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It is to Hazy and foggy today to train.  Birds will loft fly and then tomorrow they will go 70 miles.  


We will train from 56 miles today.  It's a little windy but still good enough to train.  The next 3 days we have a storm coming in so likely there won't be any training. i would like to get the birds to 70 miles two more times before the 100 mile activation race.  


We will be taking the birds to 70 miles 2-3 times and then we will have the 100 mile activation toss around the 1st of March. The 1st race will be a week after that.  Entry fees ($250 per bird)will be due before the 1st race (March 7th). Birds are really starting to look good.  Best of Luck to all. 


Hello Everyone, 

Birds are out to 20 miles.  They are being released in groups of 50-75 to avoid hawks and wires better. We will continue to do this for awhile until I feel they are ready to go as one group.  I will start posting all trainings when the birds are coming good from 30 miles.  We have plenty of time to get the birds to 100 miles for the Activation trainer around the end of February or 1st part of March. 
Thank you and best of luck 


Birds are being trained almost every day from short distances getting them used to the trailer, trapping and the whole proces. We will continue to do this for the next month working them out to 30 miles Or as far as we can get them as long as the weather is good. Activation race is not until the 1st part of March so we have plenty of time to get them ready. Thank you


Had some issues with the null modem cable today. Should have it fixed soon and do another inventory ASAP. 


Hello Everyone,

Birds are all chipped and ready to go.  Should be able to get a complete inventory tomorrow. There is about 605 birds here in the loft that will start training. I have had birds flagged the last 3 weeks and on a few short trains getting used to being in the trailer. I will continue to train the birds until the weather gets bad then shut them down fo a month or so and continue training again. 


Hello Everyone,

Birds are doing great, very few losses so far. All the birds are loft flying everyday  i had to send my clock in to get fixed a couple weeks ago and I just got it back. I will get all the birds in registered in and hopefully get a loft inventory done within a couple weeks. 
Thank you

Spring Break Race



Hi Everyone,

Birds are doing great. Health is exceptional here this year and we have only lost a couple birds and the owners have been notified. We will be accepting birds until August 15th.  Please just let me know when you send them.  If you have any questions please give me a call. 435-310-0307 Thank you


Hi Everyone,

We are accepting birds from now until August for next years race. We will be having the same format as we have had in the past. We are raising the Entry fees too $250 per bird and we are raising the perch fees a little as well.. We keep the birds almost twice as long as normal OLR and with the rising cost of feed and supplies we have decided to raise prices a little. The perch fees are listed below. 

Perch Fees

1 Perch $125.00 Per Bird
5 Perch $600.00 for Five
8 Perches  $700.00 for Eight
12 Perches  $1000.00 for Twelve
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