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We will need W9's for payouts.  These can not be a picture of a W9.  We need to have an original copy either scanned and emailed or sent in the mail. 

There are still 35 birds that need to have pedigrees sent in.  For the breeder to receive 50% of the proceeds from the auction we will need a pedigree. 

Please remember also that we need to know what to do with all of the birds.  If you want them back or you want them to stay for the 2019 Old Bird Series.  Several people have sent pedigrees and W9's via email but no response on what to do with the remaining birds.  We are trying to get started on a list of birds so when we begin to ship back we are well organized as to where each bird is going. 
Birds are still returning home so please check the results.  If you thought you were missing birds and didn't need to respond you may now have a bird back. 
Return shipping fees and OB perch fees can be deducted from prize money.  If you do not have prize money coming the cost to ship birds back is $60 for 2.  There is $10 fee for each additional bird.  Please send checks to:
Hoosier Classic
10258 S 1150 W
Wanatah, IN  46390

Include a loft name and band numbers if possible. 
If you will be sending check for the Old Bird Perch Fees they need to be paid by November 15th. 

If you have questions about prize money, W9, or leaving birds please call the office 219-733-0011.  The office will keep track of all birds staying or going home, etc.

Thank you,



With the final race being over we would like to Thank and Congratulate all of the participants & winners in the 2018 Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Pigeon Race.  Our final race was a challenge for the birds.  The start of the race was a light head wind for the first 200 miles, then changing to a strong tail/side wind.  Here at the loft we saw wind gusts at about 20-25 mph from the west.  The first drop came from the east, battling the wind to get to the loft.  I would be very proud to own any of these birds finishing the series. We would also like to point out that several of the birds on the first drop had been in the lead for average speed.  This says a lot about the birds themselves!  Birds returning home today are facing very strong winds from the north west at about 13 mph.  We had an additional 303 birds clock on day 2.

Our weekend started with loft visits and an auction at Ganus Family Loft followed by our banquet at Blue Chip Hotel & Casino.  We were very happy to see so many friends and fanciers attend the events over the weekend.  Basketing day was well supervised by two La Porte County Sheriffs and a New Lenox Police Officer from Illinois.  Everything went smoothly and with the help of the fanciers it went as quick as can be expected when shipping 1535 birds.  We can not say enough great things about Benzing and their technical support representative that was in attendance Eric Brown from South Africa.  Eric has played a key role in the Hoosier Classic clocking this year as this is the first year we have used Benzing One Loft Program.  Eric has spent countless hours ensuring that our new clocking system was working at 100%.  On race day Eric ran some tests on the clocking system to make sure all of the antennas were working properly and ensure there could be no errors in clocking.  Eric is also a pigeon man so he understands the importance of the Final Race and was probably holding his breath as we were waiting on the birds.  We can't stress enough that if you are not using Benzing you are most certainly behind in the times.  Benzing has had great technical advances in the past few years especially with the Benzing Live System.  It allows you access from your phone for trainings to see if your birds are clocking before you even make it home from releasing them.  Many of you know that this was a collaboration with Wincompanion this year to keep the Hoosier Classic on the Benzing Site and Wincompanion site.  We wanted to make sure that American Fanciers were able to continue with the ease of wincompanion to view race results and to allow International Fanciers to view results in a format they were used to.  Without Terry Gilmore, Greg Gilmore, Eric Brown, Thomas Zimmerman, & the rest of the technical personnel at Benzing this would not have been possible.  Everyone went above and beyond to ensure this could be done and we are grateful for that.  
A big Thank you to our driver Aaron Burns.  Aaron spends hours driving the birds hundreds of miles for races over 1 season and countless phone calls making sure the birds go up in the most ideal conditions.  Aaron knows how important it is to allow the birds time to acclimate at a release station and provide water before release.  Our releases go so smoothly for races because Aaron is more then a driver, he's a pigeon man as well and he cares about the sport. 


