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Birds home not uploading to Wincompanion.


I just released a trainer from north SLC but noticed I didn't have Coordinates in wincom.  You'll have to do your status of your bird on TOPigeon. Sorry for inconvenience .

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Well we now have 1 race in the books!  congrats to Dirty Dozen Loft for being 1st in trap he is the winner of 1 perch fee for next year.

When we let birds go it was slight over cast and about 50 miles north storms but the whole way to the south clear.  Birds headed up in one group and just kinda weaved for a minute until they headed straight for home.  We jumped in the car and headed back and after about driving for 50 miles we stopped at gas station to get drink for the drive home.  We were in the gas station for maybe 3 minutes and jumped in the car to head out and boom the birds went cruising right over our head next to the free just barely off the ground.  it was good to see them because we knew they were moving quickly and so we better get home to greet them.  Birds mostly showed up in 2 big groups right after each other but were not very eager to clock.  We are still out a couple birds but think we should see them back tomorrow.  Every bird when basketing felt amazing and ready for the race.   Plan moving forward is to move quickly to the next race because this was just over 120 miles.  We will give birds a couple days to relax and loft fly and then get 1 toss before going to next station.  We should have everything paid and we will get a payout up soon for you guys.  



Activation Fees must be in by Tomorrow or the will be sold to someone else.  You can pay on website,venmo, or PayPal if you haven't sent payment.  We plan on racing 1st race Saturday as of now.


Up north today had headwinds of 8-10 per hour but the 20 miles north of us was calm.  We didn't think we were going to train but last minute decided it would be good for birds to have about 10 miles of headwind so we did a 30 mile toss.  All birds are here but about 5 don't want to trap.  I think they might have wanted a little more.  because of last minute I didn't get it loaded in clock until now so I am not sure if it will go up on Wincompanion.  It does show up on TOPigeon under trainer.

Get those fees in!  I am excited!!




Birds home not uploading on Wincompanion.  They are on TOPigeon.  View here:


Monday we will be having our acivation race.  Birds should be released at 8:30 from Honeywell which is about 98 miles.  If your bird returns please get your entry fees in ASAP because 1st race from 120 miles will be most likely Friday.  Good Luck to Everyone and here is my address if needed.


Pat Gazaway

875 e 1810 n

Orem, Utah 84097


Venmo Skyline Lofts



Birds home.  Not going upto Wincompanion.  
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Birds had a good trainer today from 70 miles.  For the most part came in groups and I was only down a couple when I brought the clock home to try and get it to upload because we still haven't got that going.  Here you can see the results of your birds.

 They all feel and handle excellent!  I handled every bird when I was loading them today.  We plan on training again Thursday or Friday 80 miles and then Sunday or Monday we will have activation race.  All birds have worked hard and never had a toss over 1450 ypm.  we haven't had any really blow home weather all year.  You can start to mail in your activation payments if you wish and any bird that dosnt come home from activation will be refunded.  We plan on having first race quickly after activation toss.

Mail $350 per bird Activation to:

Pat Gazaway

875 e 1810 n

Orem, Utah 84097




Well today was the weirdest toss I have ever been a part of.  We waited for the skies to clear and some to come out and at 9:15 let the birds up.  They took off south last I saw them which was the correct way.  I got back to the loft and though I would see them 10:30-10:35 and still nothing.  Finally at 10:45 2 showed up and o thought they would all start coming in.  Got 1 more about 10:55 and then nothing for another 25 minutes.  By that time are club birds which were realized 100 miles further and 1 hr before started to show up.  I thought we were done for and only going to get a hand full of birds home because something happened.  We have 55 of the 64 home today and hopefully a couple trickle in again tomorrow.  I am still at a loss for what might have happened because birds handle and even looked great when they came in hrs late.  We will let the birds have an open loft day tomorrow to do what they like,loft fly Monday, and then give them another toss Tuesday If all goes good.  I can't figure out how to get this clock to send upto Wincompanion but it always show on TOPigeon.  Here you can see if your. It's made it today or if they come in tomorrow.



Today birds went to Lagoon for the forth time.  I didn't have the trainer uploaded so it didn't go up on Wincompanion.  My fault!  We sent 71 birds and at this time only have 52 here.  Don't know what happened my personal birds which got released 15 minutes away from one lift birds all came home normal.  When birds came in we had 2-3 out in front by a couple minutes which was not very normal and then when the big group came home they were not interested in coming down and trapping.  When they came down and went in they were followed by a couple here and there but then birds stop coming.  I went and checked the clock thinking they must have all been on the big drop but to my surprise we only had 51 in the clock.  Since that time we have only had 1 more single come home which is strange because it has been almost 2 hrs since the first birds arrived.  Today was a good day smoke has cleared and rain has stopped so I would expect them all to be here.  All I can do is hope they figure out the way and get here.  You can look here if your birds are here and I will get it uploaded later tonight.



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