News and Updates

Birds are doing well. We had 2 short training tosses last Thursday and Friday and the birds did great both days.

Birds were kept in today due to being the second Saturday of dove season. Birds enjoyed a bath today and a day of rest.

Birds will loft fly tomorrow. We are planning on road training 4 or 5 days next week.  We will keep you posted.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

TX Dash for Cash OLR Crew
The birds have been being released from the loft through the trailer for the past week and have mastered it. We are quite pleased with their progress and how quickly they caught on.

Birds are receiving a cleanup and rest day today. We are ready to start short trailer tosses and will be doing so later this week.  The plan is to start at 1 mile either tomorrow or Friday. 

On Saturday and Sunday the birds will only be turned out in the afternoons due to it being dove season in our area.  

We plan on resuming trailer training next Monday/Tuesday.  

We would like to thank all the breeders that chose to race in our series and want to wish each of you the best of luck!

The TX Dash for Cash OLR Crew

Good Morning Breeders!

Just a quick update on what is happening at the TX Dash for Cash OLR.  The net is back up, the 9th and 10th flights are growing back in.  The birds are being let out into the netting system at this time. The overall health of the birds is good. If you have Facebook, please look us up as Lelton does videos almost daily on what is happening at the loft and with the race series.  We appreciate your support and look forward to a great race series!

REPLACEMENT DEADLINE! Good evening breeders!

Just a reminder that this past Friday May 13th, was the last day for receiving your regular pigeons.

This Friday, May 20th, is the VERY LAST day we will receive any replacement pigeons.  That means you have Monday, Tuesday, MAYBE Wednesday to ship your replacement pigeons for them to arrive by Friday. AGAIN, we will not be taking any replacement birds after this Friday May 20th. 

We are grateful for all the support and confidence you have shown to us by sending your birds to the TX Dash for Cash OLR and we are looking forward to a successful race season!

Good luck to all!

Lelton and Phyllis Morse

Please note that Friday of this week, May 13, 2022, will be the ABSOLUTE LAST DAY we will receive your pigeons!

Friday May 20, 2022 will be the ABSOLUTE LAST DAY we will receive any replacement pigeons!!

We are grateful for all the support and are looking forward to a great race series, BUT please remember these dates as we will not receive your regular entry pigeons after this Friday the 13th OR your replacement pigeons after next Friday the 20th.

Again,  we are humbled and thankful for all your support and wish everyone the best of luck this race season!

God Bless!
WE ARE FULL! Breeders,

Thank you for choosing TX Dash for Cash OLR. If you are trying to sign up, we are sorry to inform you that we no longer have any perches available. The race is full. Please come back next year, we would love to have you participate in our race.

To the breeders that are signed up, thank you and good luck!

Lelton and Phyllis Morse
Breeders please understand the only way to guarantee your perches is to pay for them. We are truly very appreciative of all the support and we are very thankful for all of you choosing Tx Dash For Cash OLR this year. 
Just a reminder that we are only taking 1,500 and there are currently 1,397 signed up so far. We do not want anyone left out. 
Please understand we are definitely not trying to rush perch fee payment but we are only taking the first 1,500 paid spots. 
We are really looking forward to the 2022 race series. Remember we have added a 300 mile race this year. This makes it a 5 Race Series. 
100 mile activation race 
150 Average speed 
200 Average Speed 
250 Average Speed 
300 Average Speed 
350 Average Speed and final Race 
Paid by first drop then clocking order.

Our website has been updated for 2022’s new rules perch fees and entry fees. Please go take a look and get signed up when your ready. 

We are adding on approximately 65’ on the west wing of the loft. 
This will allow us to take 1,500 Birds for the 2022 Season. 

As a reminder if have not already sent in your W-9 form for the 2021 race series then your check has not been mailed. 

If you have already sent us a W-9 form your check was put in the mail last week on Thursday or Friday. 
Be on the lookout for that. 

Again thank You for choosing Texas Dash For Cash OLR as one of your races.
News Flash!!!!! 2022!!!

Ok Breeders wincompanion is cleared out and ready for you all to sign up for the 2022 race series. 

Our website will be updated by weeks end with a couple small changes for 2022. 

Pretty much everything stays the same 

1. Perch Fees are now $115
2. Entry fees are going to be $250 per bird. 

Again all rules will be posted as soon as our webmaster gets a couple minutes to add the changes. 

Thanks for your support in the Texas Dash For Cash OLR!!