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Birds up at 6:40am, conditions are clear Skies, 5 mph west wind, 50 degree. looking at the weather today the birds will have a west wind wind the first 100 miles from 5-8 mph. Then the winds will shift to a North Norteast from Vegas to Mesquite after that they will have a 10mph headwind the last 100 miles. We will have lunch at 12:30-1pm and wait for the birds to show up around 2pm-3pm. Best of luck Everyone!!


We will push the final race back and have it Sunday.  I will train short on Friday. I hate pushing things back but I have to do what is best for the birds.  Thank you


The weather for tomorrow is getting worse everyday.  It looks like we may be pushing it back a few days.  I will update tonight.  


Hello Everyone, 

It looks like we will be able to have the final race on Thursday April 15th.  We will have lunch at 12:30 and wait for the birds to get home around 3pm. Best of Lick to Everyone!!


We may have to push the final race to Thursday April 15th due to high winds on tuesday and Wednesday. 


Hi Everyone,

I would like to congratulate the winners of the 312 mile Race. we had 6 birds come in togeth on the 1st drop.  Mullins Family Loft, Cliff Jayben, Send an Ace loft, Gillins/Raddon, Lawrence Cummins and Marian Mucha were the owners of the 1st 6 birds on the drop.  Also Gillins/Raddon had the 1st colored bird to trap so they won an extra $750 for that. 
We have been having a lot of hawk problems the last few races And trainings.  And we also had a hawk go thru the trap today and get into 1 section of the loft.  Luckily no birds were hurt because he was only in therefor about 5 mins. I am going to give the birds the day off tomorrow to settle down from the hawk issue and recooperate tomorrow.  I am leaning on having the final race next week on Tuesday or Wednesday weather dependin.  I will let everyone know in the next day or 2 on that and the details of the race. 
Best of luck to all. 


Hello Everyone, 

I am pretty happy with the way the birds have been doing the past 3 races. This is a tough course with all the mountains and mountain passes that they have to navigate. 
This has been the toughest year in the 13 years that I have been doing this race to collect Entry fees. I don't know if Covid has affected people and they are having a tough time coming up with the money or what is going on? I have been told that some checks were sent 3 weeks ago and I still have not received them.  Here is what I have as of now, which is what we will go with.  If any other Entry fees come in before the 300 mile race I will adjust. Some birds will be pulled out of the race if not paid ASAP!! 

I have 558 birds paid for

($111,600) - %10 for Spring Break Race=$100,440

Leaves for total payout of $100,440 -$1000 for the 200 mile 1st bird to trap

%50 for 350 mile Race =$49,720

%25 for 300 mile Race =$24,860

%25 for Average Speed =$24,860


300 Mile Race

1.$6500 2.$3800 3.$2500 4.$1890 5.$1400 6.$1170 7.$900 8.$900 9.$900 10.$900

11-15 $500

16-20 $300

350 Mile Race

1.$14000 2.$7000 3.$4000 4.$2500 5.$2000 6.$1750 7.$1500 8.$1500 9.$1500 10.$1500

11-15 $1000

16-20 $700

21-30 $397

Average Speed

1.$7000 2.$3860 3.$3250 4.$3000 5.$2500 6.$2000 7.$1500 8.$1000 9.$500 10.$250


Birds were brought back to 30 miles today. High head winds 


The weather tomorrow is not great (rain, snow mix and high winds) and the following day is even worse, we will just train tomorrow and look at Saturday or Sunday for the race.  


Congrats to Golden State Syndicate on having the 1st bird to trap on the 2nd Race and winning $1000. This course is not an easy course and these birds will be tested even more as they get out further in distance.  Tenitive plans are to train tomorrow and race Wednesday for the 3rd race.  we have been having some pretty bad wether here this past week and this upcoming week is looking not so great also.  So this will be the plan unless the weather changes.  Best of Luck Everyone. 

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