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   Hello to all Breeders,

Hope everybody is having a great memorial Day Weekend!

 We did the hand inventory today. A few birds were missing and we will notify the breeders.The birds are looking good.

 This week the birds had ACV in the water and garlic/oregano on the feed.

The birds have been getting acidifier plus and primalac and ACV in their water, 2 days a week.

The birds enjoyed their bath today and are adapting to the heat well.

The avairy is almost done. This will be used to load the birds in the trailer for races and training.

Thank you to the following breeders for sending birds!

     Steward Harvard from Morengo Creek Farms AL

     Shawnie,Barry, Tony Aguis,from FL

     Richard Reddick from Sooner Loft from OK

     Mike Thompson of Sky King Loft from AZ

     "Book" Bill Richardson from AZ

     Greg and Dan Coury from AZ

     Autumns Dream from AZ

     Alma Castro from Alma Missiles from AZ

   Thank you for all your support and confidence!

    We have 247 birds in the loft and 365 reservations. We have about a month to get the rest of the birds in. Let's keep them coming!


Hello to all Breeders,

    I had a great visit from Bill Richardson and Mark Ryner. Thank you for dropping off your birds.

   The weather this week has been very windy and hot. The birds enjoyed their bath today.    They are receiving a probiotic and winsmore in their water.

 Trapping is going well and they are in good health.

      We would like thank the following breeders for sending birds this week!

"Book" Bill Richardson from AZ for sending 3 more birds 

Transilvania Loft from NV for sending 2 more birds

Mark Ryner from Winged Victory 2 Loft in AZ 

John Gutierrez from NM

Paul Ancog from Hale Nunu Loft in VA


  There is plenty of room left! We are accepting birds until June 30th!

      Let's Keep Them Coming!

Thank you for your support and confidence!




Hello to all breeders,

  We are so excited for this season, we have 340 reserved perches and 180 birds in the loft.

 The weather was in the hundreds this weekend and the birds enjoyed their cool bath.

  Last week the birds had 4 in 1 medicine and this week they had probiotics. They are in good health.

We would like to thank those who sent birds this week:

"Book" Bill Richardson from AZ

Redtex: Don Kuenstler from TX

Autumns Dream Loft from AZ

Sunshine Loft: Naeem Akhtar from NC

Homeboy Loft: Dennis Turk from AZ

APC Loft: George Rankin from TX

Transilvania Loft: Ciprian Cimpan

    We are accepting birds until June 30th.

Thank you for supporting us and helping us grow our race!

    Let's keep them coming.


Hello to all Breeders,

We have 153 birds in the loft and 318 reservations. More birds are coming next week. It is going to be an exciting year.

The birds are flying and trapping well. The birds enjoyed their bath today.

The birds are getting 4 and 1 maintenance in the water this week.

Thank You to all breeders for sending birds this week:

   Gregory Coury- AZ

   Huan Qui Zhang-NC

   Eric and Rick Gill-AZ

   Redtex- Don Kuenstler-TX

   Louis and Tom-AZ

   CPCA- Jones Boys- UT

   Crooked River Challenge -Lucas Cramer-OR


Let's keep them coming.





Hello to all Breeders,

  Based on the 2017 OLR report, we trained the birds, 1742 miles last year. Road training will begin after Dove season (Sept.15th). Between races, we road train the birds 2-3 times a week. As everybody knows the big one loft races are getting filled up, so please send some birds our way, we still have plenty of room.We fly a 5 race series 150/200/250/300/350  The last race is the 350 mile on Nov.25th weather permitting.

 Thank you to the following breeders, for sending birds this week!

Sergio Gutierrez

Don Chapin 

Utaz Team

Now we have 122 birds and 318 reserved perches. Let's Keep Them Coming!





Hello to all Breeders,

We are accepting birds until June 30th.

We now have a total of 113 birds in the OLR.there is 312 reserved perches, with plenty of room left.

 All the birds are in excellent condition. We are using a lot of natural supplements on the feed and in the water. Jovati minerals are now being used.

The weather has been in the 80' and 90's this week. The birds enjoyed their bath today. They are also trapping well.

 We would like to say Thank You to the breeders that sent birds this week. Genesis Loft- Gordon Meng

Irish Syndicate- Steve Furlonge

Locante and King- Richard Cass

Utaz Team- Tom Hill and Jones Boys

Team Phoenix- Hose and Simon

  Let's keep them coming!



Hello to all breeders,

  Welcome to all the new and returning breeders! Please sign up for 2018 if you have not done so.

The weather is beautiful here in Tucson it has been in the 70s.

      We are excited about this year's 5 race series. 150/200/250/300/350 miles.The 150 mile race will be an activation and average speed race.The perch fees this year is $100 per bird or 6/$500. The entry fee is increased to $300 per bird.

We are accepting birds March 1st through June 30th. 

The training tosses will be similar to last year. 

We have 1000 doses of the Romvac vaccines, the combo of PMV /Paratyhphoid. We will vaccinate the birds upon arrival and then in 2-4 weeks.


Thank you for your all your support and confidence!

Any questions, don't hesitate to email or call.



Hello to all Breeders,

   Happy New Year! We hope the new year brings everybody prosperity and good health!

   Welcome to all new breeders! Thank you to all breeders that supported us last year and we hope to see your birds again this year in 2018. We have expanded our loft to accommodiate 600-700 birds. Registration for 2018 is available at If you are interested in the 2018 race series please signup.

   This should be a very exciting year. We have a new trailer to train birds and a large avairy for the birds to relax in.

    We added 150 a mile qualifier race to average speed. There is a 5 race series this year. 150/200/250/300/350 miles.

    The entry fee this year is $300.

God Bless!



Hello to all breeders,

It was a tough race today. This is not an easy course, there are many mountain ranges all the way. The weather was 90 degrees here in Tucson. There were 59 daybirds out of 139.

Congratulations to all the winners!

The first drop winners were: 

Paul Rueter Family Loft OR

Thunderbird Loft AZ

Homeboy Loft AZ

Cortes Family Loft AZ


1) Rueter Family Loft

2) Joe and Shawnie

3) Dick and Jeff Earthman

4) Lindbergh Flyers

5) Huan Qiu Zhang

All winners of $600 or more please send in the w9 form. If you get our emails, It is attached to todays.

Please notify us what to do with your remaining birds!

Return shipping of birds is $60 plus $10 after 2 birds.

You can send a check or paypal for $2,50-$3 extra for shipping.

Please contact me if you need an invoice! 


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