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Hello everyone, hope you all had a great weekend. We had our 100 mile activation race today and I’m pleased with how well the birds performed. It is that time again to get our activation dues in. Zelle and PayPal are the quickest and easiest ways to pay but I will accept a check or debit/credit card. If you choose to pay by check please make sure it is made payable to Cuevas Classic and that we receive no later than Thursday at 1367 S Hulgan Cir, Desoto, TX 75115. If you use PayPal go to and click on Menu> Make A Payment> Activation Fees.
Also feel free to take a look at the different optional race categories on our website to add a little extra fun and competition.


Hello breeders,
We will be having the 100 mile activation race this coming Sunday. If you are planning on attending shipping night to see your bird or will be sending someone in your place, please let me know. Today we took the birds to 80 miles. There was a group that flew around the loft for about 2 hours after arriving, they were not late.
Just a reminder that after this weekend’s race activation money will be due. There will be more to come on that and I will touch base with you all next week but please start planning accordingly now.
Good luck to everyone on Sunday!


Hello breeders, we had a very successful week and were able to stretch the birds to 45 miles. They had a relaxing bath yesterday and we’ll be resuming road training tomorrow. I’ve had some calls asking about a date for the final race and I can’t give a solid date until we grow closer to that time. As we all know, the weather plays a big part on when we can fly and Texas weather can be a little unpredictable.
Also, in these next few days I will be showing how many different categories we have in this racing season. Thank you again for your support, please reach out with any questions.

Hola tuvimos una semana muy exitosa y pudimos volar las palomas a 45 millas. Ayer se dieron un relajante baño y mañana reanudaremos el entrenamiento en carretera. He recibido algunas llamadas pidiendo una fecha para la carrera final y no puedo dar una fecha sólida hasta que estemos más cerca de esa fecha. Como todos sabemos, el clima juega un papel importante en cuándo podemos volar y el clima de Texas puede ser un poco impredecible.
Además, en estos próximos días estaré mostrando cuántas categorías diferentes tenemos en esta temporada de carreras. Gracias nuevamente por su apoyo, comuníquese con cualquier pregunta.



Hello breeders,
We have had some challenges while loft flying, the hawks have been relentless here lately. We’ve had some small losses with some of the birds trickling back in in the following days. I’ve tried adjusting the times of day that I train with the hope that they might be left alone long enough but the hawks seem to always be on standby. The birds still look awesome, are in great health, and we’ll be ready to start hitting the road in a few weeks.


Hello breeders, I’m here to give an update on what’s been going on at the Cuevas Classic for this past week. The birds have been going out in two different groups, one at a time, and we’ll continue doing that for this coming week as well. We are not forcing the birds to fly yet but all birds do come out. Videos are uploaded almost daily right now so feel free to follow along on Facebook. Thank you all for your continued support. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Hello breeders,
Happy Sunday- just want to give an update on what’s going on at the Cuevas Classic. This week we’ll be doing some live videos so everyone can see what’s going on with the birds. Be on the lookout for those starting tomorrow. I’m very satisfied with the health of the birds. The feathers are feeling very soft on the ones that I have handled. There’s not a whole lot to report at this time, the birds have been resting while they’ve been molting. We’re taking advantage of this calm period and enjoying some family time before things start to really pick up and it’s time to “vamanos” again.


Hello breeders,
We have completed a hand inventory and is available for you to review on Wincompanion and Benzing OLR.
The only three birds that are not showing bit are here are the following: 14 JHS, 4098 O&L, and 40 D Team.
Thank you.

Hola criadores,
Hemos completado un inventario manual y está disponible para que lo revise en Wincompanion y Benzing OLR.
Las únicas tres aves que no muestran son las siguientes: 14 JHS, 4098 O&L y 40 D Team.


Hello breeders, please take a moment to review the inventory, part 1 and part 2. The only birds that are not on those lists are the ones that were received within the last 10 days. Also. just a reminder that this is the last week to send your replacements.


Hello breeders,
This weekend we started to work on a hand inventory. We made it through the majority of the birds today and still have some to finish tomorrow. In addition, there are some that we’ll need to replace chips on. If weather permits, we’ll be done tomorrow- it’s looking like rain for the next several days. Thank you everyone for your patience, we should have another update for you very soon.

Hola criadores,
Este fin de semana empezamos a trabajar en un inventario manual. Logramos acabar la mayoría de las palomas hoy y todavía tenemos algunas que terminar mañana. Además, hay algunos en los que necesitaremos reemplazar chips. Si el clima lo permite, terminaremos mañana; parece que va a llover durante los próximos días. Gracias a todos por su paciencia, vamos a tener otra actualización para ustedes muy pronto.

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