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Hello everyone,
We had a successful activation race this morning - we are pleased with the birds performance. It is now time to start entering your activation fees. All entry money will be due this Sunday, 12/3/23, and weather permitting we will fly our next race mid next week. We will accept Zelle, Venmo and Cashapp as primary methods of payment. If you are planning to pay by check please ensure they are delivered to PO Box 462, Waxahachie, TX 75168 by this weekend.
I received a lot of calls, texts and emails today. I’m thanking everyone in advance for being patient with me as I work through all the missed calls/messages. As always, thanks for the support and we are excited to have officially kicked off this season!

Hola a todos,
Esta mañana tuvimos una carrera de activación exitosa; estamos satisfechos con el desempeño de las palomas. Ahora es el momento de comenzar a ingresar sus pagos de activación. Todo el dinero de inscripción vencerá este domingo 3/12/23 y, si el clima lo permite, volaremos en nuestra próxima carrera a mediados de la próxima semana. Aceptaremos Zelle, Venmo y Cashapp como métodos de pago principales. Si planea pagar con cheque, asegúrese de que se entreguen en PO Box 462, Waxahachie, TX 75168 antes de este fin de semana.
Recibí muchas llamadas, mensajes de texto y correos electrónicos hoy. Les agradezco a todos de antemano por ser pacientes conmigo mientras resuelvo todas las llamadas/mensajes perdidos. Como siempre, gracias por el apoyo y estamos emocionados de haber iniciado oficialmente esta temporada.


Hello breeders,
Please take the time to review your birds’ results to determine which optional categories you’ll be entering them into - you will have until Saturday to decide. If things continue as planned, we will have our activation race on Monday. Please make sure you call me or text me with the information as soon as possible. Thank you in advance and looking forward to finally getting this show on the road!

Hola Palomeros,
Tómese el tiempo para revisar los resultados de sus palomas para determinar en qué categorías opcionales las ingresará; tendrá hasta el sábado para decidir. Si todo continúa según lo planeado, tendremos nuestra carrera de activación el lunes. Asegúrese de llamarme o enviarme un mensaje de texto con la información lo antes posible. ¡Gracias de antemano y esperamos poder finalmente poner en marcha este espectáculo!


Hello breeders, we are continuing to work with the birds. Unfortunately, for the next seven days the weather is not looking cooperative. We have had a few rainy mornings and will have more in the coming days. We have erred on the side of caution and have been doing short tosses to keep the birds active. As the weather improves we will continue to update everyone.


For those who do not already follow the race on Facebook, please find us at Cuevas Classic for daily video updates.


Hello breeders,
Quick update: we have released the birds a few times from the opposite end of the property to get them accustomed to the trailer. As you can see from some of the videos the birds are flying well. If the birds continue to progress at this rate we will be on the road by the beginning of October. I’m looking forward to finally getting some road trainings in as I’m sure you all are too.


Hello breeders,

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a great week and a fun 4th.
We pulled the 9th and 10th flights this weekend and are officially locking the birds down for the next several weeks. The net will go back up so that the birds can still get some fresh air and stay active on the landing board.
Hola criadores,
¡Feliz domingo! Espero que todos hayan tenido una gran semana y un cuarto divertido.

Cortamos la 9 y 10 este fin de semana y estamos parando  oficialmente a las palomas durante las próximas semanas. La red volverá a subir para que las palomas aún puedan tomar aire fresco y mantenerse activas en la Rampa


Hello breeders, hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Everything is going great right now at the Cuevas Classic. We completed a full inventory of the loft yesterday, please take a moment to check how many birds you have. If you are missing any, please plan to send your replacements this week. For those that will be sending replacements, it is very hot in Texas. It’s very important that you properly hydrate your birds before shipping them.

If anyone will be at the Texas Center Summer Convention I look forward to seeing you there!


Hello breeders,
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. We are approaching our last stretch of accepting birds and have received almost 1700 birds so far! This upcoming week is the last chance to enter this season and we are looking forward to receiving your birds. For daily updates/video follow us on Facebook at Cuevas Classic OLR.



Hello everyone,
We are approaching our first full month of taking birds and the birds are settling nicely in the new loft - we are looking forward to what the second month brings! Thank you to those who have already sent birds and to those who have prepaid their perches.
To our breeders in the Houston area, Yoannys Sainz will be making a trip to Cuevas Classic on Monday, May 1st. If you have any birds that you wish to enter in our race you can reach out to Yoannys before Sunday night and arrange for your birds catch a ride to Waxahachie. Conversely, if there are any breeders in the DFW area who plan to send to Black Gold for this upcoming racing season please contact me before Sunday night so we can make sure your birds catch the ride back to Houston.
Thank you all for continuing to support our race. We are excited for our first season at our new home!

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