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Good Morning Breeders,

Congratulations to all of you on the drop yesterday.  Those birds had to work hard for that win yesterday.  The headwinds along the course yesterday were tough all the way and they definitely impressed me with the speed and the number home on the day.  This should set the birds up perfectly for the 350 mile next week Thursday or Friday.
Today there are significant tail winds and clear skies all along the course, so that will help to bring some of the late ones home.  
Have a great weekend!

Good Morning Breeders,

Tomorrow looks like a good day to have the 300 mile race.  Forecast along the entire course looks to be mostly sunny to partly cloudy with no signs of rain or snow.  Temperature at release is going to be a chilly 28 degrees with a North East wind 10 mph (headwind/right shoulder).  The first 30-50 miles the birds are going to have to work a 10-15mph headwind which is normal for this section of the course.  Once they get near the 250 mile release the winds are forecast to drop to 5-10mph and remain that way along the remaining line.  By the time they get home to the loft the temperature will be about 50 degrees with a 7mph headwind.  
The birds have a lot of miles on them by now and the smart ones have figured out how to fly in these mountain and canyon winds.  The birds loft flew for me great over the weekend and trained exactly how I like on Monday and Tuesday.  Appetites are great, especially with the winter weather knocking on our door.  The low temperature for us over the weekend is going to be 15 degrees.  
I should be on the road by 5 today and get to the release point before 1.  The 300 mile race payout is posted under the "race info" tab on the website and will pay out 71 places tomorrow.  
Take Care and good luck!!!
Lucas Cramer
Crooked River Challenge is a proud user of Primalac, Topigeon clocking system, and Ropa B

Good Morning Flyers,

Birds were out enjoying a windy loft fly this morning before the rain hit.  Thursday is looking like the best day to finally fly the 250 mile race. Thank you all for your patience.  Forecast is for sunny skies with headwinds 4-8 mph along the entire course.  Temperature at release is going to be about 35 and around 60 at the loft.  Smoke maps are showing good air quality along the entire course.
Autumn has arrived and has brought lots of wind and some rain with snow in the higher elevations.  Great for putting fires out!  
Birds are ready and have been training well.  Appetites are great and eating a lot with the cooler temperatures. 
Good Luck to everyone.

Good Morning Breeders!

Smoke continues to be an issue for us along the race course.  I do not know when we will be able to fly the 250 mile race, but rain is coming Saturday and I'm hopefully that will help clear a lot of this smoke out.


I will let you know as soon as I know more.  I will continue to train the birds when weather and smoke allow.


Take Care




Race cancelled due to smoke


Good Afternoon.

Tomorrow looks like a good day to have the 250 mile race.  I will shoot for a 7:30 release...wind at release looks like it is going to be 1-5mph out of the North/North East with a temperature around 40 degrees.  Winds along the course look to be mild the entire way.  Once they get close to home they will encounter 75 degrees and 5mph headwind out of the North. Clear sunny skies all the way.
I have been keeping an eye on the smoke map and with the North/North East wind it should keep the majority of the smoke off the course to the West.  
I should be on the road by 7 tonight and that will put me at release before 1.  Birds are looking and feeling good.
Good Luck Tomorrow.

Good Morning,

Tomorrow is looking like a good day to do our first race!
The winds will be out of the East/NorthEast along the entirety of the course.  The first 100 miles are looking like 8-12 mph and then reducing to 4-8 for the remainder of the race.  It will be pushing them to the West, so they are going to have to work a bit to stay on course.  Skies will be clear and sunny.  Air quality right now is amazing and with an east wind that should keep all the smoke from California off the course.  Temperature at release will be about 40 degrees and about 65 degrees at home.
Birds are looking good.  They had 4 good trainers this last week where they had to deal with some wind and rain.  Unfortunately, we did have some injuries due to raptors and wires.  
There are two birds listed under "Crooked River Challenge" if anyone would like to activate them.  Birds and I should be on the road around 7 tonight and arrive at release by 1am.
Good luck tomorrow!
Lucas Cramer
Crooked River Challenge is a proud user of Primalac, Topigeon clocking system, and Ropa B

Good Morning and Happy Autumn,

Birds are out enjoying a cloudy and breezy morning here at the loft.  Our air quality is definitely improving here and along the course. I am hopeful that we may be able to race next week.  
Birds are doing well.  I started the birds on Flight Boost from Ropa B this week to possibly help with any respiratory inflammation from the smoke.  It is an all natural product that is supposed to help with inflammation and mucus build up.  I don't see any visible signs of respiratory distress in the birds, but our air quality was really bad for about 8 days straight.
I was able to get a trainer in on Monday and the birds cruised home without much issue. I did try and train yesterday but turned around and brought them back to due to smoke issues farther south. 
Thank you all for getting your entry fees to me.  I will issue refunds in full to any bird that doesn't go to the 200 mile race.  
Good Luck to you all this year!
Lucas Cramer
Crooked River Challenge is a proud user of Primalac, Topigeon clocking system, and Ropa B

Good Morning,

The smoke rolled in last night from the west and we are now sitting in some thick smoke this morning.  Birds will not be exercising today.  
I do not know when we will have the first race.  Some of you may remember that in 2017 we had to deal with a lot of smoke and didn't have the final race until Halloween.  October is usually good for flying pigeons, so we have time to get through the race series.  Birds are continuing to do well and are still giving me great loft flying sessions.
Thank you to everyone that reached out in regards to the fires here in Oregon.  We are sitting in a good spot in regards to fire defense.  We don't have many trees and all of our buildings are metal sided and roofed.  Some of our friends have had to evacuate their livestock and properties on the other side of the mountain due to fires shifting directions.  It is great to see the communities come together to help everyone in need.  My heart goes out to those that have lost everything.   
I hope this finds everyone well.  Take Care

Good Afternoon!

We are having another hot day here at the loft.  The birds just finished up a bath and are lounging about in the aviaries.  Today I tried to get them out for another 54 mile toss but the smoke blew in and I had to bring them home.  The air quality along our line of flight is poor, so we will not be racing tomorrow.  For those that are interested, I am using the "BreezeoMeter" app to monitor smoke along the course.  
Monday into Tuesday is going to be very windy which may be beneficial to move much of this smoke out.  Unfortunately,  it is just a waiting game to get a good window.  The birds are continuing to do well and I will keep them moving and train when we can.  
Thank you to everyone for sending your entry fees definitely saves me a lot of time.  I have been in contact with those still marked unpaid.  
Unfortunately, due to covid concerns we will not be hosting a final event at the loft.  
Feel free to reach out with any concerns.  Take Care
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