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Our first pick up for San Diego races will be this Saturday at Coco's Bakery.  We will be there between 8:00-9:00.


Coco's Bakery

1250 E Imperial HWY

Brea, 92821


Please have your perch forms filled out with desiginated race.  


Please call with any questions.


We will officially start taking birds March 4th through June 7th.  We will be picking up birds every Saturday starting March 9th at Coco's in Brea between 8:00-9:00. 


**All Participants please fill out perch forms when sending birds.


As the race has continued to grow over the years, it has become more and more difficult to receive/collect entry fees on time.  As a result, entry fees will now be due after the 140 mile race.  Prizes will now be awarded at the 190 mile race.  

We look forward to a great season and wish everyone the best in OLR.


***We advise breeders mailing birds to ship Monday or Tuesday.  


Ship birds to: 15622 Lyons Valley road

                     Jamul, CA 91935


Please call with any questions



SIGN UP NOW - 2024

Happy New Year!


We are delighted to announce the commencement of registration for the 2024 race season. We kindly ask that you update the number of birds you plan on sending on Wincompanion. All existing participants will be grandfathered in. Starting January 12th, breeders on the waiting list will be added to the race. We're also in the process of preparing photos of our 2023 champions and will be posted soon online.


For any queries or concerns, kindly reach out to John at 619 454 - 7696.



We will be dropping off birds along with checks for locals this Saturday between 8:00-8:30 a.m.  Location is Coco's Bakery. 

Coco's Bakery

1250 E Imperial HWY

Brea, CA 92821


For breeders that won a prize and who have not submitted w-9..please do so.


**We plan on shippping out of state birds starting Monday.


Please call with any questions.


Congratulations to the first drop..

1.  Duane Gragg

2.  Milestone

3.  Wise loft     


The Second Wind turned out to be more challenging than expected.  It was a gorgeous day with very light variable winds the entire course.  The "Special 3" were out front by a few minutes proving to be the best in San Diego on this day.

Congratulations to all that scored in the 3 races.


We plan on sending birds back next week.  We need all breeders to send the shipping form found on website.  Please fill out with where you would like bird to be sent to.  

Breeders who won a prize of $600 or more please send in w-9.  Also, to be found on website.  A Prize shall not be released until w-9 is received.


We would like to thank all of the Breeders who participated in our San Diego races.  It was a very unsual year for racing.  We experienced so many abnormal weather patterns this year making we believe one of the most difficult in 20 years of OLR racing.  


Happy Holidays




The Second Wind will be flown from Miami, Az, on Saturday December 2.  This race will be a mass release with San Diego Holiday Classic and Royal Cup.  Just under 900 birds for the release.


The weather looks good for the entire course.  Variable winds and cool temperatures.  


For those attending, please bring your own chairs.  


Please call with any questions.


Good luck to all!!



Second Wind

First Drop...50,000


3rd............ 9,000









Note:  In the event 5 or more on the first drop, the first 5 prizes including 1st drop will be added together and divided equally.  If 4 or less on the first drop, it's an equal split..then clocking order.


Second Wind race is scheduled for this Saturday.  Birds not paid for will be taken out Wednesday morning.  


We plan to give the birds another short toss tomorrow.  


The Second Wind will be a mass release between Royal Cup (Iron Eagle) and San Diego Holiday Classic (Super Bird). 


Please call with any questions.


Congratulations to all 53 first drop winners of the California Classic! It was an extra fast race due to wind along the entire course. It was a great day at the loft with fun times had by new and old friends. Special shout out to the Flores Brothers for overall champion bird coming in the first drop of all 3 races! Close behind was John Gutierrez from New Mexico. 

The Second Wind will be flown 12/2/22 Saturday. Please email or mail your entry form found on the website ASAP along with payment (PayPal / Zelle accepted). Entry must be secured by 11/28/23. Any breeder who wishes to have their bird pulled out, please let me know by this Friday 11/24/23 as there will be only 1 opportunity to remove them before the next training / loft fly on 11/25/23 Saturday. 

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Please don't hesitate to call with questions. Thank you.



Birds are up 6:50 a.m.   Clear skies with a 4-6 NNE east wind.  Birds made a few circles and headed for home in the right direction.  At the loft, clear and breezy.  Birds have a push at the start.  Crosswinds halfway home.   The last 75 miles show strong cross/tail winds in the mountains.  


Good luck to all !!

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