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Birds were released at 9:15 am from Mattoon,IL.  Birds have been at the release point since 6:00 am and allowed to drink on the trailer.  We waited this morning to release for rain half way through the course to break apart which it did. 

Best of Luck Everyone! 


Birds have been at the race station since before 6:00 am and have been watered.  Unfortunately there are some rain storms moving east across the birds flight path.  We plan on holding the birds until this passes.  We hope to be able to release no later than 8:30/9:00 am.  Any later we will bring the birds back.  
We will update again around 9:00 am today. 




The birds were trained from 70 miles yesterday.  Today all the birds were hand scanned for tomorrows 150 mile race.  Weather permitting birds will be released at 7:00 am.  The GPS will be on the trailer and the live stream will start approximately 30 minutes before the birds are due home.  This is the 1st race that will count towards average speed. 

I also would like to take a few seconds here and ask that everyone in the race to please read the rules of the race. This week we have been asked some questions so I would like to clear them us as well. 
1. GPS is on ALL RACES.  If you cannot navigate the GPS you can call us and we can assist in the process. 
2.  We hand scan for all races, not for trainings.  When training the birds we use a basketing list from a previous inventory.  Inventories are done periodically and are used for the purposes of basketing for training as well as an accurate count on the birds.  For races a "new" basketing list is created when the birds are hand scanned, however basketing lists for races can not be used for training purposes.  It is a little confusing however it explains why for training purposes the bird count is for example 3470 but on a race 2 days later it is higher or lower. 
3. Updates go out weekly and sometimes 2-3 times per week depending on if we are racing or training.  If you are not receiving the updates by email then you will need to call the office and have us add your name and email address to our system.  You can call the office between 8:30-4:30 pm CST at 219-733-0011.
4. Injuries - Yes every time we release the birds to loft fly, train, or race there is a chance of injuries.  With 3000 birds flying these odds do increase unfortunately.  If your bird is ever injured we will notify you. 
5. Questions - We encourage everyone in the race that if you have questions to please call us directly.  We are always willing to discuss concerns with the breeders.  You can call the office to speak to one of us at 219-733-0011 or try Jim directly at 773-491-1274 our you can click the link to subscribe to the email list.

GPS Login Information:
Username: hoosierclassicrace@aol.com
Password: Pigeons123
The link below will take you to the login page


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The birds have been basketed this evening for the 125 Mile race tomorrow.  We will be releasing from Pesotum, Illinois at 7:00 am weather permitting.  As of now they are calling for sunny skies with a light tail wind throughout the course.  We will attempt again to do a livestream of the loft.  We are hoping it will work better this time.
Please remember that average speed for Ace Pigeons will start on the 150 Mile Race.  These are the same rules as last year.  If all goes well tomorrow we will have the 150 mile race on Wednesday September 18th. 
With that said there are many fanciers that have not activated their pigeons yet.  Don't miss the chance to win the biggest prize in the world of $500,000.  
Beginning Monday of next week we will being to post birds that have not been activated.  We are aware of some fanciers that have sent checks and have not arrived yet.  We expect to see many more payments in the mail tomorrow.  If you have no plans on activating your birds please let us know immediately.  
There are several superstars in the loft and this truly is anyone's race!

Maureen will be in the office tomorrow for anyone wishing to pay with a credit card over the phone.  She will be available from 8:30 am - 12:00 pm.  If you have any questions or need to pay please call the office at 219-733-0011.  

Good Luck Everyone!!


Saturday’s 100 Mile Activation Race went very well. We did have birds clocking yesterday and those birds are being contained in the clocking area for individual evaluation of injuries. The weather Saturday was beautiful sunny skies and a slight headwind. We did a live stream of the birds coming home for a short time. The live stream was slowing down the uploading of the clocking so we disconnected it. We think we will have this problem resolved Monday after speaking with our internet company. Hopefully the next race we can live stream without any issues.

Activation payments are now due. We have several different payment options available for everyone. Of course payments can be mailed, we suggest if you mail a payment that you send it "Priority Mail" via the post office as this allows for faster delivery and has a tracking number on it. The cost is probably $6.00-$7.00 for this service.
Credit card payments are also available by calling the office at 219-733-0011 after 8:30 am CST on Monday. Payments made with a credit card will incur a fee. It is $19.00 for every $500 you pay using a credit card. This is strictly the processing fee.
PayPal is also available on the website under the "Payments" tab. Select the "Young Bird Activation" for either domestic or international. If you are outside of the United States you have to select "International." Canada & Mexico are considered international.

