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Update #30 for the 2020 Season

Just a reminder that there was an inventory done Saturday and Sunday of this past week.  Please remember to check for missing birds.  You have until next week to get replacements in.  Also please keep in mind that the approximately 250 birds that arrived last week will not show in the inventory as they are in quarantine.  

Half of the birds are out flying today and the other half are being dipped for external parasites and having and will be let out later this morning.  The loft is being disinfected with Virkon S today and all 96 drinkers are washed and disinfected on a daily basis.  The weather here has finally started to cooperate and we have had sunshine and warm temperatures for the last 3 days.  The rain they were calling for all weekend held off and the birds have enjoyed laying in the sun outside the loft. Tomorrow we will be doing another inventory so please continue to check through out the week to make sure you don't miss an opportunity to get a replacement sent in if needed.  
 *Click N Ship Warning*
Our post office has begun to weigh and measure every single box that comes into our office with birds in it.  If you use Click N Ship or a 3rd party shipping program please make sure you enter dimensions and weights accordingly.  If the label was created by the shipper and not a post office employee our office will charge us for any box that was not charged the correct amount.  We have seen many boxes that we have had to call the breeder to pay the difference because weights were entered wrong or dimensions were not entered causing the shipping cost to be 1/2 of what it should be.  

Remember to feel free to call if you have any questions.  
773-491-1274 or 219-733-0011

Update #29 for the 2020 Season

Yesterday was about the nicest day we had so far for this year.  Sunny and 80 degrees which was long overdue from all the rain we have had.  The settled groups of birds continue to go out daily.  Since our last update when we discussed Young Bird Sickness we have had the birds tested and all three tested positive for Circo/PMV.  Circo virus is a virus that suppresses the immune system of the pigeon.  Circo is a virus that must run its course and along the way hopefully it does not open the door for secondary infection.  In this case PMV is the secondary infection.  We vaccinate for PMV twice, once when the birds arrive and again 4 weeks later.  We have always stressed the importance of vaccinating youngsters at 24 days old.  The reason for this is because the vaccine will not take effect immediately and may take up to 4 weeks to begin to work.  In this time youngsters are exposed to everything in a one loft race.  By no means are we placing blame to any one.  We will never be able to police vaccinating your birds before sending them to the Hoosier Classic.  All we can do is request in our rules and strongly suggest that birds be vaccinated before shipping.  Older groups of birds were barely affected by this as it seems to be taking a toll on the younger/newer birds shipped in.  We have access to the best avian veterinarians as well as the best medicines on the market, however when dealing with viruses there is very little we can offer aside from immune supportive care with probiotics, electrolytes, and vitamins.  We will continue to remove sick pigeons and keep up with scheduled vaccines which may entail a 3rd PMV vaccine for certain groups of birds.  


We posted an inventory today on the website and will do another today.  The only birds that will not show on the inventory are the approximately 250 that arrived this past week.  If you are sending birds this week please send older birds, even if they have dropped 3 flights we can settle them.  These older birds will be best suitable at this time and remember to vaccinate.  Next week is the last week to accept birds however June 3rd is the last day for replacements.  This is plenty of time to replace birds.  If you don't have a replacement borrow one from a friend and if you are missing 1 ship 2, if you are missing 2 ship 4.  This should help take the sting out of the shipping cost.  June 3rd is the last day!
It has been a long two weeks with vaccinations for PMV and poxing the birds.  We did pull flights on the older groups as well.  Next week all birds will be dipped for external parasites.

Finally, if you fly the Hoosier Classic or want to fly the Biggest Race in the country you can always call us with questions or concerns until 6:00 pm Monday - Saturday at 773-491-1246or 219-733-0011.  
Remember asking questions on Facebook only gets you opinions.
Call us directly and you will get answers! 

Have a great weekend,

Just a reminder that you only have 2 weeks left to ship birds for the 2020 Season.  We posted an inventory yesterday so please take a look and if you are missing any birds please ship replacements by May 30th.  The inventory will not show any birds that arrived this week.  

Our older group of birds are flying better every time they are out and the younger ones act like babies fluttering around the yard.  Health has been a struggle over the last couple of weeks.  We are hoping we are seeing the end of it.  We can not stress enough how important it is to vaccinate your youngsters before shipping them to any One Loft Race.  It is best to vaccinate around 24 days old in the nest as it takes approximately 2 weeks for the vaccine to begin to work.  

Once all birds have been moved to the main loft we will begin showing inventories several times a week.  We did have 3-4 birds stay out overnight and clock this morning and are showing on the inventory.

For Chicago fanciers, Jim will be picking up birds for the Hoosier Classic on Saturday from Belmont Feed.  Jim will be there around 1:00 pm to pick them up.  They can be dropped off any time after 10:00 am with Dan and he will hold them until Jim gets there. 

