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Good Afternoon breeders,

Before I forget,would like to take this moment to thank a few people. Thank you Bill Blankenship for taking the time to fly out here to help me with the hand inventory and chipping the rest of the birds on the property. Greg Mcknight for his advice. Clay Macbeth and Clad Weis for helping me with the building of the new lofts.

Temps here are high 80's and the low is in the mid 50's. 800 plus birds are loving it.

Still letting out birds every other day. Just finished door way between loft on the right loft to the middle section. 600 birds are being released through the trailer now. Middle section taking a little while to learn. But in the long run, will save alot of time.

The trailer has a couple of heavy duty tarps to control the wind from entering.

Will be starting road training in 4 to 5 weeks. Birds will also be out every day in 2 to 3 weeks. Still going out in small groups 250 to 300 birds every other day. Still training the youngest bird to trap through the tunnels over the pads on different landing board. But all are chipped now. Will be doing a live inventory soon.

Want to thank all the breeders for your support of the Golden Valley Late Hatch.

Take care and be safe

Brian Crossen


Good Afternoon,

All breeders need to go to trainer, Hand Inventory, for the complete inventory. It will show you how many birds you have left. Except the 2 blue bars that got by me. Check the next inventory for them. Birds that I have received in the last week will not be on that list. We have about 840 bird on the property. Over 800 are in the air and 30 odd are still in quarantine. But are being trained to trap across the pad. Will be letting them out in a week or so. 

Any birds that are missing on your team from the Hand Inventory. Will be a free perch fee per bird  for next year.

Weather is cooling off and the birds are taking to the air more freely. Have flagged all the birds off the loft but not at the same time. Been letting them out in groups of 275.

I only have let out one section out through the trailer. Will be training the next section in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again and be safe

Brian Crossen


Good Afternoon,

 Hand inventory is over. A couple of birds got by. So, if you are missing a blue bar. That could be the one.

Three days of inventory and we checked very bird. Found 12 that were missing.

Birds are in process of learning to go through the trailer for trailing, about 300 birds know how to load themselves now.

Still some birds are in quarantine. All birds are out and about except for the birds that came in last week. All the birds on property have been chipped and scanned to date.

Reminder that I will be at Jedds Tuesday Sept. 15,at noon to pickup replacement birds only for thelast time.

Thanks for your patience

Take care and be safe

Brian Crossen


Good Afternoon,

All but 50 birds are out and about every other day. Trying to keep the groups to 250 - 300 birds. Last 50 birds will be chipped this weekend. Will be hand scanning all the birds this weekend for a correct inventory. Should be on the website by Sunday.

Will be at Jedds this Tuesday Sept. 15th at noon. Any bird missing, lost, dead or injuried can be replaced Sept. 15th. If you do not have a replacement bird. You will have a free perch fee for extra year. Im only picking up replacement birds only!

 Birds are going through a heavy molt right now. With baths twice a week.

Couple of birds came down with the pox. One with wet pox and a few on the eye but all are recovering.

Temps here have finally cooled off but have very strong winds blowing now. Birds were drinking 30 gal. of water aday.

Take care and be safe

Brian Crossen 




This was a Test Inventory /Training and equipment check. We have taken the posting down make corrections. We will do a complete Hand Inventory when the rest of the 100+ birds that are in quarantine and still settling. Just a reminder that we will not be accepting birds after Sept 15th. Any Bird that is not accountable and cannot be replaced before the cutoff date will be accounted for and those birds will have a Free Perch Fee for Next Year.

Thank You for you Trust and Patience

Be Safe

Brian Crossen


Will be at JEDDS Aug. 31st, Monday at noon. To pick up teams and replacement birds, And Sept. 15th Tuesday at noon to pickup replacement birds only.

Inventory is up to date. All the birds have been out except the ones that have arrived in the last week. All have been chipped except the new ones. Will do a live enventory next week. Would of been this week but  damaged 3 cords from the pad to the M1. Two due to a rat and the other being pinched in a steel guard door. Hard lesson to learn.

Been 105 here with temps in high 70s in the morning. 

Birds are flying every other day, half today and the other half the next day. I am having problems settling the bird at first but they are flying good now. Tend to exercise less when it hot.

All are on regular water with probio or apple vinegar in it'

I am driving to Oregon to pickup a rear loading training trainer. Should make loading easier.

Take Care and be safe.

Brian Crossen


Good Morning,

Will be picking up birds Aug. 17th and Aug. 31st, at Jedds. Both days are a Monday at noon.

Bird are out and about. Loft on the right of the picture and center are all out and flying. About 600 birds in groups of 300 you out every other day. All are chipped but new birds are not yet. Third loft of birds, on left, went out yesterday for the first time. About 160 birds with no mishaps, for the first time.

We are nearing our goal of 900 birds. Still alot of fliers are interested. So if you are registered, please send your perch fee in now. If you are not planning to send birds. It will give other fliers a chance to enter the competition.

When sending replacement birds in. Please have my form filled out. All you need to fill out is loft name and band number of bird sent and replacement written on form.

Weather here today is 64 deg. this morning. Great day for the birds.  Been in the low 80s mornings and todays high is 95 to 99 deg.

Thanks again and be safe. 

Brian Crossen


Good Afternoon everyone,

Birds are flying fine. 7 groups of 380 birds are out and flying with chips on. Two new group when out today. About 110 birds for the first time. Of course, a turkey vulture scares the birds off the landing board. Been a pretty interesting day, to say the least. Will be chipping another 100 bird this weekend. Have had a few loses off the landing board. Some bird are missing but do come back. The replacement birds are sent here at same time the missing bird shows up.

Reminder that I will be at Leonard Lee's auction Aug. 1st at 11:00 Saturday. Address is 7026 Kouries Way, Oakhills, Ca. 92344. Will be picking up bird teams and replacements.

We are at our limit with 960 registered and 777 bird on site. Thank you for your support but will not be taking anymore birds.

Thanks again and be safe

Brian Crossen


Good Morning every one,

Will be at JEDDS Monday 7/13 at noon to pickup birds and at Leonard Lee auction Sat, 8/1 at 11 AM. Please have forms filled out.

Bird are doing good. 4 groups of bird are flying.  About 250 birds in the 4 groups. Another 70 going out for the first time tomorrow out of new loft. Birds health are better than normal. Knot on wood.

We have 623 birds here now and  901 birds registered. That should be the cap for the loft. Please call if your birds are not registered. May have opening down the road. Would like to start training with 900 birds.

3th section will be done by this weekend. Will send out pictures when competed.

Good Luck to all and be safe.

Brian Crossen





Good Morning to all,

Have 424 birds in loft now. We have 780 registered birds for GVLHR. Sorry to say we will only be able to accommodate 900 birds, for training and health reasons. Birds are doing great. We are letting out 170 birds with 120 flying and routing and settling nice, with baths once week. We added 60ft of aviary to the back and front of the loft, so the birds settle nicely and get plenty sunshine.

Will be picking up birds on the 29th June and 13th of July at Jedds around noon,  we’ll be at Leonard Lees Bird Auction on the Aug 1st at Leonard House. Have any questions feel free to call or text me.

I would like to thank Dave Jones and Clay MacBeth, Shirley Akins, Margaret Howell, Bill Blankenship for helping me finishing new Loft Sections and Aviary.

Be safe and hope to see your Monday.

Thank You

Brian Crossen

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