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$500,000 1st Place
$1,267,000 Total Prizes

There is just 2 more weeks to get your entries in to be part of the Biggest One Loft Race in North America with the Biggest 1st Place Prize in the World.  So far there are over 4500 pigeons entered with a great chance of hitting 5000.  Be part of racing history!  Come join the fun and excitement this year at the Hoosier Classic International One Loft Race.

Remember to get your entries and replacements in by 5/31/19.  We will show another inventory tomorrow.  The birds were out yesterday and something spooked them.  We still seen birds on the loft this morning so an inventory will be done tomorrow.


$500,000 1st Place
$1,267,000 in Overall Prizes

Things are moving fast at the Hoosier Classic.  There is never enough time in the day it seems.  The import birds should all arrive at the end of May.  Because of this we will accept entries until the end of the month, however there will be no replacement accepted after June 1st.  This week has been quite busy with birds arriving and getting 2 large groups vaccinated.   We will show another inventory Monday and hopefully have the next group trapping.  Get your entries in and be part of the Biggest Payout in North America!

We have had people asking about the final race weekend for hotel information.  We have a room block at Blue Chip Hotel & Casino in Michigan City Indiana.  Blue Chip is located approximately 20 minutes north of the Hoosier Classic Loft.  You can reserve your room by calling Blue Chip at
1-888-879-7711 and using booking code SHC1113.


Over 4000 Birds Entered
$1,272,000 in Prizes Guaranteed

An inventory was posted on both Wincompanion and Bezning One Loft on 5/9/2019.  This inventory will show the first 10 weeks of entires.  We will show our next inventory Monday.  For those breeders who have birds missing, you have until May 30th to send replacements.  We will notify everyone again on Monday.

Our weather here has been terrible.  Like most of the country we have seen rain almost daily and cold nights as well.  We have seen some signs of young bird sickness and the weather doesn't help with so much rain.  We are treating this week for respiratory and canker.

There is still time to get your entries shipped in.  There are many great races to enter as we fly several of them, however you will not find one in North America that guarantees its prizes or a bigger 1st place prize anywhere in the world like the Hoosier Classic Race. 

$500,000 1st Place
$1,272,000 Guaranteed Overall

Don't Miss Out!!
Only A Few Weeks Left To Send

Just a quick reminder to get your birds in as there are only a few weeks left.  This past week we have seen temperatures in the 70's we have also had snow cover all the lofts on Saturday.  We did fly the birds again yesterday. We have had an issue with a coper hawk the last two times out of the loft.  We are keeping the birds in today because of rain and hoping we can through the coopers training off.  We usually stop seeing the hawks by mid May. 
Kelly & Maureen will be calling fanciers who are missing birds over the next couple of days to get replacements in.  If you have any questions regarding the Million Dollar Race or the Yearling Race please feel free to call the office at 219-733-0011.  Someone is in the office from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm cst.  I am not always available as most of the days I am in the lofts so its quicker to talk to one of the ladies in the office.

Please remember when shipping birds to include the payment if the birds have not been pre paid for. 
Also please ship birds only Monday - Wednesday so they do not get delayed over a weekend. 

For those that are planning to attend the final race in October there is a room block available at Blue Chip Hotel & Casino for the weekend at discounted rates.  To make a reservation you must call the
Hotel at 219-879-7711 and use Booking Code SHC1113.
We are still working out some of the events for the weekend and will give those details asap.  The banquet will be held on Sunday October 13th and the final race will be Monday October 14th. 

Just a reminder we have only 4 weeks left to accept birds.  We are currently just under 3000 entries here at the loft.  Our team is confident we will see over 4000 entries for the 2019 Season.  We would like to Thank all of the fanciers who have entrusted their champions to fly the Hoosier Classic.

Dr. Zollars called today with results of the young birds & yearlings.  Both are negative for worms and cocci.  The heated floors are a huge help against the battle of coccidia.  Once we receive written results we will post these in the next update. 

