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This week begins our 3rd week of accepting birds.   We currently have 381 birds in the loft just in the first 2 weeks.  All of the birds look good as of now and they all have learned how to go out into the new aviaries rather quickly.  The new design of the aviary is much easier and less stressful on the birds.  We have had warmer than normal temperatures the past 2 weeks with several days in close to or in the 70's.  This is a huge difference from past years for February.  We normally see temps still in the 30's - 40's this time of year.  We are expected to have cold spell come through beginning tomorrow and last for a day or 2, and then temperatures will go back up well above normal for March.  The Groundhog seems to be right for once! 

Remember we are accepting birds through May 10th and there is a GUARANTEED PRIZE PAYOUT OF $1,200,000!! '

There are still several "For Sale" kits available on iPigeon to participate in the 2024 Season, from top fanciers around the country, including " Tom Schilling, Elton Dinga, Andy Waclaw, Younan's Loft, DAC Family, Rottweiler Company, CBS Loft, & many more!" 
It's a great way to test other bloodlines that you may be interested in. 

First bird in the trap for 2023 was a For Sale Bird winning $175,000 total ( $87,500 each for Breeder & Buyer)
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As always, please contact us with any questions! 
Week one of intake is almost over.  We are very surprised to see so many birds this early in the season.  Currently we have over 100 birds and it's only the 3rd day of accepting.  A short video was uploaded of this weeks birds eating their dinner. 

Please remember to help keep your birds healthy it is always best to vaccinate your youngsters 2 weeks BEFORE shipping for PMV to any race.  I would not recommend vaccinating any later, as most one loft races will vaccinate upon arrival.  By vaccinating at home 2 weeks before, it will prevent the birds from getting a 2nd vaccine to soon. 

Hoosier Classic Intake Protocol
Day 1 - All birds receive a Vita King Top Pill to help with the stress of shipping.
Return combo is also given in the water to help replenish what may have been lost in shipping.  We also find Return Combo helps to stimulate appetite as well.  Birds are allowed to eat and are fed the Beyers Vandenabeele Mix.

Day 2 - Birds receive a vaccination for PMV/Rota.  All birds are treated for internal & external parasites.

One week from arrival birds are vaccinated for POX, assigned a chip ring, and treated for canker. 

Four weeks after arrival, all birds will receive a booster vaccine for PMV/Rota.

At all times birds have access to fresh water, fresh Jovati Mineral Grit, and various types of minerals inclduing Vita King Red Racing Mineral, Multi Mineral, & Saline Powder.  Three times a week the birds will receive a natural powder blend on the feed.  Last year was our first time using this blend and the health of the birds was super.  It helps with the intestinal track supporting gut health. 

As always, if you have any questions feel free to call or email.
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2024 For Sale Birds

These birds for 2024 are only available through iPigeon.  Any team can be reserved from these top fanciers by purchasing the "Flash Buy" of $200.  These fees will be applied to the balance of the perch fees.  The remaining balance of perch fees will be due upon arrival of the birds.  As of today over 160 birds have been reserved, and new names are added weekly.  Kits added this week include Andy Skwiat, Dominic Rappucci, Rottweiler Company, & DAC Family Loft.  
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Attached is copy of the 2024 Entry From.  We are still trying to get this form updated on the website.  For now the form can be accessed via this link below. 

Hoosier Entry Form 2024.docx


Please note that this form allows for information regarding Vaccinations given prior to shipping.  
This information will greatly help us when giving the birds a vaccine upon arrival.
Please include the date the vaccine was given and the type of vaccine. 


2024 SEASON!!


We start accepting birds this week for the 2024 Season.
Please remember to not over crowd boxes when shipping & do not ship past Wednesday to avoid delays in delivery.

Ship All Birds To:
Hoosier Classic
10258 S 1150 W
Wanatah, IN 46390
Next week begins the start of the 2024 Hoosier Classic Season!  We will begin accepting birds on February 15th.  We have been busy in the off season making changes to the deck of the loft by adding aviaries to the deck.  This will make the settling process much easier by not having to move settling cages on and off the deck. 

****Remember that this Sunday will be a raffle to win Free Perch Fees for the 2024 Season.  This will be the last raffle for perch fees for the year.  Make sure you are registered on Wincompanion to be eligible to win. There will be multiple winners on Sunday.  Raffle will be at 4:00 pm on Live on Facebook!  You can follow our Facebook Page to see the live feed. 

