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Things are quiet at the Hoosier Loft right now.  It is that time of the year when the birds are allowed out of the loft daily but are not being forced to fly.  This does not make for much excitement around here, but the birds are very healthy and are in a good routine. They go out of the loft daily and listen very well when it is time to come in for feeding.  They know the whistle means it's feeding time and there is not much hesitation in coming in.  
We have started construction of the loading ramp for the trailer.  Once completed we will start to allow the birds onto the trailer using the loading ramp.  Doing this for several weeks before they are actually going to be on the trailer for training should help acclimate them to it and not be so stressful on them. 

The weather has been quite cool the last 2 days and the birds definitely enjoy it.  We're sure the heat will be coming soon, in the meantime we continue to enjoy the comfortable temperatures for the next several days.  

The birds continue to be fed Beyers Vandenabeele Premium Mix, as well as being offered Jovati Mineral Grit daily.  2-3 times a week they are given the new "Bio-Pro" probiotic from Vita King mixed onto their feed, and fresh water daily.

We hope everyone has a great week. 

We are excited to announce that the new trailer was brought home to the loft today.  This trailer will make loading the birds for training much easier and eliminate stress of loading as well.  

Thank you to Ioris Brito, Pedro Diaz, and Tony Cuevas for all of your help, videos, pictures in the early stages of this. They were a big help in providing the fabricator with visuals of what we were trying to achieve.  And a huge Thank You to Wyatt Troutner of Troutner Custom Solutions for taking on this project with no real knowledge of the racing pigeon industry.  We are extremely happy with the outcome. 

We will begin the construction of the loading ramps early next week and once completed we will allow the birds to explore the ramps and trailer to let them get acclimated to it.  
New Self  Loading Trailer
Last week was officially the end of our intake for the 2024 season.  We would like to Thank Everyone that chose to participate in the Hoosier Classic 2024 Season.   We have 4393 birds entered in the system for this season. 
The health of the birds this year has been fantastic.  We have treated as a precaution for respiratory due to the excessive amount of rain we have had the last few weeks.  The birds are now currently being treated for Canker and will finish that course of treatment early next week.  

The new additions to the aviary's has made the process of doing inventories much easier and allows for daily clocking.  We have allowed the birds to clock everyday since May 9th.  There is still a group that needs to be settled and that should be done by next week.  They are quickly learning the traps and we are very happy with the progress of the birds this year.  We will now be in the "boring" part of the season where there is not much going on with the birds except allowing them out daily and allowing them to fly at their own will.   

We will be able to pick up the trailer next week and we are excited to get that back to the loft.  We will be allowing the birds to venture on it and exit off of it to fly.  Allowing them to do this now will make for a much easier task of loading for training when the time comes.  

We hope everyone enjoys the Memorial Day weekend. 
Video of the birds May 23rd & 24th 

Just a reminder that today was the last day to enter birds or send replacements for the 2024 season.  

We want to Thank Everyone who has chosen to participate in the Hoosier Classic this year and look forward to a great season.  Please remember that we will not pick a final race date until after activation.  This will allow us to provide the birds with the best training and race dates to benefit them.  

PLEASE NOTE..Unpaid perch fees are due now.  Failure to pay perch fees by Monday will result in the birds becoming property of the Hoosier Classic for Non Payment.  Any birds not paid for by Monday 5/20/2024 will be moved to For Sale.  Birds sold are not returnable.  Payments can be made via the PayPal Links on our website or by credit card over the phone by calling the office at 219-733-0011. 
Processing fees apply to both of these options.  Paypal does not allow Friends & Family as we are marked as a business, so if you plan to use PayPal, please use the links on our website. 

A reminder that this is the last week to ship birds for the 2024 season, including replacements.  We encourage everyone to please check the inventories to see if you have a bird that needs to be replaced.  If you are unsure, please feel free to email or call the office and we can help you.  We will continue to do inventories so please pay close attention early this week to allow time to ship if needed.   

Also, any unpaid perches need to be paid by Friday as well.  Perch fees that have not been paid will have the birds moved to For Sale.  Perch fees were due upon arrival.  We contacted many fanciers last week regarding payments.  If you did not respond, please do so this week.  
1 Week Left To Get In!

We currently have over 4000 birds here at the loft.  We would like to Thank Everyone who has chosen to participate in the Hoosier Classic Race again this year.

