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News and Updates

Hello breeders I want to take the time to say Thank you 

To all of you for sending us your birds . We truly appreciate it.

We currently have 350 pigeons in the loft . This is the last week 

to send your birds for those that haven't done so  .

Replacements are do by June 10 no exceptions.

Today we did an inventory so if your missing any pigeons don't hesitate to let me know. 

Hola criadores quiero tomar Este tiempo para darles gracias por su apoyo

Ahorita tenemos 350 Palomas en El Palomar . ESTA es la Ultima semana para 

Mandar Palomas . Los remplasos asta junio 10 .hoy hicimos inventario si le falta alguna no dude en yamarme 


Hello breeders

We been having an issue clocking birds at first I thought it was the clock so I sent it to get updated. I got it back yesterday today we did a test but it's still not  clocking all the birds . I talked to a few guys that run O.L.R.S . Both had different suggestions like buying a booster cable or removing any metal under the antennas. I tried putting a piece of plywood but it didn't work and the booster cable is on backorder but I will call Siegel's again tomorrow. If anything I will buy two more antenna's and will wait for the booster cable . I will do a hand inventory tomorrow morning I will notify the breeders for any birds that are missing. Thank you

Hola criadores

Emos tenido problemas con El Sistema . Mande actualisar El reloj ya lo recibi ayer y lo calamos pero aun no lee todas las Palomas . Hable con dos personas 

Que tienen Carreras las dos personas sugerieron dos cosas una comprar un  cable para que las antennas funcionen mejor otro remover cual quier metal debajo de la antenna . Puse un pedaso de Madera pero no funciono y  El cable no a yegado . Por SI acaso voy a comprar otras dos antennas . Mañana voy hacer UN  inventario a Mano y cual quier paloma que falte yo Les hablare. Gracias


Hello breeders

Today is may 7th yesterday we left some birds 

Out but the clock didn't catch all of them. We will fix that 

Problem soon before we post another test on wincompanion.

Hola criadores hoy es mayo 7 ayer sacamos las Palomas 

Pero El reloj no claquio todas las Palomas 

Vamos a solusionar Ese problema antes de subir otro entrenamiento a wincompanion



Hello breeders happy Wednesday

We are a few days from removing the net 

Also once we fix some technical problems with Terry Guilmore 

We will have a test run to see everything is working with 

The electronic chips before we remove the net .thank you 

Feliz miercoles

Estamos a Uno's dias de remover la red tambien ya que arreglemos

Uno's problems con El dueño de la pagina wincompanion

 pasaremos los pichones por las antennas para ver que Todo los chips funcionen gracias 




Hello breeders April 30 th I will remove net 

I will try to run a few test before we do, to see if all the electronic chips 

Work. Thank you

Hola criadores Abril 30 vamos a remover la red antes de hacerlo vamos 

Aver si todos Los anillos suben Al wincompanion. Gracias 





Hello breeders hope everyone is doing well

Quick update today April 11th 2022 we have 203 pigeons in the 

Loft . 200 are doing very well 3 I had to remove back 

to the quarentine cages , I will notify breeders if things don't change

I also want to let you know I been getting advice from a well known handler that 

Lives in Florida. I am going to follow he's way of taking care of  the birds by that I mean 

We are not letting the birds out until we remove the net  April 30th , He's been doing it like this for the past two years and works well for him . He doesn't lose that many birds . If you have any questions don't hesitate to call me.

Thank you 👊


Hello breeders happy Sunday

Today is April 3rd we have a total of 165 birds in the 

Loft . Health has been good and we are great full for that . You can see videos 

Here on the wincompanion or you can follow me on Facebook where I post videos  almost every day. Thank you for your support and don't forget to spread the word 🙂.

Hola criadores feliz Domingo.

Hoy es 3 de Abril. En Este momento hay 165 pichones en El Palomar . La salud a estado con nosotros y estamos muy agradecidos por ESO. Pueden ver videos aqui o me pueden buscar en Facebook en donde subo videos casi todos Los dias. Gracias por su apoyo y no se Les olbide correr la vos 😁



Hello breeders hope everyone had a great weekend

Birds are doing well at this time we have 139 pigeons in the loft 

Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions when your ready to ship birds I'm always a phone call away. Thank you breeders 

Hola criadores espero sigan disfrutado de su fin de semana 

Las Palomas estan Bien de salud en Este momento tenemos 139 Palomas 

En El Palomar . Alguna pregunta que Tengan cuando vallan a mandar 

SUS Palomas no duden en yamarme. Gracias 


Hello breeders hope everyone is doing well

Just want to touch bases with you guys 

For those that don't have Facebook

Birds are doing well we have just a little over 

100 birds in the loft 🙏

Hola criadores espero que esten Bien

Solo queria avisarles aquellos que no tienen 

Facebook que tenemos arriva de 100 Palomas 

En El Palomar en Este momento todas estan Bien de salud 🙏





Hello breeders happy Sunday 

Birds are doing good we only have two young birds on quarantine still 

If anything I will contact breeders. 

We let them out to the net today you can check videos thank you enjoy your weekend

Hola criadores feliz Domingo

Las Palomas estan Bien solo tenemos dos Palomas en onservasion 

Cual quier COSA yamaremos alos criadores. 

Hoy dejamos salir un grupo ala rede pueden ver El video gracias sigan  disfrutando de su Domingo . 





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