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There are only 39 days until the Hoosier Classic opens to accepting birds for the 2019 season.  With March 1st being on a Friday we will start accepting birds February 26th.  We currently have over 2900 perches reserved.  
Around the loft...
                           It has been very cold here the last 2 days which makes for a frustrating morning when cleaning the lofts.  The new floor heat being installed in the loft will be beneficial to the early arrivals in March.  All of our vaccines arrived this week as well as a new shipment of Jovati mineral grit and Canker Max, all of which will be used for the 2019 season.  Canker Max is a new product we used last year from Vita King for the treatment of Canker.  Every bird that arrives gets a Canker Max pill before entering the loft.  
We will be posting 6 birds on IPigeon this week.  These 6 birds are from Europe and flew the 2018 series.  Owners opted not to fly the old bird series so the birds will be auctioned off.  All 6 birds have been vaccinated for PMV & Paratyphoid and their pedigrees will be posted as well.

We are starting to hear from agents from other countries regarding the 2019 season.  They are all in full swing promoting the race on an international level.  One question that has come up this year is what can be done to shorten the quarantine time.  Quarantine is always a concern when flying International races.  Unfortunately these are the regulations put into place by those countries.  When we ship to races in South Africa our pigeons have to go through quarantine the same as everyone else's.  We have been in contact with all of the quarantine stations to ensure an easy and healthy transition for the pigeons.  Quarantine dates have been moved to begin in March to help ensure the arrival of pigeons to the Hoosier Classic much earlier this year.    Remember for those that wish to compete but can not send or may fall short in your breeding there is now a list of Breeders that are willing to send youngsters to the race for you.  Please check the "Breeders Connection" page on our website.  The list of breeders are some of the top breeders in North America with some of the best birds in the world.

Don't Forget to Register for 2019!!
$500,000 Guaranteed 1st Place
$1,272,000 Guaranteed Overall Payout

Hoosier Classic Offers
- 6500 sq ft of Loft Space
- 9000 Perches
- Benzing Clocking System
- 5 Race Series
- Monthly Veterinarian Check
- Top Products Used for Your Champions
Vita King Products - Jovati Grit - Versa Laga Feed
- Weekly Updates
- Video Updates
- GPS Tracking on All Races
- Licensed Security to Oversee Basketing & Liberation on Final Race
- All Races Live on Wincompanion & Benzing One Loft
- Clean 50% Cut of All Auction Earnings on Top 100 & Top 10 Ace Pigeons (No Hidden Fees)
- Optional 400 Mile Race 8 days after final
- International Competition
- Fast Payouts
- Yearling/Old Bird 6 Race Series Offered to All Entries

Don't miss your chance to be part of the Biggest Payout In North America!! 

Yearling/Old Bird Series
Health continues to hold very well for the old birds.  Birds continue to receive all of their weekly supplements and weekly bath when the weather permits.  Dr. Zollars called Friday with the test results for January.  Birds tested negative for Cocci & Worms.  We will show a copy of the results once they arrive.  For now everything is going well, we are just waiting for a break in the weather so we can start to exercise.  

There are several birds that have not paid the entry fee for the Old Bird Series.  Please send the payments or call and pay over the phone.   These payments were due in November.  The perch fees are $150 per bird.  We will begin contacting breeders at the end of this week that have unpaid balances.  

As always if there are any questions please feel free to email or call the office.

Have a great week,

We are now over 2700 perches reserved for the 2019 series and the phone calls come in daily with questions about the race.  2019 will certainly be very exciting with the level of competition and the Guaranteed Payouts.
Remember to check out the Breeders Connection Page under the MDL tab on our newly designed website.  These breeders are willing to send birds to the Hoosier Classic for fanciers wishing to compete.  This is a great opportunity to test different strains of birds or for those that can't breed their own birds.  

