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We will be training on Monday. I am sorry for the delay in communication. We trained thursday and birds did great. Friday the weather was bad with terrible storms. Saturday is a big race day here and Sunday I was not avaliable to pack I had a race to take for GHC and could not get to the Flamingo and it is a 2 man job. we will keep you updated. Thank You.


Birds are going back to 26 miles today. They did great yestarday and we were going to move them today but they should have a 5-8 mph headwind today. Yestarday was a slight headwind. They are doing fantastic. Good Luck.


This is just to explain a little about entry fees and when and why they are due then. Entry fees are due AFTER the 225 mile race. We do have a pay-out in the 125 and 225 and they both qualify for the average speed. The reason we are not collecting Entry fees (300.00 per bird) until after the 225 mile race is that the bigger pay-outs are in the 325 mile race. That is what everyone is looking forward to. It is very upsetting to the bredder if they pay an entry fee for a bird and it doent get a chance to fly in the 325 mile race. So we decided that only birds going to the 325 mile race pays entry. 

The weather in Florida is very unpredictable. Past races at the Flamingo prove that point. We have had some tough races and some may say smashes. We have been doing this at the Flamingo for over 15 years. It is our hope that the Breeders at the Flamingo understand that we do not want to loose their birds. We want them all to go to the Races. We all know that we are going to loose birds. Anyone that flys pigeons understands that and most do. So by collecting entrys after the 225 mile race ensures that evry bird you pay for will go to the 325 mile race. 

Any bird that is paid for and is lost in training before the 325 mile race will get that money back in a credit for next year.

Stay tuned for an improved format for 2019. Add will be in the December Pigeon Digest Magazine and in the IF Skytalk magazine


We will be training 15 miles on Sunday. John loft flew the birds today and some flew 2 hours. It was nice and cool today and will be even cooler tommorrow. They should do great tommorrow. Monday we should go 20. We will keep you posted.


No training thursday because John is flying a race and i am hauling that race.We will resume Friday morning with training.

The birds are doing great. As you all know we took on Paul Hanna at the first of the year. He did a great job in settling and taking care of the birds. He helped them get the start they needed. Unfortunatley Paul couldnt continue on with the Flamingo because of financial reasons (Some of us have to work for a living). Right now it is back to John and I. The receiving, settling and etc. is the hardest part and that is over. ( Thank You Paul) Now we train, train and train.  Thank You.


If release times are not correct, because i am not there when John releases, i will correct them by the end of the day and recalculate speeds so the result is more accurate. Right now birds are coming home and flying for a while. I am also calculating lost birds after each toss now. If bird show up missing on race sheet that means i did not clock on the previous toss. If it shows up lost on the report that means it did not show up on the previous 2 tosses or more. If it shows lost or missing and clocks in, when i calcilate the lost birds it will then change to yes. I hope that helps you to understand what the Yes, Missing and Lost in the Elidgible column means.


Our first 5 mile toss was a success.  We are going 5 miles Tuesday and then 10 miles wednesday if all goes well. Good Luck


Birds are doing great. We let them go in the yard 2 times and Sunday took them 1 mile. Monday they will go 5 miles. The release time is set for 8 am but they may go up until 8:30 or 9 am. Until we get a little farther it doesnt really matter. Today they came and flew for 45 minutes. At least you know what birds are here. Thank You


Birds were loaded in the trailer last night and let go in the yard today. They flew for about 45 minutes. We are loading them them tonight and releasing them in the yard again 1 more time. I will try and post it live tommorrow.



I am sorry for the delay but there is an inventory up today. The birds are flying great. We will start them in the trailer for thursday and from the trailer continuously. We will let them go in the yard a time or two and then they will start moving. We will keep you updated. I will update again wednesday evening after we load the birds in the trailer and let you know how that went. It is always a chore for the first few times as they are not to sure about the baskets. John walks them into the baskets and i load them on the trailer. They give John a run for his money. John is getting older, dont tell him i said that and the young pigeons can get by him easily. Kind of comical actually.

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