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Hello to all breeders,

  Hope everybody is doing well.
 The weather is cool in the morning and getting cooler during the day. The afternoon temperatures are between 85-91 and sunny.
    The birds had 2 - 3 mile tosses, 2-10 mile tosses, 2-15 mile tosses. 
    Today the birds went to a 23 mile training toss. The birds were released in 2 groups, 20 minutes apart. The first group flew about 15 minutes around circling, before they took off. The second group did 3-4 circles and then took off. 
     When they came home they flew around for awhile and then trapped well. There still seems to be some stragglers coming  in still.
  All the birds are in excellent health and condition. This week the birds are on apple cider vinegar, garlic powder and ecol. There are few late hatches still moulting  some.


The birds loft flew 1.5 hrs today and trapped very fast. 
All the birds should be here despite the inventory. 
tomorrow I should have a full inventory. there were

no hawks out when the large flock was out. 
    The cooper hawk showed up after the birds were 

in the avairy. Today only 8 birds came in late. so

Everyday less birds are hanging around the loft and 

trapping Fast. I am always outside with the birds until the

birds are in.


The birds were released 647am and flew for 1.5 hrs.

they did great job flying and trapping. the birds hanging out seems

to be reducing 15 today and yesterday. Instead of 30 on the weekend.

The inventory list will resume tomorrow since I forgot 

a step And the fixes seem not to be working For me.


Hello to all breeders,

  The weather has been cooler this week  with great mornings for loft flying. The temperatures are going back up some for a few days. 
  The birds are flying about an 1.5 hours per day. 
The birds did well on the 3 mile training  toss and they got used to the crates. We will give them a few more short tosses. We want to make sure the temperatures are not too-hot and sunny. 
   The birds are in great shape. They are doing great at avoiding the hawks , flying high and trapping fast, but you never know for each bird that separates from the flock. 
      The new clock and antennas are up and running . Thank God. It has been a long process between clocks and computer problems. Inventories have been up for a few days. If birds are missing most likely the hawks got them. 

Hello to all breeders,

sorry inventory is down. The new clock and antennas have been here this week.

I have laptop and case built for clock and laptop in loft. I Think I have enough supplies

for the new power requirements.

I have been working hard for 4-5 hours in the mornings watching the birds 

and trying to stay outside until only a few are left to be safe. The hawks are 

getting aggressive. the birds are trapping well except 30 daily. I am Working on that.

I use my 20 ft dancing man to help keep them up and flying. they are loft flied daily weather permitting.

now that most come in quickly it is easier to work around a potential storm.

  Your birds are my priority but several other issues require the rest of my attention 

after the birds fly daily. That is why i have not finished getting the new clock and atennas

installed. its seems to take forever to get all the pieces together finished. hopefully it will be

completed by monday hopefully earlier. 

  the morning weather is nice and cool. Days are cooling done. better than last year.

monsoons should be gone. 

   Thanks for your understanding and support. We are working hard to make this a great season.


Hello to all breeders,

on Sept 22Nd 3 birds returned. I updated them

on the 21st training inventory.
   Weather today is cloudy, stormy windy

occasionally rainy but on radar to ran for

several more  hours. So the birds are not flying

today. Monsoon season officially ends in 5 days.  



hello to all breeders,
  Hope everyone is doing well!
It was a very discouraging day Sunday.
Two cooper hawks attacked the birds several times scattering them and chasing them. They were in small groups and coming home throughout the day. Many birds were missing and some returned later the next day. The birds returning home were exhausted.

    We are going to lock down the birds for a few days. 
   Today inventory is posted. 

Hello to all breeders,


Sept 17 the clock had 410 birds not 379. 

it did not transmit I guess before I reset the

clock this morning. 
    The birds are out today. 


The last few days the hawks have been

scaring the birds. Some may have flown too 

far had trouble with daytime heat. Morning is only

cool enough time to get them flying and grouping good. 
the temperatures are still triple digit. the humidity finely 

seems to be low again. 



Hello to all breeders,
 The temperatures are still in the triple digits. 
We are working daily with the birds. The mornings 

are in the mid 70s starting the day. Some of the birds are grouping. 

  The race season is scheduled for November and December as of now.
 The younger group is still molting.

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