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As of 12pm mtn 336 birds were clocked

    They we’re released in 2 groups for loft

flying today. each group flew for an hour

and some more. 



Hello to all Breeders,

The birds are in good health and doing well.

This weekend we took them for a mile toss Sat. and 

Sunday. Today is cloudy so we are loft flying.

   The weather has cooled off a little but still warm.

 Thank you for your support and confidence.




346 birds in clock but not communicating to wincompanion

tech is working on it

 i will try to update bird numbers in the comment section

if the clocking is having trouble 

sorry for inconvenience









Hello to all Breeders,

 The weather is hot with summer monsoons that are on and off. If the weather report looks good and the skies clear the birds are let out and other times they enjoy the avairies.

  Live inventories are working again. The problems was not in the cables as originally thought, so the clock was replaced. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  The birds are in good health and the flights are looking excellent.

Thank you for all your support and confidence!


hello to all breeders,

the connection from the clock to the antenna is not communicating.

We ordered the part and should be here in a few days. of course parts

are always needed on Friday. Inventories should be up early next week

when the the cable arrives. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  The birds are healthy and looking good.

Thanks for your patience!



Todays inventory was deleted due to connection issues and user error. All birds

should be present like yesterday. Inventory hopefully will be comunicating again tommorrow.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Hello to all Breeders,

At the close of entries this week we now have over 300 birds.

Thank you to everybody for helping us grow our race. It should be a great race series this year.

Thank you to the following breeders for sending birds.

Chris Drummond

Mario Rodriquez

Edward Sandifer

Inventories are now online daily. We are still working with the new clock.  Their are still a few issues and some continuous learning to do.

Today the birds stayed in due to rain and winds. 

The birds had primalac and winsmore in their water this week.

The flights are coming in well. It has been 2 weeks since the flights were pulled. The birds are in good health and coping with the heat well.




Hello to all breeders,

Our inventory should be on wincompanion later this evening. We are having issues communicating with wincompanion. The inventory is on under club, although it does not sort by breeder, it is just a race report. Replacements are still accepted until next week.The weather is hot, but the birds are doing well and are in good health. They enjoyed their bath today,usually they are getting baths 3 times a week.

Thank you to the following breeders for sending birds!

Lamonta Loft from OR

Warbird Loft from CO

S& J Platt from OR

The received Ropa B, Primalac and acidifier plusthis weekin their water.

The 9th and 10th flights were pulled.

The clocking will be basically just for inventoryduring molting time but inventory wull be posted several times a week. Once technical issues are completed.

Thank you for your patience, support and confidence!


  Hello to all breeders,

The birds are doing well despite the high temperatures this week. So, they enjoy getting baths twice a week. In the drinking water they are receiving Roba B and Primalac.

  They are enjoying their morning flights and flocking together well.

We have new clocking system and have been having issues with the clock and antennas. A new one is on the way. Then inventories will be available. A hand inventory was done and the breeders of with missing birds were notified.

Thank you to the following breeders for sending birds!

       Tony Cuevas from Cuevas Classic in TX

       Dan Rust from Powerstroke Loft in UT

       Barry Karas from MI

We currently have 335 birds in the the loft and 416 reservations.  We decided to extend the acceptance deadline until July 15th. So, you have 3 more weeks to get replacements and birds in. There is plenty of room. Let's keep them coming.

  Thank you to everybody for your support and confidence!



  Hello to all breeders,

The weather was hot this week and we are starting to see some summer rains.

 The birds are in excellent condition. They received primalac and acidifier plus in the water this week.

  The birds molts are coming in well.

Thank you to the following breeders for sending birds!

Gene Crocker from MO

Alan Porter from WI

Norm Glenewinkel from TX

Kelly Fly from ID

Dennis Turk from AZ

Alma Castro from AZ

Steve Furlonge from AZ

    We have 316 birds in the loft and 396 reservations. You still have 2 weeks  left to enter your birds.

Let's keep them coming! There is still plenty of room.

Thank you for your support and confidence!

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