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We will be flying final race in the morning 11/17/23 from Dillon, Montana.  Saturday isn't looking very good and Friday shoud be a good day for the final.  Here is a breakdown of what you can win flying tomorrow.

Final Race

1st $3,500

2nd $1,750

3rd $ 1,200

4th $600

5th $500

6th $400

*paid by drop then trapping order 

Average Speed

1st $1,500

2nd $1,000

3rd $750

4th $500

5th $300

Champion Breeder



Good Luck Everyone! Let's have a good race!




Birds are home and came in big group.  Some wanted to keep flying.  Terry is at the dentist so he hasn't had a chance to look at the upload.  You can see results here




We did have a 50 mile trainer today the birds did good.  As I went to plug the clock in it slipped out of my hand and broke the l d screen.  We have another clock we can use, but we will have to get it set up for Rocky Mountain Challenge.  still waiting on entries so get them in.  We will have race 1 most likely on Sunday.





With the Activation race now complete it is time to get your entries fees of $350 per bird in.  We shipped 50 to the Activation toss not 75 so all but 1 pigeon is home.  I hope we can get back and have Race 1 on Friday but if not we will go Sunday because Saturday is the Solar Eclipse.  It is planned on the 1st 2 short races to have them 5 days or so a part weather permitting.  We are about 8 days behnd from our schedule we did last year.  Please get them in ASAP

Payment Options:

Venmo-Skylinerpl click Pay Fees

Mail Check-Rocky Mountain Challenge 875 e 1810 n Orem, Utah 84097


Pat Gazaway

Rocky Mountain Challenge



Birds are doing really well!  We have only had health problems with 2 birds and both made it back to looking good.  We did a hand inventory Sunday and still need to get ahold of 1 breeder for replacement.  Sunday I am hoping to have my new power source for the clock and plan on it being live inventory and all birds here so far will get flights clipped and then pulled June 5th.  We will be taking birds until June 20th so still another month to get birds in.  I know a lot have stopped taking birds so if you want to get a real test for your birds and enjoy races with speeds between 1200-1400 ypm send us a couple and that is something we promise to strive for.

All breeders who currently have birds in our race we also would like to invite you to send 2-3 more birds free of charge.  No perch fee will ever be due for these birds but you will be required to activate all birds that come home from activation race.  I would rather have more birds for you flyers to compete again then make any money.  Please all flyers consider it!


Health is doing great so far this year!  We are starting to finally get warmer weather and a little bit of sunshine.  We would like to thank those who have shipped birds so far.

Circle C Loft

Deko Loft

Dirty Dozen

Ed Kehl

Evolution One Loft Race

Grandpa Paul Loft

Jones Boys & PJ 

Larry Mitchell

Lawrence Cummings

Mitchell Brothers

Mohandi Barlo

Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge

Sam Haslem

Viper Loft

We have already been let know of others who have shipped pigeons this week and look forward to more arriving.  

If you are looking for a great race to test your birds you wont find a better course that takes a smart bird and requires some endurance.  We strive to have good working races between 1200 ypm-1400 ypm and give our flyers 2 300+ mile races.  We will be taking birds until June 15th so you still have time to get them in.  Thanks again to those who have already sent some of there birds and we invite others to do the same!


Pat Gazaway


David Perez



We are ready to take your champions!  Today is the first day to accept birds and glad to receive some on the 1st day.  If you haven't put your name down and signed up please do so.  We look forward to testing your birds on what we believe to be the toughest course!  Send birds that are tough and smart.  Flying through the Rocky Mountains takes lots of correct decisions and a lot of desire to come home.  

Please ship birds to:

Rocky Mountain Challenge 

875 e 1810 n

Orem, Utah 84097



Wincompanion has been cleared and is ready for sign ups for 2023.  
If blow homes races aren't for you then you picked the right race.  
2022 speeds were 1200-1450 ypm.

You Also get


5 Race Series

Two 300+ mile races with optional 400 mile race.

New Optional 5 Race Sprint Series 80-125 miles before series starts. 


2022 Race Returns

Race 1 93%
Race 2 93%
Race 3 86%
Race 4 96%
Race 5 65% 300 miles 1239 ypm

Final Race 76% 350 miles 1207 ypm


We continue to have wind and snow and haven't had a great day to continue training.  We will be having Final Race this Saturday from Birch Creek, Montana.  We will be hauling the birds ourself so please let us know if you plan on being there when birds arrive so we can get some food.  I don't think we will be home until 2:30 or so and hope to see birds after 3-4:00.  We will see if anytime during the day on Thursday we can sneak in a toss or maybe a short one Friday.




We will not be having the final race this weekend because we have been hit with snow.  We are looking toward next weekend before we can have the final because of wind and snow.  I hope to get a training toss in tomorrow.  Birds have been let out to loft fly everyday and are looking good.  We will work and keeping them that way so we can have a good final race.  Hoping for a 1300 ypm day.



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