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The race season is now closed. If you won over $600, I will need a W9.  Checks will go out this week. If you want your birds shipped back send me a check for $65. I do fly Old Birds, so if you leave your birds here they will be flown in OB. I appreciate your participation in the race. If you won money, I can also deduct your shipping from your winnings. Please TEXT me if that's what you want to do that. (440) 476-1199. Thanks again. 


I'm waiting to post the payout until tomorrow night. No one has gotten a Colored Bird yet. Race closes at dark tomorrow.  


The weather played a very nasty trick on us yesterday. The wind was scheduled to be a SW helping wind at 10-15. It turned south at 15-20. The birds were pushed north and on our course this is troublesome because they can end up in Michigan behind Lake Erie and then they won't come back across the lake. A very hard race to say the least. It has been very cold the last couple of days also with overnight snow on the night before shipping.  Now, that being said, I'm old school, been flying birds for 35+ years. I like a hard race, I am not a fan of 1600 yard races with large drops so everyone "can see their birds come home". Not sure what that really proves. You can rest assured, the birds that get back, have tremendous heart and are no dummies.  Yesterday was a tough day for me having Covid and sitting in the cold hurricane. Knocked the crap out of me. Don't worry though as my father use to say about me---you can't kill a man born to hang. Payouts posted tonight. No nominated colored birds home yet



The following birds are entered in the Colored Bird race tomorrow:

RPM-304 Black

RPM-310 Black

RPM-324 Black

BUCK-3652 Black

BUCK-3639 Black

GPF-3177 Red Check

VITA-9551 Grizzle

IHC-35 White Grizzle

IHC-1532 Blue Pied Wft.

The split, as you know, is 50-30-20.  

The payout will be posted after the race tomorrow. Good luck to everyone. Still trying to kick this Covid. 


We will be flying the final on this Thursday.  

I have contracted Covid, and not the mild form. I am pretty sick and feel like s$@t.  We will not be having the party at the lofts, due to the fact, my helpers, wife and both grown sons have it also. My mother-in-law recently passed away at 103 years of age and this brought relatives from all over the country, Texas, Minnesota, Tennessee, etc, and someone brought it with them. Almost every single person at the funeral now has Covid.  Once again, the result of this is we will not be having the loft get together.  If you are bound and determined to come, there won't be food, and I am radioactive. So watch yourself. Thursday shows tail winds, but with this years god forsaken weather, who knows. Good luck and thanks for flying the race. 


We will be flying the 225 on Tuesday. The birds have been loft flying almost every day in the rain, wind and migrating hawks. I have Been having an issue with Wincompanion as you can see on the site. Will get that straightened out. Good luck.



After taking a long look at this nonsense weather I have decided not to fly the 225 mile race. We have heavy overcast at release and light rain here. We will notify when we go. 


We will be flying the 225 mile race tomorrow. Weather is forecast to be partly cloudy at the release.  Winds light from the NNW.  That is a quartering/Head wind.  Needless to say, the weather is beating us up with colder temperatures and high winds and consistent rain, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good days to race. The wind at home will be NNW 8-12. This could be a tough one.  Good luck to all.


Birds went by with tailwind all coming back from East including first group. Better put the brakes on, the wind is blowing 10-15, gonna have a hard time flying in that now, headwind.


Due to impossible weather here, we will be flying the 150 tomorrow. We have had very unstable weather here to say the least. high winds and rain. We have 3 days then the rain comes back for days again. I feel if we don't take advantage of this window there is no telling when we will be able to race again. 

Concerning your fees, if your bird returned from the 100 mile activation race  you are 100% obligated to pay for that bird. YOUR CHECKS SHOULD BE IN THE MAIL BY TODAY. 


Colored birds race should be good. 6 already signed up and very few fees received at this time. $100 entry, payment can be by separate check or included with your payment for your regular entries. YOU MUST INDICATE BAND NUMBER OF COLORED BIRD BEING ACTIVATED. Payout is 50-30-20 no cut of fees.  

Thanks and good luck 



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