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The following are the totals for the pooling for the 2020 Final Race


Gold - 159 Birds Entered

$15,900 Total

1st - 40% - $6360

2nd - 30% - $4770

3rd - 20% - $3180

4th  - 10% - $1590



Platinum - 83 Birds Entered


1st  - 40% - $9960

2nd - 30% - $7470

3rd - 20% - $4980

4th - 10% - $2490


Update #73
Birds Released for Final Race

Birds arrived at the liberation point at 4:30 am giving the birds 3 hours to drink and rest.  They were released at 7:30 am, sunny skies, and south winds is what is forecasted for the birds along the course.  Here at the loft we have fog and clouds that is supposed to lift by 11:00 am.

Pooling will close at 10:00 am CST.  There is a $100 and $300 pool option. 

Please remember the top birds will be auctioned as well as the top 10 Ace pigeons, and top 3 Knockout winners.  A pedigree will need to be provided for posting winners on iPigeon.  Copies can be emailed directly to iPigeon.  Original pedigrees will need to be sent to Hoosier Classic to be shipped with the winning birds.  David Ward will be driving in to photograph all winners.  David does an excellent job and we will post these photos on the iPigeon website as well. 

Good Luck to everyone and Thankyou all very much for flying the 2020 Hoosier Classic Race! 
2020 Final Race Release
Update #72

Birds were basketed tonight for the 350 Mile Final Race.  The truck left just after 7:00 pm CST with the driver, an armed police officer, and a liberator.  Weather permitting the birds will be released at 7:30 am from Paris, Tennessee.  

There are still some birds that will be marked for pooling in the morning.  If you need to pool a bird please call the office by 10:00 am CST.  We will close it at 10:00 so we can get totals calculated.  Payment must be made with credit card and fees apply.  Office number is 219-733-0011.

There is a GPS Tracker on the trailer.  If you would like to check the GPS the login information is listed below.  PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE PASSORD.   The first letter of the username and password are both uppercase and both are case sensitive.  


Username: Hoosierclassicrace@aol.com
Password: Pigeons123

We will update again in the morning once birds are released. 

Birds are back today from the 55 mile training as so is Mr. Cooper.  

Hawks have been around multiple times this morning.  

Update #70
Birds were loft flown today and showed they are feeling good.  We are looking to train tomorrow and if all goes well we will ship the birds Wednesday for a Final Race on Thursday.  The next 10 days all show strong winds, followed by the next day of rain.  Thursday looks as our best option with warm temperatures, otherwise we will end up waiting another 10-12 days.  The birds look good, are acting good, and we think this is the best option for them. 

Basketing will be live streamed on Wednesday.
We will update tomorrow with what time we will begin basketing.
The Final Race will also be live streamed

Now is the time to Pool Your Birds. 
Pooling will Close Wednesday Night
$100 Option          $300 Option

Each Option Pays Out:
1st  - 40%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 20%
4th - 10%
To Pool Please Call The Office
The 2020 Trophies for all categories.
The Ladies League is a very large and beautiful Crystal Vase
Congratulations to Mazukaka, Gonzalezz & Carlito Loft of Florida for having the 1st bird in the clock in yesterday's 225 Mile Race, as well as the other top finishers winning prizes.
Again mother nature did not cooperate as forecasted as birds arrived to the loft they had to battle 15-20 mph winds from the west.  Flying from the South birds were pushed to the East and had to fight their way back.  Winds today at the loft will reach 50 mph.  This has been a tough, tough, fall so far.  We see winds at 15 - 20 mph daily.  Lets hope for a break in the weather.

Moving forward to the final race we will know more come Monday/Tuesday as to when the final race will be.  Forecast has not changed showing 10-15-20 mph winds daily.  