We posted an inventory yesterday and today.  This inventory only will show groups 1-6. We see some fanciers that seem to be having some issues with the bands reading correctly.  We are working on these issues.  There always seems to be a few glitches in the beginning and we will work to get these fixed.  If you are missing a bird please remember to ship replacements by June 1st.  Birds will continue to go out daily as long as the weather is good. 

We will be here tomorrow to accept birds from local fanciers however we will not be accepting birds on Sunday 4/21/2019.  We will be very busy with the birds and hope to have time to spend with our family.


We have over 2500 birds here as of today.  With this many birds here already it shows how great and exciting this season is going to be.  We receive birds almost daily between the post office shipping them and fanciers bringing them personally.  With about 6 weeks left of accepting birds we expect to see over 4000 entries. 
Groups 1,2,3 & 4 have been out of the loft several times already.  Our weather has not been very good the past few weeks.  We have had a lot of days with strong winds and several days that seem more like winter then spring.  We actually saw snow today!  Hopefully we see some changes in the next week.  Weeks 5 & 6 will be receiving their booster shots this week for PMV and learning the traps.  We hope to see these two groups out in the next 8-10 days. 

We did upload some videos last week of the groups outside of the loft.  You can find these videos on our YouTube Channel.

We would like to remind everyone to please only ship birds on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  We all know the post office can sometimes have delays in shipping and we don't want to see the birds get stuck in a Post Office and have to be in the boxes any longer then necessary.  It is best to send youngsters that are between 40-45 days old and to have vaccinated them if possible.  Giving the youngsters a vaccine around 24 days old will help provide them with the best immunity when entering a One Loft Race.  Also, please include information in the box when shipping.  Several times we have boxes arrive with no information and the name on the box does not match anything in our system.  Please also include payments when shipping. 

Feel free to call or drop and email when shipping birds to let us know they are on the way. 

Have a great week!


Things seem to be moving fast here at the Hoosier Classic.  We are averaging around 300 birds arriving weekly.  We can easily see over 4000 entires this year.  We did get week 4 birds out today and of course a red tail felt the need to buzz around the property more then once.  Birds will be kept in the next 2 days as they are calling for rain and strong winds.  Weather is always the biggest challenge when we are settling birds this time of year.

As a reminder when it comes to shipping birds to the Hoosier Classic please make sure you are putting your payments in the boxes if they are not pre paid for. Payments must accompany birds when they arrive. If you are sending replacements please note that in the box.  If you know what bird you are replacing that information would be very helpful as well. 

Remember the only way to get to the winners circle come October is to enter by May 15th.  We have proven ourselves by guaranteeing the Biggest Payout in North America.  Now let your birds prove what they can do!  Come fly against the Best In The World!! 
Let Us Put Your Champions In The Winners Circle!


Birds continue to arrive daily.  This week we have seen over 300 birds shipped in.  Birds that arrived in weeks 1, 2, & 3 have been out of the loft 4 times this past week.  Weather has slowly been getting better however our biggest problem here in Indiana are the strong winds.  If the birds were let out today they would have blown into the next county.  Overall health is holding well and appetites are very strong.  We have seen some cases of Young Bird sickness and hope to keep this to a minimum.  Any youngsters that became ill or fall behind the owners are notified.  We plan on continuing to settle a new group of birds weekly as well as give the 4 week PMV Booster.
Jim will be at Belmont Feed in Chicago on Sunday around 11:00 am picking up birds if any fanciers from Chicago would like to drop off their birds for the race. 

Remember there is still time to sign up and send youngsters to the biggest one loft race in North America.  Let your champions compete for the largest 1st Place Prize in the History of the sport!
$500,000 Guaranteed
$1,272,000 Guaranteed Overall
$40,000 1st Ace Pigeon or optional New 2019 Ford F-150
from Art Hill Ford of Merrillville, Indiana

Our Prizes Are Based On Our Guarantee!

Another reminder if you are in an area that can not ship birds you can take advantage of the breeders who are willing to send youngsters to the Hoosier Classic for you.  These top class breeders can be found on our Breeders Connection Page.
Winning Just Got Easier!!