All top 50 Final Race Winners will be auctioned on iPigeon.  Owners will need to provide us with a pedigree for their birds no later then Tuesday 10/23/2018.  Our goal is to have these birds on iPigeon by 10/28/18.  If you do not provide a pedigree you will forfeit your 50% of the proceeds from the auction.  We will need the pedigrees for the top 3 Ace Pigeons as well. 
If you have won prize money and it is over $600 you must provide us with a W-9 form.  This form can be found on website or by clicking the link below.  Do Not Take a picture of your W-9 and text it to us or email it. This is not an acceptable way of sending this form.  The form has to be either filled out online and emailed, scanned and emailed or an original copy sent in the mail.  This is the only way we will payout prize money.  Also, we will no longer allow deducting perch fees or entry fees for the 2019 season from prize money.  Accounting requires all payouts to be paid.  You can provide perch & entry fees for the 2019 season after January 1st.  
We will more then likely begin shipping birds back in two weeks.  We will allow a few days for the clock to run and let birds come in.  With the strong winds we have had the last 2 days we expect to see more birds continue to come home when these winds let up.  

Don't forget that you can opt to have your birds entered into the Hoosier Classic Old Bird Series.  Any bird that is not going to the auction can be flown in the Old Bird Series.  This is a true test of your breeding program.  Perch fees are $150 per bird and Entry fee is $200 per bird to fly a 6 race series.  Stations will consist of 100 - 150 -200 - 300 - 400 - 500 miles.  We will offer a 600 mile race as well for 2 year old birds if there is enough interest.  Don't let your birds waste away on a perch!  Keep them flying and prove them to be the next champion in your loft!

Thank you again everyone for putting your trust in our team for your birds.  The 2019 season will be EVEN BIGGER with $500,000 Guaranteed 1st Place - $1,267,000 Total Guaranteed Prize Payouts.

We hope you all enjoyed an eventful weekend and an exciting final race.  We enjoyed meeting so many people that have been in this race for many years and came to see the final event.  We work hard to ensure that you get the most out of the weekend and look forward to seeing old and new faces next year!!  

40%    2862
30%    2146.50
20%    1431
10%    715.50

40%    5256
30%    3942
20%    2628
10%    1314

40%    6120
30%    4590
20%    3060
10%    1530

40%    9540
30%    7155
20%    4770
10%    2385

We had intentions of altering the mileage of today's race to 380 miles.  However we had the driver release from 351 miles in Paris Landing, Tennessee.  We were informed of heavy overcast skies in the area.  We are hoping for a clean race all the way through.

We will open the gate to enter today around 11:30 am and start serving lunch around 12:30.  We welcome everyone for a fun and exciting day.  Please Park ONLY on the Hoosier Classic Property.  We will try to assist with parking as you enter.  Parking will begin directly behind the house to start. 

Vendors will be on hand today - Des Moines Feed - Belmont Feed & Seed - Vita King Products - WM Imports (with Verse Laga Feed)

Any winners that are present today can receive their check and their trophy today. 



Jim & Kelly


We have been watching the weather very closely for the last 3 days.  We have been hoping that rain at the release point and along the course would disappear and the forecast would change to our favor.  That has not happened and the chance of rain at the release point in Pleasant View Tennessee has increased greatly as we get closer to Monday.  With that being said we are choosing to change the date of the race to Tuesday.  We know this changes plans for many of you and you may not be able to stay in town to watch the race, however this is the best choice for the birds.  We want to ensure that the birds are given the best opportunity to have a successful race. 

We hope everyone can stay for the race and we understand if you can't.  The banquet will still be held Sunday night and will be a great time for everyone. 

Enjoy the rest of your day,



Last night Tony Hang from PDOC Podcast was kind enough to offer a Podcast interview with Jim in regards to the race this weekend.  If you have a minute it's a great listen with information about the birds, the race, and next years race.  Its a great opportunity to hear some answers to questions almost everyone has about our race and Jim's thoughts on the season.
There is a link below to the YouTube version of the Podcast.

