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Birds continue to arrive daily.  This week we have seen over 300 birds shipped in.  Birds that arrived in weeks 1, 2, & 3 have been out of the loft 4 times this past week.  Weather has slowly been getting better however our biggest problem here in Indiana are the strong winds.  If the birds were let out today they would have blown into the next county.  Overall health is holding well and appetites are very strong.  We have seen some cases of Young Bird sickness and hope to keep this to a minimum.  Any youngsters that became ill or fall behind the owners are notified.  We plan on continuing to settle a new group of birds weekly as well as give the 4 week PMV Booster.
Jim will be at Belmont Feed in Chicago on Sunday around 11:00 am picking up birds if any fanciers from Chicago would like to drop off their birds for the race. 

Remember there is still time to sign up and send youngsters to the biggest one loft race in North America.  Let your champions compete for the largest 1st Place Prize in the History of the sport!
$500,000 Guaranteed
$1,272,000 Guaranteed Overall
$40,000 1st Ace Pigeon or optional New 2019 Ford F-150
from Art Hill Ford of Merrillville, Indiana

Our Prizes Are Based On Our Guarantee!

Another reminder if you are in an area that can not ship birds you can take advantage of the breeders who are willing to send youngsters to the Hoosier Classic for you.  These top class breeders can be found on our Breeders Connection Page.
Winning Just Got Easier!!

We will be working on an itinerary in the next 2 weeks for the Final Race Weekend.  We will of course have basketing, and the banquet.  Ganus Family Loft will be hosting an auction the same weekend as well.   We are working on putting together another event as well for everyone to enjoy.  We have a room block available again at Blue Chip Hotel and Casino in Michigan City Indiana.  Along with the casino there are several restaurants, bars, and entertainment at the hotel.  The hotel sold out last year due to several local events including a Notre Dame football game.  If you plan on attending the final race and would like to stay at Blue Chip Hotel we suggest booking early.  The booking code for the Hoosier you will need when making the reservation is SHC1113.  Reservations must be made by 9/17/2019.  You can make your reservation by calling 219-879-7711


2019 will be an exciting season with over 4200 perches reserved as of today.  Birds are arriving daily and we are already at 1100 birds here on March 20th.  With $500,000 Guaranteed for 1st Place and $1,272,000 Guaranteed overall fanciers are sending their best.  Competition is extremely high here at the Hoosier.  The quality of youngsters we see arriving is INCREDIBLE!

Health is holding well with four youngsters being removed as they don't seem to be able to catch up to the others.  We do use the services of Dr. Zollars DVM on a regular basis however we feel these are a select few not handling stress very well.

We will start to show inventories next week as the weather shows to be much better for loft flying.

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Just a few reminders as well when shipping birds
- Include information in the box with the loft name or breeder name.  
-Include payment if not pre paid
- Do Not Overcrowd Boxes  We can not stress this enough.  Just because the weather is cool doesn't mean the inside of the shipping box is.  
- Use straw instead of shavings to prevent respiratory issues
- Feel Free to call, text, or email when shipping so we can ensure a timely arrival
$500,000 1st Place

Thank you to everyone who has reserved perches with the Hoosier Classic for 2019.  As of today we have 3,950 perches reserved.  Entries are coming in daily and today we had the first group of birds arrive from our breeders connection.  Remember if you can not ship birds to us you can take advantage of the Top Class Breeders offering to ship youngsters to the Hoosier Classic for you.  They can be found on the "Breeders Connection" page on our website www.hcrace.com
Our first arrivals will be receiving their booster vaccine of PMV this week.  Health is holding very well and we will be sending off droppings this week to Dr. Zollars.  Once we receive the results we will send them out in an update. We have been working with Dr. Zollars for several years now even though he is over 100 miles away.  We will continue to use Dr. Zollars services as well as the services of Dr. Shireman who is a local vet.  Dr. Shireman will now add more visits to the loft monthly to do a visible well being check of all the birds. 
My sons and I got ourselves in trouble today.  I promised Kelly no more building but when she was gone shopping I managed to dismantle the aviary on our quarantine loft.  We are now adding a 12x48 aviary to the  12x48 quarantine loft.  She was not happy with us but a few days in the dog house will be worth it for a better loft for your birds.  New aviary will be up by the end of the week and we will post some pictures.

