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Hello Everyone,

Congratulations to the first 3 birds on the drop for the 300 mile race. DWI 364 Breed by Lawrence Cummins, KTL 0369 breed by KT Loft and AA 39463 breed by Wang Shu. The race turned out to be a pretty tough day, this race course is not an easy one at all. There are a lot of Mountains and passes these birds have to navigate and if they make a wrong turn it is tough to get back home.  
We ar leaning towards having the final race on Sunday April 10th. The wind is not looking good for the weekend on the long range weather forecast but we will shoot for that day and make a final decision around Wednesday or Thursday. If you are planning on attending Sunday we will have a Luncheon at 12:30pm eade RSVP if you are planning on attending text or email me or 435-310-0307.  
Thank you and Good luck to Everyone!!


Birds up at 7am.  Clear skies, should have a head wind of 5-8mph most the way home. Best of luck to everyone!!


Hello Everyone, 

I am pretty happy with the way the birds have been doing the past 3 races. This is a tough course with all the mountains and mountain passes that they have to navigate. I have been told that some checks for Entry fees were sent 2 weeks ago and I still have not received them.  Here is what I have as of now, which is what we will go with.  If any other Entry fees come in before the 300 mile race I will adjust. 

I have 490 birds paid for

($122,500) - %10 for Spring Break Race=$110,250

Leaves for total payout of $109,250 -$1000 for the 200 mile 1st bird to trap

%50 for 350 mile Race =$54,625

%25 for 300 mile Race =$27,313

%25 for Average Speed =$27,313


300 Mile Race

1.$8000 2.$5000 3.$3000 4.$2000 5.$1500 6.$1225 7.$1000 8.$800 9.$700 10.$600

11-15 $500

16-20 $200

350 Mile Race

1.$15300 2.$10000 3.$7000 4.$4500 5.$2000 6.$1700 7.$1600 8.$1325 9.$1200 10.$1000

11-15 $700

16-20 $500

21-30 $300

Average Speed

1.$8075 2.$6000 3.$3500 4.$2750 5.$2000 6.$1500 7.$1250 8.$1000 9.$750 10.$500


Hello Everyone, 

Congrats to David Miller for having the 1st bird to trap on the 235 mile race.  Looking at the weather we are going to have rain and wind for a couple days. Plan is to train Wednesday and have the 300 mile race on Friday if the weather holds.  Final race will be 10 days after the 300 mile race.  I will have all the checks cleared today and have a payout posted tonight.  
Thank you and Good luck. 


Birds up at 7:30am. Clear skies, Birds will have a slight headwind all the way home.  Should make for a good tough race today.  
Congrats to the winners of the 1st two races, Transilvania Loft for the 1st bird on the 150 mile race winning 6 Free perch fees for next years race and Partridge Family loft for having the 1st bird to trap on the 2nd race winning $1000.  Best of luck to Everyone today. 


Birds up at 7:30am, slight headwind of 5 mph. Clear skies. Birds should have a headwind for about half the course then variable winds after that.  Good Luck Everyone!!


Birds released at 7:45am, cloudy skies with a 5 mph headwind. Birds will have a slight headwind for 50 miles then its calling for the winds to shift and be a slight tail wind. Best of luck to everyone!!


We will have the first race tomorrow. I am still collecting entry fees, as soon as I get them I will post the payout. If you still need to pay Entry fees. PayPal  Please get them in asap. Thank you and good Luck to Everyon!!


Well you got to love Spring weather.  We had a really good training today from 56 miles and tomorrow looks like we are going to get storm again for a couple days.  We will have the 1st race either Saturday or Sunday.  We will train again on Thursday or Friday and see what is the best day after that.  Thanks 


We have a storm coming in the next 2-3 days.  I will train as soon as I can when I get a break in the weather. ENTRY FEES ARE DUE NOW.  We will have the 1st race next week.  Thank you

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