News and Updates

The weather has been nice with a few cool days.

The temperatures in the 80s and 90s with cool winds.
  The birds are in good health. A group has been out once and 
the we have been teaching trapping if they are not in quarantine. 
It has been very windy here daily.
15-25 mile gusts especially afternoons.
   73 birds have their electronic chips on. 
We now have 110 birds.  Let's Keep Them Coming!
   Thanks to the following breeders for  sending birds! 
Dave Conover
Gill & Ludwig Loft
Morengo Creek Farms
Rusty Williams
Hale Nunu Loft
Guanjuatos Loft
Desert Rose Doves
Mario Rodriquez
Rusty Williams
Centar Loft
Sindicato Jalisco
Kilosports Loft
Genesis Loft
Velocity Pigeons
Nathan Plantado
Rafael Reyes


Hello to all Breeders,

  The weather is still nice here in Tucson.
This week is supposed to be cooler. 
   A group of birds are learning trapping. 
We are still open accepting birds until July 15th.
     We just wanted to give a quick thank you to:
Barry Karas 
Nacho Gamino
Manny Casiilas
Javier Gamino
Pictures of the birds are on facebook.
         Let's keep them coming!

Hello to all breeders,

Happy Easter!

It’s time to send your birds for this year Olr.
We are very excited. Thank you to all the breeders that started our season off already.

   Sergio Gamino
    Richard Gamino
    Samual Gamino
    Greg McKnight
    Dan Coury
    Greg Coury
    Louie Carigulo and Tom Busha
     Dennis Turk

  The weather is still nice with cool mornings.
The birds are doing well and look in great shape.
       We are accepting birds until July 15th. This will help those whose breeding season that was delayed due to a cold weather this year.
   Text me if anybody needs me to reserve perches I need  loft name, name and number of places
God Bless!

Pictures of birds will be posted on Facebook.


Hello to all Breeders,

The 2021 racing season will be here soon. Birds can be shipped in 12 days March 29th. 
   We are excited and ready to receive the new young birds this season. We are looking 
forward to another great year with good race returns. 
     The loft has been cleaned and disinfected for this season.
  We are still flying our old birds in the local club. They are still doing great in race 1 to 3 they 
were 1st and in race 4 -5th place. This Saturday is the 400 mile race.
The weather is still nice and cool here.
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