Remember when choosing a one loft race
choose one that Guarantees All Its Prizes!
Hoosier Guarantees $1,272,000
- Monthly Vet Checks
- GPS Tracking for all races
- 5 Race Series
- $500,000 1st Place
- Qualified Full Time Staff
- $40,000 1st Place Average Speed
or Brand New Ford F-150
- 3 Police Officers Present for Final Race to insure No Foul Play
- 2 Officers to follow trailer for final race
- Top 100 Pigeons Auctioned on IPigeon
Breeder Receives 50% of Auction (NO Hidden Fees)
- 16x280 ft Loft with 12x200 attached aviary
- Over 9000 Perches in the loft
-Only the best products used for your champions
Jovait Grit - Verse Laga Feed - Vita King Products

As always, if you are shipping birds feel free to give us a call, text or email to let us know. 
When shipping please include your loft name and payment. 
Per our Rules - payment must accompany all birds unless pre paid

Have a great week!


If you have ever wondered what the inside of the Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Race Loft looks like now is your chance to see.  A video has been posted on our YouTube Channel with tour of the loft.  The footage was filmed in the summer of the 2018 Hoosier Classic Season by David Stephenson from Kastle Pigeon.  It gives you an in-depth look at the interior of the loft, our cleaning process and what goes on at the Hoosier on a day to day basis. 

There was also a shorter video posted yesterday which details what our process is during intake of birds at the beginning of the season. 

If you have a few minutes check out the videos and get a better idea of how the Hoosier Classic operates and how we do our best to care for your birds.

Loft Tour Video
Intake Process Video
$1,272,000 GUARANTEED
Don't Miss Out On A Chance To Win
$500,000 for 1st Place

We are already at 282 pigeons in the loft with perch reservations now over 3800.  With the Guaranteed prizes and 1st place at $500,000 the quality of pigeons is going to be amazing.

Overall health of the birds is great as of now and group one is learning the traps.  We finally finished installing floor heat in all sections of the loft and there has been a video of the install uploaded on YouTube.  This will be very beneficial for the birds in spring and fall.  Our next project is working with the new camera system so we can have Live Stream video for races.  The camera arrived this  past week and we will begin learning how to use it this week.  Hopefully once we get an understanding of it and the weather warms up we can test it with a live video of the birds being fed or trapping. 

Now that we have begun accepting birds our day begins at 6:30 am everyday.  4-5 days a week the post office is calling at 6:30 letting us know there are birds to be picked up.  Our goal is to provide your champions with the best care and products.  And that includes a full time dedicated staff and products like Verse Laga feed and Jovati Mineral Grit. 

Remember if you are shipping birds please either drop an email or give us a call so we can look for them.   We like to try to keep track of all boxes to ensure they arrive on time.  When shipping remember not to overcrowd the boxes and also include information for the loft in the box along with the payment if not pre-paid. 

Have a good week

YouTube Link

There is still plenty of time to sign up for the 2019 season.  We are fast approaching 3700 perches reserved.  These do not include international entries.   Remember you will be competing in the Biggest One Loft Race in North America with the BIGGEST GUARANTEED 1ST PLACE PRIZE in the world.
Don't forget that there is a list of breeders on our website that are willing to send youngsters for you.  If you are interested in having birds shipped from one of these breeders please contact the breeder directly to make arrangements.  The 2018 1st Place Winner was bred by Frank McLaughlin and flown under Tigre Loft! 

The 2019 season has officially started as we received almost 100 birds this past week.  All have been vaccinated and run through our intake protocol.  These youngsters were then placed in quarantine and will be moved to the main loft after seven days. 
With our first week of accepting birds over we want to remind everyone of some important steps to take when shipping birds.   Please use the appropriate boxes.  Do not put 4 birds in a 2 bird box.  Do not put 6 birds in a 4 bird box.  These boxes have recommendations for the quantity of birds for a reason.  You are not doing your birds any favors by putting more then recommended.  When you do ship please put information in or on the box so we know what loft they belong to.  Your loft name on the box saves a lot of time when trying to enter the birds into the system.  And as always please include your payment or pre pay for the birds.  Any birds that are shipped without payment will not be entered into the system and they will not go into the main loft until the payment has been received. 


Have a Great Week!

We have received several calls and emails asking for us to accept birds earlier.  Hoosier Classic will start accepting birds February 18th.  This is almost 2 weeks earlier then planned.  We are fully staffed and ready for your champions. 

