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Good morning breeders

I will be picking up birds June 14th, June 29th and July 20th. 14th is a Monday and the other 2 are on a Tuesday, At Jedds at 12:00 noon.

Have 201 birds on the property in a week. All are doing good.

Birds being mailed are taking 2 to 3 nights to get here. They are in pretty good shape.

Weather here has cooled down to the low 90's. Great for shipping birds.

Will be letting out the first two groups of birds, the end of next week.

Any questions, feel free to call me any time.

Take Care and be safe,

Brian Crossen


Good Morning Breeder,

Hope to find everyone is well. Im on vacation till the end of the month. Im ready for a new season. 

I will be pickup birds June 1st. at Jedds at 12 noon to start the season.

Breeders need to register now because I'm running another advertisement with Racing Pigeon Digest on June 1st.

We have 715 registered so far. HOPE TO HAVE A BIGGER AND BETTER RACE. Shooting for the weekend of Feb. 6th 2022 for 325 mile race.

Any questions feel free to contact me. 760-900-6486

Take Care and be safe

Brian Crossen


Good Morning Breeders,

We just donated to the City of Hope $8,317 and their matched it with $8,317. For a grand total of $16,634.

Shipping out birds now as we speak. The Post Office is not guaranteeing any delivery dates. Plus PO will not except any shipping boxes that are dusty or shaving or straw that falls on the counter. The record here was 12 days for a letter to arrive. Hope your birds arrive in a good time.

Sent out 25 boxes of birds this week. Do not like to ship birds on Wednesday. 

Will be sending out more checks Wednesday.

Plan to be in California for the next 8 weekends.

Take care and be safe

Brian Crossen


Good Morning Breeders,

We received 83 birds for the 400. Cancellation of the 400 has taken place. I received 23 more birds verbally, text and  e-mail. Without band numbers but still took the count. Will try again next year. Hope you enjoyed the season.

Will be sending out checks this week. If you are having your birds shipped back to you. Those birds and checks will be going out next week. PO have stopped shipments of live animals till next week due to weather conditions. Maybe extended if weather changes.

I will be going to the FVC club house Saturday night Mar. 6th and Orange County Sunday Mar. 7th around noon. Will bring back the local birds there. It's still difficult to local one bird in a group of 265 birds. Remaining birds will be sold or given to 4-H club.

Its been a pleasure handling your birds and meeting new people. Hope to see you next year.

Will be accepting 2021 young birds on June 1st.

Want to thank my sponsors JEDDS and LEACH GRAIN & MILLING for their support.

Thank you all. Take care and be safe. Brian Crossen



Good morning breeders, 

We have 60 birds committed for the 400. Need 40 more birds for the race to go off. Birds have free lofted a day. Today was a 40 minute loft exercise. No more training till we reach 100 birds. If 100 is not reached by tomorrow. The 400 will be called off. 

Take care and be safe

Brian Crossen


Good Morning Breeders,

First, I want to congratulate all the winners on all the races.

The 400 mile race will be held in 10 to 14 days, weather permitting. Need 100 entries for race at $200 per bird minimal. Race will be cancelled if that is not met. So you know what is in the purse. Prizes are as followed. 1st 5,000, 2nd 4,000, 3rd 3,000, 4th 2,000, 5th-7th 1,000 each for 100 entries. Prizes are in clocking order. Purse will go up as entries increase.

Text or e-mail your entries with loft name and band numbers. If money is sent and race is cancelled. I will tear up your checks but not a money order. If paypal, will refund. Don't forget to add 3% if sent as business. If using your credit, all prizes won $600 and over need W-9. What your prize total is will not change because credit was taken out. 

Birds with missing or broken flights or injuried will not be sent. Your money will be refund.

At basketing for the 400. Will be separating the non race birds for shipment back to the owners.

I will be filling in the dots on the 400 column. You will be able to follow along.

Any Questions, call me.

Thanks for your support

Brian Crossen



325 Mile Race Gallop, N.M

 Good evening breeders on our way to Gallop New Mexico with 361 birds that I believe are in great condition.

Releasing in the morning weather permitting, concern for the birds is OUR Priority they have endure heavy training.

 The last 2 races the birds have done well in cold weather releases below freezing. I honestly believe that we have 361 of the toughest ready to Race Birds on this grueling course. You entrusted me to bring out the best in your birds… I believe I have. Enough Said.

Good Luck to All

Take care and be safe. 

Brian Crossen  


Good Morning Breeders,

It has been some crazy weather here. The race course is looking better but Gallup showing snow Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. We will be shipping the race team on Wednesday. The main race will be on Thursday. For the best interest of the driver and race birds.

You are welcome to attend both. Try to let me know if you are planning to attend. Shipping is at noon. I will try to set your birds aside if you are running late.

Breeders attending will be able to handle their own birds only, not their friends. All the other birds will be handled by nonparticipants that have no birds in the race. No breeders will be allowed in the garage. So dress warm, social distance and wear a mask. Enter the property at your own risk.

I will be hauling the birds. Clay Macbeth has other commitments. Want to thank Clay for outstanding job, hauling the birds the last 3 races.

Take care and be safe, 

Brian Crossen



Good Morning Breeders,

I have been waiting for the latest weather reports. This weekend has been cancelled due to snow Sunday and Tuesday at the race point. The race course is expecting snow too. 

Tentatively shipping will be Tuesday, for race on Wednesday. If Friday or Saturday looks better, of next week. May move to those dates. Will give a definite answer in a couple of days. This will also give the birds a little break too.

 It seems winter started a couple of weeks ago. Would like to get the 400 mile race in on the last weekend of the month.

Will be training Thursday 55 miles and Saturday 70 miles or more.

Any concerns, feel free to call me. 

Take care, 

Brian Crossen


Good Morning Breeders,

Well, to start off, It was a pretty tough 200 miler Sunday. But the birds bounced back on Monday looking really good. A bird just arrived Tuesday morning and I can't locate it yet. Will be going back out to find it again.

This weekend will be the 250 Mile race. The final 325 will be the following weekend, Feb. 13th and 14th.

The 250 miler will pay $250 for 10 spots in clocking order.

Will be training 65 Miles on Thursday morning and no exercise Saturday.

Take Care and Good Luck to all.

Brian Crossen

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