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The Second Wind is scheduled to be flown Saturday December 14.  Entry sheets need to be received no later than12/10.  This race is flown in conjunction with the other OLR here in San Diego.  It will be a mass release.  Each race is responsible for their own prizes.

We are currently in between storms so we will train accordingly.


Reminder...return of birds will be after January 1st. 


Please call with any questions.


Congratulations to the breeders of the top 24 birds in this years California Classic.  It was a beautiful day for a race.  Conditions where cool temperatures, with variable winds on the course.  There where many top pigeons this year.  The Average speed winner Mesopatamia takes the win by seconds!

The Second Wind is scheduled for Saturday December 14.  I need to know by December 2nd if you do not want your bird to participate.  After the 3rd, all birds will continue to be trained.  All breeders entering the Second Wind 350 mile race need entry sheets filled out.  Forms are on home page of website.

As always, we appreciate your participation and look forward to seeing you all again next year. Happy Thanksgiving to you all and your families!


***Please note Shipping of birds back to owner will be after January 2.



Birds released 6:30.  Partly cloudy, calm.  Weather at loft..clear variable winds.  The weatherman calls for crosswinds first 200 miles than birds pick up tailwind through mountains.  It is a beautiful morning here at loft.  However, rain coming in tonight through Friday.  

Average speed 1st 10,000, 2nd 5000, 3rd 3000, 4th 2000, 5th 1000, 6-10 500


Capital..1st 100,000  (1st drop) see rules., 2nd 5000, 3rd 4000, 5th 2000, 6th 2000, 7th 1500, 8th 1500, 9th 1500, 10th 1500, 11-63 1000


Good luck to all!!





We had our last toss today.  We had planned for a longer toss this morning but we decided to bring them back due to heavy marine layer.  We released the birds in small groups.  When we got home 90 percent of them where still in the sky ranging through the valley.  It was not a tough toss..birds just wanted to fly. 

We wish you all luck this coming week in the races. 



Today's trainer went well considering the birds were hit by a falcon.  The falcons are just a pain...The birds have been bothered now numerous times at the release but at the loft as well.  Training for the week does not look good.  Rain expected for the next 3 days.  We plan to get 1 more toss in Friday.  


Reminder...Shipping  Monday 11/25 at the loft.  We will start scanning 1:00.  If your bird comes up and you are not present, the bird will go directly into shipping crate.


**Optional /entry fees will be received at hotel 5:30-6:30.


**Guest speaker Seminar will start at 6:00.


Pleae call with any questions.


Birds released 7:00 today.  I waited  for San Diego Classic to get their release off this morning.  I pulled out 5 birds that were injured prior to toss.  Those breeders will be notified.  The winds have been and currently are  very gusty through the mountains.  


The race from Dateland,AZ went very well.  The birds were able to stay on line considering the strong crosswinds through Yuma.  A big thanks to Ryan Leach who came along on both races.  Also, a big thank you to the guys that watched the birds come home yesterday.  Fred Frobose and Eric Tapacio can give you a more detailed report of how birds came home on shipping day.

The California classic will be flown Tuesday 11/26.  We will be giving the birds 3 more tosses starting Monday.  Rain is in the forcast so we will train accordingly. 


*Reminder  Shipping at loft Monday 11/25 12:30-3:30.  Light lunch available.

       --- We meet back at Liberty Station 5:00-7:00

       --- Entry fees  will be  received at Liberty Station 5:00-6:30    No fees taken on race day.

       --- We will have 3 guest speakers 6:00-7:30 in the ballroom, Liberty Station



Please call with any questions.


We are racing tomorrow.  The station is Dateland, AZ.  The weather forcast shows variable winds the first 130 miles.  The last 60 miles shows 5-10 mph headwinds.  Temperatures mid 60's before 9:00.  Thereafter it will be a little warm, with temps in the mid 80's.  


**Prizes for Average speed again will be awarded to top 10.  


Good luck to all!!




The birds were released in 2 groups today CCSd then 2 groups Royal.  

The weather for Thursday and Friday looks very iffy in Arizona.  Mostly cloudy/overcast possible drizzle conditions expected.  We have decided to race Wednesday.  We will ship Tuesday.  Ryan Leach will be going along for the drive.  We plan on doing another video.  We appologize for any inconvienence.  




The 140 mile race went well.  Congrats to Gordon Meng first in the trap.  Gordon has proven to be one of the top lofts across the country.  Here in San Diego, you will see his name often at the top of the race sheet.  Our next race will be Dateland,AZ.  We are scheduled for Thursday.  We will have a 75 mile trainer on Monday.  


Please call with any questions.

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