Why Fly The Hoosier Classic

- Only race in North America that Guarantees ALL Prizes
- Highest 1st Place Prize ($500,000) in the world
- Lowest entry fees of all big races ($750.00 USD)
- Your chance to race against thousands of pigeons not just a few hundred
- Race against the best fanciers in the world
- All pigeons are Hand Scanned for ALL RACES
(to ensure chip rings are working and birds are in good shape to perform)
- Monthly vet check to ensure top health
- Every Pigeon is vaccinated twice for PMV & Paratyphoid
- 5 Race Series
125 - 150 -180 - 220 - 350
- 3 Police Officers for final race shipping to ensure  No Foul Play
- 2 Officers Follow Trailer for Final Race
- GPS Tracking for All Races
- 10 Prizes for Average Speed
1st Place  $40,000 or 2019 Ford F-150
2nd Place  $10,000
3rd Place  $8,000
4th Place  $6,000
5th Place  $4,000
6th Place  $3,000
7th - 10th Place  $2,000
- Top 100 Pigeons Auctioned
Breeders Receive 50% of Auction Price  No Hidden Fees
2018 Breeders Received $103,000
- Hoosier Loft is 280 ft Long x 16 ft Wide
12 x 20 aviary & 9000 perches
- New for 2019  Live Camera Coverage for Training and All Races

Lets have some fun and make history with the Biggest Guaranteed Payout in North America!

We are officially less then 30 days away from accepting birds for the 2019 Hoosier Classic One Loft Race!  We currently have over 3200 perches reserved.  Competition will be at an all time high with the Hoosier Classic paying out the largest 1st Place Prize of $500,000 Guaranteed, $40,000 for 1st Ace Pigeon, a total $1,272,000 Guaranteed Overall!

Every season we are asked what fanciers should do to their youngsters before shipping them.  As well as what we do to the birds before intake.  We have listed some things that we feel are important especially for shipping to one loft races.

1.  We have always believed in vaccinating.  We vaccinate youngsters for PMV & Paratyphoid at 24 days old. 

2.  Treat your youngsters for Canker when weaning.  We use Canker Max or Spartrix for individual treatment.  Canker Max is 25% stronger and works great. 

3.  Make sure your youngsters are eating and drinking independently.   You would be surprised how many youngsters have a hard time finding the drinker or eating large seeds when they arrive.  We use two types of drinkers in quarantine for when the birds arrive.  The 2-Gallon plastic bullet shape and the old fashion wire guard cone drinker are what works best for ensuring the birds drink.  I honestly can not stress enough how important this is.  Remember, when flying in a One Loft Race your birds are competing for everything.  It is always best for your birds to be confident in their ability to eat and drink from the moment they arrive.

4.  Send youngsters around 40-45 days old.  This helps you set your youngsters up better at home before shipping them.  It allows more time to teach them the things mentioned above as well as it allows a fancier more time for selection as well.

5.  When shipping your youngsters hydrate them.  Use a syringe to fill them up with water before putting them in the box.  We also give a Top Pill before they are boxed up.  Top Pills are very effective in reducing stress and maintaining condition during transport.  We also recommend using straw in the shipping boxes instead of shavings which tend to have to much dust and can be harmful. 

Once youngsters arrive at the Hoosier Classic you can expect the following from our team:

1.  All youngsters are allowed to eat and drink immediately for 3 hours
2.  All youngsters are then treated for Canker using Canker Max.
3.  All Youngsters  are vaccinated for PMV
4.  All youngsters are dewormed and sprayed for external parasites.
5.  All youngsters are given a chip ring and a color coded snap ring which indicates the week that the bird arrived.  They are then placed in quarantine for 7 days.  The quarantine loft is 12x48 with front aviaries attached.
6.  Four days after being placed in quarantine they are vaccinated for Paratyphoid.
7.  Four weeks after arrival the birds are revaccinated for PMV.  This is the most important vaccine as it will bring the birds closest to 100% coverage as possible.

As always the best minerals and feed are used for the Hoosier Classic Birds including Jovati Grit from Vita King Products and Verse-Laga Feed.  When it comes to your champions we leave nothing to chance.  We use the services of Dr. Kevin Zollars DVM on a regular basis.  Fanciers can expect monthly dropping analysis results from Dr. Zollars. 

We hope that the above information is helpful to those who are flying the race and also to those who are contemplating flying the race.

