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Good Morning Breeders, This morning marks the end of the 2018 race series here at the Sooner Challenge OLR. The race clock will be shut off as 48 hrs has elapsed. First and foremost i would like to congratulate everyone for completing the race series. You should be proud of your birds. They have been trained and raced for a total of 1670.794 miles. There is probably another couple hundred added to that as wincompanion only tracks TT over 10 miles.

It was truly an honor to handle your birds and im grateful you took the chance on giving this rookie handler an opportunity to showcase your birds.

Yes we will have another race series in 2019. We  will be expanding the loft and will be shooting for 500 birds next season. If you liked what we did, how we performed and took care of your birds tell a few friends thats the best publicity and advertising we can get. 

For our 1st year we had really good numbers percentage wise. Im not one boast so look for yourself. Do your homework when considering this race your birds deserve it.

                                                                       HAPPY FLYING! SEMPER FI,

                                                                       Rex Urbany


Hello Breeders, Birds were released at 0700. It was a good release with virtually no wind so there off to a  good start before the encounter the headwinds. Good luck to everyone!


The bad weather is back for today and tomorrow. If we get a window of oppertunity we will try and get in a TT if not we will continue to loft fly. Yesterday 10-23 we did take the birds 31 miles and the birds beat me home. The clock was still in race mode so none of the birds clocked. 


Hello Breeders,  The first race looks like a go. I've been watching the weather like a HAWK and all three weather apps. are showing good conditions for a beautiful 150 mile race. Again i would like to wish everybody good luck.

!!!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!!!

Hello Breeders, At this point in the game all of the races will be pushed back. As usual the safety of the birds is paramount and will not be comprimised. When the weather permits i will need 2 - 3 training toss's to get them back into form mentally and physically. As ive stated they have been loft flying but need to get these YB's a couple of toss's to get there confidence back  before we take them to the first race station. I know everyone is anxious as i am to get this series started. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


Hello breeders, Mother nature has thrown us another curve ball. Tuesday is bad now and thursday looks ok starting about 9am. I will continue to loft fly birds and monitor the weather. I will keep you all updated as usual on here and facebook.


Hello Breeders, i have been following the weather closely and it looks like there wont be a break until Tuesday the 16th so for now this looks like the new date. In the event this storm blows out of here before they expect it to. We will fly the 1st chance we can with good conditions for the birds. 


Hello Breeeders, the 1st race is going to be postponed due to weather it wasnt supposed to hit until sat. but this afternoon it all changed. 97% cloud cover with 50% chance of rain at 8am and it only gets worse from there. looked at Tulsa as a release point and the same there. I will continue to update. Thank you for your patience.


Hello Breeders, That time of the season is here. We will kick off the season as scheduled on Friday the 12th of Oct.  We will catch all the birds tonight and create our basket list for tomorrows race. If your bird was one of the ones lost from yesterdays TT and comes in in the next couple of days i will let you know. If it doesnt your entry money will be refunded. The only thing i can figure is they got hit by a hawk somewhere along there flight path home. They have been to that release point more than any other spot. They were all late and all scattered out. We had a few come in this morning and then i had to disconnect the clock to setup tomorrows race. Hopefully most will show up on tonights basket list.

It has been an honor and a privilege to manage your birds this season. Thank you for giving The Sooner Challenge OLR an opportunity to handle your birds. We did our best to keep your birds healthy. I posted as many updates on our website and social media as i could. 

I wish you all the best of luck over the race series. 


                                                                                        Happy Flying, Semper Fi

                                                                                        Rex Urbany


the weather man finally got it right. Rain predicted for a few day. We will resume training when it allows us

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