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Weather is still ridiculou, rain and snow almost every day.  There is a chance I can get a short trainer in today.  I would trays y chance we can.  


Hi Everyone,

Birds are up at 7:15am, clear Skies, a little chilly at release 33• Birds should have a headwind most all the way from 5-8 mph. Should be a good tough race today.  Best of luck to everyone!!!


Hi Everyone, 

This weather will just not give up.  It has been storm after storm after storm here.  I was wanting to do the 150 mile race tomorrow, but I don't think the weather is going to allow it.  We will shoot for Friday or Saturday. There are quite a few of you that i don't have your Entry fees.  Please get them here asap. Call me at 435-310-0307.  Thank you


We had a great 100 mile race today.  It was foggy and low lying clouds with a touch nit much wind at all.  ENTRY FEED ARE NOW DUE $250 PER BIRD.. Please pay for all your birds.  We will have the 1st race will be in about 7 days.  Please get your Entry fees sent or PayPal  Please add the 3% processing fee if you do this option.  If your bird dies not make it to the 1st race your entry fee will be refunde. We will try to race about every 7 days weather Depending until the race series is over.  
Thank you and best of luck to all.. 

Spring Break Race


Well this weather is unreal!! We are over %200 of normal moisture here in Beaver.  It has been very frustrating for me to try and train how I want.  The birds are ready to go 70 miles but the weather is showing storms again for the next 3 days.  I will try to train tomorrow from 30 or 50 miles if there is a slight break in the weather tomorrow. I'm not sure if it will give us a short window. I would like to get the birds to 70-75 miles 2-3 times before the 100 mile activation training.  So as soon as I can do this we will. I will do what's best for the birds. 
Thank you

Spring Break Race. 


We lost power at the loft today. We will train again Tuesday.  Looks like all birds are home 


We are going to have a storm come in for a couple days. As soon as it moves out Thursday or Friday we will fly 50 miles.  We are probably about a week behind schedule due to the weather we have had.  I would like to get 3-4 50 mile trainings in and a 2-3 75 mile trainings before we have the 100 mile activation toss.  Tentatively planned for the 7th of march or so.  
Thank You 

spring Break Race 


Hey Everyone,

The weather is kicking our butts here, we have had storm after storm for the past few weeks.  Birds are out to 30 miles but it has been very hard to keep them consistent and build their endurance and get them into shape.  We may have to move things back a week depending on the next couple weeks weather.  We will just have to see how it goes.  I will train the birds every chance the weather is good.  100 mile activation toss is usually the 1st part of March but may be pushed back a Little.  I will keep everyone updated.  
Birds are being released in groups of 50-75 about ten minutes apart.  They will be released like this intil the trainer before the 50 mile station.  


Spring Break Race


We have been having some pretty bad weather the last week.  Birds have been loft flying and training short.  We will keep them going every day the weather is good.  


Hello Everyone, 

I hooe all of you Have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.  We are very grateful for the time we get to spend with family this time of year.  we are also grateful for all the friends we have made over the years that we have been running this race.  

We have been training the birds from short distances getting them comfortable with the system   We will post some of the trainings as we get going as much as possible in January. We will post all the trainings once we get to 30 miles. 



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