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Hello Breeders, We are looking forward to Mondays race. We will conduct a hand inventory for the basket list tomorrow. We spent all day Friday setting up 3 new Antenna's in addition to the Antenna's already in place. We had a short 36 mile TT today and the Antenna's managed to miss 80 plus birds i have tested and retested the system as seen in todays video that was cut short. The previous TT the Antenna's seemed to be working fine so what ive been working on this afternoon is removing the 3 we just added yesterday. I am confident the added distance on the birds will create the seperation they need not to overload the system. Best of  luck to all the breeders in the 1st race. Happy Flying! Semper Fi, Rex


Hello Breeders, Deadline to get entry fees in is tomorrow at 1:30PM. If you see a bird that is not paid, meaning check mark in the PD column Is not there you can purchase that Breeders birds. Now if you are paid and don't see a check mark in your PD column call me you must talk to me do not text email or other that won't suffice. We are racing on Monda. basket birds on Sunday. So there won't be time on Sunday for payroll adjustment. After tomorrow your only option for payment will be instant PayPal transaction. Happy Flyin! Semper Fi, Rex


Hello Breeders, The entry fee Deadline is this coming Saturday at 1:30 this is when my mailman delivers our mail. if you sent a check and it is not here Saturday you must send it PayPal by the end of the day Saturday if it's not here by 5 o'clock by the time I get all the entries updated on Wincompanion your team will be listed as available if you currently do not have PayPal I highly suggest you get it or get in touch with somebody that has it that you can fall back on in case it does not arrive by Saturday we are racing on Monday. If you log into Wincompanion and click on the sooner challenge on your birds and go over to the paid column which is PD and you do not have a checkmark I do not have payment from you and it is your responsibility to contact me. We are looking forward to a great series. Thank you. Happy Flying! Semper Fi, Rex


Hello Breeder, Activation race is over, it is now time to get your entries paid for. If you haven't mailed a check by today please send PayPal. If you don't have PayPal I'm sure you know someone who does. I suggest asking them to paypal for you and write them a check. We're under the gun here and would like to have our first race this weekend. congratulations to everyone on the activation race and good luck on the upcoming series. Rex


Hello Breeder, it's that time. we would  like to thank you all for supporting Tha Sooner Challenge OLR this yea.we would like to wish everyone good luck on tomorrow's activation race. Happy Flyin! Semper Fi, Rex


Hello Breeders, The week ahead. We will resume training on 9-7 with a short Training Toss as the birds have been locked up for 3 days. Hawks and Dove season opening weekend. Weather permitting we will train 38-48 tomorrow, day off 58 day off 58 day or two off 71 day off 48 or 58 day off 71 two days off ACTIVATION RACE!  YOU WILL HAVE 5 SHORT DAYS TO GET YOUR ACTIVATION MONEY SENT IN. THIS MEANS IT PHYSICALLY HAS TO BE HERE NOT IN THE MAIL!  WITHIN 5 DAYS. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS ABOUT THE SPEED OF THE MAIL SERVICE I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING PAYPAL IF YOU DONT HAVE IT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GET IT NOW NOT LAST MINUTE. WE WILL NOT HOLD UP THE BIRDS FOR LACK OF PLANNING. The ball is rolling and picking up speed folks. Lets stay ahead of the potential problems. Happy Flying, Semper Fi, Rex


Hello Breeders,  We're averaging about 45 birds a day that show up missing under the eligible tab. It seems to be different birds every day. We are going to shut down 1 trap the next time we have a training toss to see if slowing down the birds will help eliminate the issue. If you are watching our daily Facebook videos the birds are performing amazingly, so much so that we're thinking about moving up the Activation race a week or so ( WEATHER PERMITTING ). As you know by now our primary platform for communication is social media FACEBOOK! The Sooner Challenge OLR page. We post videos daily of every release and arrival of your birds. Thank you, Rex


Hello Breeder,  We have had two less than average training tosses from our 31 mile statio. We're unaware of any changes that may have happened in the past year so we are going to change tomorrow's release point to Atoka it's our 36 mile statio. we will see if this helps with their returns. If it does will know we cannot use the 31 mile spot any longer. Thank you, Rex


Hello Breeder, @ 10AM we will on Facebook live with Fly D Paul & Kimberly Danie. Search for group page The Sooner Challenge OLR. You must request to join group to watch. Or you can join group later and watch. Happy Flyin! Semper Fi, Rex


Hello Breeders, The new clock has arrived. Thank you for your patience in this matter. I am anticipating a couple of days to get everything setup and working properly. We will continue to train the birds while this is under way. Tomorrow 8-9 we will be releasing from our 8 mile spot this will be there 5th training toss. Thank you, Rex

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