Jesse Seguna has agreed to be an agent for the Hoosier Classic and bring birds for Canadian Fanciers into the US.  He will be bringing 3 shipments in with the 1st being Mid-March, again Mid-April, and a Final Shipment the 1st week of May.  It would be best to contact Jesse directly to make arrangements for 1 of these 3 shipments for those that would like to participate and are from Canada.  
Jesse Seguna - 647-985-8771
Email: jesseseguna@gmail.com

For Sale Kits
There are still several kits available on iPigeon from Top Fanciers in the US.
There are kits from individual breeders, or groups of birds from 3 different breeders.  It's a great opportunity to participate with birds from some winning breeders. 
Kits still available from:
Tom Schilling
Frank McLaughlin
Poor House Road
Lamons Family Loft
Donogue Racing Loft
Baldwin & Tilson
Andy Waclaw
Ciccio's Loft
Younan's Loft
Big Andy
Bogdan Chlebek
Continental Breeding Station
Hylek Race Team
Champ Camp Chicago

Westfall Loft
Jesse Seguna
Reminders & Tips for Shipping

- Do Not Overcrowd Boxes.  Over crowding causes stress, and overheating in boxes

- It's best to ship Monday - Wednesday to ensure delivery before a weekend

- Make sure youngsters know how to eat & drink on their own before shipping

- Youngsters should be no less than 45 days old when shipping.  50 days is ideal

- Vaccinate youngsters 2 weeks prior to shipping to ensure they have begun to build an immune system

- Accepting birds February 15th - May 10th 2024
The new season is only 10 days away from starting. Thank You to all those that have registered for the 2024 season.  We are now in our 12th season thanks to all those who continue to support the race.  
Again, this season there will be a Guaranteed Prize of $1,200,000
4 Race Series 
Optional Sprint Series
Optional 350/375 Additional Race three weeks after the final

Trailer Update: After many conversations and drawings with a company from Lafayette, Indiana, we are happy to say that the construction of the new self-loading trailer has begun.  We expect to receive photo updates throughout the process and will share those as we receive them. 

Aviary Remodel: Of course, it wouldn't be an off season at the Hoosier Classic without some type of construction going on.  We have changed the aviaries to a design more like the first Hoosier Classic Loft.  This will allow more room for the birds on the deck to sunbath, but more importantly, it eliminates having to move settling cages around.  We can settle quickly and will be less stressful on the birds. 

Please remember that it's best to vaccinate your youngsters 2 weeks before shipping to any race. We will supply a form on our website that can be completed and sent with the birds.  it will ask if your youngsters are vaccinated, when they were vaccinated, and with what vaccine.  While we strongly advise on vaccinating the birds prior to shipping, we cannot mandate it.  However, doing so gives your youngsters a great start.  We are asking when they are vaccinated so we do not vaccinate to soon after the 1st one.  Vaccinating 2 weeks prior to shipping allows enough time for them to receive a 2nd vaccine upon arrival.
Shipping boxes have recommendations for a reason.  Overcrowding causes stress, which in turn can lower immunity, making youngsters at risk for illness. 

There are still kits available on iPigeon of "For Sale" birds. This format for the For Sale birds has been very successful.  There has been almost 30 kits sold to date.  We are quite happy with this format for the For Sale birds.  Every week there are new lofts asking to participate. 
 Remember, there will be no For Sale birds available throughout the year.  If you want to participate with For Sale birds, you will need to acquire a kit off of iPigeon.  New kits are added weekly, including 6 new kits today. 

Finally, don't forget to register on Wincompanion for the 2024 season.  All lofts registered for 2024 will be entered into a raffle on Sunday February 11th to win free perches.  This will be our last raffle for 2024, and there will be 5 drawings.
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2 weeks?!?!  WHAT!!
Yes, we are 2 weeks away from accepting birds for the 2024 season!

As a reminder, we have attached the "Tips for Shipping Birds to OLR" below for reference. 
The most important to remember is to vaccinate your birds 2-3 weeks prior to shipping them, and do not overcrowd boxes.  A vaccine before shipping will jumpstart the immune system which will then be boosted with a vaccine upon arrival.  Shipping youngsters properly will eliminate stress and overheating in the boxes.  And remember Monday & Tuesday's are the best days to ship to ensure the birds arrive before a weekend. 