Thank you to Tony for offering to do the interview and helping provide information to everyone about the weekend events. 

Hope you enjoy!!



Birds are looking good and have great appetites!  This helps with setting them up for the final race.  We are watching the weather closely hoping to ship on Sunday.

We have received many phone calls from breeders telling us they will be here this weekend.  We welcome everyone who has entered the Hoosier Classic Race for 2018 to come out and meet some of the best breeders & flyers in the world.

Don't forget to nominate your champions for the Hoosier High Roller.

Bronze - Silver - Gold - Platinum
  $50      $100     $200    $500

Call 219-733-0011 Between 8:00 am  - 5:00 pm to enter the High Roller

We have listed the events going on for the weekend again as well. 
As I'm sure you are all aware there are several things going on for the weekend including the Ganus Family Loft Visit and the Ganus Family Live Auction.  IF you plan on attending any of these events please respond to this email with your name and the loft name and what events you will be attending.  This information will help us ensure their is enough food and drinks for each event.  I have listed below all of the events for the weekend.

Saturday 10/13
Loft Visit to Ganus Family Loft
Begins at 9:30 EST (8:30 CST)
15363 State Road 23
Granger, IN  46530

Sunday 10/14
Ganus Family Live Auction
Viewing begins at 8:00 am EST (7:00 CST)
0499 South Holmesville Road
La Porte, IN  46350

Hoosier Classic Basketing for Final Race
Estimated to being around 2:00 pm CST

Hoosier Classic Banquet
Begins at 7:00 pm CST @ Blue Chip Hotel & Casino, Michigan City Indiana
Each loft entered into the Hoosier Classic Race receives 2 tickets to the banquet.  Additional tickets are available at the door for $75 each
Ticket includes dinner and open bar

Hoosier Classic Million Dollar One Loft Race Final
Gate opens at 12:00 pm CST.  The Million Dollar Loft will be open for viewing for a limited time beginning at 12:00.  Lunch will begin being served approximately 1:30 pm. 
10258 S 1150 W
Wanatah, IN  46390

Remember the top 50 birds as well as the 3 ace pigeons will be auctioned off on I-Pigeon.  Any remaining pigeons are welcomed to be entered in the 2019 yearling/old bird series.  It will be a 6 race series
100 - 150 - 200 - 300 - 400 - 500 miles.  Perch fee is $150 per bird due by November 15th.  Entry fees will be due after the 100 mile race. 




Birds had a tough race but are doing quite well.  With some rest and the right feed birds will be race ready come Monday.  Birds are given Return Combo followed with a cleansing tea from Vita King and Versa Laga is always the best choice of feed for the birds.

Weather for the final race is questionable.  As of now we are not making any changes however we will continue to watch daily as the weather changes daily. Out goal of course is to race as scheduled but we will do what is in the best interest of the birds.

Now is the time to nominate your birds for the Hoosier High Roller.  There are four options:

Bronze - $50
Silver - $100
Gold - $200
Platinum - $500

Each option pays out 4 positions  40% - 30% - 20% - 10%

Nominations will be accepted until Sunday October 14th.  Remember the later nominations will have to be paid by credit card (fees apply).

We will keep everyone posted about the weather and final race.  




Birds were released this morning with a light tail wind.  The  weather for today called for 5-10 SW wind, however at about 10:00 am we noticed it getting very gusty from the south.

With this being the first time these birds really experienced a tail wind since the races started and they missed the loft and went over.  We are watching almost everyone return from the North.  needless to say it will be a long day. 

Congratulations to Nanez Family loft clocking 1st today winning $5000.


Birds were released for the 220 Mile race.  They were released in Princeton Indiana at 7:15 am this morning.  Clear skies and a light SSW wind.

Best of luck to everyone!!! 

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