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Hi Everyone, 

Well another year of racing is in the books!! Congratulations to the winners this year, we had some great birds in this years race series. The 1st drop on the final 357 mile race had 3 birds on it and they were KT Loft, Wang Shu, A-Lin Lofts. Also the Average Speed Winning bird was from Circle C Loft.  We had a good return on the final race and I am really pleased with this years group of birds.  

We will start returning birds next week, it is best if I only ship them Monday and Tuesday's. I will need a W9 form from those that won more then $600 before we can ship your birds.  

please email is best if you want your birds back, it's just easier to keep track that way.  Send your mailing address also.  

We sure appreciate all those that support us and we are grateful for all of those that showed up to the final race!! We have a great support system and we couldn't ask for better peo to be in our race.  

Aldo those wanting their birds shipped out here are the Prices  

1-3 birds $85

4-6 birds $170

7-9 birds $255

10-12 birds $340

Make checks payable to: Daniel Carter or Spring Break Race   You can Zelle or Venmo 


We start accepting birds for next year now, so if you have done young birds ready let us know.  

Thanks again 

Spring Break Race


Birds up at 7am MST, 60 degrees. clear and sunny with an East wind of 5-7mph.  Birds will have a little bit if ever direction of wind it looks like nothing over 10 mph.  I'm thinking it's going to be a little tougher day today as they will face headwinds the majority of the way home.  Lunch will be served about 12:30 today at the loft.  Also a big thanks too Cliff, Alex and Antonio for being at the release point to watch the birds get release.  Best of Luck to Everyone!!!


Hey Everyone, 

it looks like Saturday will be the day for the final race. We will serve lunch at about 12:30 and wait for the birds to come in after that.  Please if possible lmk if your going to attend the final race so we have enough food and drinks.  Thanks and good luck to all!!


Hey Everyone, 

Congrats to all those that had a bird on the drop from the 300 mile Race. 
We will be looking to have the final race towards the end of the week or 1st part of next week, just weather dependent. If you are planning on coming to the final race we will have lunch around noon and wait for the birds to come after that.  I broke my phone on Wednesday and won't have a new one until tomorrow (Monday) so if you need something or are planning on coming to the race email me or wait until Monday afternoon to text or call me.  Email

We had a pair of falcons attack the birds when they got to the loft today and I watched them scatter the birds and get at least one bird and chase a few others so we may be missing a few today  

Thanks and Best of Luck to all!! 



$122,250 - 10% = $12,225 to Spring Break - $1000 to 235 mile race, leaves $109,025 for total payout! 350 mile race = 50% of $109,025 = $54,512

350 mile payout 

1. $14,000          6. $2250            11-15. $1000

2. $7000             7. $2137           16-20. $750

3. $5000             8. $1875           21-25. $500

4. $4000             9. $1500           26-30. $250

5. $3000.          10. $1250

300 mile payout 25% of $109,025 = $27,256

1-23. $1,186

 Average speed 25% of $109,025 = $27,256

1. $8000         6. $2000

2. $5000         7. $1500

3. $4000         8. $750

4. $3000         9. $500

5. $2250.       10. $250


Hey Everyone, 

sorry I'm a little behind with the payout.  I had a few checks bounce and finally received funds for those and we have a total amount at 122,250 -%10 = 12,225 to Spring break Race leaves 110,025 for total payout.  We payout 1,000 on the 200 mile race, and we pay out 25% on the 300 mile race, 50% on the 350 mile race and 25% to average speed. 

Congrats to the winners of todays race. There were 23 birds that will be counted as the first drop, so we will split the winnings equally to those birds. 

We also pay out of springs breaks own pocket $500 on the 235 mile race to the first colored bird, on the 300 mile race we pay $750 to the first colored bird, and on the final 350 mile race we pay $1000 to the first colored bird. 

I will get the payout figured and posted asap


Birds up at 7:30am MST, 60 degrees, slight north wind 3mph, Clear skies.  
Should be a perfect day for a race.  Good Luck Everyone 


Birds up at 8:30 mst.. 46 degrees.  Hardly any wind.  Sunny and should be a great day.  I am waiting on two checks to clear the bank and I will post a payout hopefully tomorrow. Best of luck to all!! 


Tomorrows weather has changed and isn't letting looking good enough to race.  We will hold off a day maybe two and go from there.  


Hey Everyone, 

The weather is not looking great the next 2-3 days.  I would love to have the next Race on Sunday but it's looking more like monday or Tuesday.  I will keep you update, I am also still waiting on a few checks that were mailed that I haven't received. I will cash all the checks.  And I will post the payout asap.  

Thanks and Good Luck to everyone ,

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