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We are quickly approaching the beginning of the 2021 intake date for the Hoosier Classic.  This season is bigger than ever with $1,555,000.00 in Prizes!!

We have made a few changes to prizes for the 2021 season including a huge increase in the 1st place prize!!  $500,000 for first place with an additional $25,000 to the 1st Bird in the Clock if there is a "Drop."  (If a single bird arrives then the additional $25,000 goes to the next bird to clock.)

We have added a $5000 prize to the first bird in the clock registered in the Ladies Competition!  Not only do you get the prize (if clocked in the top 250) but you get an additional 
Shipping Tips

Below are tips for shipping birds to the Hoosier Classic to help ensure birds stay healthy and strive not only at the Hoosier Classic but any One Loft Race

- Vaccinate youngsters at 24 days old for PMV
- Provide Ideala Pills daily from 14-40 days of age 
(Ideala pills are packed with essential vitamins to ensure vitality, health and strength, helping to)
- Treat for Canker the day of weaning using Canker Max or Spartrix
- Feed large seeds to weaned youngsters to ensure they know how to eat before shipping
- Make sure youngsters know how to drink out of a waterer
- When shipping provide water via syringe & a Top Pill to help maintain health and reduce stress during shipping
- Do not overcrowd boxes
- Do not use shavings when shipping.  Shavings can clog nostrils and cause respiratory problems

We can not stress enough how important it is to make sure that youngsters are old enough to ship.  Youngsters straight out of the nest have barley begun to build an immune system and shipping causes stress, sometimes suppressing the immune system.  Arriving at a OLR is stressful enough for young birds.  Give them the best opportunity to thrive by following the above steps.  

If you need further advice regarding shipping please feel free to contact our office 219-733-0011

Above listed products are available from Vita King Products
Happy New Year
It's that time of year again that breeding has begun and eggs are hatching.  At our loft our first eggs hatched this weekend.  We are hoping for a healthy and strong breeding season for both us and all of you.  

The Hoosier Classic loft continues to be prepared for the new perches coming in a few weeks.  We will also be rebuilding our settling cages to make them double in size, taking some stress off the birds when trap training.  

We will continue to have Pro-Vigil Security monitor the loft and perimeter for this year.  There were several phone calls in the middle of the night this past year from the company regarding movement including rabbits that set off the alarms as well as our dogs wandering out to the fence line of the loft.  We feel much more at ease with this protocol as well as dynamite team of German Shepherd's that also secure the yard.

Last year we sent out 98 updates via email for the season.  We will continue to use Email as a source for providing information and we have reset our counter for 2021, this being the 1st for the year.  We will try to keep everyone informed as possible and will work on using other avenues to provide information.  We do have a "Facebook Group" that we will  work on using as a information source.  We will have to get into the habit of remembering to pull the phone/camera out to record!  

If you haven't signed up yet remember you can do so on our Website. Don't miss out on $1,555,000.00 in Prizes for 2021!!  If you need help signing up or logging in feel free to contact our office at 219-733-0011.
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Remember there is currently a Fully Paid 4 Bird Team (Perch & Activation $3400 Value) up for auction on the iPigeon Website.  All proceeds benefit Sofija Mladjenovic!

If you are a breeder or a OLR Manager and would like to help by donating to the auction please contact iPigeon
As we approach the end of 2020 we would like to take a minute to again Thank Everyone who supported our race for the 2020 season.  It has been a very unpredictable year in so many ways we are hopeful that 2021 will be the beginning of things getting back to normal and a great racing season for everyone. 

We have just about 6 weeks before we will begin accepting birds for the 2021 season and during those 6 weeks we will be continuing to work on changing the perches in the loft and disinfecting it.  We have already disinfected multiple times, taking advantage of any days we have that are 40 degrees or above.  

Don't forget to Sign Up on the website for the 2021 Season.  There are currently over 1400 fanciers perches reserved to compete for over $1.5 Million Dollars in 2021!!
Sofia Mladjenovic Fundraising Auction

Hoosier Classic currently has a 4 bird team of Perch Fee & Activation ($3400 value) up for auction on the iPigeon Website for Sofia Mladjenovic, daughter of Bozo Mladjenovic (Beko Loft).  

