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Hello breeders,
Happy Sunday- just want to give an update on what’s going on at the Cuevas Classic. This week we’ll be doing some live videos so everyone can see what’s going on with the birds. Be on the lookout for those starting tomorrow. I’m very satisfied with the health of the birds. The feathers are feeling very soft on the ones that I have handled. There’s not a whole lot to report at this time, the birds have been resting while they’ve been molting. We’re taking advantage of this calm period and enjoying some family time before things start to really pick up and it’s time to “vamanos” again.


Hello breeders,
We have completed a hand inventory and is available for you to review on Wincompanion and Benzing OLR.
The only three birds that are not showing bit are here are the following: 14 JHS, 4098 O&L, and 40 D Team.
Thank you.

Hola criadores,
Hemos completado un inventario manual y está disponible para que lo revise en Wincompanion y Benzing OLR.
Las únicas tres aves que no muestran son las siguientes: 14 JHS, 4098 O&L y 40 D Team.


Hello breeders, please take a moment to review the inventory, part 1 and part 2. The only birds that are not on those lists are the ones that were received within the last 10 days. Also. just a reminder that this is the last week to send your replacements.


Hello breeders,
This weekend we started to work on a hand inventory. We made it through the majority of the birds today and still have some to finish tomorrow. In addition, there are some that we’ll need to replace chips on. If weather permits, we’ll be done tomorrow- it’s looking like rain for the next several days. Thank you everyone for your patience, we should have another update for you very soon.

Hola criadores,
Este fin de semana empezamos a trabajar en un inventario manual. Logramos acabar la mayoría de las palomas hoy y todavía tenemos algunas que terminar mañana. Además, hay algunos en los que necesitaremos reemplazar chips. Si el clima lo permite, terminaremos mañana; parece que va a llover durante los próximos días. Gracias a todos por su paciencia, vamos a tener otra actualización para ustedes muy pronto.


Hello breeders,
This weekend we’ll be doing a hand inventory and cutting flights. After that inventory everyone will have one week to send in replacements. The birds are looking great and I’m expecting this will be a good season.

Hola criadores,
Este fin de semana haremos un inventario a mano y cortaremos pluma. Después de ese inventario, todos tendrán una semana para enviar reemplazos. Los palomos se ven muy bien y espero que esta sea una buena temporada.


Hello everyone, happy Sunday! ☀️
We’ve started to let the birds out of the loft and they seem to be enjoying the time out on their own. We’re continuing to work with the youngest birds to catch them up to the older group and eventually combine the two.

The weatherman is calling for another week of rain. Hopefully that changes some so we can keep on with helping the birds get settled. I’ve been asked the question a lot recently about sending extra birds with the replacements. Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned before, due to capacity constraints we’re not able to do that at this time. I know what our loft can handle and I would never want to compromise the health of the birds. Any questions about this please call me.
As the temperatures have started to rise I’ve seen a little more stress in the birds that I’ve received from you all in recent weeks. Please be mindful not to overcrowd the boxes to make sure they have enough breathing room. If you still need to send any birds let’s try to wrap that up as quickly as possible before it gets too hot. Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend!


Hello breeders,
Happy Sunday to everyone, just here to give a quick update. As some of you have probably seen from my recent videos, the rain has not stopped and we have not been able to get as much done around the loft as I would have liked so I do appreciate you all being patient with me. The weather is looking like we will have a few good days coming up and we’ll see the sun so I’m looking forward getting the birds settled.
Also, if there is anyone who needs a little extra time to get your birds here please get in contact with me.


Hello breeders,
Just a quick update on what has been going on in the loft. We hope that all these April showers will bring May flowers and that we have a better month weather wise. The health of the birds is very well maintained, which has pleased us very much. We are looking forward to the good weather so that we can make the birds spend more time on the net, they really enjoy it. Thank you all, I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!


Good evening everyone! We had another very busy week receiving birds. We currently have 500+ birds in the loft at this time.
Just a quick reminder, the race is full. Please do not send any payments or ship any birds unless you have pre-payed. We’ll unfortunately have to be returning some birds this week.

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