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Hello breeders,
We continue with the trainings and we’re moving ahead to the next station - 25 miles. Everything has gone very well so far and we hope it to continues to. Thank you.


Hello breeders, happy Sunday!
Just want to give everyone an update on what’s been going on this past week.

The birds stayed in the trailer overnight every day during the week to become familiar. They were also given water in the mornings to get used to drinking while in the trailer. We did several short releases and I would say the birds had a very productive week. They’re looking great and we’re almost ready to hit the road.

Thank you everyone, we’ll be in touch soon!


Hello breeders,
Here to give you a quick update on what’s been happening at the Cuevas Classic. The birds continue to fly well. We have a few stragglers that have required a little more patience and we are working to incorporate them into the larger group. We are working on getting the birds accustomed to the trailer early. They have had access to come and go from the trailer and get familiar with where the water is. 
Today the birds had the day off. We are moving forward with caution as dove season has just began. 
Thank you everyone and we’ll talk soon.


Hello everyone,

After giving the birds a long break to finish molting we are back to our regular scheduled programming. For the next 10 days we’ll be letting them out and allowing them to gain some confidence. After that we will start encouraging them to fly to get them conditioned for road training. I’m sure everyone is anxious to see an inventory. Once we have Wincompanion back up and running that is at the top of the list.
Hope everyone has a great evening and we’ll be in touch again very soon.


Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and ready to pop some fireworks.💥

We had a very productive day yesterday. I definitely want to thank those that took the time to come out and help me yesterday. Everyone that runs a OLR knows this is not possible to do alone and I can’t say how much I appreciate the support.

I’m very happy with the condition of the birds and I’m anticipating this being a great racing season. Inventory results are now available.


Hello breeders,

We’ll be pulling the ninth and tenth flights tomorrow, Saturday, July 2nd. We’ll be taking the time to look at each bird individually to see how they have developed over the last several months and complete an inventory of everything in the loft. If all goes according to plan, we should have an inventory report available by the end of the day on Wincompanion and Benzing OLR.

Thank you and hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


Good Morning everyone,
The Cuevas Classic is officially full and we thank you so much for supporting this race. We are always very grateful for all the breeders who choose to participate.
At this time we are going to please ask that you do not send birds if you did not pre-pay your perches or if you have not made arrangements with me directly.
Again, thank you so much. Feel free to reach out with any questions.


Buenos Días a todos,
El Cuevas Classic está oficialmente lleno y muchas gracias por apoyar a la carrera. Siempre estamos muy agradecidos a todos los criadores que eligen participar.
En este momento, le pediremos que no envíe pichones si no pagó por adelantado sus perchas o si no ha hecho arreglos conmigo directamente.
Una vez más, muchas gracias. Siéntase libre de comunicarse con cualquier pregunta.



Hello breeders,
It’s that time of year again and we’re going to start receiving birds. If you have any birds ready you are welcome to start shipping this week.

Hola criadores,
Es esa época del año otra vez y vamos a empezar a recibir pájaros. Si tiene pichones listos, puede comenzar a enviarlos esta semana.



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