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I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Now that we are in the first part of December, everyone is getting their breeders paired up, or are at least thinking about it. I hope you will consider sending to Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge next year. I have decided to make a few changes for next year. The first change is Perch Fees. I am going to charge 2 seperate perch fees.They will be as follows:

Beginning Perch Fee Due with the birds:

For every 2 birds send 1 for Free (Optional)

2 for $100 + 1 Free    8 for $280 + 4 Free

4 for $180 + 2 Free    10 for $300 + 5 Free

6 for $240 + 3 Free    12 for $360 + 6 Free

Ending Perch Fee: $75 Due for every bird that clocks on the Activation Race. (This includes the birds that had a free beginning perch fee.)

Races: I am going to do 5 Races this year instead of 6. Schedule still TBD. No worries I will still do 2 300 mile races.

I am going to do the point system again this year. I spent a lot of time going over race results comparing top Average Speed birds to High Point birds. Everyone is breeding for 300 mile+ race winners and the point system rewards those types of birds. That being said I have also decided to move the majority of the prize money to the last race. Last year roughly 50% of the prize money was paid out on the last race. I am going to put at least 75% of the prize money next year on the last race. 

Entry fees will stay the same at $300

I will start accepting birds beginning February 15th.

You may also reserve perches now. 

Please feel free to call or text me with any questions.


Derik Alder 

Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge


Hello Breeders, 

I will start shipping birds back tommorrow and Tuesday for those that had winnings and those that have contacted me. For the rest please let me know if you would like your birds back or not and here is the prices for shipping. I will send the rest of the birds back next Monday.

Here's the prices for shipping:

1 Bird - $70

2 Birds - $75

3 Birds - $85

Thanks again for all the support this year in the Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge

Derik Alder

NO 400

Sorry everyone. I will not be doing a 400 mile race this year. We are still short 20 birds. Thank you to those of you that responded quickly. That was greatly appreciated. Next year if I don't end the race season with 200 or more birds I won't even offer a 400. It's not worth the hassle and stress and it just slows down the process of getting birds back to their owners. So again I Apologize to those of you that wanted to do the race. I will post shipping prices soon. I plan to start shipping birds back Monday. Please let me know if you want your birds back unless you have already done so.

Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to handle your birds this year. It was a blast. 

Derik Alder



As of right now I only have 43 birds committed to the race. I am still waiting for final answers from 15 guys. So if you haven't talked to me or messaged me in some way, please do so by tomorrow. If I am going to do another race the birds need to be flown and trained at least a little. Thanks to those of you that did respond quickly. I will let you all know by tommorrow night if the 400 mile race will or will not happen. 


Derik Alder


Lots of info in this one so read through it carefully:

Congratulations to the breeders that had success in Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge. You can be especially proud of your birds this year. They had some tough races this year. The Average Speed of all 6 races was 1320 ypm. I feel the birds did really well against a lot of adversity, so thanks for sending good smart pigeons. Money winners, if you won at least $600, please get me a W9 as soon as you can, I won't send checks without one. 

Here are the results of the final race and the prize winners: Congratulations to the following birds and breeders for winning first drop on the final race where the winning speed was 1230 ypm

1st $3309 - Flying H Ranch - RMR 23309

2nd $2309 - Brook Loft - CCF 347

3rd $2309 - Redtex - RDTX 3

4th $2309 - Mountain View 2 - SLI 3830

5th $2309 - Ridge2River Loft - DWI 909

6th $2309 - Blue Sierra Loft - SIER 350

7th $2309 - Blue Sierra Loft - SIER 348

8th $2309 - Dean Farmer Loft - DEAN 29

9th $2309 - M2 Loft - UVI 1029

10th $850 - BW Loft - RMR 23307

11th $700 - Lawrence Cummins (RIP) - DWI 912

12th $650 - Mountain View 2 - SLI 3825

13th $600 - Sam Haslam - Sam 422

14th $550 - Dean Farmer Loft - DEAN 28

15th $500 - Ryan Hess - GS 231

16th $450 - Griffin Loft - RMR 23213

17th $400 - Wolf Den Loft - VITA 610

18th $375 - Wolf Den Loft - VRAR 223

19th $350 - Blue Sierra Loft - GROS 15

20th $300 - Fleet Washington - FLTW 2304

High Point Money Winners:

1st $3000 - Sam Haslam - SAM 422 - 1009 Points

2nd $2700 - Wolf Den Loft - VRAR 223 - 907 Points

3rd $2500 - Fleet Washington - FLTW 2304 - 880 Points

4th $1800  - M2 Loft - UVI 1029 - 865 Points

5th $1200 - Lawrence Cummins (RIP) - DWI 912 - 839 Points

6th $600 - Dean Farmer Loft - DEAN 28 - 820 Points

7th $500 - Flying H Ranch - RMR 23309 - 814 Points

8th $355 - Ryan Hess - GS 231 - 810 Points

Champion Breeder: $1000 Wolf Den Loft 2nd - 223 VRAR - 907 Points and 15th 222 VRAR - 644 Points =  Average Postion of 8.5

