bounce and they should be cleared up tomorrow.  Best of Luck to all!!!


Birds up at 7:30am... Good Luck Everyone!!  1st bird to clock today wins $1,000!!



It has been really windy and some rain the last few days so it looks like the 200 Mile Race will be on Sunday.  The birds have had a good rest and look good.  I should have all the entry fee money in now.  I will get it figured and post the payout as soon as possible.  Best of Luck to Everyone


Hello Everyone,


Well, we finally got the 100 Mile Activation toss in after dealing with all this weather that we have had.. We are about 10 days behind schedule because of this.. I will plan on doing the 1st Race this coming weekend the 24th or 25th and try to have the following races every 7 days after that and then 10-14 days between the 300 mile Race and the 350 mile race.. ENTRY FEES ARE NOW DUE PLEASE SEND THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! I would like to have them before the 1st race.. I appreciate all those that have already sent them in.. Remember the Entry fee is $200 Per bird and you have to enter all your birds no cherry picking..

Thank You

Spring Break Race

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