For those that have not paid their perch fees please get them in.  Again they are supposed to be sent with the birds when they arrive here.  We will be contacting individually starting next week for payments.  

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!  If you have any questions please feel free to call the office between 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

$1,280,000 In Prizes for 2020
We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!  By now the corona virus has changed our lives in various ways and it has definately slowed things down around the world.  We currently have 200 plus pigeons in quarantine coming form Kuwait & South Africa.  Quarantine is held up and will be released late May. Becasue of this we will continue to accept entries and replacements through the end of May. 
Take Advantage Of This! 
This has been one of the wettest springs I can remember.  Damp & Cold seem to be our daily forecast.  Not good pigeon weather.  We uploaded a video of the Big Skylights added to the loft this past weekend to our YouTube page and the link is posted below as well to view.  If we ever see the sun again they will be beneficial for the birds.  
We have three groups of birds being held in quarantine lofts a bit longer as we see young bird sickness lingering longer then usual.  We would rather have healthy groups moving into the lofts slowly than speed them along and have to deal with this any longer then we have to.  Remember to take advantage of the extended intake dates through May 30th and to check inventories to know if you need to send replacements.
An outside view of the skylights going into the loft along both the east and west side of the building.  These will allow for plenty of natural light in the loft duing the day
Thank you to the Greater Chicago Combine for the opportunity to buy a truck and trailer from them.  This will be a great addition to the trailers we already have.
A view in the loft after the skylights have been installed.
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We are very excited to see over 3000 birds in the loft and it is only April 10th.  New arrivals continue to arrive daily.  We will not be accepting birds Easter Sunday.  We have quite a bit of work to do and then will be spending the day with our family.  

Health is holding with only a few birds being pulled from the loft.  Please remember if you are missing a bird that replacements will be accepted until May 15th.  The majority of the birds are moulting very heavy.  We continue to provide top feed, minerals, Jovati Mineral Grit, and the best Vita King Products.  

There is only a month left to ship birds to the Biggest Competition Race with the ONLY Guaranteed Payout in North America.  

Guaranteed $1,280,000
Don't Miss Out - Take Home
The Prizes
The Trophy
The Bragging Rights for 2020
We currently have 41 Ladies entered into the Ladies Competition.  All of these ladies are competing for all of the prizes along with a beautiful Crystal Vase and title of Queen of the Hoosier for 2020.
Don't forget to Sign Up for the 2020 Season!!
New for everyone at no added cost is the
Knockout Competition
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Very exciting to see over 2500 birds here at the Hoosier and it is only April 5th.  We expect another 40-50 birds tomorrow as well as a very busy week.  Thank you to all the breeders who put their trust in the Hoosier Classic Team.  Many have been with us since year one.  We understand this race is not for everyone. Competition is at a whole other level with the Best Flyers in the world competing. 
This is why we chose to Guarantee ALL Prizes again in 2020
Weather here has been up and down the past week.  We have gone back and forth between damp and chilly days to sunny and 65.  We all know the birds do much better with sunshine so lets hope for more of those days. 
Groups 1-5 have been settled and fingers crossed we don't see any more hawks anytime soon.  One of the youngsters was found in Detroit after the last hawk attack.  A very nice couple found the bird and drove him all the way back to Indiana.  Great People!  
We continue to give booster vaccinations for PMV weekly to groups that have been here for 4 weeks.  Please remember if you are missing a bird that replacements are accepted until May 15th. 

We also would like to say Thank You to John Nelson for building us some beautiful perches for the Hoosier Classic Loft.  John we installed the perches today and the birds love them.  We greatly appreciate your kind gesture.  
Ladies First...
We are happy to say there are over 20 ladies that have joind the race in the Ladies Competiton of the Hoosier Classic!
Video of several groups of birds flying
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Our clocking system is officially up and running.  We have a loft fly and a trap training posted on both the Wincompanion and Benzing sites.  This inventory was done on birds that arrived within the first 5 weeks of accepting birds.  We will be working with Benzing to get birds added to their system at the end of this week to include weeks 6 & 7.   
There are several groups of birds that have been out of the loft multiple times now and they seem to enjoy it.  We reached over 50 degree temperatures today and we are hoping that they stick around.  We know with spring coming we will be getting some rain so we will try to take advantage of any days we can to let the birds out and continue to get them settled.  All of the birds seem to catch on rather quickly to the feeding procedures.  They know they are going to be fed when they hear the whistle and hear the feed being put into buckets.  They are forced to come through the traps during feeding time so they learn rather quickly to figure it out to be the first to eat. 
Please remember to continue to check inventories for missing birds that will need to be replaced.  Replacements are accepted until May 15th.  

