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We are receiving birds!! We have about 50 already we will accept them until August.


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Spring Break Race

P.O Box 331

Beaver Ut 84713



Hello Everyone, 

Well we have wrapped up another race series.  And it turned out to be a good year.  We had some exceptional birds this year!! I would like to congratulate all the winners this year.  First off I would like to congratulate Baldwin & Tilson for the overall Average Speed winner Tent 2355, this bird was very consistent on all the races, next I would like to congratulate Rachel Olivieri for another exceptional pigeon Lake 185.  This pigeon was on the 1st drop on the last two races, which is outstanding, this bird ended up 2nd average speed!! I also want to congratulate Woodlawn/Biechel Loft for Arpu 0837 for being on the 1st drop on the final race.  I want to recognize the Jones Boys for SLI 2620, this pigeon was 3rd in average speed and the 1st colored bird on the last 3 races of the series.  This is the 1st time that has ever happened!! This pigeon is an absolute beautiful pigeon. 

I will start sending pigeons back next week, please be patient this is a process.  I will get everyone that wants their birds back asap.  Please contact me by email or text if you have any question.  If you won more than $600 please send us a W9  

I would like to thank everyone for supporting our race, we try our hardest to put on the best possible race series we can.  We will be accepting birds for next years race next week😅 never ends around here.  

Thank you all!



Birds up at 6:45am, clear skies with a 5 mph west wind.  They will have a side wind from 5-8 mph most the way home. Temperature at release was 58 degrees. Weather at the loft at the time the birds should be home will be around 63 degrees with clear skies. Should be a good day.  Best of luck to everyone!!


Hello Everyone, 

1st off Congratlations too Baldwin/Tilson Loft and Rachel Olivieri for the 1st two birds on the 312 mile race.  It turned out to be a really good day and the birds did pretty well. 

I am thinking the final Race will be Monday April 17th.  We will serve lunch at 12:30pm and wait for the birds after that.  Please RSVP if your coming so we know how much food to prepare.  
Thank you and Best of Luck to Everyone!!


keep losing power to the clock.  There are some birds home today.  I will update it this evening and it will show arrival times of 2nd day birds


Birds up at 7am. Clear and 55 degree, should be no more than 5mph winds. Perfect day for a race!!! Good luck to everyone!!


490 birds paid=122,500

Spring Break-%10

110,250 total payout

-1000 for 1st place 235 mile race



350 mile Payout =%50 of 109,250=54,625

1. 14000   6. 2250     11-15 1000

2. 7000     7. 2250     16-20  750

3. 5000     8. 1875     21-30  250

4. 4000     9. 1500

5. 3000     10. 1250


300 Mile Payout =%25 of 109,250=27,313

1. 6500   6. 1750   11-15 500

2. 3500   7. 1500   16-20 250

3. 3000   8. 1250

4. 2750   9. 1000

5. 2500   10. 813

Average speed 10 places 25% of 109,250=27,313

1. 8000

2. 5000

3. 4000

4. 3000

5. 2500

6. 1687

7. 1250

8. 1000

9. 750

10. 500



4th race will be tomorro, release at 7am.  I will have the payout posted this evening pending if one check clears Today.  Best of luck to everyone 


Birds are up at 7:15am. Clear skies, 50 degree, no wind and shouldn't have much until later this afternoon. Good Luck Everyone!!


Hi Everyone, 

Birds are up at 7:10am, clear Skies and no wind, Temperature at release was 45 degrees. Weather is going to be nice the whole way home with winds from 0-5 mph on the entire course varying from head to tail winds.  The weather right at the loft is calling for a 10% chance of rain at 3pm but the birds should be home a bit after 11am so it shouldn't be a factor.  Should be a perfect day for a race.  Best of Luck to Everyone!! I am waiting on a few checks to clear and should have a payout put together y the next race.  
Thank You

Spring Break Race 

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