The health of the birds is very good and holding well.  All birds have received 2 vaccines, 1 for PMV and 1 for PMV/Rota, as well as a Pox Vaccine.  Currently the birds are being fed Beyers molting mix and given several tuples of minerals including their favorite, "Jovati Mineral Grit."   Three days a week birds are given "Bio-Pro" probiotics on their feed.  We have noticed giving probiotics in the water the birds tend to not drink as much during warmer weather.  We are very pleased with the results of the "Bio-Pro" since adding it to our feeding program. 

Birds continue to go out daily.  After a new group is out of the loft three times they are then merged with the older groups of birds.  

We continue to do daily inventories for fanciers to monitor any replacements that may be needed.  Next week, May 13th -17th will be the last week to send in new entries as well as replacements.  Please continue to check the inventories to get those replacements in if needed. 
Remember perch fees are non refundable and credits are not given for perch fees either, so take advantage of sending replacements. 

We received some updated pictures of the new trailer this morning and it is looking good.  The doors for the levels themselves, as well as the cleaning doors have been added.  It is coming together nicely and should be a lot less stress on the birds for loading and training. 

Finally, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Randy Walz, Zephyr Loft.  Randy passed away this past weekend.  He was a true gentleman and always a pleasure to talk to.  Randy won the Hoosier Classic in 2021 having 1 of 6 birds on the drop that year.  He will be greatly missed.  Please keep his family and friends in your prayers as they embark on life without Randy.  



Happy Wednesday!!  We have had around 100 birds delivered today between the post office and breeders delivering birds.  

We have had a few fanciers call and ask if they could send birds after the 10th of May.  Several breeders need just a few extra days on their youngsters to ship them.  With that said, we have decided to allow birds to enter until May 17th, just 1 week later, and this will also allow for anyone to continue to send replacements for any birds that may be missing.  Please continue to watch the inventories to see if you are missing anything that will need replacing.  

There are several birds that have not had their perch fees paid for either.   If you have unpaid perches, they will need to be paid by the 17th.  We will begin contacting breeders by phone this week to get fees paid.  Perch fees were due upon arrival. 

If anyone has any questions please feel free to
contact our office 219-733-0011
There are currently over 3600 birds in the loft, and birds are arriving daily.  
We have had a very wet few days here at the Hoosier with rain everyday, including today and high winds yesterday.  This weather has kept the birds in the loft the last few days. The forecast looks like we will see a break in this rain until next week and hopefully the wind stays settled down to get the next group of birds out.  
The birds that are settled definitely enjoy being out of the loft and are flying in large groups and wandering a little from the loft when flying.  It's enough to give Jim a little bit of a heart attack.  Remember to please check the loft fly and inventories on Wincompanion or Benzing to see if any replacements are needed.  You will have until May 17th to send replacements.  

There is just a few weeks left to get your birds in for the 2024 Season.  With $1,200,000 in Guaranteed Prizes and many different options to win, you don't want to miss out!  

Ship Birds to:
Hoosier Classic
10258 S 1150 W
Wanatah, IN  46390

Please include perch fees when shipping unless prepaid using a credit card or PayPal


Video Of birds in the loft 




$1,200,000 in Prizes GUARANTEED
There is currently 2800 birds here at the loft, and more arriving almost daily.  The birds are doing well and continue to go out weather permitting.  We have had a lot of rain the past few weeks, however Saturday & Sunday were beautiful with temperatures in the 70's.  Today the weather is supposed to be close to 80 degrees with minimal wind. Rain and wind seem to be our biggest issues this time of year.  We are expected to have rain Tuesday & Wednesday this week, while temperatures will go back into the 50's & 60's.  

The birds that have arrived through week 7 have been clocking, and we encourage everyone to monitor the inventory's and loft fly's to see if you need to send any replacements.  If you are unsure please feel free to contact our office and we can help you.  

Last week was quite busy with birds coming in.  In 48 hrs we had over 100 boxes delivered, and many fanciers deliver birds.  Thank you all for the continued support.  
If you are planning to ship birds please do so only between Monday - Wednesday.  We have seen just a few minor delays with boxes, but the majority seem to arrive in good time.  We usually get birds Tuesday afternoons and then 2 times a day Wednesday - Friday.   

Please remember to include your perch fees with your birds unless you have prepaid.  

And don't forget that this year we will have a "Sprint Series" that you can enter into, as well as an extra race after the final.  The goal is to host the Hoosier Classic Top 100 Auction the same day of the extra race.  This will allow fanciers to come and handle the top 100 as well as watch and participate in an additional race.  

As always if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our office 219-733-0011.
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