The post offices are still open and accepting birds during the quarantine processes.  Now is the time to get your birds shipped to the Hoosier Classic.  We currently have over 1800 birds in the loft with many more arriving almost daily.  
Our 2nd shipment from the Post Office on Wednesday 3/25.
Our early morning shipment was 10 boxes and this pick up was 29 boxes.  
Both shipments totaled over 100 birds arriving just today.
Gentlemen...Don't forget to let the lady in your life have a chance at winning the Biggest Prize in North America!!  
We have received several calls over the weekend asking if breeders can still ship birds via the Post Office.  The answer is YES!  Our Post Master has informed us that there is NO intention as of now to stop the mail services including Priority Mail Express.  Canada fanciers are finding it a bit difficult to ship to the US as of right now.  For those in Canada wishing to ship to the Hoosier Classic please contact Oscar Devries as he is organizing a shipment soon.  We understand the uncertainty in our daily lives at this point, and for this reason we are extending the 2020 intake until May 15th.  Replacments will stil only be accepted until May 15th.  We hope this helps those wishing to participate with shipping birds to the Hoosier Classic.

Groups 1, 2, & 3 have been out of the loft.  Next group 4 will go out later this week.  All 32 antennas are now installed.  We had a snag with the wrong cords being sent and we had to go back and switch them out.  Thank You to Siegels Pigeon Supplies for getting those shipped to us the next day so we were able to continue with the installation.  Once we finally were able to get all of the antennas connected we realized that the internet was not working in the loft.   Our internet provider was not able to come out until Monday so we are hoping they are here early get it fixed.  If they can get that fixed early we will show an inventory tomorrow.  

Today looks as if winter is back with steady snow fall however it should all be gone by tomorrow.  Birds are looking great and Dr. Zollars called with results showing negative for cocci and worms.  Those results are listed below. 

Remember to ship birds early in the week and please include perch fees.  There are several who have sent birds with no payment.  All birds are required to have a payment when they arrive.  As we have said before our time is much more valuable in the loft with the birds then on the phone asking for fanciers to pay their fees.  

We know these are unprecedented times and know pigeon racing may not be the most important thing.  We want to thank you for the trust you place in all of us at the Hoosier Classic.  We hope that everyone stays safe and healthy and that you are all handling the quarantine well. 
$1,280,000 In Prizes

Fly With The Best In 2020!!
It has been a very busy week with birds arriving daily here at the the Hoosier Classic loft.  We now have over 1200 birds here at the loft with about 4100 perches reserved for the 2020 season.
Health is holding very well and as of today we have only had to remove 4 youngsters with 2 of them returning to the main loft.   If a youngster is removed and does not rebound within 3 days the breeder will be notified and a replacment is suggested.   As a reminder when shipping birds, Please do not over crowd boxes.  And also please include perch fees and loft information with the birds.  Chasing payments takes time and we would much rather spend that time with the birds then on the phone or the computer.  

Benzing technicians are not able to fly in to install all of the new equipment due to the travel bans from the Corona Virus.  We will now have our Hoosier Classic technicians install the system under the direction of Benzing.   We will begin installation on Tuesday March 17th and hope to show our first inventory no later then Thursday.  Our internet was installed in the loft in early February so once the system itself is installed we should be all set to begin clocking.  
There is currently a select group of birds available For Sale for those that would like to participate in the Hoosier Classic but are not able to send birds.  These birds will be the only birds for sale in 2020 other than the Non Paid Activations.  The birds are available to view under the "Birds" list and looking for the Breeders Name as listed below.  As with birds that are available from our Breeders Connection, the "Buyer" pays all fees (perch fee & activation fee).  Any prize money is split with the "Breeder"
For Sale - Flying D
Currently there are 26 birds available from Paul Daniel "Flying D Loft" from Chico Texas

For Sale - Sam Younan
Currently there are 7 birds avaialbe from Sam Younan "Younans Loft" from Chicago

Champ Camp - Tim Lucas
Currently there are 18 birds available from Tim Lucas "Champ Camp Loft" from Kokomo Indiana

Click To Visit the Birds Page of the Website
The Following Breeders are part of our Breeders Connection
The breeders below will breed and ship birds to the Hoosier Classic for you if you would like to participate in the 2020 Season.  
"Buyer" is responsible for all fees (perch & activation).  Any prize money will be split between the breeder & buyer including auction money if applicable.

Thank you to all of the breeders that participate in the Breeders Connection.  We see more and more non-fanciers and fanciers from other countires using this as a way to participate in the race.  
The Ladies Competition is Heating Up!!  
Several Ladies have sent birds or signed up to compete not only for a gorgeous crystal vase but a chance at all of the prize money including $250,000 First Place Prize!
Don't Miss Your Chance To Show The Men How It's Done!!

A list of Ladies that are currently registered with a bird in the loft is available under the "Birds" page.  Participating ladies have a "Pink" dot next to their registered bird. 
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