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Due to rain in the forecast for tomorrow the 100 mile activation  has been moved to Saturday September 7th. Wind Saturday should be North around 7mph.  

Best of Luck to Everyone!! 


As you know from our last update we did not train Sunday or Monday due to the opening of Dove Season.  We plan on training tomorrow from 75 miles weather permitting.  If all goes well we will have the 100 Mile Activation training on Friday September 6th.  I do not want to get to far ahead but our 1st race is 125 miles and we should be able to have that race 4-5 days after the 100 mile activation.  Again this depends on the weather.  A reminder to everyone that the activation is $500 per bird due after the activation.  A check can be mailed, we will have a PayPal Link available to use as well as credit card options by calling the office.

The birds look great and well rested.  Its going to be a very exciting series with someone having a chance to take home $500,000!!  The Biggest 1st Place Prize In The World!

We wish everyone good luck this week and lets hope for some great returns!! 


Birds were back training today.  Again we see birds missing and coming back from the east.  Hopefully moving them out will correct this.  We will train tomorrow from 70 miles and ALL BIRDS WILL BE RELEASED  TOGETHER!  We normally do this at 75 miles but we have found a great location at 70 miles to allow for this. Tomorrow looks to be a great weather day with SW winds at about 4 mph.  We plan on training Friday as well because there will be no training on Saturday or Sunday this weekend due to it being the start of Dove Season.

We swabbed several birds in the loft yesterday and sent in for testing. We want to make sure approaching the 100 mile activation that there were no underlying issues.  All results have come back 
negative and the report from the lab is below.  We do have a fecal exam pending from Dr. Zollars which we should get results in the next day or 2.

Remember there are still birds for sale listed under Breeder Unassigned.  If you look at these birds on Wincompanion you have to click "View Complete Report" and then select the name Breeder Unassigned to view the list.

Less then a month to book rooms for the final race at Blue Chip Hotel & Casino.  Use Booking Code SHC1113 when you call to book


The birds have had 12 tosses including todays 55 mile toss from Sheldon.  These tosses have been frustrating to say the least.  We watch as majority make good time while the rest make a marathon out of it.  We have had the birds tested for Canker and Respiratory which have come back negative.
Moving forward the birds will be off from training Monday and Tuesday because of rain.  Training will resume Wednesday.
We have had several people call asking if the 100 Mile qualifying race will be Sept 1st.  The race will most likely be between Sept 7th & 9th.  We will notify everyone via email with the exact day when we get closer. 

Remember that you only have until Sept 18th to book rooms at Blue Chip Hotel and Casino.  You can use code SHC1113 to receive discounted rates for the Hoosier Race Weekend. 

We are still in the process of naming birds as well.  If you need help naming your birds please email or call the office and we can name them for you. 


We have had 7 tosses off the property so far and the birds are coming along well.  The past 2 days for the 10 mile tosses we have experienced an issue with the birds posting to Wincompanion.  We have been in communication with Terry Gilmore and hopefully have the issued resolved.  Results can be viewed on both Benzing One Loft and Wincompanion.

We will be keeping the birds in tomorrow because they are calling for rain in the morning.  Weather permitting birds will be at the 15 mile spot on Sunday morning. 
Health of the birds is great and hopefully it stays this way.  When birds come home they continue to fly as if they were just let out of the loft.  We have seen some birds with a few injuries the past few days and we will call or email breeders of these birds regarding their condition.  When training the birds we release several baskets at a time every 3-5 minutes.  Once we get the birds to 75 miles we will release them all together.  We feel doing it this way helps minimize the injuries. 

There are a group of birds that are For Sale, that were bred by some of the breeders from our "Breeders Connection" page.  The birds were bred by Tim Lucas - Champ Camp, Big Andy's Loft, Mark Mourton.

The birds can be purchased for $250 now and the $500 will be due for the activation after the 100 mile qualifier.  All winnings including auction earnings will be split 50/50 with the breeder.  If a purchased bird does not go to the auction the buyer will retain full ownership of the bird.



These birds can be purchased by calling the office starting Saturday the 17th after 9:00 am.  The birds are on a first come first serve basis. 

Also as a reminder there is only 1 month left to book rooms for the final race.  There is a room block at Blue Chip Hotel and Casino in Michigan City, Indiana.  All rooms have to be booked by 9/18/2019.  There is a Notre Dame game the same weekend and the hotels book fast.  You can call the hotel to book at 1-888-879-7711 and use booking code "SHC1113."  There are several events going on throughout the weekend, don't miss out on a great weekend!! 


Training has started and the birds have had three tosses off the property.   We did not train today because we finally got some much needed rain.  Tomorrow is questionable for rain as well.  We started training a week earlier then last year and the birds are handling it quite well.  This will help with moving the birds out slowly.
The birds continue to get Versa-Laga (Junior Mix) with extra seeds that we feel they need.  Jovati Grit is always available at all times for them.  Birds are given Vita Pro Combo - Pro Boost - Ropa B in the water on different days.  When birds have a stressful trainer or a race they are given Return Combo, this really helps boost them up. When we resume training it will be from 5 miles once more before going to the 10 miles.  