Final Race Update
As we updated several weeks ago our Final Race party for 2020 is cancelled due to COVID for 2020.  Although our state is open COVID numbers are up on a daily basis.  According to the news this morning the number of cases per day has doubled in more then 2 dozen states.  We see schools closing daily and one of our boys has had to quarantine due to being exposed at school.  We understand this is a huge disappointment to everyone however we are looking out for the safety of not only fanciers but our own family and staff as well.  Hoosier Classic Race Weekend has become a very fun and eventful weekend that we look forward to.  We will be back to hosting this event in 2021 and look forward to an even bigger event.  
In an attempt to ensure that no fancier feels that there is something being hidden or that we may control the winner of the race we have selected 5 fanciers from the United States to come and witness the final race including basketing.
Paul Daniel of TX
Dan Coury of AZ
Ramiro Herrera of DE
John Georgopoulos of SC
Mike Chaffardon of DE
Police officers will be here for basketing of final race as well as a police officer riding with the driver and liberator to the release point to oversee release. 

Beginning Monday you can nominate your birds for pooling.  Hoosier Classic will have a $100 and $300 option.  Payouts for each will be 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%.  With maybe only 7-8 days between races its best to call the office to pay using a credit card (fees apply) or overnight a check for payment.   Birds will not be marked unless payment is in the office 

If you won prizes over $600 send in your W9.  We can start payouts 2 days after the final race.  If you don't get your check in time most likely you procrastinated in sending your info in.  Help Us Pay You Quickly.

Remember a pedigree must also be furnished if your birds are going to be auctioned.  If you do not provide a pedigree then the breeder will forfeit any auction monies.  The following Champions are what will be auctioned off:
Top 100 birds clocked
Top 10 Ace Pigeons
Top 3 Knockout Winners
Auction will be hosted by iPigeon, breeder receives 50% of any auction earnings, No Hidden Fees!

Yearling Series
Several breeders asked if we will host a 2021 yearling series for 2020 Hoosier entries.  We will host a 6 race series in 2021 starting in May.  100-150-200-300-400-500 mile races.  Perch fees will be $100 due by December 1st, race fees will be $300 due after the 100 mile activation in May of 2021.
Update #68

The birds were released in Princeton Indiana at 7:30 am for Race 3 - 228 Miles.  Weather looks good along the course and at home as of now. 
We will live stream the race on our YouTube Channel.  Several fanciers have requested a closer view of the landing area of the loft.  Since the birds tend to favor one side of the loft for trapping vs. the other we will try to get the best view of the loft where we will be closer to the side that they land on and still see all of the traps

A video of the release has been uploaded to YouTube and a link has been provided below. 

Best of Luck To Everyone Today!!
Race 3 - Prizes 
Paid by clocking order

1st Place - $5000
2nd - 15th - $1000 each
Birds being released for Race 3 - 228 Miles


Update #67

Birds were taken out training this morning however with heavy cloud cover both at the release and at the loft we have decided to bring them back.  We plan to have the 220 mile race on Friday and we want to take no chances with the weather. 

We will update tomorrow regarding the race on Friday.

Update #65

Birds were released for Race 2  - 180 Mile race at  7:30 am CST today.
There will be a South wind along the course of 8-10 mph with an increase at the loft of South 10- 15 mph.
Race will be Live Streamed on our YouTube Channel

There are Prizes on todays race and will be paid in clocking order
1st Place - $500
2nd - 10th Place - $1000
Best Of Luck To Everyone!!
Birds being released for Race 2 - 180  Miles

Update #64

Yesterday information had been released about the Knock Out Competition.  

When I calculated the Knock Out I calculated it taking the 30% off of the bottom of the returning birds.  
The Knock Out Competition is actually supposed to be calculated with the TOP 30% returning from the race staying in the competition.

The following is a guide line for the amount of birds that will remain in the race until the final:

After 150 Race - 706 birds remain in the Knock Out
After 180 Race - 211 birds remain in the Knock Out
After 225 Race  - 63 birds remain in the Knock Out

There will be 63 birds qualifying for the Knock Out going into the final. 

I apologize for the confusion and the birds have been marked accordingly on the Race Results for this competition

We will update again later tonight or tomorrow morning regarding release. 


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