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Training has been going very well up until yesterday.  It is very typical for mistakes to be made when flying through valleys and mountain terrain.  The heat did come, and little warmer than usual this late in September.  Temperatures have been in the triple digits the last few days.  We will start moving out further once the weather cools down. 


Please call with any questions or concerns.



We took the birds on a short toss this morning.  The roads are still blocked due to fires still going on.  It's breezy through the passes so the smoke was not that heavy.  We will continue with same routine.  Once air clears a little more and Cal fire says fire is out, we will start moving birds further in training.  But for now, something is better than nothing.

This past week training for California Classic and Royal Cup went very well. We have been training almost daily for the past few weeks. Our plan is to start moving them out in distance later this week. We currently have a heat wave in San Diego with temperatures in my area reaching 112 degrees. It's red flag conditions for the next few days. Brush fires are on the roads we train through as of now. We hope our weather is back to normal soon. Please call with any questions or concerns.

Training is still short.  The heat has been a little much for the past week.  It's supposed to cool down a little this week and then back into the high 90's by Wednesday.  The birds currently get their daily toss early mornings.  The routine  right now is for them to come home and be happy.  Most birds come home and horseplay like widowers for a few hours.  


**Race letter was sent last week. Please let me know if you have not received yet.


Please call with any questions.




It has been a little on the warm side here in San Diego.  Temperature in the high 90's- low 100's this past week.  We have been training just a few miles daily with a short window early mornings to get the birds out.  We hope mother nature will give us a break in the heat to get out a little further in distance.


Please call with any questions or concerns.


The California Classic and Royal Cup are down the road as of this morning.  For those new breeders, we start posting our daily training once out 30 miles.  We will continue with weekly inventory for the next few weeks.  


Please call with any questions.


 This week we loaded the birds a few times on our new trailer to see how the birds would do running them through a new chute.  Needless to say, it did not work well.  Just a pain in the rear...Today, we went back to our old chute and will remodify loading.  

The birds have been pushed to fly all week.  They are getting better daily.  Most birds are still moulting heavily.  We have been flying the birds late mornings and early afternoon.   The winds pick up pretty good in the afternoon which most seem to enjoy, however, some birds seem to be drifting  away.


Please call with any questions or concerns.


The California Classic will start training in 2 weeks.  Currently, birds are doing very well.  The birds are still split into 2 groups.  They alternate mornings and afternoon for loft fly.  


All birds will start a pre-training program this weekend (Feeding/canker/respiratory/vitamins).  


The California Classic and Royal Cup just had new 30', 3000 bird Aluminum trailer completed.  We are in the process of getting the birds used to it this coming week.


Please call with any questions.


Birds are going out daily.  They are split into 2 groups.  Birds are still moulting heavily.  We will start pushing all birds to fly later in the week.  I pulled out  10-15 birds that happen to be the later babies sent in.  If a bird does not look or handle right it is isolated.  Majority of the youngsters are full of energy.  

We will continue with weekly clocking inventory.  We will keep clock running for 1-2 days for any birds that are out or did not scan the previous day.  



Please call with any questions.


All California Classic birds are out exercising.  80 percent of the birds have their primary flights fully grown in.  We will start pushing the birds to fly late July.  The Cooper hawks are back. No force flying needed when this happens.  Currently birds are still in a heavy body moult. 

The week of San Diego racing is currently on hold due to Covid-19.  We will race...just cannot give an answer yet to hosting.


Please call with any questions, or concerns.


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