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LOFT UPDATE 11.26.2021 Hello,

We'd like to thank all who have signed up so far. We hope you enjoyed a great Thanksgiving yesterday! We are hard at work adding onto the loft. We are installing the expanded sheet metal flooring today and framing the walls. The loft will be completed in December and I'll post pictures at that time. In the mean time if you have any questions please reach out. The loft is in a rural area and is surrounded by open fields. We do have a few goats and a small pole barn out in front of the loft but it is situated in a way that doesn't cause any problems for the birds coming into land on the loft. We've flown club birds here for several years and never had any problems. Lots of space and fresh air for the birds.

If you are getting ready to pair up breeders for the upcoming season we wish you the best. It's always a fun time when you pair birds as it brings the excitement and anticipation of breeding future winners. 

Hello Breeders,
Thank you for signing up for the 2022 series! I've updated the race stations on our website for you to view in the rules section. I also made a few modifications to the payouts based on early feedback. I want to spread the money for payouts a little farther and not be too top heavy in distributing the payouts.You can check it all out at
The loft is currently being added onto and will be 64 ft. long by 12 ft. deep. Each section will be 8 ft.x12 ft. One section will be used for quarantine and another for supplies. The loft will have an expanded sheet metal floor and excellent ventilation. We can easily add onto the loft if breeders end up sending more than initially planned for. As soon as the loft is finished I will post pictures on our website!
The course is a South to North Course. The birds will fly through Nevada into Southern Idaho. Speeds will range from 1200 to 1400 YPM on average. However, in our local club we have had some races with speeds between 800-900 YPM. This will vary depending upon weather. We will not fly the birds in bad smoke or unfair weather conditions and will modify accordingly. We will look to hold the activation race in Sept. but might need to modify it if smoke is bad. If so, we'll push the series back a bit to give the birds an honest and fair chance and to keep them in good health. If it does get pushed back the YPM will likely be higher due to cooler temperatures.
If you have any questions please feel free to call/text at 208.308.3719 or email me at
Please tell your friends about the race and encourage them to sign up! Looking forward to a great series!

Kendal Nield

UPDATE ON LOFT We are currently adding several new sections to the loft and hope to have it completed by December. As soon as the loft is ready we’ll post pictures on our website and on Facebook! It will have expanded sheet metal flooring and great ventilation! We will also have a section to quarantine birds as they arrive. Thank you to those who have signed up so far! Any questions just reach out!

Welcome to the Rock Creek Classic OLR. We believe keeping the birds healthy is essential to operating a one loft race. Health is our top priority. Your birds will also be in top condition as we take training very seriously! This course is ideal for distance birds, so send your best. The climate and conditions are very similar to the SAMDPR. 

I started flying racing pigeons at the age of 12, back in 1998. Pigeon racing is in my blood as these birds are my passion. If you're looking for a good, honest, hard-working race consider sending young birds to us for the 2022 series! 
For more information on our race please go to our website

Any questions feel free to reach out to Kendal Nield at or call/text at 208.308.3719.

Kendal Nield