Sofija is an 18 yr old Senior in High School who has lost her leg due to Osteosarcoma Cancer.  After being diagnosed in 2015 with Ewing’s Sarcoma,  Sofija went through Chemotherapy Treatment.  A little over a year ago her and her family were informed that the cancer had come back as Osteosarcoma.  The only option was to amputate her leg due to the location of the tumor.  In order for Sofija to continue to live a normal life she will need a prosthetic leg which insurance WILL NOT pay for.  Hoosier Classic along with many other top fanciers and OLR will be supporting the auction in hopes of raising enough money to cover the cost of a prosthetic leg for Sofija. 

Sofija loved her pigeons and was active along with her father (Beko Loft) in the Great Racing Pigeon Sport. 

Please support a racing pigeon family in a time of need.

If you would like to donate a bird(s) or OLR Perch/Activation to the auction please contact Fred Smeltzer from iPigeon.

Click To View Fundraising Auction
This may be the warmest December we have had in our area in a long time.  Last year this time we had little snow but it was very cold.  The past few weeks we have had temperatures in the low to mid 40's and no snow.  We have taken advantage of the temperatures and disinfected the Hoosier loft again, and have also been able to complete the new quarantine pens.  The new quarantine features 8 sections that are completely divided inside and out and will allow as much time as necessary per group to stay in quarantine. 

Don't forget to Reserve your perches for 2021
We are happy to see perch reservations have doubled in the past few weeks.  Please remember we will be racing from the original course of I-57, the same course we flew in 2017.
Breeders Connection

For those who can't have pigeons or wish to try some new bloodlines, the following fanciers will be sending youngsters to the Hoosier Classic that will be For Sale and can be obtained by paying the perch fee.  Buyer will be responsible to pay activation fees as well.  All winnings & auction money is split 50/50 between the "Buyer" and "Breeder".  Buyer will obtain ownership after the races unless the bird goes to the auction. You can contact the breeders now to reserve youngsters for 2020!     
Frank McLaughlin
Bred the winning bird in 2018 & 2020
Paul Daniel
3 in the Top 100 for Final in 2020
Gray Fox Harms
Chad Compton & Doug Harms
America's Dream Loft
Jim Gabler
Robert Rotiroti
Champ Camp Racing
Tim Lucas
Sam Younan
20th Place in 2020
Bird was Purchased by
Shawnie Murphy
Big Andy
79th Place in 2020
For Fanciers from Canada
As always birds can be shipped any way you like to us.  Oscar Devries can help assist in bringing birds into the states.  If you need assistance please contact Oscar at 613-290-0783

For Fanciers from Mexico
Ernesto Garcia is our agent for Mexico and can assist fanciers from Mexico wishing to ship birds.  
If you need assistance regarding Mexico please contact Ernesto
Thank You Again to Everyone that supported the Hoosier Classic in 2020! We currently have almost 1200 breeders signed up for 2021!
We expect 2021 to be a great year with things getting back to normal.  Blue Chip Hotel & Casino has been booked for the Final Race Weekend and other events are already being planned!  After COVID putting a stop to so many events for 2020, not only for pigeon racing but in general we are going to make 2021 Bigger & Better for everyone to enjoy.  A great weekend of events will be planned for participants to enjoy pigeon racing and great fun. 

Sign Up For 2021 Now!!
Hoosier Classic Final Race PAYS 250 Positions and No Position Wins LESS THAN $1000 on the Final Race!!
$100,000 in Average Speed Prizes for 2021!!

Hoosier Classic Has Now ADDED $25,000 to 1st Bird in The Clock!!
(Unless 1 bird arrives by itself winning 1st Place, then the $25,000 goes to the next bird in the clock)
There are still 4 lofts that have not claimed their prizes for 2020.  
Javier Ramirez Loft
Sanso Loft
Tres Coronas Loft
Please contact our office so we can get the paperwork we need to get the payments sent before the end of the year.
Over 1000 perches have been reserved and it's only December 11th.


Accepting Birds Feb 15th - May 1st

Sign up the Lady in your life for the prestigious 
Ladies Competition Race
A Race within the Race

Congratulations to Shawnie Murphy for winning the title of Queen of the Hoosier for 2020
with a bird bred by Sam Younan as part of the Breeders Connection.

