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It has been a very bizarre spring in our area this year. This past week we've had snow several days, rain, hail, etc...Hopefully it will be warming up soon. 

We've received word that more birds are being shipped in this week and over the next few weeks. We'll be accepting birds until June 1st. We will accept replacements until June 15th.

Inventory- We plan to do inventory on Wincompanion this weekend. We'd like to get the inventory done to let anyone know that might be missing a bird from loft settling so you have time to send in a replacement. Please be patient as we do the first inventory as this will be our first time uploading to Wincompanion. We should be fine but we are learning the ropes of getting the clocking system to communicate with Wincompanion. Inventory will be done by no later than this upcoming Sunday. 

The main group that is out loft flying is doing fantastic. Several are routing and spending 45 minutes to an hour loft flying without flagging. About 2/3 of the birds we've received are out loft flying consistently. The other 1/3 is being trap trained currently and should be out this weekend to begin loft flying. Our goal is to get the birds settled as quickly as possibly as we don't want the birds sitting around very long. We believe in getting them out as soon as possible to get them developing good habits very early on. 

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Kendal and Braeden

We are receiving more birds each week and it looks like we'll have several more fanciers sending before our June 1st deadline. We have a large group out of quarantine that are now trap trained. Some of the early arrivals are already out loft flying with some flying up to 45 minutes at a time. We will get setup to do a hand inventory in the next two weeks to give you a chance to send replacements if any are lost off the loft during settling. We'll accept replacements through June 15th. So far no losses to any health issues. Thank you for sending healthy birds! We keep a close eye on all of them. 

We've updated the race schedule on our website. These dates are not set in stone. We will not fly the birds in poor weather conditions or extreme smoky conditions from western fires. We will modify this schedule as needed in the best interest of the birds. Here is the schedule:
  • Activation Race- 130 Miles, Ruby Junction, NV-September 24th, 2022

  • Race 1-200 Miles, McGill, NV-October 1st, 2022

  • Race 2-250 Miles, Lund, NV-October 8th, 2022

  • Race 3-315 Miles, Pioche, NV-October 15th, 2022

  • Race 4-350 Miles, Ash Springs, NV-October 22nd, 2022


Just a reminder we are accepting birds through JUNE 1ST!!! Still plenty of time to send. The loft will hold 500 birds. Great list of breeders signed up and sending. We've got several more still planning to send up through June 1st. Come join a great hardworking young bird series that will race across the desert skies through Nevada and into Idaho! Check payouts on the website at

Ship to:
Kendal Nield
3569 N 3400 E
Kimberly, ID 83341

Make checks payable to Rock Creek Classic, LLC. 

Kendal and Braeden

The weather is fantastic today as we finally have some sunshine. Last week we had snow, rain and 60 mph winds. Needless to say, we are glad the weather is warming up. The health of the birds has been super so far! We've got a group of birds out trap training today and we plan to let them out to begin lofty flying later this week. We'll begin posting inventory on Wincompanion in the next couple weeks. We've had several fanciers let us know that they are still planning to send birds. As a reminder, we are accepting birds until June 1st so there is still plenty of time to get your birds here. June 1st will be a strict deadline as we really can't go beyond that date and get birds ready for the races in time in late September and October. Also, payouts are listed on our website if you're curious to see the payouts for the race. 

We wish you the best as you send out to OLRs and participate in club racing. We've sent out to several races and just had our first club race this past weekend. Lot's of fun! We love spending time with these athletes of the sky! Thank you for entrusting us with the care and training of your birds. Keep them coming!
(a few of the birds out trap training in the sunshine today)


We'd like to thank the  breeders that have sent to the race so far! We appreciate each of you and those who still plan to send. Keep them coming! We will be accepting birds until June 1st! Please note, we have updated "Payouts" on the website so please take a look! 
We are grateful for the support and want to recognize the great breeders that have sent so far:
Alberts Family
Allen Family Racing
Circle C Lofts
Evolution One Loft
Funny Farm Loft
Greg & George
Lucky Luke
Rebel Wings
Ryan Hess
Sam Haslem
San Juan Mountain Classic
Team Power Stroke
Van Johnston Fob
Zorro’s Loft
UPDATE 4.4.2022 Good Morning Breeders,

We had some great weather this past week and today and tomorrow are a bit rainy and windy. Overall the health is great on the birds we've received so far. We continue to receive new birds and expect many more this month. 

We are modifying our traps to fit the new clocking system. We're building it to make sure there is no piggy backing when birds trap in. We'll be using the TopPigeon clocking system. We have also been working to get our trailer built to hold the aluminum crates to safely and securely haul the birds in. 

As a reminder all new arrivals are quarantined for 7 to 10 days and moved from quarantine afterwards. Once removed from quarantine we work to get the birds outside as soon as possible. We want to get the birds out as young as possible to start developing good habits early on. The first group of birds we received in early March have been out loft flying with no losses so far. They are looking great!

Kendal and Braeden
UPDATE 3.28.2022 Hello Breeders,

Things are warming up as we've had some great weather lately. All the birds we've received so far are in good health. The first four have been trap trained and have started to get outside to begin loft flying. A few of them are starting to loft fly a bit. We expect to receive more birds throughout the month of April. 

We got our first pallet of feed in (Ken Christopher Race Mix). We've been impressed with the mix so far as it's a good clean feed and has everything they need for fuel. As the races get longer we'll probably add some extra safflower to increase the fats a bit. 

We use Tempo 60 at least three times per week with Wheat Germ Oil. Tempo 60 is a great mineral and conditioning supplement and really gets their feathers shiny. We also give the birds weekly baths and disinfect the water to not spread disease. All waters are changed daily and the waterers are routinely cleaned as well. 

Thanks to those who've sent birds so far! We are looking forward to receiving more moving forward!

Kendal and Braeden
UPDATE 3.21.2022
Good Morning Breeders,

Hope you have all had a great week! We've started accepting birds and are excited to get this OLR off the ground. The birds we've received so far are all in good health and are settling to the loft.Weather is starting to warm up finally but we had really bad winds yesterday with gusts up to 60mph.

Our new clock should be in this week. It was delayed for over a month and a half due to the current state of the economy and workforce issues, etc.

We've had some questions regarding what payout might look like based on current numbers of birds signed up. Here is a general update on payouts based on 130 birds signed up:

Races paid to top 10% by drop and then clocking order.

250 Mile Race- $2,925 to top 10%
300 Mile Race- $5,280 to top 10%
350 Mile Race- $14,625 to top 10%
Average Speed-$5,280 (top 4 birds paid out)

We look forward to receiving more of your birds and thank you in advance for your support!

Kendal and Braeden

UPDATE 3.14.2022
Good Morning Breeders,

The weather is finally starting to warm up around here! We have started receiving birds. We'll be accepting birds through May 1st. Please let us know when you plan to send so we are aware they're on their way.We were able to get a fresh coat of paint on the loft this weekend to get it looking sharp!

All birds will be treated for canker, vaccinated and quarantined upon arrival. We will make sure your birds receive plenty of minerals, fresh air and sun light to keep them in good health. We will not take shortcuts due to rising fuel costs and plan to train the birds effectively.

Thank you to all who have signed up so far! This will be a great series and we will work hard for you! Please encourage your friends to sign up and send to the race also!

Kendal and Braeden

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