Don't forget to sign up for the 2019 Season if you haven't already!



It is only January and we now have over 3000 perches reserved.  Thank you to all those that have reserved perches early.  We are very confident there will be many more signed up by March 1st.  If you like competition this is the race to be in!

Don't Delay
Sign Up Today
$500,000 1st Place Guaranteed
$1,272,000 Guaranteed Overall Prizes

We have received many phone calls from fanciers wishing to use the service of the Breeders Connection Page.  For those wishing to utilize these services please contact the breeder directly.  Remember it is in your best interest to contact them early in the year to ensure they have enough youngsters and confirm they will be sent to the Hoosier Classic.

There are 6 international birds that should be posted on IPigeon sometime on Thursday for sale.  These birds were flown in the 2018 Race.  The pedigrees will also be posted on IPigeon.   The videos are also on our YouTube page if you wanted to take a look now. 

Have a great rest of the week


If you do not receive our updates in an email please click the link below to “Resubscribe” to our email list

There are only 39 days until the Hoosier Classic opens to accepting birds for the 2019 season.  With March 1st being on a Friday we will start accepting birds February 26th.  We currently have over 2900 perches reserved.  
Around the loft...
                           It has been very cold here the last 2 days which makes for a frustrating morning when cleaning the lofts.  The new floor heat being installed in the loft will be beneficial to the early arrivals in March.  All of our vaccines arrived this week as well as a new shipment of Jovati mineral grit and Canker Max, all of which will be used for the 2019 season.  Canker Max is a new product we used last year from Vita King for the treatment of Canker.  Every bird that arrives gets a Canker Max pill before entering the loft.  
We will be posting 6 birds on IPigeon this week.  These 6 birds are from Europe and flew the 2018 series.  Owners opted not to fly the old bird series so the birds will be auctioned off.  All 6 birds have been vaccinated for PMV & Paratyphoid and their pedigrees will be posted as well.

We are starting to hear from agents from other countries regarding the 2019 season.  They are all in full swing promoting the race on an international level.  One question that has come up this year is what can be done to shorten the quarantine time.  Quarantine is always a concern when flying International races.  Unfortunately these are the regulations put into place by those countries.  When we ship to races in South Africa our pigeons have to go through quarantine the same as everyone else's.  We have been in contact with all of the quarantine stations to ensure an easy and healthy transition for the pigeons.  Quarantine dates have been moved to begin in March to help ensure the arrival of pigeons to the Hoosier Classic much earlier this year.    Remember for those that wish to compete but can not send or may fall short in your breeding there is now a list of Breeders that are willing to send youngsters to the race for you.  Please check the "Breeders Connection" page on our website.  The list of breeders are some of the top breeders in North America with some of the best birds in the world.

Don't Forget to Register for 2019!!
$500,000 Guaranteed 1st Place
$1,272,000 Guaranteed Overall Payout

Hoosier Classic Offers
- 6500 sq ft of Loft Space
- 9000 Perches
- Benzing Clocking System
- 5 Race Series
- Monthly Veterinarian Check
- Top Products Used for Your Champions
Vita King Products - Jovati Grit - Versa Laga Feed
- Weekly Updates
- Video Updates
- GPS Tracking on All Races
- Licensed Security to Oversee Basketing & Liberation on Final Race
- All Races Live on Wincompanion & Benzing One Loft
- Clean 50% Cut of All Auction Earnings on Top 100 & Top 10 Ace Pigeons (No Hidden Fees)
- Optional 400 Mile Race 8 days after final
- International Competition
- Fast Payouts
- Yearling/Old Bird 6 Race Series Offered to All Entries

Don't miss your chance to be part of the Biggest Payout In North America!! 

Yearling/Old Bird Series
Health continues to hold very well for the old birds.  Birds continue to receive all of their weekly supplements and weekly bath when the weather permits.  Dr. Zollars called Friday with the test results for January.  Birds tested negative for Cocci & Worms.  We will show a copy of the results once they arrive.  For now everything is going well, we are just waiting for a break in the weather so we can start to exercise.  

There are several birds that have not paid the entry fee for the Old Bird Series.  Please send the payments or call and pay over the phone.   These payments were due in November.  The perch fees are $150 per bird.  We will begin contacting breeders at the end of this week that have unpaid balances.  

As always if there are any questions please feel free to email or call the office.

Have a great week,

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