All birds returning from the 100 Mile Activation must be activated. It is an all or nothing activation. Any teams/birds not activated will become property of the Hoosier Classic and will be sold.

We are asking that all payments be made by Sunday September 15th. Unpaid birds after September 15th will become property of the Hoosier Classic and will be sold.

Our first race is a 125 mile race and will most likely be some time this week. We have some rain in the forecast this week and we will continue to watch to pick a day without rain.

Remember there is only 10 days left to book rooms at Blue Chip Hotel & Casino for the final race at discounted rates. When you call use the code SHC1113.

Have a great week


Birds have been loaded for the 100 Mile Activation tomorrow.  We are aiming for a 7:00 am release.  Weather tomorrow at release should be around 60 degrees and sunny with a head wind of around 5-8 mph.  The weather looks to be the same throughout the course as well at home with a head wind of 5-8 mph at home as well.

We will have the GPS on the trailer tomorrow.  There is a link that you can click on to view the trailer along the course.  It will require you to enter a username and password.  PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE PASSWORD.  If you change the password no one will be able to view the GPS.  

Best of Luck tomorrow to everyone!  Lets hope for some great returns!

GPS Login Information:
Username: hoosierclassicrace@aol.com
Password: Pigeons123
The link below will take you to the login page



Due to rain in the forecast for tomorrow the 100 mile activation  has been moved to Saturday September 7th. Wind Saturday should be North around 7mph.  

Best of Luck to Everyone!! 


As you know from our last update we did not train Sunday or Monday due to the opening of Dove Season.  We plan on training tomorrow from 75 miles weather permitting.  If all goes well we will have the 100 Mile Activation training on Friday September 6th.  I do not want to get to far ahead but our 1st race is 125 miles and we should be able to have that race 4-5 days after the 100 mile activation.  Again this depends on the weather.  A reminder to everyone that the activation is $500 per bird due after the activation.  A check can be mailed, we will have a PayPal Link available to use as well as credit card options by calling the office.

The birds look great and well rested.  Its going to be a very exciting series with someone having a chance to take home $500,000!!  The Biggest 1st Place Prize In The World!

We wish everyone good luck this week and lets hope for some great returns!! 


Birds were back training today.  Again we see birds missing and coming back from the east.  Hopefully moving them out will correct this.  We will train tomorrow from 70 miles and ALL BIRDS WILL BE RELEASED  TOGETHER!  We normally do this at 75 miles but we have found a great location at 70 miles to allow for this. Tomorrow looks to be a great weather day with SW winds at about 4 mph.  We plan on training Friday as well because there will be no training on Saturday or Sunday this weekend due to it being the start of Dove Season.

We swabbed several birds in the loft yesterday and sent in for testing. We want to make sure approaching the 100 mile activation that there were no underlying issues.  All results have come back 
negative and the report from the lab is below.  We do have a fecal exam pending from Dr. Zollars which we should get results in the next day or 2.

Remember there are still birds for sale listed under Breeder Unassigned.  If you look at these birds on Wincompanion you have to click "View Complete Report" and then select the name Breeder Unassigned to view the list.

Less then a month to book rooms for the final race at Blue Chip Hotel & Casino.  Use Booking Code SHC1113 when you call to book


The birds have had 12 tosses including todays 55 mile toss from Sheldon.  These tosses have been frustrating to say the least.  We watch as majority make good time while the rest make a marathon out of it.  We have had the birds tested for Canker and Respiratory which have come back negative.
Moving forward the birds will be off from training Monday and Tuesday because of rain.  Training will resume Wednesday.
We have had several people call asking if the 100 Mile qualifying race will be Sept 1st.  The race will most likely be between Sept 7th & 9th.  We will notify everyone via email with the exact day when we get closer. 

Remember that you only have until Sept 18th to book rooms at Blue Chip Hotel and Casino.  You can use code SHC1113 to receive discounted rates for the Hoosier Race Weekend. 

We are still in the process of naming birds as well.  If you need help naming your birds please email or call the office and we can name them for you. 

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