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Birds were taken 1.5 Miles today however the clocking system is not working. We are working with Benzing now to try to rectify the issue.  The majority of the birds are in the loft.  Hoping we can get this fixed shortly.  


Update #43 for 2020 Season

Just a reminder that all birds will be released 5 baskets at a time until we reach 70 miles.   All birds are loaded every  morning until we reach 40 miles and then we will need to load the night before.  I hope this answers some questions especially for Tom Schilling and his partner Dominic Rappucci.

Training continues tomorrow

Update #42 for 2020 Season

Birds had a later release today due to fog.  All birds were trained on the trailer from the property.  Today's trainer was our fourth from the property and birds are starting to explode from the crates.  The plan is one more day from the property then we will move them out 1.5  miles.  We are two weeks earlier then last year, but please remember we are planning to move them out slowly.  
Health of the birds is very good.  They are offered a bath 2-4 times a week.  Birds are also offered several types of minerals as well as Jovati Mineral grit at all times.   Versa-Laga feed is still our feed of choice for your champions.  

Have a great week everyone! 

Update #41 for 2020 Season

Today was the first training toss for the birds.  They were released from the back of the property this morning.  From where they are released they are able to see the loft.  Most of them continued flying for quite some time. Once we opened the traps some of the birds came right in and others were content just flying around the loft.  We did notice that a decent size group of about 100 birds take off ranging and we are slowly starting to see them come back a few at a time.   Traps will stay open so birds can continue to clock.

Update # 40 for 2020 Season

Birds have been out flying everyday for several weeks now.  As of last week all birds were merged together which now means that all birds loft fly at the same time everyday and the loft is no longer divided.  Birds have run of the entire building now.  Everyday we are able to see more groups ranging, and others that seem to go range further.  The amount of time they stay up in the air is longer and longer as the days go by as well.  We have just completed a treatment for respiratory and we see no signs of canker which is great.  We did have a dropping analysis done last week and those results were received in the mail over the weekend.  There are no signs of parasites or coccidiosis which is also good.  

We will being teaching the birds to load onto the trailer within the next 1-2 days and release them from the property.  From there they will be allowed to go about their morning loft fly.  We will do several very short tosses from a 1/2 mile before we start moving them out further.  

We had small heat wave come back through over the weekend with temperatures in the 90's without the heat index.  Sunday felt like it was over 100 degrees here however we have now gone back down into the 80's during the day and the humidity has let up a little.  The forecast for the next 10 days looks great as we begin to train on the trailer.  our 10 day forecast looks to be a mix between 70's & 80's with only 2 days of possible rain.  We should have a great start to the training process and be able to keep the birds going out consistently.  
We will continue to post updates about training and videos of the birds flying on YouTube as well. 
Testing results from Dr. Zollars for coccidiosis & worms
Update # 39 for 2020 Season

Birds were back flying today as we kept them in yesterday with storms that rolled in and lasted most of the day.  As we stated before, flying is better everyday.  The birds are finishing a treatment for respiratory and the younger groups are now being released with the older groups meaning all birds go out together now.  Although it is exciting to watch it is also nerve wrecking as you can only hope for no bang ups.  We do have 11 birds with wing injuries that were pulled and will not return to the main group.  All breeders have been notified.

The trailers are being cleaned this week as well as all crates.  We anticipate loading birds later this week to release from the property.  I feel we are still a couple of weeks away from actual road training though.  

We took some videos of the birds flying together for the first time Saturday.  You can view these videos on our YouTube Channel.  A link has also been provided below.  

We will update again soon

July 18th Loft Fly 

Update #38 for 2020

Birds were out flying today and clocking.  It seems that the clocking results show a little over 100 birds missing.  When the birds were let in they stormed the traps and we believe they may have jumped over each other.  It seems to be a common occurrence when so many try to get in at one time.
We will leave the clock running tomorrow and see what clocks when they are let in.  We have seen some late ones come in within the last hour as well. 


Update #37 

The loft flying is better and better each day.  We have had a cool down from our 15 days of near or over 90 degree heat which with humidity always seems hotter then it actually is.  Once we got cooler days we were able to see a big difference in the birds flying.  We have started to alternate the groups at different times for exercise.  The younger group has a little more learning to do however yesterday and today we were able to get close to 30 minutes of continuous flying from the younger group.  

Starting next week the birds will begin to learn the crates for the trailer as we plan several releases from the property.  We will not road train until birds are flying better.  Before training starts all birds will be treated for respiratory as we get closer to training we will take a few days to do a hands on inventory.  

All of the birds have been named as of a few days ago.  As we have said before if you had not selected a name for your birds we then named them for you.  

Have a great rest of the week...Stay Safe

JULY 6TH UPDATE - #36 FOR 2020
Heat Wave!!
Be careful what you wish for!!  After a very cool and wet spring, summer is here and in full force!  After looking at the extended forecast it looks as though we will have temperatures in the 90's for the next 12-15 days.  Our holiday weekend was no different with temperatures in the high 80's to low 90's and heat indexes of close to 100 degrees.  These very warm mornings have really stifled flying.  All we can do is to continue with our daily loft flights.  The birds are in great flying condition and should only be weeks away from road training.  We will not rush things until we see the birds show us that they can handle it.  Some cooler mornings would certainly help. 
Some of the younger groups started ranging and we have had to retrieve a few lost birds over the weekend.  Health in this group has almost stabilized.  

We will know more this week about the banquet at Blue Chip Hotel & Casino.  With the uptick in Corona Virus recently Blue Chip can not guarantee to be open if the pandemic cases surge.  We do have another venue for back up however we are hoping to continue with our plans for Blue Chip.  We will update this week with a final decision. 

We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend! 

Update #35 for 2020 Season

Happy Fathers Day to all the hard working dads out there.

Birds continue to go out daily rain or shine.  Yesterday while exercising the younger groups we were paid a visit by Mr. Cooper.  Needless to say we had birds everywhere.  The past three days our temperatures have been in the low 90's.  This next week we will see cooler temps & cooler temps mean better flying.  

The 9th & 10th flights continue to come in nicely and birds will not be forced to fly for a few more weeks.  We do see the groups get bigger each day of birds that are flying.  Younger groups are flying very well and continue to cause me to have a heart attack every day.  

Two video's have been uploaded today to our YouTube Channel and a link has been provided below.  

We will update again in a few days with a complete list of birds that are For Sale from Top Breeders.

Today I want to Thank my sons for working so hard with their dad.  They haven't missed a day with me since March - if only they knew how happy they make me just being at my side. 

Happy Fathers Day



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