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We forgot to set the clock to upload to Wincompanion this morning. Birds are home and we will upload the results as soon as we get back to the loft. Stay tuned. 

Kendal and Braeden
Hello Breeders,
Congratulations to all that had birds on the first drop! First was drop was:
Ryan Hess
Preston Alberts
Cloux Loft
Deko Loft
89% of the birds sent to the race are back. We had a few 2nd day birds and three day birds arrive which we were happy to see. One of the birds that came in late has a broken leg from what appears to be a hawk attack.
Overall, the health is good and the birds are in good condition. We are balancing rest and training to optimize the energy the birds have to finish the series. The birds have been rested since the race and we'll resume road training tomorrow.The day 2 and day 3 birds will be given a few extra days rest to build back up their strength for the next race. 
We will send out an email this week with an update on payouts and what that will look like as we move forward. Looking forward to the next race!
Kendal and Braeden

First and foremost we'd like to congratulate the three breeders with birds on the drop in the Activation Race. Well done breeders!

Ed Kehl & Dave Morrison-1st place-First through the clock
Ron Lowies-Lowies Loft
David Sandeen

A few thoughts on the race: Activation turned out to be a tougher race than we initially anticipated, however, we are happy with the returns overall getting over 90% back from the activation race from 130 miles. 

The birds came in small groups mostly from the east. One small group over shot the loft a bit and came in from the north. While we are happy with the returns overall we were hoping for a bigger first drop. Having said that, we feel that the birds learned a lot from this race because they came in small groups or all alone and really had to think. They had to navigate some mountain ranges and this is really beneficial for them to learn. 

The birds will be rested until Tuesday morning. Plan is to do a 20 mile toss Tuesday morning and a 40 to 50 miles toss on Thursday morning. 

Activation money is coming in steadily. You can pay by debit card or credit card on our website, Paypal to or send a check to Rock Creek Classic LLC to 3569 N 3400 E Kimberly, ID 83341.

Activation money is due by October 8th. If you are sending a check please notify us beforehand with a picture so we can get you marked off as paid. Any birds that aren't paid for by the deadline will be sold or retained by Rock Creek Classic. Activation is all or nothing for this race so please activate all birds that made it home from activation on your team. 

Kendal and Braeden

We will look to hold the activation race 130 Miles this Saturday, Oct.1st (weather permitting). The birds were loft flown today and will be back to the 77 mile spot tomorrow. We'll do a 100 mile toss on Thursday and then the birds will have Friday off before the activation race on Saturday.

Activation fees are $250 per bird. The easiest and quickest way to pay activation fees is on our website with a debit/credit card in the "Payments" section. If you prefer to send a check please take a picture before sending it in the mail and text/email us the picture. Lastly, Paypal will work if your fees are under $600 (select friends/family) as Paypal is cracking down on business transactions. Our recommendation would be to pay on our website or mail a check. Make checks payable to "Rock Creek Classic" and mail them to:

3569 N 3400 E
Kimberly, ID 83341

Please note, as stated in the rules section of our website, this is an all or nothing activation race, meaning breeders will be required to activate all of their birds that make it home from the 130 mile activation race. Any birds that remain unactivated for the 200 Mile race will be sold. 

We can't wait to get the series started! Once again, thank you for your support in helping us get this race series off the ground! We appreciate each one of you!

Kendal and Braeden

We will loft fly the birds today and then tomorrow we'll be taking them to our 75 mile training spot. The birds are looking good and are on track for the activation race next week at 130 Miles. Looking forward to the race series!

Kendal and Braeden

There was rainy weather and overcast skies this morning at 7 AM at the 54 mile release point. We waited for a while but it didn't improve much. We brought the birds back and released them at the loft. We hope to resume training tomorrow.

Kendal and Braeden

We moved the birds to our 54 mile toss location today as the birds were coming in so well from Jackpot! They are doing so well and are in excellent condition as you can tell from the returns. From this point on the birds will have to navigate the mountain passes that are all over this course. We will continue putting in the work to train them and they'll do their part. Thanks for your support! For a link to the release today please checkout our Facebook page "Rock Creek Classic." We will post a link to Youtube later today.

Kendal and Braeden

UPDATE 9/19/2022 Hello Breeders,

It has been refreshing to have the smoke clear out so we could resume training! The weather has been cooperating with us and we are grateful for that! As you've seen on Wincompanion we are getting the birds out for training tosses each day the weather is good and plan to continue doing so. 

We plan to hold the activation race on 10/1/2022. This will  give us enough time to make sure the birds are trained properly and to have them ready for activation. We will do some more tosses from Jackpot and then increase to our 75 mile toss point from there. Like we've said, after we move past Jackpot the birds will begin to encounter mountain ranges. This is the reason we are doing so many tosses from the Jackpot location before we jump them to 75 miles. The birds are healthy and in great condition at the moment. They are getting plenty of probiotics, minerals, proper nutrition, etc. 

When it comes time to activate birds after the activation race you can send to our Paypal at " or send us a check in the mail. 

Kendal and Braeden
Good Morning,

The smoke has cleared up and we will resume training this week. We are loft flying the birds this morning. As long as the air quality holds up in the next couple days we will get the birds back down the road. We will start with a couple shorter tosses and work them back to where we were last week. We are excited to get going again!

Kendal and Braeden

The smoke was so severe yesterday they canceled high school football games and wouldn’t even let kids out for recess at school. Today the smoke improved from yesterday but it’s still not good. We will not fly your birds in smoky conditions that are unfair to the birds. We want to continue training these birds as soon as possible but for now we’ll see what happens with this smoke. We appreciate your understanding and will keep you posted. The birds come first! 

Kendal and Braeden 
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