Shawnie Murphy & Barry Karas
Shawnie was the winner of the Ladies League Competition with the 21st Bird in the Clock for 2020.
Sam Younan Breeder of the Ladies League Winning Bird. 
Congratulations to Sam for breeding a beautiful pigeon as part of the Breeders Connection for 2020
YOUN - AU20 -0033




Final Information for 2020
All returning birds have been shipped home with the exception of 2 boxes that will go out on Monday.  Any remaining birds have been donated to three local clubs to help with their fundraising.  The last of the auction money is going out today.  We still have a few fanciers that have not sent in the W9 for the prize money.  Please get those in.  All prizes need to be paid before then end of the year and we would like to finalize all of this before Christmas. 
Changes for 2021
Race Course
Although we were flying a smaller number of birds when we originally started this race overall our best returns over the years have been when we raced along I-57.  Training is a bit longer when it comes to travel time but returns were good once we get 65 miles and further.  With this being said, remember we will never be able to control the weather (winds).  This season proved that with almost 8 weeks of strong south winds daily. For 2021 we will have 4 races and the race release points will now be 165 - 190 - 240 - 360(miles)
The perches we have in our loft served the purpose but we feel we could do better.  We recruited the help of Peter Knapp of Chicago to help come up with a good design and a manufacturer.  We will be changing perches in January throughout the entire million dollar loft in January once they arrive.  Peter has found someone to build us several thousand of the perches shown below and they will be shipped mid December.  These perches will give the birds more privacy and will help keep them cleaner.

New perches that will be installed in January to help keep the birds cleaner and provide more individual private space 
The newly updated quarantine building is moving along nicely and will be finished early next week.  This building with 8 different sections will help to us to prepare the birds before they are moved to the main loft.  With the virus we dealt with this year we began to rethink the way birds are quarantined and what we could do to help them succeed.  This renovated building will allow the birds more indoor and outdoor space during the quarantine period, which will help with stress, and in turn help reduce the effects of stress.  
We are Happy to see our perch reservations are already over 600 for 2021 Season.  
We enjoy the birds and putting on a race.  This race comes with a lot of stress and the risk of loosing birds which is always disappointing to not only us but to the breeders.  We can assure you we always try to do what is best for the birds in any situation.  We have never claimed to be perfect and we will make mistakes.  All we can do is learn from those mistakes and rectify them.  We also know that we will never make everyone happy.  So many different scenarios play a part in the end result and everyone has a different opinion which they are entitled to.  All we can do is continue to do what we think is best for the birds.  
We can always guarantee to be transparent and honest.
And as always, if you want to know something about the race past, present or future please always feel free to call us to ask.  If you want an opinion about the race then please feel free to look at Facebook! 

Have  Great Weekend Everyone!
With the season ending for 2020, our staff and I want to say Thank you for the 8 years of supporting the Hoosier Classic Race.  We have been through many changes over the years and our race would not exist without all of the classy breeders who have entered it. 
In 2018 we set a record for the largest
"Guaranteed" payout in North America, only to beat that record in 2020. 
With that said we are proud to say that we will again set a record for 2021 with a 

"Guaranteed Payout" of $1,555,000 in Prizes.

Our website has been undergoing changes throughout the day and we encourage everyone in the next few weeks to thoroughly read the rules for 2021.
You can sign up now by clicking the link below!
Limited Perches Available
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Update #89 for 2020 Season

We have been quite busy the last few days sending birds home.  In 3 days we sent out 217 boxes of birds.  This is no easy task and we are thankful for our staff and family that help us every year doing this.  With this shipment and the shipment 2 weeks ago that is a total of over 350 boxes sent out.  There are a few more birds to go back however with Thanksgiving being next week we will not send any birds out.  They will go out between Nov 30th & Dec 2nd.  We tried to keep cost reasonable with shipping and most boxes were $60 for shipping.  All of the auction birds have now been shipped out and the remaining pedigrees were mailed out today.  

There are still 50 prize payments that need to be made but do not have the W9 papers in to get them paid.  Please, please get this paperwork in. If you sent it and are unsure if we got it please feel free to call the office during the day and we can check.  Some days we receive upwards of 50 emails a day and it may have been overlooked. 

Over the next few weeks we will be disinfecting the loft and preparing for next season.  Accepting birds is not that far away even though we have just finished this season.  

Expect an update in the next few days with information regarding the 2021 season.  
There is a BIG CHANGE coming!!  


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