Champion Colored Birds:

1st $595 - APC Loft - APCL 23092 MLY - 472 Points

2nd $357 - Dave Harrett - VITA 2676 RDGZ - 234 Points

3rd $238 - APC Loft - APCL 23036 GRIZ - 190 Points

3PC 2nd Chance:

1st $500 - Flying H Ranch - RMR 23309 - 814 Points

2nd $300 - Christopher Loft - RMR 23911 - 424 Points

3rd $200 - Dirty Dozen Loft - WFA 3527 - 276 Points

Average Speed:

1st $750 - Sam Haslam - Sam 422

2nd $450 - APC Loft - APCL 23058

3rd $300 - Mountain View 2 - SLI 3825

The next order of business is do we fly a 400 mile race? I was waiting until today to see how many birds came home before even offering it. We have 137 birds home. I need at least 65 birds to make it worth it. I will train the birds at least once, but hopefully twice before going 400. (Only birds going to the 400 would be trained.) The entry fee would be $135 per bird, I take $20 leaving $115 in the pot per bird. I will pay the top 10% of birds and I will pay the drop. If more than 10% of birds are on the drop, I will pay down more postitions to accomodate that. Example Payout based on 65 Birds: $7475 in the pot

1st - $3000

2nd - $2200

3rd - $1000

4th - $800

5th - $300

6th - $175

So what I need from all my breeders ASAP is a text or phone call (text is best) to let me know if your intersted in the 400 mile race and if so what band numbers, if not then do you want your birds shipped back or not?

Lastly, this year was a trial year for using points to award the winning birds. I would like some feedback on possibly using the point system again next year. Please feel free to send me an email explaining your likes or dislikes with the points and or suggestions to make it better. My goal is to make sure the best bird in the race series is awarded the most. Email:

Thank You Very Much! It has been a super fun year. I had a blast handling your birds. 


Derik Alder

Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge


The clock as been uploaded and points, averages, and money won are listed. I will post an official list of all the prize winners tomorrow. Congratulations to the owners of the birds that came home today. I feel like the race went well. That was a tough race, with stronger headwinds than expected. 9 Birds on the first drop. Thanks to everyone that came to watch the race, it was great to visit.


Derik Alder


Wincom stopped posting birds. There are currently 67 birds home. I have to unplug the clock to get the bird list so I am going to wait until dark so it doesn't miss any birds coming in. 

Sorry for the inconvience

Derik Alder


The final race will be this Friday! The weather looks good. Partly cloudy all day and 5-9 mph headwinds the whole way and no solar eclipse. As a friend recently pointed out, this may be the only job that has to worry about an eclipse happening and scheduling around it. It should be a good trying race. Please contact me if you are planning to attend the lunch and watch the birds come in. 

Thankyou everyone who supported Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge again this year. I really appreciate it. I look forward to visiting with those of you who can make it to watch the race.

Derik Alder


When I first heard 3 weeks ago about the solar eclipse that is happening this weekend, I wondered how it would affect pigeons racing. Earlier today when I posted my plans for the final race being this upcoming Saturday, I had forgotten that this Saturday was the day of the eclipse. Racing during an eclipse is largely uncharted territory and I don't plan to be the pioneer for that experiment. If it was my personal flock of birds with no money on the line, I would do it all in the name of science. However that's not the situation. For that reason I have decided to fly the final on a different day this weekend. I apologize for the inconveniece. I realize Saturday is more accommodating for people to be able to come watch, but the last thing we need is the birds thinking that night is coming and landing halfway through the race. As of right now Friday looks the best for a race. I am very tentatively planning on that. Hopefully the stars align as good as the eclipse and everything goes smoothly. I will let everyone know as soon as possible when I make a final decision. Thanks for your patience.

Derik Alder


I am very happy with how the birds did from Garrison. We had good returns and I feel good about sending them to the final race this weekend. I am planning on flying the final race Saturday, October 14th. It will be 350 miles from Ovando, MT. So far the weather looks like it should be good for a race. If you are planning on coming to the final race, please send me a text or contact me in some way to let me know so we know how much food to prepare. 

I am planning on doing a couple training tosses this week weather permitting. It looks stormy mid week so I will train when I can and loft fly the other days. 

Congratulations to the top 3 Birds and Breeders of Race 5. The winning speed was 1382 YPM. 

1st - Redtex - RDTX 91

2nd - Ryan Hess - GS 231

3rd - Flying H Ranch - RMR 23309

Here's the current official standings for High Point Bird and Average Speed

(You can now look up the points on wincompanion under results and click on points.)


1st - 752 PTS - Sam Haslem - Sam 422

2nd - 688 PTS - Wolf Den Loft - VRAR 223

3rd - 677 PTS - Fleet Washington - FLTW 2304

Average Speed:

1st - Sam Haslem - Sam 422

2nd - APC Loft - APCL 23058

3rd - Samurai Loft - WFA 3271

Thanks again for supporting Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge

Derik Alder

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