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Good Morning Breeders, 

Hand inventory will start tomorrow. All birds that were received after Aug. 17th will be inventoried but not 

chipped. Birds are in quarantine and will not be released to fly till they are out of isolatiion. There are about 100 birds. Replacement of birds is till Sept. 15th. Do not send any extra birds.

Birds going out in two groups, 500 every other day. They are sound and health.

Just put 106 feet of sun screens over aviary in the back. With 40 feet of aviary in the front. 

Alot of work for this week. Take Care and be Safe. 

Brian Crossen


We are at Jedds today Between 11:30  to 12:30 O'Clock




Good Morning Breeders,

Will be traveling to JEDDS Aug. 9th and Aug. 30th at 12 noon, both are Mondays. 

Not much to report on birds. They are learning to trap. Also going in and out of trailer for training. 700 birds are flying with 200 birds in quarantine. 

Having a challenge settling birds with 4th through 7th flight out. Some birds come in with their 9th or 10th dropped. Wish me luck anyway.

Weather here is different than last year. We are experiencing monsoon weather with rain in the afternoon and early mornings. With lighting and thurder to deal with. Have to pick right day for the new birds to go out.

Ipigeon auction has been moved to the weekend of Feb. 26th 2022. Would still like Feb. 5th weekend for the main race and the 400 Feb. 26th weekend. If weather does not cooperate. Main race on Feb. 26th. Either way, will be having competition on Feb. 26th weekend , weather permitting. 

Hope to see you all in February.

Take Care and be safe.

Brian Crossen




Good Morning Breeders,

I will be coming to JEDDS Monday July 19th at 12 noon for pickup of birds. NOT the 20th! All birds picked up in California will be on the bird list the next day after processing. Birds being shipped into the Post Office. Will be processed and on bird list that same day. 

Been busy on new loft. It's 32 feet long and almost complete. Loft will be used for injuried, sick, overflow and whatever. Loft cost is over double from last year. Would like to thank Clay MacBeth, Dave Jones and Steve Boe for their time in helping me with the loft. All three are from California. Thanks again!

Bird are doing fine. They were in 13 sections at first. We are down to 6 bigger section. 500 bird are out flying in 3 section but not out all at one time. Birds are trapping well but not all traveling over the pads at one time.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July.

Take care and be safe

Brian Crossen



Good Afternoon Breeders,

Reminding everyone that I will be at JEDDS Tuesday June 29th at noon time. Will try to get there earlier.

The first 250 birds are out for the last week. Just open loft with no one forced out. Birds are health and full of energy. Birds are settling in nicely. With no aerial attacks yet. The teams go out every other day. Only drinking 20 gals. of water aday.

Will be taking replacement birds till Sept. 15th. Nothing after that date or next year for replacements. Please put your pairs together now. Anything could happen from now till Aug. 31st. You can use a friends bird as your replacement.

Take care and be safe

Brian Crossen


Good morning breeders

I will be picking up birds June 14th, June 29th and July 20th. 14th is a Monday and the other 2 are on a Tuesday, At Jedds at 12:00 noon.

Have 201 birds on the property in a week. All are doing good.

Birds being mailed are taking 2 to 3 nights to get here. They are in pretty good shape.

Weather here has cooled down to the low 90's. Great for shipping birds.

Will be letting out the first two groups of birds, the end of next week.

Any questions, feel free to call me any time.

Take Care and be safe,

Brian Crossen


Good Morning Breeder,

Hope to find everyone is well. Im on vacation till the end of the month. Im ready for a new season. 

I will be pickup birds June 1st. at Jedds at 12 noon to start the season.

Breeders need to register now because I'm running another advertisement with Racing Pigeon Digest on June 1st.

We have 715 registered so far. HOPE TO HAVE A BIGGER AND BETTER RACE. Shooting for the weekend of Feb. 6th 2022 for 325 mile race.

Any questions feel free to contact me. 760-900-6486

Take Care and be safe

Brian Crossen

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