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Good Morning Breeders,

Due to bad weather this week. Will be postponing the 200 mile race. Changing from Wednesday to this Sunday. Will be training Wednesday and maybe Thursday. 

Couple of birds stacked yesterday. Still have birds out free lofting. May have a few more register later today. 

Take care,

Brian Crossen


Good Morning Breeders,

Looks like the weather will not be cooperating with us this weekend. Will be training Sunday, as far as weather will permit us. Snow predicted in Flagstaff through Tuesday. Will shot for the 200 on Wednesday, Jan. 27th. Keep your fingers crossed for favorable weather.

Almost all the entries are in but a couple of checks are still in the mail. Where else can you get 10 days of work for 55 cents.

Want to thank all the weather men out there too.

Installed new lazer pads today. And lowered the height of the tunnels. Should take care of the stacking. 

Take care and be safe

Good Luck to all.

Brian Crossen


Good Evening Breeders,

All Activation fees need to be in by this weekend. All Sprint fees have to be in before Sunday race. Sprint fee will not be excepted after Saturday. If you have a problem, call me!

If you are sending fees by business PayPAL account, add 3%.

Take care and be safe,

Good Luck to all

  Brian Crossen


Good Morning Breeders,

Activation fees are due now. Look at the 100 mile toss. What birds are left on your team. Those birds need to have fees paid now. The 150 mile competition is the first for the sprint and aveage speed. All fees are due before the 150 toss. Bird not activated are subject to sale.

Can send check to GVLHR 1661 S. Egar Rd. Golden Valley, Az. 86413 or paypal (briancrossen49@gmail.com).

In the next 5 weeks, will have a series of 4 races.

Will be training 50 mi. Thursday, 50 to 60 on Friday, rest Saturday and 120 miler on Sunday. The following weekend is the 150 miler.

We train hard. Birds are fed and watered twice aday. Out and about everyday but the day before the long tosses now, will be locked up.

This last 100 mile toss, birds were broken up. Im pretty sure it was due to raptors. Bird were very nervous upon arrival. Had one bird chased into the loft by one too.

At this time, you are welcome to come view the race. Things could change in the near future. Dress warm, wear a mask, social distance. This event is all out doors. Try to let me know if you are planning to attend.

Had a bad cell on the pad of one of the tunnels. Should have no more stacking problems.



Good Luck to all and be safe. 

Thanks Brian Crossen





Forgot to mention that the birds are stacking across the pads. Meaning we are missing a few birds on clocking. When 500 birds go inside loft in 2 minutes. Computor clock cannot keep up. If you see your birds clocking the next day in the morning between 8 and 10 O'clock. Computor picks them up then. When we get out to farther distances, problem should stop. Will be hand scanning (basketing) all the race birds for all 5 races.

Thanks for your patience.

Brian Crossen



Good Morning Breeder,

All the birds are looking great. Just trying to work around the weather here. 40% chance of rain here with no sun for today. Will be tossing tomorrow at 30 to 45 miles, 70 on Wedsnesday, 85 on Friday, and 100 on Sunday. Looks like nice weather for the next 10 days.

All tosses at 50 miles or greater, birds released all together.

The last 50 miler toss, one bird was 17 minutes ahead of the rest. That bird got out while loading and did not go to the toss.

When you send in your entry fee. Please state loft name too.

Still planning on shipping the 150 mile sprint race on Jan. 16th for race on the 17th. Please have your activation fees in before that race.

The day of the main race, no birds will be leaving the property that day.

Still have 1 or 2 bad chips. Will correct on basketing day. Entry fee may be paid after toss. On those one or two birds only.

Happy Holidays,


Brian Crossen 






The first Race Mid Jan. is 150 Mile Sprint $100.00 Entry (Optional) Prize 10 for 1. You must nominate your own bird.

 Activation fees are due before the Sprint Race ShippingEntry Fee $250.00 and $50.00 for Average Speed (Optional) a (50, 30, 20 Split). You must nominate your own average speed bird. Average speed races are 150, 200, 250 and the final 325 Main Race. 

Entry fee, average speed money and sprint money must all be in before the 150 Mile toss. If bird is lost at 150 or before. Your entry fee of $250 can be credit or returned.

The 200, 250 Mile race will have prize money (included with Entry Fee) in clocking order.

400 Mile (San Fidel, New Mexico) $200 optional 2 weeks after the main race. Clocking order. Weather permitting.

 Projected Prizes

325 Miler Main Race (Drop then Clocking Order)

Based on 600 Birds going to Race

First Place=   40000 Points   

Second=       10000 Points

Third=           9000 Points

Forth=          8000 Points

Fifth=           7000 Points

Sixth=          6000 Points

Seventh=    5000 Points

Eighth=       4000 Points

Ninth=        2000 Points

Tenth=       1500 Points

Clocking Order

11 to 15= 1000 Points

16 to 35= 750 Points

36 to 60= 500 Points

Any questions call me,

Good Luck and be safe, Brian Crossen




Good Afternoon Breeders

Birds are coming along satisfactory. Would be training tomorrow at 25 miles but with the cold weather. Their appetite has increased by 20%. So have to drive to California for their feed because I've run out. Leach Feed is my sponsor and so is Jedds Supply. Thank you both very much. I plan on training Wednesday through Sunday everyday.

Right now, the first race at 150 miles,

will be mid Jan. Activation fees are due before shipping. $250 for entry, $50 for aveage speed if you want ( 50, 30, 20 split ), $100 for spint ( if you want too 10 for 1 ) at 150 miler , prize money for 200 and 250, grand prize at 325 miler. With 400 miler insight at $200 entry fee. Will give a guess (SWAG) of purse at the next update.

Any Questions feel free to call me, 760-900-6486

Good Luck to all and be safe, 

Happy Holidays

Brian Crossen


Good afternoon

Birds are out to 8 miles now. Have been going out in 6 groups. Starting tomorrow, birds will be going out in 18 different groups. About 45 birds to a group. Trailer has 6 sections and a two dividers in each section. Tomorrow toss will be 8 miles too. There will be a total of three 8 mile tosses every other day, with three 12 mile tosses to follow every other day for a week or so. Birds are loaded in the morning. Take about 40 minutes to load all the birds. Loading has been going faster each time.

Weather here is in the 40s in the morning and 70s day time.

Birds are really health and the molt almost complete.

Look forward to seeing all of you. Hope Jan. 20th does not change anything!

Take care and be safe,

Brian Crossen



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