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For years Plymouth Peak has been a 7 race series. I am going to try a slightly different schedule this year. I am only going to do 6 races this year. The biggest differences between last year and the upcoming year will be that the activation race will be longer and it will also count as the first official race. The second biggest difference is that I am dropping the fall back race that usually sits in between the two longest races. Instead I will do a short trainer and make sure the birds are well rested in order to fly back to back 300 mile races. 

I will also be paying a bigger percentage of the money out on the last race and not as many average speed winners.

I am really excited for the 2023 season and I hope the breeding season is going well for everyone. I am taking birds earlier this year as well. I am accepting birds February 15th. Please feel free to reserve perches. This is very helpful to give me an idea of how much supplies to order for the upcoming year.

                                 Schedule comparison

          Old Shedule                                          New Schedule

Activation Race - Osgood, ID 108 Miles     Race 1 (Activation Race) - Sage Junction, ID 123 Miles 

Race 1 - Sage Junction, ID 123 Miles        Race 2 - Spencer, ID 159 Miles

Race 2 - Spencer, ID 159 Miles                 Race 3 - Red Rock, MT 200 Miles

Race 3 - Red Rock, MT 198 Miles              Race 4 - Melrose, MT 250 Miles

Race 4 - Melrose, MT 250 Miles                Race 5 - Garrison, MT 312 Miles

Race 5 - Garrison, MT 312 Miles               Race 6 - Ovando, MT 350 Miles

Race 6 - Spencer, ID 123 Miles

Race 7 - Ovando, MT 350 Miles               400 Mile Race (Optional) 100 birds minimum entry


Derik Alder


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. 


Dear Plymouth Peak Fliers and Followers,

Hello everyone, this is Derik Alder. I joined Brad Hoggan five years ago as co-loft manager of Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge. Brad approached me with an offer to be a partner in this race, and eventually buy the business and take it over. He was at a point in his life where family and other endeavors needed more time and attention. Ultimately that meant that it was time to slow down with the birds. Pigeon racing as we all know, when done right, takes a great deal of time and effort. Anyone who knows or has dealt with Brad knows that he has more than put his time in and has been very dedicated to this sport for over 30 years. He has given more than he has taken. 2022 was our last year as a partnership of Plymouth Peak. I have bought the race from Brad and I am now the sole owner and operator.

I would like to thank Brad for the opportunity to pursue my passion and hobby and make it more of a lifestyle. I would also like to thank him for all the time he has spent passing on all the valuable information on successfully running a one loft race. I really look up to Brad and I am very thankful for his friendship.

With that being said, I am looking forward to the 2023 race season. We relocated the loft to my house here in Preston, Idaho last year. I am very pleased at how the 2022 races went. We had good trying races, and still had good returns. I am in the process of getting the website updated and the 2023 race schedule nailed down. So stay tuned to see any changes coming to the Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge. You can now reserve perches for next year. We will be accepting birds starting February 15th.

See you in 2023

Derik Alder

Happy Veterans Day!

!!!Land of Free Because of the Brave!!!

It is because of our past and present military that we get to live in a blessed country where we are free enjoy doing the things that makes us happy. That is something that a lot of us take for granted. So please remember to thank those that serve or have served our country.

Happy Veterans Day


Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge


All birds were shipped back yesterday unless other arrangements were made. If you would like your tracking number please text or call Derik and he can get it for you. Checks will also be mailed out this week if we have your W9.

Thanks again for all your support this year. We are very happy with how everything went and we are looking forward to next year and hope to see all of you back. We will be making a few changes so stay tuned to see what they are.


Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge



We are planning on shipping the birds back next Monday.. October 31st. If this is a problem for anyone please let us know so we can make other arrangements. Also, please get shipping money to us soon if you haven't already.

1 Bird - $65

2 Birds - $70

3 Birds - $80

4 - 6 Birds - $130

We can hold shipping out of winnings so let us know if that is how you want to pay for shipping. We also need a new W-9 form if you won $600 or more. 


