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As I am now sending emails as updates, it occurred to me that some of you might not be getting them.  If you are not getting the updates via email, please let me know.  We have 100 birds here now, no sick birds, knock on wood.  Great job breeders.  The BFC has added Kenny Rhodes as a partner.  AS A RESULT, PROTEGE LOFT WILL ENTER NO BIRDS IN THE RACE.  HE IS IN AS A PARTNER, AND OUT AS A PARTICIPAN.  I WILL CONTINUE TO HANDLE THE DAY TO DAY SUPERVISION OF THE BIRDS.  KENNY WILL SERVE AS AS SOMEONE TO BOUNCE IDEAS OFF OF, ASSIST IN SUPERVISION OF THE MONEY RACE, AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT WILL HELP THE RACE GROW.  He always wanted to have a OLR, please direct all fussing, bitching, and complaints to him.

Please let me know if you are not getting the update emails--check your spam folders.  They are much more informative than these updates.




FEB 17,2016


Birds are starting to arrive daily.  All look healthy so far.  Weather is turning very nice now.  Seems the cold is letting up.  One note, if you vaccinate right before you ship, please let me know.  I dont want to overload the immune system.  Good luck, and thanks for flying the race.


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