News and Updates

Inventory is live and active. We are running them thru slower today. It is raining so they are not outside. We did miss birds yesterday. I reset inventory so any bird that says missing behind it was missed yesterday. We are working on a solution to this problem. Thank you for your patience.


We had some problems today with inventory and will do another on Monday. Thank You.



The bird list is accurate. The last inventory is accurate. We have had several questions on this. I do not have an explanation or can  tell you why your birds are lost. We have not had any sickness in the loft that killed a bunch of birds. There have been a few sick birds that have died and the breeders were notified of this. The hawk is our biggest problem. 3 to 4 time a day he visits the Flamingo. Grande is now letting them out at different time to see if that helps


We were planning on doing an inventory on Sunday. We use the benzing M1 clock.We have 1600 birds to inventory and the M1 clock only holds 1000. We have to contact Seigels on Monday and see what we can do to update our system to handle 1600 pigeons.We will update you on Monday and let you know where we are in this process. We are sorry for any inconvenience.  This mixup is on me. Thank you for understanding. Jim