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FINAL RACE RECAP! Hello Breeders,

The final race of the season was a success and we want to congratulate all that were on the drop on the final! The birds had headwinds for the first 80 miles and then it turned to tail/side winds which is why the returns were faster than the 300 mile race which was headwinds the whole way. We enjoyed watching birds come in a with a few breeders that travelled from out of state to watch the final! Special congrats Preston Alberts with the 1st bird through the trap on the final and Rick Franks of Deko Lofts with the Average Speed Winner for the series! Congrats to the following:

Final Race Money Winners

Average Speed Winners
(These are some tough birds with average speed in the 1100 YPM range and overall fly time over 31 hours on the wing)

If you won more than $600 please get us your W9 as soon as possible! Additionally, let us know by the end of this week if you'd like your bird/birds shipped back to you and we'll begin shipping birds next Monday. You can email, text or give us a call. Just a reminder that this race was a 100% payout to the breeders AND you get your bird back if you want it back! We'd like to give the birds a week to rest before we ship them as they've put a lot of time on the wing the past two weeks. 



We will hold the final race of the series tomorrow near Delamar, NV. It will be about 338 miles. Skies will be clear at release and their will be a 5 to 7 mph headwind for the first 80 miles or so. They will have SSE winds the rest of the way between 5 to 8 mph. This should be a great final test for the birds. We have always preferred to race in some headwinds, although we can't always control the weather. We feel that head winds allow the birds to show their genetic potential unlike anything else and is the most accurate measure of a birds value. The birds that finish the series will have had two races of 8 hours or more on the wing while battling some headwinds, which is a lot to ask of young birds. 

As always, anyone is welcome to join us at the loft as the birds return from the race. If you plan to visit please let me know so I can plan accordingly for food/drinks. 

Payouts by position were posted earlier so please see our past message on that if you didn't see it beforehand.

Best of luck!!


We've had rain, dark storm clouds and heavy winds this morning. We had planned to go to our 50 mile training spot this morning but had to cancel. Forecast is calling for 20-30 mph winds. If we can we'll loft fly the birds this afternoon. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 

Hello Breeders,
Due to the solar eclipse this Saturday we are looking at holding the final race this Friday instead of Saturday! All are welcome to attend. On a side note, we have always had an open door policy for every race to anyone that would like to watch the birds come in. If ever you'd like to attend you are welcome to do so. 
Last weeks 300 mile race really tested the birds as they had headwinds the entire way. The birds that arrived on the day came out of the southeast. There was a 5 to 10 mph headwind in the valley that day. This means those birds flew 10 plus hours on the wing with headwinds. 10 hours on the wing for young birds is no joke! We might adjust the final release point Friday and pull back a few miles due to how difficult the 300 mile race was on the birds. We will see as the week progresses. 
Final Race    
  1st $3,600
  2nd $3,200
  3rd $2,800
  4th $2,400
Avg. Speed    
  1st $2,000
  2nd $1,500
  3rd $1,000
  4th $650
  5th $500
  6th $400


Total payouts for the series will be $24,750.00. Payouts will be distributed by drop and then by clocking order if there is no drop. As a reminder we do not keep back any percentage of the prize money for ourselves so this will be a 100% payout to the breeders. Good luck!

Payouts 2023

250 Mile


Top 10%

305 Mile


Top 10%



Top 10%

Average Speed


Top 6 Birds

300 MILE RACE RECAP Hello Breeders,

Payouts have now been posted on wincompanion to those who won money on the 305 mile race. Wow, that race ended up being a tough one! First off, I want to congratulate all the breeders who had day birds and recognize Dave Harrett of Washington who had the 1st place bird at 991 ypm, coming in all alone ahead of the others. Nice job, Dave. 

The birds were released yesterday morning into head winds for the first 150 miles about (2 to 3 mph) and then it shifted to 5-10 west winds. When you couple that with all the mountain ranges and the fact that the birds are flying upward in elevation continually on this course it can create very difficult circumstances. These conditions truly test birds to their limit. The birds that have arrived home are certainly all very tough birds that flew their hearts out. You should be very proud of those birds as they showed real grit! 

As of this morning "Day 2" birds continue to trickle in and we expect more to arrive throughout the day.  




The 300 mile race from Bristol Wells is upon us! Good luck to all! We would have liked to get the birds down the road a bit more but have had lots of rain for the past several days. The birds have had a 20 mile and 77 mile toss since the 250 mile race, and have been loft flown frequently. We wish we could have controlled the weather to have held the race this past weekend, but that is beyond our control. We prefer to race when the weather projects a few consecutive days of good weather give all the birds the best chance at returning. Last weekend was just not favorable weather for racing birds. 
Total payouts for tomorrow’s race will be $5,000 to the top 10% by drop and then clocking order if there is no drop. 
I will post the full payouts tomorrow for the rest of the series so you can see the break down.
300 MILE RACE UPDATE Hello Breeders,

Weather forecast is not great for this weekend. We will hold the 300 mile race early next week as weather permits. Looking forward to the next race! We took the birds 77 miles yesterday to keep them in shape and ready to go for the 300 mile race. Stay tuned.

RACE 3 RECAP We were happy with the returns on the 250 mile race with 87% back. Congratulations to Preston Alberts who took 1st place with ALB 17 AU 2023. Here are a list of the money winners. Congrats to the breeders of these birds! 

Birds were let out yesterday to loft fly. Training will resume today through the rest of the week. The weather this weekend is calling for rain. We will keep an eye on the forecast and move the race into next week if we have to. We will keep you posted. 

RELEASE UPDATE Birds were released at 8:25 AM. Skies were clear some clouds  to the south  3 to 5 mph east to west  wind 42 degrees. Good luck!

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