$125 per bird due after 80 miles
Distance 100-125-165
100% Payout to top 3 birds
50% - 30% - 20%

- Optional Hoosier Harvest Race w/ GUARANTEED PRIZE
Race will be flown 3 weeks after the Final Regular Season Race
Due to less daylight that time of year, race will be no longer than 350 miles and can be shortened due to weather
Entry Fee will be $200 per bird (15% retained for expenses)
Prizes will be awarded by clocking order
Our goal is to have the optional 350 mile race the same day as the Hoosier Classic Top 100 Auction, weather permitting.  If weather does not allow, race will be flown the next best day. 

The for sale birds for 2024 are now available in "Kits" on iPigeon for fanciers wishing to participate in the 2024 season.  There are several different breeders with individual kits available as well as kits grouped with various breeders.  A $200 payment is required and the balance is due upon arrival of the birds from the breeders.  There will be NO FOR SALE birds available during the season.  If you are interested in birds from a particular breeder, now would be the time to look at the kits or reach out to our office at 219-733-0011

Thank you to all those that have reserved perches for the 2024 season.  Everyone registered by this coming Saturday will be eligible to win free perches in the Saturday, January 20th Raffle. There will be 3 drawings for 2 perches.  There are currently over 2500 birds already signed up.   If you're not signed up you can't win free perches!!

Remember there are NEW OPTIONS for 2024
Optional Sprint Series
$125 per bird due after 80 miles
Distance 100-125-165
100% Payout to top 3 birds
50% - 30% - 20%

Hoosier Harvest is back!
The only Optional Race with a GUARANTEE!!
Race will be flown 3 weeks after the Final Regular Season Race
Due to less daylight that time of year, race will be no longer than 350 miles and can be shortened due to weather
Entry Fee will be $200 per bird (15% retained for expenses)
Prizes will be awarded by clocking order
Our goal is to have the optional 350 mile race the same day as the Hoosier Classic Top 100 Auction, weather permitting.  If weather does not allow, race will be flown the next best day. 

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The kits of For Sale Birds on iPigeon have been going well.  Over 80 birds have been sold between various breeder's offering their best to fly the 2024 season.
Check out iPigeon for new listings added today.

Please Read Rules Before Purchasing A Kit
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We are just over a month away from the start of the 2024 season!  We will be doing 2 more raffles for free perch fees.  The next 2 raffles will be 3 drawings to win 2 perch fees.   The next raffle will be Saturday, January 20th at 4:00 and then 1 more on Super Bowl Sunday.  Sign Up for the 2024 season so you don't miss out on the opportunity to win free perches. 

$1,200,000 in GUARANTEED PRIZES! 

Accepting birds Feb 15th - May 10th

The Hoosier Classic For Sale Kits are now available on iPigeon!
$200 secures the kit, balance for remaining birds due upon arrival of the birds. 
Kits available from select breeders and also kits available with various breeders. 
Birds belong to the "Buyer" after the race unless a bird goes to auction
Buyer pays all fees.  All prizes are split 50/50 between breeder & buyer including auction money. 

More details available on iPigeon
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$1,200,000 GUARANTEED FOR 2024

Top fanciers in North America have again decided to offer kits of young birds For Sale to be flown in the 2024 Hoosier Classic Season.

3 Times the winning bird has been a bird offered in the "For Sale" option

How will it work for 2024??

-Kits of youngsters will be offered on iPigeon in sets of 3 or 6.
There will be a "Flash Buy" of $200 for each kit.  This $200 will reserve your youngsters with those breeders and will go toward the balance of the perch fees. Perch fees are $200 per bird, or 6 birds for $1000.  Balance of the perch fees will be due from the buyer when the pigeons arrive at the Hoosier Classic.

-Buyer is responsible for all perch fees and entry fees. Buyer & Breeder will split all earnings from any winning pigeon(s) including optional races and auction earnings. 

-Breeder is not responsible for injured or lost pigeons

-Breeders do not have to give band numbers until birds are shipped

-Breeders will have until May 10th to ship birds for buyers

-Any buyer who does not pay for the balance of the perch fees for birds that have arrived at the Hoosier Classic, will lose the initial fee of $200 and birds will be sold.

-Buyer will own birds after the season, unless bird is sold in auction

- Different groups of birds will change weekly
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