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Shipping young birds to any One Loft Race can be stressful.  Below are some tips to follow to help ensure your champions are arriving ready to succeed in a OLR.  The care provided at home prior to shipping is the beginning of their winning success. 

As a reminder as well it is always good to ship birds Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, to ensure they arrive by the weekend and do not spend an extended amount of time in a shipping box.  
And most importantly, do not overcrowd boxes.  Putting 6 birds in a 2 bird box or 13 birds in a 4 bird box is overcrowding, can cause overheating, and is dangerous to the health of your birds. 

Please Ship Birds To:
Hoosier Classic
10258 S 1150 W
Wanatah, IN  46390

There is currently around 560 birds that have arrived for the 2023 season of the Hoosier Classic.  There are currently over 20 birds that have been sent with no payment and those birds have not been entered into the system.  Wincompanion shows there are 539 birds currently entered and in the loft.  As a reminder, perch fees are due when the birds arrive.

The 2 groups of birds currently in the loft are doing great, and have all adjusted nicely.  They have learned to go out into the aviary and definitely know when its dinner time.  The quality of birds so far has been great.  Fanciers are sending their BEST to compete for $1,200,000 in prizes.  For the most part the post office is moving the birds pretty quick.  We have had only about 3-4 boxes delayed over the last 2 weeks.  Many boxes are being delivered the next day which is great for the birds. 

We have seen our weather fluctuate the past 2 weeks with temperatures ranging from almost 60 degrees all the way down to the low 30's.  We have had snow several times, however it usually melts within a few hrs to a day.  Over the course of the next week, our weather looks to be holding steady in the mid 30's to low 40's, which is about the normal temperatures this time of year. We should start to see a change in temperature hopefully after next week where we will begin to warm up a little.  

We will be accepting birds through May 15th for the 2023 season. 
Mail birds to:
Hoosier Classic
10258 S 1150 W
Wanatah, IN  46390

Perch Fees are $200 per bird /  Pay for 5 and Get 1 Free!!

The first week of accepting birds for the 2023 Hoosier Classic Season has brought in just over 300 birds between the post office and fanciers delivering birds.  We currently have close to 3100 birds signed up for this season as well.  All the birds that have arrived are doing well and enjoyed some warmer weather today with temperatures reaching close to 60 degrees and sunny skies.  We should be close to 60 again tomorrow as well. 

If you're not already signed up there is still time to do so. Don't miss your chance to be part of a $1,200,000 prize payout.  In 2022, 5 birds arrived on the drop each claiming $86,000 in prize money,  V. Perez Loft from Florida winning an additional $25,000 in prize money for having the 1st bird in the clock. 

Winning isn't easy but it sure is fun!! 
$1,200,000 in Prizes for 2023
250 Final Race Prizes Paid
Additional $25,000 paid to 1st bird in the clock
10 Ace Pigeon Prizes Paid
Ladies League Trophy for 1st Ladies Bird
3 Knockout Competiton Prizes
4 Race Series
125 - 160 - 220 - 370 miles
Perch Fees are $200 per bird / Pay for 5 Get 1 Free
Live Clocking on all trainers & races with results posted to Wincompanion & Benzing
Top Quality feed from Beyers for 2023
Top Quality Vitamins & Minerals from Vita King & Jovati
When shipping birds please ship to:
Hoosier Classic Race
10258 S 1150 W
Wanatah, IN 46390

Please do not over crowd boxes.  To many birds in a box can cause the inside temperature to rise, reducing quality air and causing stress.  Make sure youngsters are at least 45-55 days old before shipping.  Vaccinate youngsters at least 1 time (2 weeks) before shipping to help jump start their immune system.  Birds will be vaccinated upon arrival, however a vaccine 2 weeks before shipping will begin to build an immune system, allowing them a stronger start in the loft.   

And as always, INCLUDE payment for perch fees if they were not pre paid.  We Will NOT enter birds into the system if there is no payment and they will not be permitted into the loft.  Delayed payments will also delay the bird's progress.
2023 Season Starts NOW!
Now accepting birds for the 2023 Hoosier Classic 

As of today the Hoosier Classic will being accepting birds for the 2023 season. 
We would like to Thank all who have signed up and are shipping birds.  Entering our 11th year, we are looking forward to another great season and are excited to get started. 

Perch Fees Must Accompany Birds Unless Prepaid
Perch Fees are $200 per bird, pay for 5 ($1000) and get a
6th perch free

Ship Birds To:
Hoosier Classic
10258 S 1150 W
Wanatah, IN 46390
Please do not ship birds past Wednesday to avoid delays in delivery

Below are some tips to keep in mind, prior to shipping to a OLR
Rings for 2023 will be covered with a phone number to the office



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The 2023 Season will open for accepting birds on Monday February 27th.  
We are excited to be entering our 11th year of the Hoosier Classic.  
There is currently around 2700 perches reserved.  We will offer 1 more raffle for perch fees this Sunday February 26th for any loft that has reserved perches.


We again have "GUARANTEED"  $1,200,000 in prizes for 2023!