Hoosier Classic now has Facebook Page.  I didn't know about it until after it was done. My kids tell me I need to be more in tune with Social Media!  Not sure if I agree with them but either way Kelly or Maureen will share any happenings about Hoosier Classic through Facebook.  

Even though training has just started it is time to start making plans to come to the final race in October.  All events throughout the weekend are open to all who have entered the 2019 Hoosier Classic Race.  The final itinerary for the race has been posted to the website, Facebook and is in the Racing Pigeon Digest.  If you need details for the events going on throughout the weekend there is an itinerary listed below as well.  There is a room block at Blue Chip Hotel and Casino for anyone that would like to stay there.  Rooms must be booked by 9/18/2019 to get the discounted rates.  When booking use the code "SHC1113" 
We have had several people call regarding what airport to fly into.  There are several different airports that are options depending on where you are coming from and what airline you prefer.  South Bend Airport (SBN) is the closest at about 40-45 min from the hotel but has limited airlines and flights coming in and going out on a daily basis.  Midway Airport (MDW) in Chicago is the next closest at about 1 hr and 15 min to an hour and half away from the hotel depending on traffic.  Southwest Airlines is the most popular airline in this airport and they normally have great deals from anywhere in the country.  O'hare International (ORD) is the next closest at about 1 hr 30 min to 2 hrs depending on traffic as well.  This airport probably has the most options for airlines with the exception of Southwest as they do not fly out of O'hare.  Indianapolis (IND) would be the last option which is around 2 1/2 hrs away from the hotel and has all of the same options as O'hare.  

As always if you have any questions please feel free to email or call the office at 219-733-0011

Have a great week,



Below is the information regarding the Final Race for 2019.  Hotel information is included for Blue Chip Hotel and Casino with the booking code needed to receive discounted rates. 
There are several events going on throughout the weekend with plenty of things to do around town and in Chicago as well. 
Our goal is to always have the race on the date scheduled however weather plays a big role in race day.  Last year the race was moved 1 day back due to weather.  Our suggestion would be to keep this in mind when making travel plans should this happen again.  We hope it does not but October weather in the Midwest can be unpredictable. 

A reminder also that we would like to have all of the birds named within the next 2 weeks.  You can name the birds yourself through your Wincompanion account or email us the names and we can name them for you.  Any birds unnamed by the owners will be named by the Hoosier Classic Staff. 

We also now have a Facebook page that we will utilize to share information and videos. 




Birds are showing good progress in their morning flights.  We still have some that are reluctant to fly.  These will be motivated more and more daily.  With the birds flying more and more in larger groups we do see more injuries.  If this happens owners will be notified.  
During today's inventory/loft fly several groups stormed the traps so we will run the birds out again in the morning with the clock still running.  This is a critical time here at the loft with the birds being out to fly more.  We will not start training until we feel the birds can handle it.  
Overall things are great and birds are learning more every day.  We will update again on Sunday with a video of the birds as well. 




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Birds are looking good and all birds are now out of the loft. Health is very stable with the exception of a eye cold once in a while. Birds are offered a bath every other day. We have just over half of them taking off and routing for several minutes. While we will start encouraging the others to do the same. Birds are on no medication at this time. We will treat for canker and respiratory before training starts. Once the birds are flying better we will start training. Usually the second week in August we start at two miles. We have not seen or lost any birds to the owl these past 4 days so hopefully he has moved on. 

We are very happy with where the birds are at this stage. We will continue to encourage the later entries to catch up with flying. 


It has warmed up nicely this past week with temperatures in the 90's.  We have waited so long for warmer weather, no one is complaining about it, YET. 
Health is very stable in the loft and most of the birds take to the skies immediately when let out of the loft every morning.  Appetites are very good.  Our only problem as of now is every couple of days we have a small group of youngsters that refuse to trap for a day.  Its very important for us to get these in every night because anything staying out overnight may be a victim to some predators.  We also received call from surrounding towns of a couple birds found injured.  These breeders have been notified.
We will post a "loft fly" inventory Monday, Wednesday & Friday of each week.  With these high temperatures the birds storm the traps everyday so we will leave the clock run Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays to catch anything that piggy backs in.
There is a group of birds that will be For Sale from our Breeders Connection group as well as birds that have arrived without perch fees being paid.  These birds will be posted For Sale tomorrow on the website and the list will be emailed out.  Cost at this time is $250 per bird and $500 after the 100 mile activation.  Breeder and Buyer will split all earnings, and buyer will retain ownership of the bird.  You can purchase these birds by calling the office Monday - Friday 8:30 am CST to 4:30 pm CST.
We would like to have all of the birds named for the 2019 season. You can log into your Wincompanion account and name your birds.  If you need help you can email us the names and we will name them for you.  Birds left unnamed will be named by our office staff beginning in August. Once a bird has been named we will not make changes. 
For those breeders that have birds here with unpaid perch fees, you will need to call first thing in the morning before they are posted for sale.  We have given plenty of time and reminders to breeders to get payments in.  If your bird is posted "For Sale" due to non payment and is sold, you will loose all rights to the birds and we will not coordinate a buy back. 
Droppings will be sent to Dr. Zollars this week for analysis and we will also get some videos posted of the birds up on the YouTube channel.

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