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Hello breeders today is Thursday the 27th 

We are 18 days from taking birds 

I want to thank everyone for subscribing , if you have any questions don't hesitate to call me. Thank you 

Hola criadores hoy es jueves 27 

Estamos a 18 dias de recivir Palomas

Les queria dar gracias por subscrivirse en nuestra Carrera

SI tienen alguna pregunta no duden en llamarme. Gracias 



Hello breeders happy Thursday

I just want to say that Custom crates has 

Donated 3 feeders and we will give them 

Out to the first 3 birds in the clock 

On the 100 mile activation race. (Requires activation ).

I'm sure Custom crates will be donating more stuff 

Once the series get started one way to say thank you for

Your support to Jerry s one loft race. 


January 16th happy Sunday breeders we are about a month away from receiving birds , hope you have enjoyed the videos I will post more as we start receiving your pigeons ,thank you and stay save seems like this pandemic is still around us some believe some don't so I would just say take precautions is not good to be hospitalized enjoy the rest of weekend . 


Hello breeders hope everyone is having a good afternoon just want to tell you that we will be posting videos of the loft . Videos of the pigeons  arriving so you can see when they get to me . For those that don't have Facebook you will be able to see them here . We posted a video of the loft and a video of the traps today  enjoy 🙏


Hello breeders hope everyone is having a good afternoon we just want to say thank you to all, we currently have 280 birds  . Our website manager will be posting more  videos of the loft and our trapping system. Thank you again enjoy the rest of the weekend 


Hello breeders happy New year hope everyone is doing well

I just want mention that the loft is done we will be posting some 

Videos soon . Thank you again enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙏 



Hello guys thank you for subscribing . I want to wish everyone merry Christmas and happy New Years. May all your wishes come true for 2022. 🙏


Happy Friday enjoy the weekend

Thank you for the support 🙏


Hello breeders happy hump day we have installed lights on the loft we also have two sections ready we will continue posting videos here soon in the meantime if you'll like you can see more on Facebook . Jerrys1loftrace  thank you 
good day

Hello breeders just want to post this here . 

This Race will be as clear as It can be 

No one in my family will be aloud to enter birds  also none of my 

Birds will enter the race  

When Birds arrive here I will tag the owners on Facebook and also I will 

Ask for their picture for those that don't have Facebook so everyone

Knows where this birds come from ....

Thank you enjoy your weekend 

Jerry Torres ll 

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