We will be working on an itinerary in the next 2 weeks for the Final Race Weekend.  We will of course have basketing, and the banquet.  Ganus Family Loft will be hosting an auction the same weekend as well.   We are working on putting together another event as well for everyone to enjoy.  We have a room block available again at Blue Chip Hotel and Casino in Michigan City Indiana.  Along with the casino there are several restaurants, bars, and entertainment at the hotel.  The hotel sold out last year due to several local events including a Notre Dame football game.  If you plan on attending the final race and would like to stay at Blue Chip Hotel we suggest booking early.  The booking code for the Hoosier you will need when making the reservation is SHC1113.  Reservations must be made by 9/17/2019.  You can make your reservation by calling 219-879-7711


2019 will be an exciting season with over 4200 perches reserved as of today.  Birds are arriving daily and we are already at 1100 birds here on March 20th.  With $500,000 Guaranteed for 1st Place and $1,272,000 Guaranteed overall fanciers are sending their best.  Competition is extremely high here at the Hoosier.  The quality of youngsters we see arriving is INCREDIBLE!

Health is holding well with four youngsters being removed as they don't seem to be able to catch up to the others.  We do use the services of Dr. Zollars DVM on a regular basis however we feel these are a select few not handling stress very well.

We will start to show inventories next week as the weather shows to be much better for loft flying.

Don't Be Left Out!! Sign Up Today For The Biggest Payout in North America!

Just a few reminders as well when shipping birds
- Include information in the box with the loft name or breeder name.  
-Include payment if not pre paid
- Do Not Overcrowd Boxes  We can not stress this enough.  Just because the weather is cool doesn't mean the inside of the shipping box is.  
- Use straw instead of shavings to prevent respiratory issues
- Feel Free to call, text, or email when shipping so we can ensure a timely arrival
$500,000 1st Place

Thank you to everyone who has reserved perches with the Hoosier Classic for 2019.  As of today we have 3,950 perches reserved.  Entries are coming in daily and today we had the first group of birds arrive from our breeders connection.  Remember if you can not ship birds to us you can take advantage of the Top Class Breeders offering to ship youngsters to the Hoosier Classic for you.  They can be found on the "Breeders Connection" page on our website www.hcrace.com
Our first arrivals will be receiving their booster vaccine of PMV this week.  Health is holding very well and we will be sending off droppings this week to Dr. Zollars.  Once we receive the results we will send them out in an update. We have been working with Dr. Zollars for several years now even though he is over 100 miles away.  We will continue to use Dr. Zollars services as well as the services of Dr. Shireman who is a local vet.  Dr. Shireman will now add more visits to the loft monthly to do a visible well being check of all the birds. 
My sons and I got ourselves in trouble today.  I promised Kelly no more building but when she was gone shopping I managed to dismantle the aviary on our quarantine loft.  We are now adding a 12x48 aviary to the  12x48 quarantine loft.  She was not happy with us but a few days in the dog house will be worth it for a better loft for your birds.  New aviary will be up by the end of the week and we will post some pictures.

Remember when choosing a one loft race
choose one that Guarantees All Its Prizes!
Hoosier Guarantees $1,272,000
- Monthly Vet Checks
- GPS Tracking for all races
- 5 Race Series
- $500,000 1st Place
- Qualified Full Time Staff
- $40,000 1st Place Average Speed
or Brand New Ford F-150
- 3 Police Officers Present for Final Race to insure No Foul Play
- 2 Officers to follow trailer for final race
- Top 100 Pigeons Auctioned on IPigeon
Breeder Receives 50% of Auction (NO Hidden Fees)
- 16x280 ft Loft with 12x200 attached aviary
- Over 9000 Perches in the loft
-Only the best products used for your champions
Jovait Grit - Verse Laga Feed - Vita King Products

As always, if you are shipping birds feel free to give us a call, text or email to let us know. 
When shipping please include your loft name and payment. 
Per our Rules - payment must accompany all birds unless pre paid

Have a great week!

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