Derik Alder

Brad Hoggan

Plymouth Peak Fliers,
Our final race went really well, and the birds did great. We ended up getting all but 3 birds back. We had a 13 bird drop from 350 miles and the winning speed was 1375 ypm. We would like to officially congratulate the final winners from this year. 
We would like to congratulate the top 13 winners that came in together from Ovando: The winning speed was 1320 YPM
1st - $1528 - The Chosen Few - CHSN 209
2nd - $1028 - Racing Goose Loft - ARPU 65935
3rd - $1028 - BW Loft - RMR 22314
4th - $1028 - Sierra Ranch - SIER 134
5th - $1028 - APC Loft - APC 22243
6th - $1028 - Rory Smith - CDR 2240
7th - $1028 - - UVI 32
8th - $1028 - APC Loft - APC 22196
9th - $1028 - Fleet Washington - FLEE - 2210
10th - $1028 - APC Loft - APC 22210
11th - $1028 - Silverado Loft - AA 20399
12th - $1028 - APC Loft - APC 22212
13th - $1028 - Wolfs Den - VITA 61
Top 5 Average Speed Winners:
1st - $3744 and Artist Sketch of bird - APC Loft - APC 22212 - AVG 1406 YPM
2nd - $2876 - Silverado Loft - AA 20399 - AVG 1403 YPM
3rd - $2167 - Dave Harrett - JEDD 18768 - AVG 1402 YPM
4th - $1675 - Wolfs Den - VITA - 74 - AVG 1400 YPM
5th - $1477 - Ridge2River Loft - AA 45043 - AVG 1399 YPM
Champion Breeder:
$ 1000 - George Rankin - APC Loft - APC 22212 - 1st AVG Speed
                                                                 APC 22174 - 6th AVG Speed
All Other Colors Winners:
1st - $862 - Dave Harrett - JEDD 18768
2nd - $518 - Borderline Loft - AA 45005
3rd - $345 - APC Loft - APC 22120
Pedigree Challenge Winners:
1st - $425 - The Chosen Few - CHSN 209
2nd - $255 - The Chosen Few - CHSN 203
3rd - $170 - Scott Loft - GS 559
3PC 2nd Chance Winners:
1st - $700 - Christopher Loft - GS 171
2nd - $420 - BW Loft - RMR 22314
3rd - $280 - Double D Loft - ARPU 54015
!!!Congratulations to 2022 Winners!!!
We hope to see all of you back in 2023

Sincerely,  Derik and Brad

Unfortunately we didn't have enough birds committed to do a 400 mile race this year. Sorry for the inconvience this may have caused anyone. We will now start shipping birds back as soon as we can. So please let Derik know if you want your birds back. Shipping prices will be as follows:

1 Bird - $65

2 Birds - $70

3 Birds - $80

4 - 6 Birds - $130

So please get that to us soon so we can get your birds back to you. We can hold shipping out of winnings so let us know if that is how you want to pay for shipping. We also need a new W-9 form if you won $600 or more. 

Thanks for your patience and support

Derik Alder

Brad Hoggan


Dear Plymouth Peak Fliers,

First off we are very happy with how the final race went. Congratulations to the winners. The birds did great. We had a really enjoyable time here at the loft visiting and watching the birds come in. We will get an official list of winners out soon. 

We will do a 400 mile race if we can get enough participation. We need at least 75 birds to be entered. The entry fee will be $150 per bird. $20 per bird goes to the house. We would pay the top 10% and pay clocking order.

Sample payout based on 75 birds: $9750

1st - $2145

2nd - $1950

3rd - $1755

4th - $1560

5th - $975

6th - $780

7th - $585

If we don't get 75 entered we will begin shipping birds out as soon as we can.

So we need the following information from all breeders As Soon As Possible:

1. Let us know if you want to enter the 400 mile race and if so please tell us the band number of the bird to be entered.

2. Let us know if you want your birds shipped back to you

3. We need a W9 from all those that won over $600

Please let Derik know ASAP via text or phone call. (208) 380 0994

Thank You so much for sending birds to us this year. 

Thanks, Derik and Brad


Our 7th and final race will be Sunday. It will be 350 miles from Ovando, MT. We are happy with how the 6th race went. The birds did really well. 

For the final race we will be paying the drop and NOT clocking order. 

We will be having a lunch starting at 1:00. Please text Derik 208 380 0994 if you plan to attend.

We would like to congratulate the free perch fee winners from Spencer, ID.  

1st - Oscar - 4037 - CHIC - BBTC

2nd - R&S Loft of TX - 302 - RSL - BC

3rd - Sierra Ranch - 134 - SIER - BCWF

3rd - BW Loft - 22314 - RMR - BBSP


Derik Alder

Brad Hoggan

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