Please continue to read below regarding various information about the 2023 season
We are Happy to announce to all of our breeders that your champions will be FUELED by 
We would like to thank Beyers for this opportunity and would also like to thank Andy Waclaw for his help in getting us supplied.
We are looking forward to feeding your birds

As always, Hoosier Classic will continue to supply top supplements from Vita King Products and Jovati Grit Minerals
We can not stress enough how important it is to provide youngsters a vaccine prior to shipping.  By vaccinating before shipping you provide youngsters with a jumpstart to their immune system and help to ensure a healthy start to their racing season.
- Perch fees are $200 per bird/Pay for 5 birds Get 1 Free

- Perch fees must be included in the box.  Any birds arriving without perch fees will not be entered into the system

Vaccinate at least 1 time, at least 1 time prior to shipping to jumpstart the immune system

- Make sure birds know how to eat larger seeds 

- Make sure birds know how to drink from waterers

- Send youngsters between 45-60 days old 

- When shipping, provide youngsters with a syringe full of water and a Top Pill to help reduce stress during shipping

- Do Not Overcrowd boxes and make sure all airholes are open

Ship Birds to:
Hoosier Classic
10258 S 1150 W
Wanatah, IN  46390
Make Checks Payable to:
Hoosier Classic

We are about 3 weeks away from accepting birds for the 2023 season.   We are excited to begin our 11th Season here at the Hoosier Classic, and our 6th year as a Million Dollar Race.  In 4 years ( 2018-2020-2021-2022), Hoosier Classic has paid out over 5 Million Dollars in prize money.  
As we enter of 6th season as the Million Dollar Race, we again guarantee $1.2 Million in Prizes for 2023! 
2023 will be a 4 race series, and we will begin accepting birds   Feb 27th  - May 15th.

Perch fees are $200 per bird  OR  Pay for 5 ($1000) & Ship a 6th for Free

For those that would like to participate in the race using our "Breeders Connection," we will have an updated list next week of breeders who will be participating. 

Remember to sign up for the 2023 season on the website.  We will do a 3 Free Perch Raffle on Super Bowl Sunday!  For anyone signed up by Sunday Feb 12th, you will be automatically entered to win 3 free perch fees. 

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We would also like to remind breeders when shipping their birds, please make sure they are vaccinated at least 1 time for PMV prior to shipping.  By vaccinating your birds before shipping, it helps to start to build an immune system, which is the best start for your birds.  
We hope that everyone's breeding season is going well and look forward to a great 2023 season.  


Last week we began shipping birds home.  Due to Friday November 11th being a Postal Holiday, we only shipped birds on Monday last week.  Only breeders that had 1 bird going home were shipped home.  

This week we working on getting everything else sent home.   Breeders with 2 birds going home were taken to the post office this morning.  We are currently working on breeders with 3 birds going home.  Tomorrow we will work on breeders that have more than 3 birds going home.  Our goal is to have everything shipped out by tomorrow, Wednesday the latest.  

Deadline for requesting birds to be shipped back was Wednesday November 2nd. 


Anyone that has won prize money over $600 is required to submit a W9 Form for prize payments to be paid out.   All W9's that have been submitted as of Monday have had the checks mailed.  Any W9 forms submitted yesterday or today will be mailed today.   If you have not submitted a W9 form please do so now.  We would like to get all of the prize money paid out as quickly as possible. 

This past Monday we shipped home over 100 boxes of "Single" birds going home.  That means there was only 1 bird in the box for this shipment.  Friday is a Postal Holiday due to Veterans Day and we did not what to risk any boxes being stuck in the system going into a weekend.  This coming week, we are going to try to ship out all of the remaining birds that are scheduled to go home.  Birds have already been sorted and are divided into sections according to how many are going to each breeder. 


2018  -  2020  -  2021  -  2022

In just 4 Seasons...

Hoosier Classic has 




In Prizes


As of today, there are still 10 birds that do not have pedigrees for the top 100 on iPigeon.
Keep in mind that as a breeder to receive your portion of the auction proceeds, a pedigree must be provided.  Please email the pedigree to our office and we will get it posted online with iPigeon, as well as print a copy for the buyers. 
The auction will officially begin on Sunday November 6th and end on Sunday November 20th.

Checks started going out in the mail Friday for anyone that had sent in a W9.  There were approximately 150 checks that were sent out.  There are still many more to be written, however the W9 forms need to be turned in to have them written.  W9 forms can be emailed to us or sent via regular mail.  

We have sorted through the birds the last 2 days.  If you have requested to have your birds sent home, we will start that process on Monday.  We are going to try to get all single birds going home sent out on Monday and hopefully breeders that have 2 birds as well. 
With Friday being a postal holiday, we don't want to take the chance of anything getting stuck in the system and not get delivered.  The following week of the 14th we will be sending out any birds that are 3 or more going back.  
We do have breeders that are also picking up birds.  Birds will be available for pick up on Sunday between 10:00 am & 2:00 pm.  
Breeders that called the office and requested to pick up their birds will be available.  If you did not call this past week to pick up, you will need to talk to the ladies in the office about a different day to pick them up. 

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