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As we start off the races, please note that prizes this year will not be paid down as far as years past.  We do not know  how many prizes there will be, as we do not know what the actual number of birds  left  for the  final race are.  We do plan on having the same typical prize structure for the 300 mile race.  For the average speed this year, we will only be giving prizes to the top 10 best birds in the average speed series.  We will post the prizes before the 190.

This year was not the norm for any of us in Southern Cal. with all the quarantine issues.  However, we are very fortunate to be flying.  And better yet, we have our first race tomorrow.


Best of luck to all of you.


We will be racing the first leg of Average speed Thursday.  The weather at the start calls for 6-7 mph winds from the north (Cross wind).  There will be variable winds the first 80 miles in the desert.  Once birds reach last 50 miles they are calling for winds from the east ( 7-10 mph Tail wind ).  The temperature is expected to warm up quickly to mid 80's.  Very dry conditions for tomorrow for entire flight.


Ryan Leach will be assisting in the release.  Eric Topacio will holding down the fort at the loft. 


Good luck to all!!


We will have a 75 mile trainer Monday.  The 1st leg of Average speed will be Thursday.  We welcome all those that wish to watch birds come home Thursday.  More details to follow Wednesday.  


Please call with any questions.


We will move our next training day to Friday.  The winds are currently 30-60 mph.  We are hoping they calm down by tomorrow evening.  We loft flew birds yesterday.  They are feeling pretty good with many flying 3 hours +.


**Mailing out race info today.   

**Only a handfull of rooms at hotel left.  Discount for rooms available until 11/1.


Please call with any questions.


Today's toss was a fast one.  I came very close to turning around half way to the release point.  The winds through the mountains where crazy.  Seldom do we ever get speeds like this morning.  At the release point it was breezy and very cool.  Please note,  birds arrived home feeling good.  Most birds before 10:30 where home but decided to keep playing around.  Next toss is set for Thursday.


We will be mailing out race info early part of next week.  We plan on flying the 1st leg of the average speed 140 miles the 5th or 6th of November.  San Diego is having a heat wave and it is expected to break  by Sunday. We will train accordingly. 


Please call with any questions.


Training is moving along nicely.  The first leg of the average speed is not scheduled until the first week of November.  Our plan is to keep the birds training at 70+ miles for the next few weeks.  We are currently mass releasing with the Royal Cup.  Currently in the training releases, there are close to 1100 birds beining released.

We will start mailing out race info the later part of next week.  


Please call with any questions.





We will back on the road tomorrow.  We will start mass releasing next week.  Currently we are loft flying.  The birds are flying very strong throughout the valley.  We are hoping for cooler temperatures soon as the desert is still in the 100's.


Please call with any questions or concerns.


We had our first toss in the desert.  For those new breeders, it's typical for most birds to fly for hours the first few times down in the desert.  The difference of wind and heat are big factors.  It takes 3-4 times before the birds are comfortable to fly straight home.  We have some Santa Ana conditions coming this weekend, we will train accordingly.


Please call with any questions.



Training on hold.  A thunderstorm currently in the mountains.  We hope to train Friday.  Then training on hold over weekend.  High winds 20-30 mph deveopling Friday afternoon through late Sunday.  

Have a nice weekend.

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