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Congratulations to the first drop yesterday. 2024 free perch fees for the first 10 Places. 

Looking forward to the 250 mile race. We will keep you posted. 

Good luck!

Lelton and Phyllis Morse


Good afternoon breeders,

Tomorrow will be the 200 mile race. Looking to release between 7:40 am and 8:00 am.  

REMINDER: your activation money is due no later than Wednesday December 6th. If your bird came back for the 150 activation race, that bird needs to be paid for. 


Good luck!


Lelton and Phyllis Morse



Congratulations to all who had birds return from the 150 mile activation race.  It was a great day for a race.

With that said, your activaiton fees are due now. As stated on the videos and previous updates our plan is to try and have a race every week from here on out, weather permitting, so that being said we are not going to wait to train or fly the next race on available days.  If your bird returns from the 150 it is required to be paid for.  The activaiton race clock remains open till 5:30 this evening. 

We appreciate the responses/payments we have already received or notificaiton of payment on the way. Payment can be made through PayPal via our website under the tab:



Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.  Tuesday November 28th we are having the 150 mile activation race.  Entry fee per pigeon is $750.  Breeders, please help us be able to expedite this race series by getting in your entry fees as quickly as possible after the activation race. Our plan is to try and have a race every week from here on out, so that being said we are not going to wait to train or fly the next race on available days.  If your bird returns from the 150 it is required to be paid for.  

The birds have been training very well, health condition is excellent. The race for tuesday, if you look at the Windy App, is calling for 0-4 mph variable winds.  This should be an excellent opprotunity for the birds to show their ability. 

We will be doing a live scanning of your race birds shortly after 1 pm today. If you would like to join us, go to our Facebook page as we should be live.  

Birds had an easy loft fly this morning and now they will remain in the loft until we load them on the trailer to be sent to the 150.  

We would like to thank all of our customers and good luck to each of you!

Lelton and Phyllis Morse



Due to dark clouds and absolutely no sun, we were unable to turn out the birds at the 100 mile staction. We are heading back towards the loft. We will see if we can turn them out at the 40 mile station. We cannot control Mother Nature. Computer will be updated as soon as we get home. 

have a great day

Lelton and Phyllis Morse





Please stay aware of the upcoming 100 mile toss as we will be looking to activate the birds one day next week.  Please start thinking about getting your activation monies sent in as we are not going to hold up the series or training waiting for entry fees. As long as weather allows and permits we would like to race every week. 

The birds will have a light day at the loft today as again we have fog.  Some birds yesterday flew for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  The birds are looking and feeling really good and we are looking forward to tomorrows 100 mile training toss.

Thank you breeders for your support and good luck!

Remember next week's 150 mile is the activation race!

Lelton and Phyllis Morse


Good Afternoon Breeders,

Birds are doing really good.  

Right now we are training at every opprotunity we can.  Birds now have a little over 300 road training miles. This does not count all the 5-9 mile tosses.

Our plan is to continue road training and get the birds out to the 100 mile release station wthin the next 2 weeks.

Birds went 54 miles Friday and did very well.  It is now time to start stretching the distance out.

We will go back to 54 miles a couple of times next week, then onto the 70 mile station.

Good luck to all!

Lelton and Phyllis Morse


Good morning breeders!


The birds will be held in today as high winds are expected for most of the day, roughly around 15 mph to 30 mph.  They will have baths today and will resume loft flying tomorrow. 

Have a blessed day!

Lelton and Phyllis Morse

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Just wanted to give a quick update on the birds.  We pulled the 9th and 10th flights on July 15th, exactly two weeks ago, and the regrowth is looking good.

Once I am satisfied with were the birds are on the regrowth, the net will come down and we will resume our open loft training and go from there.

Looking fowward to a great race series. Thank you for being patient during this flight regrowth time.  We know this is a boring time but the health and the welfare of the pigeons is first priority. 

We appreciate all of you who chose to fly with TX Dash for Cash OLR.  Good luck to each one of you!

Lelton and Phyllis Morse


Good morning breeders!


Happy Saturday July 15th 2023.  We are currently in the process of pulling the 9th and 10th flight on your birds.  The birds look and feel really good.  We will be putting the net back in place so that the birds will have a large outdoor area to go into as their flights regrow. We anticipate the birds to be locked down a little over 3 weeks but the regrowth of their primary flights will determine this time frame.  

The birds were forced out of the loft for the past 3 weeks and the majoirty of the birds got up and flew a little.  As you all know that the temperature is between 100 and 110 degrees in central Texas this time of year so the birds don't give you much and we have not been asking them to.

We look forward to the regrowth of flights so that we can move this race serires right along. We will have an entire list of hand inventory posted for you tonight here on Wincompanion.  Again this will be a complete list of hand scanned birds.  

Be on the look out for a video up date next week. 


Have a blessed weekend!

Hold your family close, be kind to one another, and pay things forward when you get a chance it always works best that way because that is how the gool Lord made it.


Lelton and Phyllis Morse

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