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Good Evening,  

    Training continues as we look ahead to our first race Aug 14th.  This week we plan 65mi Tues., 40mi Wed., 80mi Thurs., 40mi Fri., and 111miles on Sun. Aug 9th .  Then tosses Tues. and Wed. before the 160mi on Friday. Aug 14th. 

Entry Fees are due and can be sent to: Paul Rueter or Blue Bucket Stampede 8961 NE Old Hwy 97 , Madras, OR 97741 .

PayPal is also available through .  Just make sure the full amount $300 per bird is what I receive. (you must designate that this money is being sent to a relative or friend) 

Those of you who lost birds prior to the first road training toss July 1st have been emailed of the credit amount to deduct from your entry fees. 

I will put these Single Release training tosses temporarily in race mode so the info on individual birds will be easier to see.


Have a great week!!! 



With local fires and smoke and day time temperatures in the upper 90's for the next three day's I'll continue to prepare the birds for our first race Aug 14th.  Entry Fees that are due prior to that will be totally refunded if your bird doesn't make the first race. If you prefer PayPal, use and send as to a friend or relative, for the full amount is expected.  


Good Afternoon Breeders,

A nice warm day here in Central Oregon.  The birds have just completed 10days of amoxicillan, their 9th flight is fully in, and they are being forced to fly.  A little sickness has touched some of the birds we received the last week but it seems to have run it's course and of course with more wing time wing injuries are going to happen.  

Road training is just three weeks away so now is the time, for those with more then 6 birds, to adjust their team rosters.  Please email me your team changes if you have them. 

Have a Great Week!!!!  




Good afternoon,

Keep watching your inventory as time is running short to send replacements.  Thursday April 30 I went through all the birds,  pulled 9th flights, and hand scanned for an inventory.  As you have noticed this hand scan is not complete(some kind of upload problem.)  However 655 birds that had been flying were scanned without a hitch and that is what the inventory showed on Apr 29th.  May 2 inventory should be a good one also with 714 birds in the clock.  The birds look and handle good and are currently taking their monthly regimen of medication to treat cocci, canker, and respiratory challenges.  Please let me know if you are not sending replacements.        


Please keep watching the inventory posts to be informed of missing birds.   Clocking only includes the birds that are out flying. Please be patient as it might 2 weeks after I receive them that they show in the clock inventory (one week in quarantine and one week trap training).  Have a good week!!! 


A special thank you to all the breeders. Our perches are full for 2020. We will only be accepting Pre-Paid and Replacement birds until May 15th.   


Good Morning,

At this time I have just one breeder to send birds to. All the check have been mailed except for one lying on the table as I await the W-9.  The 2020 Rules will soon be published as I wrap up the last few details of 2019.  Thank you all for a very good series and I am looking forward to a less demanding pace of winter, as I prepare for new arrivalls in February.  Have a wonderful family filled Holiday in all the weeks come.


I'm continueing to spend most of the days preparing to send, and sending birds home .  I'd like to finish this up as much as I can this next week.  If you haven't contacted me already please do.  Prices for return vary considerably to different parts of the country, as well as the size box that has to be used, so it's hard to throw out a figure that's fair to all.    Please give me a shout if you want your birds and I'll try to accommodate you.  Paul   


Today I posted an inventory of all birds that remain in the loft.  Please, if you haven't already, send me an email with info as to which birds including loft name, where you want them sent, and if you have travel plans or are going to be out of town in the next three weeks.

  Those of you who had winnings of $600 or more need to send me a W-9 if you haven't already sent one in the past seasons.  I will try to get a few birds out Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  

Cost of return I don't know yet as rates have been changed since last spring.   I will try to keep it down as well as I can.


385 birds were released this morning under clear calm skies, 50 degrees at 7:15 PDT from Battle Mountain, Nevada.  Along the course predicted winds are variable 3-7mph primarily side and head winds with temperatures in low to mid 70's.  We should see birds close to 2:30 PDT.  If you are in in the area a BBQ lunch is being served about 12:30.

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