Hoosier Classic
Million Dollar Race
$500,000 1st Place
$1,272,000 Guaranteed Overall

- 5 Race Series
- GPS on All Races
- All Birds Vaccinated upon arrival for PMV & Paratyphoid
- Revaccinated 4 weeks later
- Monthly Veterinary Checks
- Top Products from Vita King including Jovati Girt and Versa-Laga Feed
- Weekly Updates
- Video Updates
- International Competition
- Top 100 winners & Top 10 Ace Pigeons Auctioned on IPigeon
- Breeders receive a TRUE 50% of Auction Earnings (no hidden fees)

4 Bird Team for $1000
1-3 Birds $350 per bird
$500 per bird due after 100 mile activation
Hoosier Classic Banquet October 13th, 2019
Final Race October 14th, 2019

Hoosier Harvest 400

After several requests every season for a 400 mile race, we will now be offering another race after the scheduled final race 350 mile race.
This race will be optional and will be held approximately 7-10 days after the final 350 race.  Entry fee will be $200 due after the final 350
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Hoosier Classic OLR 2019 Young Bird

2019 is Fast Approaching and that means we are getting closer to the start of the Hoosier Classic 2019 Season.  We currently have almost 2100 birds signed up for what is sure to be the most competitive One Loft Race of 2019.  With over $1,000,000.00 in guaranteed prizes for 2019 you don't want to miss out!  The competition already looks to be outstanding with dozens of the top breeders from around the country signed up and several top breeders from around the world set to compete in North America's Largest One Loft Race!!
Entry fees for 2019 are as follows:

  • 4 Bird Team for $1000 (due when birds arrive)
  • Any Birds over 4 will be $250 per bird
  • Less then 4 birds Entry Fee is $350 per bird (due when birds arrive)
  • No limit to how many birds can be entered
  • $500 per bird due after 100 Mile Qualifying Race for any remaining birds
  • Birds Accepted March 1st - May 15th
  • Replacement Birds Accepted Until May 30th
  • Prize Payout to 150 Places
  • First Place Payout is $500,000
  • Top Ten Ace Pigeons Win Prizes
  • 1st Place Ace Pigeon Wins $40,000 or Brand New 2019 Ford F-150
  • 5 Race Series
  • Weekly Updates
  • Monthly dropping analysis by a Veterinarian
  • GPS Tracking on Trailer for All Races
  • All Birds Vaccinated for PMV-Pox-Paratyphoid
  • First 100 Birds Clocked Auctioned & Top 10 Ace Pigeons
  • Hoosier Classic Banquet Oct 13th at Blue Chip Hotel & Casino
  • Race Day Lunch available at the loft

Final Race is set for October 14th (weather permitting).  Hotel accommodations will be available through Blue Chip Hotel & Casino again to come and enjoy a fun filled weekend with pigeon fanciers from not only around the country but from around the world.  Our 2018 Season showed to be a great success and a lot of fun with many events throughout the weekend.  Photos and article written by Brandon Brashears regarding the race were available in the Dec 15th issue of the Racing Pigeon Digest.  The January 1st issue also features photos from the Final Race of 2018 along with the new rules for 2019. 
We have received many calls about Syndicates being put together to enter the 2019 Season.  It is definitely a way to compete for the upcoming year and I'm sure will prove to be a lot of fun for breeders.  If you plan to  compete for 2019 make sure you Sign Up on the website. 
Remember also, if you do not have birds to send there are options available to enter.  Three breeders here in the US have agreed to provide youngsters for the 2019 season to anyone wishing to fly.  Please contact them in regards to sending youngsters and what the terms are.  Remember...the 2018 1st Bird in the Clock was a bird bred by Frank McLaughlin and raced under Tigre Loft. 

Hoosier Classic 2019 Old Bird Series 

The list has been entered into the Old Bird site for all of the birds racing in the 2019 series.  Please check the list if you entered your birds to make sure everything is correct.  There are several breeders that owe for the perch fee for the Old Bird Series.  Please get those payments in as soon as possible. Perch fees are $150 per bird.   We will attempt to do an inventory with the clocking system after the New Year. 
The Old Birds are in the loft and separated into 2 sections of hens and cocks.   They have all had there chip rings checked or put back on and the band numbers verified.  They receive the best products everyday to ensure they are healthy and happy. 


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