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Th following birds will be put aside until fit...Kenn 1228, Flam 173, DWI 123, TBW 19007, and ARPU 78522.  The rest of the birds are doing well.  We will be changing up how often we train as we increase the distance. Currently birds are liberated 1 crate CCSD and 1 crate Royal.  We hope to be mass releasing in a couple weeks.  


Reminder...Liberty Station Hotel discount room rates are good until 11/1/19.  Mention San Diego Pigeon races.  


Please call with any questions.


For those planning on coming to San Diego, here are few things to expect the begining of the week.

-Royal Cup will start the week off on Saturday 11/23 shipping at Loft with Lunch.  We will then go back to Hotel Liberty Station meet 5:30-8:00 for Hotel Casino night with prizes.  All are invited for this event.

-Royal Cup race will be Sunday 11/24.. 325 miles.

-California Classic will ship Monday 11/25 at Loft with Lunch.  We will then go back to Hotel Liberty Station meet 5:30-8:00 for a Panel of Guest speakers  1. Armando De La o,  Champion Breeder De La O-Siino, winners of Snowbird, Triple Crown Classic, California Classic..etc.., 2.  Mike Kelly Vet. our go to for the latest info on issues concerning Southern Cal pigeon sport,  and from Pipa from Belgium, 3. Thomas Gyselbrecht.  He will be sharing his thoughts on top pigeons now in Europe.    All are welcome. 

-California Classic race is Tuesday 11/26.


This is just a little info.. more details on times coming soon.

Please call with any questions.


Training is moving along nicely.  We had some cool days earlier in the week.   Big differene in how the birds act in the air.  The last few days have been hot, with today and tomorrow close to triple digits.  We will take a break tomorrow and hand scan the birds.  We are currently releasing birds 1-2 crates.  


Please call with any questions.


The last two tosses including today have been tough.  Early in the week, we had a tropical storm come in bringing thundershowers and high humidity that came in Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday morning we trained at 12 miles.  Birds took off great, group after group.  At the end on the 2nd day out 40.  We trained again today.  Took them to same spot.  No storm but still high humidity and very warm.   Will continue clocking today and tomorrow.  For those new to the race,  this a pretty typical.   Birds will make mistakes in these mountains.  Sometimes most are home in 1-2 hours.  Not today.  


Birds clocked in position 968-973 are injured.  They will be put back on the team once fit.  They where exercised after the birds where all in from this morning trainer.   As previously mentioned.  Birds currently are on the road 5-6 days a week.  Once we are out to  20 miles, we will start with the Live clocking.  Please keep in mind, the birds are liberated in small groups with training distance less than 75 miles.  


Have a great Labor Day weekend.


Please call with any questions or concerns.


The youngsters overall looking good.  Most birds should be cleaning up in their body moult within the next few weeks.  We will continue with our short tosses, working the birds through the various valleys/ mountains for another few weeks.  The winds thus far have been mild in the passes, we hope it stays that way.  We will continue with our weekly inventory.  Once the birds are stretched further in miles from home, we will start our live clocking.  


Please call with any questions.


Tosses have started.  For those new to the race, we start showing live training tosses once out 20 miles.  Currently when birds come home now there is a lot of horse play...which is what we prefer.  We will do a clocking inventory weekly for your records.  A lot of birds still heavy in the molt so we toss accordingly.


Please call with any questions.


**  For those planning to attend, Please see accomodations on home page.  Just mention San Diego Pigeon Races for 109.00 a night.  5 or more nights $100.00


Training will start next Monday.  Majority birds are ready to go.  There are still a few that are choppy in the moult.  Training will be similar to past years.  Liberations are small groups and lots of tosses.  Our training program is 5-6 days a week weather permitting.  

Please call with any questions or concerns.


The funeral for Darryl Phelps will be held August 10 @1:00 pm.  Location is Cherokee Memorial Park &funeral Home.  Hwy 99 & E Harney Ln, Lodi, CA 95240.  (209) 334-9613


We currently have the birds split in 2 groups.  We alternate times for exercise.  We started brooming the birds.  A lot of birds still  heavy moult, so not a lot of flying yet.  We will still  start road training in a few weeks.  

Please call with any questions.



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