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Good Morning,

Birds were tossed from 6 miles this morning. There is a Wi-Fi issue at the loft. It will be resolved in time for training tomorrow. We will take the birds to the 10 mile spot tomorrow. 
Kendal and Braeden
Hello Breeders,

We have 115 of 139 back or 82%. The last toss was very frustrating. However, the show must go on...The birds will loft fly again today and we will resume road training tomorrow. We felt it was best to give the birds a few days rest after that last toss as it was hard on them. Birds are currently being treated for respiratory as a precautionary measure. We do not see any visible signs of respiratory issues in the birds. As an FYI we also routinely treat for canker (rotating meds) and for cocci. The birds health looks good.

Tomorrow the birds will go back to the 5 miles toss. They learned a great deal from the last toss there and the ones that made it home should have their navigational skills more sharpened. We plan to road train every day the weather is good.


Kendal and Braeden
TOSS 4 UPDATE Hello Breeders,

As you can tell today was a difficult toss…we are feeling disappointed with the outcome. the birds had done so well during the first three tosses we felt they were ready to go to the 5 mile spot…last year the 5 mile toss was our first toss but this year we decided to do some 1 mile tosses in advance of the 5 mile spot. It is difficult to say what the issue is today… weather was good, clear skies, with great returns on prior tosses, birds had been routing fine. We noticed the birds are coming in small groups…very scattered. Perhaps a hawk attack? Who knows for sure. Hopefully they’ll continue to trickle in and they are all still in the valley. We will re-evaluate this weeks training plan as birds continue to arrive. 

Kendal and Braeden

Quick update on training. We have 3 tosses at 1 Mile complete. We wanted to take the birds 5 miles this morning but we woke up to smoky conditions with visibility at only about 5 miles or so. As a result, we pulled the birds back to the 1 Mile spot. Hopefully this smoke will pass through the valley quickly and we can push them out farther. Overall, the birds are doing great. It has been extremely hot lately so we treated for canker to make sure we don't have a canker outbreak due to the excessive heat. We will continue to train the birds down the road every day that the weather and smoke conditions permit us to do so. 

Kendal and Braeden
UPDATE 7/15/2023
Hello Breeders,

The birds are doing well. They are loft flying daily in the mornings. We will look to hold the first race some time during the last week of August or the first week of September depending on how the birds are doing. Road training will start next weekend. Last year we put on over 2,000 miles on the birds. We plan to do the same this year.

This next week looks to be very hot with projected record highs for heat. The loft is well ventilated and the birds will be let out in the morning when it is cool so they should be okay though this time period.

Hope you are all doing well! Lot's of races are just right around the corner and we wish you all the best of luck with all of you club and OLR races!

Kendal and Braeden

Hello Breeders,

We did hand inventory yesterday. Two birds had chips that weren't working and they have now been fixed:

NASH 949
JEDDS 1708

There are 146 birds in the loft. The birds will continue to be loft flown everyday. End flights have been pulled on most of the birds so they'll be ready with a full wing for the series. The birds health is looking good. They are getting probiotics (Primalac) every day plus plenty of fresh grit and minerals. They are loft flying well and there are a few that like to stay out and bask in the sun. We will continue loft flying until the birds are ready to go down the road. Thanks!

Kendal and Braeden


Wincompanion is up to date. If you are missing a bird for any reason please feel free to send a replacement by June 16th. Overall, losses have been very minimal through quarantine and settling. 

The birds are currently in two groups. The first group of about 80 birds is loft flying daily and they are routing nicely in the morning. The second group is coming along and is in the process of settling. 

9th and 10th flights will be pulled in the upcoming week. It is critical that birds are not moulting the 9th and 10th when we get to the final races in the series as they will need to be able to put time on the wing to finish the series. 

The birds are being fed plenty of minerals and we monitor the health daily. We have a few more birds arriving this week and some replacements on the way as well. We appreciate the support! Reach out if you have any questions!

Kendal and Braeden

Hello Breeders,

Tonight we did a trap training/inventory. The birds are trapping very well and are looking great overall! The breeder lists are up to date on wincompanion. If you are missing a bird you can send a replacement. Very few are missing. Settling has gone quite well overall.

As a reminder we have extended our acceptance to June 1st! Send us your birds and we'll get them tested for you! This will be a great series and we're thankful for your support!

Kendal and Braeden

Hello Breeders,

We ran an inventory loft fly tonight. The birds health is looking great. There have only been a few losses during settling. If your bird is missing you are welcome to send a replacement.

From here on out we will be posting frequent loft fly/inventory data on wincompanion along with videos on our facebook page to keep you all in the loop with your birds! We are excited to be starting another year running this race and wants to sincerely thank those of you who have supported us this year.

Also, we will extend our deadline to accept birds until June 1st! We hope that by extending to June 1st it might help a few extra breeders join the race.

Please consider joining our race if you are looking for a race with working speeds and good returns. Last year we had 85% returns on our final race with 1200 ypm speeds. This is through the mountains of the high desert throughout Nevada and into Southern Idaho. The loft will hold 500 birds. We are willing to put in the work and hope you'll consider sending before June 1st!

Kendal and Braeden

UPDATE 4.2.2023 Hello,

We've received 68 birds so far with more coming in the next month. The birds have looked great and health is good. The majority of the birds are all trap trained. The biggest challenge we've faced the past two weeks is rain and/or snow nearly every day and frequent high winds. That has made it challenging to get the birds out more frequently. The weather should begin clearing up soon and the birds will be out as often as possible. 

As a reminder, we'll be using the Tauris clocking system. It is very reliable and we are currently setting it up. We will begin posting loft fly data to wincompanion in the near future so you can keep an eye on your birds. We will also be posting videos to the facebook page so please check it out!

It's not too late to sign up! If you're not currently in the race we encourage you to sign up if you're looking for a race with working speeds! 

Kendal and Braeden
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