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Hello to all breeders,
The birds are in excellent condition. They are going out daily and enjoying the aviaries.
  The temperature is still hot but cooled down a bit.The winds are keeping the weather a little nicer. 
   The newer birds are learning trapping after quarantine in individual cages. 

  Thanks to the following breeders for sending birds this week!
     Pegasus Loft
     Still Ticken
     Brockman and Staker
     Andy Owen
     Team Barry
     Desert Rose Doves
     Yupeng Yang
     Missiles loft
     Irish syndicate loft
We now have 357 birds in the loft!
2 more weeks left! Let’s make it count! Let’s try to get over 400.
Test those last hatches! 

There is still plenty of room. 
     Let's keep them coming!


Hello to all breeders,

   Happy Father's Day!
We are accepting birds until July 15th! Please try to send birds Monday or Tuesday!
The birds are doing well. It is hot outside! They are going outside daily. There are a few missing birds please check inventory, so replacements can be sent.
Thank you to the following breeders for sending birds this week!
El Dorado Loft
Apache South
335 Loft
There is plenty of space! Let's keep them coming!

Hello to all Breeders,

   The birds are doing well.There are a few missing birds 
when an inventory was done this weekend and is posted on wincompanion.
  Thanks to the following breeders for sending birds this week!
  Magikk Loft
  Robert Byers
  Diamond Bell
  There are now about 300 birds in the loft and 400 reservations.
There is still plenty of room for more  birds and a month to get them here.
Let's keep them coming and make this the best year yet!

There is still issues with wincompanion inventories and our top pigeon clock.

test runs are being done in privacy mode and showing up live. 
i am sorry for any inconvenience. So this weekend we are doing a

hand inventory And checking all the ebands are scanning and the 

make sure the right totals get to wincompanion for you to see.

    Hope everybody has a great weekend. 



Hello to all breeders,

The birds are in excellent health.
We have been having issues with the inventories but wincompanion 

is fixing it so you and I can see it.
   Please send birds Monday and Tuesday in case any delay may occur. 
The post office deliveries have improved greatly since the beginning of the season.
     The birds are enjoying the aviaries. The winds have been too strong to let new birds
 out this week.
A few birds are missing due to settling. We will do a hand inventory this weekend.
   The birds are quarantined in individual cages when  they arrive and then they 
are transferred to the loft to learn trapping.

Thank you to the following for sending birds!
Louie & Tom
Lindbergh Flyers
Team Phoenix
Jose Rodriquez
Gold Country Challenge
APC Loft
Team Karas and Orozco
Nacho Gamino
Wing Victory 2
Nathan Plantado
East/West Coast Boys
Las Palomas
Jose Jimenez  
We have 280 birds now and 400 reservations.

   We are accepting birds until July 15th. We still have plenty of room. Let’s keep them coming!

Hello to all breeders,
   We hope everybody has a great Memorial Day weekend!
    The birds are doing well and in good health.
The weather is  in the 90s.
    We are working with the birds daily. Trapping and settling them 
after quarantine in individual cages.
Pictures will be posted on facebook this  evening.
Thank you to the following breeders for sending birds!
All Glory to God
KC loft
Lindbergh Flyers
Beko Loft
Frisco River Loft
The Chosen Few
     We are accepting birds until July 15th.
There is still plenty of room.

       Let’s Keep Them Coming!  

Hello to all breeders,
  The weather was on the 80’s this weekend. 
The winds on Saturday we’re about 30 mph gusts, so the birds remained in the aviaries and received medicine for respiratory as a precaution. All birds are healthy and in great shape.

    Saturday all the new birds received their electronic bands.Sunday b group went out for the first time. Some did some flying  and a few stayed out overnight and returned yesterday
 Yesterday the morning was nice and cool. The birds are out in the aviaries. The landing board was open for any returning birds from settling. 
Thank you to the following breeders for sending great bird last week!

 Gold Country Challenge 
 Jimmy Peters
 Shawnie Murphy
 Las Palomas
 Rick and Ludwig 
Paul Rueter 
Andy Owen
Jeff Earthman 
Cortez Family loft 
D D Loft
We now have 200 birds in the loft. A month and a half, plenty of time to send in some more birds.
There is plenty of space. Let's make this a great year!
  Let’s Keep Them Coming!

Sent from my iPhone

Sent from my iPhone

Hello to all breeders, 

  The birds are all doing great. The weather

is in the 90s and this weekend it is going to

be in high 80s. 
  Inventory is online from yesterday. There are

still birds with electronic chips still in quarantine.

  Let's keep them coming!


Hello to all breeders,

    The weather has been in the 90s. The birds are enjoying the sun
in the aviaries while learning their daily trapping. They come in for feed ,
when we blow the whistle. 
    Group A has  been out 6 times now. 
They have fresh all in one versele-laga grit daily.
  The birds are quarantined in individual cages by breeder when they arrive. 
Thank you to all the following breeders for sending great looking birds this week.
Team Karas 
Lazy AC loft
Still Ticken Loft
Tom and Louie Loft
Please send birds on Monday or Tuesday.
We are accepting birds until July 15th. 
Let’s keep them coming!

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Hello to all breeders,

Happy Mother's Day!
The weather is in the high 90's. There are still a lot of afternoon winds,
The first group of birds have been out twice now.
The birds are all in good health and doing great. 
The birds not in quarantine are learning to trap daily and respond to the whistle for feeding.
 This week the birds are on garlic, ecol and apple cider vinegar. 
    The birds enjoyed their bath this week.
We now have 121 birds!
Let's Keep Them Coming!
Thank you to the following breeders for sending great looking birds!
Centar Loft
Desert Rose Doves
Guanajuatos Loft
Banat Loft
Bob & Rusty Loft
Gamino Loft
Cubalibre Loft
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