News and Updates

Tentative prize list

First Drop 160,000

2..............  15000

3............... 10000







31-100 ......1000

101-108...   500  

Average speed

1st..   10,000

2nd .. 5000

3rd...  4000

4th...  3000

5-10.. 1000


**Please note:  In the event of 6 or more on first drop .  The first 6 or more prizes including First Drop will be added together and divided equally.  If 5 or less on First Drop it's a equal split then clocking order.


We made a few changes for our races in San Diego:


-Royal Cup to be flown on Sunday.

-San Diego Holiday Classic to be flown Monday.

-California Classic remains to be flown Tuesday.


 Saturday shows scattered thunderstorms at the release.  Our local  rain is expected to move out later today.  We will resume with a loft fly today and a short trainer tomorrow for the California Classic.


Note:  The California Classic is hosting a Champion Breeders auction for Monday.  The auction is currently on ipigeon.  There are definetly some birds you do not want to miss.


Please call with any questions.


We are a week away from the final.  The birds will be given a short toss tomorrow.  We have rain coming in Wednesday through Friday.  We will work with the birds accordingly.  

We sent out a email over the weekend pertaining to the race week.  Those breeders who have waited to mail until today  need to over night or either  Paypal their entry fee.  


Again, we would like to congratulate, Robert Burge aka Bird Dog syndicate.  Robert was 1st in the trap California Classic and 30 minutes later 1st in the trap in the Royal Cup.  Also, a special note to the Dutch Farmers from Canada Oscar and Linda Devries.  Their pigeon was 1st at the 140 and again 2nd in the trap at the 190.  Outstanding!!

We are all getting excited for the weekend.  Looking forward for some great racing and for the new friendships we will all be making.


Please call with any questions.


The 190 mile race will be pushed back until Friday.  High winds ( 20-40 mph) in the mountains tomorrow.  Wednesday and Thursday show strong gusty winds in the desert.  Temperatures expected to cool down by Wednesday making that a plus.  We will train again today, with loft fly tomorrow and resume with another trainer Wednesday weather permitting. 

We were hoping with a cool trend like last week but no such luck.  Current temperatures here and on the course are like summer all over again.


**Entry sheets emailed over the weekend.


Please call with any questions.  


We had our first leg of the average speed yesterday.  The race went off well, with cool temperatures throughought the morning.  Congratulations to the first drop of 50.  Also, to Oscar and Linda Devries from Canada being first in the trap.  

Our plan is to race the 190 mile on Tuesday weather permitting.  The weather is changing daily in the desert.  We are hoping the next few weeks stay consistent with what we have now.  


****Race entry sheets to be emailed this weekend.  


Please call with any questions.


We are planning to race the 140 mile on Thursday.  Our weather,  20-70 miles from the loft, is currently high winds 20-40 mph for the next couple days with wind advisory in effect until late Tuesday night.   

We will be emailing entry sheets later in the week.  We ask all breeders to make sure their emails are correct.  


For those planning on coming to San Diego, Our room discount will be for 2 more days.  


Please call with any questions or concerns.


We are training tomorrow with a release at 110 miles.  We plan to have the first race at 140 mile next week either November 1st or 2nd.  We will fly the 190 mile a week later.  

Please note.....Activation for the California Classic is the 190 mile race.  We will be emailing entry sheets November 1st.  Breeders not coming to race can either mail or Paypal entry fees along with entry sheet.  Entry sheet and fees via mail will be accepted no later than November 15th.  Those coming to race will have oppurtunity to pay Monday night at hotel.  


Good luck to all!!!


Please call with any questions.


90 mile toss cancelled.  Desert in the eighties at 6:30 a.m with headwinds now at 10-15 but expected to get o 25-40 mph midday.  Brought birds back to 42 miles.  Starting Tuesday temperatures should be somewhat normal.



Our 80 mile toss yesterday was not so easy.  The birds were mass released early with a temperature of 61 degrees.  Slight variable wind.  Birds got together and left in one group.  At the loft, temperature was 75.  The last 3 weeks temperatures have been ridiculous in the desert.  Which is why I kept the birds at 42-46 miles for more tosses than usual.  This week, Wednesday showed the best day to go further.  Those that have raced the course know this is not a lollipop course even when it is cool.  High temperatures will continue until the weekend where we hope things become more normal.  We are planning on a 90 mile trainer on Sunday.


Please call with any questions.


Sunday's toss was pretty typical for a headwind day at release.  It was just a slight wind but for some reason birds always come broken up like this over the years.  The toss did take a lot more energy than expected.  We will give the birds another day to recup and train again on Wednesday.  



**For those breeders participating in this years race, please make sure you received email regarding San Diego race week schedule.  Deadline for California Classic RSVP is this week.



Please call with any questions.

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