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Hello Breeders

Just a quick update to let you know as today 7/26/2021 birds are doing well their flights are about 2 1/2 inch out and we continue to let them out in the net daily birds right now going through some heavy molt witch is great to see that at this point. the last week was a very hot!!!! and they were  going through at least 8 gallon of water in the morning and evennings. We cant wait to start loft flying back again and get this series going Have a great day everybody... Thanks 

We Will post videos of our Facebook Page!!!

Black Gold Race


Hello Breeders 

just a quick update yesterday 7/6/2021 we did a hand inventory and we cut flights of all bird. Overall it went well we found couple chips Ring that will be correct it. Right  now we showing 752 birds and we have 25/30 birds that will be add to this list today or tomorrow. For the next 30 days birds will continue to trap train and as soon we have our trailer back self loading will be training as well. Thank you 

Hola criadores

solo una actualización rápida ayer 7/6/2021 hicimos un inventario manual y cortamos las Pluma's  de todas las aves. En general, fue bien, encontramos un par de chips Ring que corregir. Ahora mismo estamos mostrando 752 palomas y tenemos 25/30 mas  que se agregarán a esta lista hoy o mañana. Durante los próximos 30 días, las aves seguirán trampeando  y, tan pronto como tengamos nuestro Trailer , la palo  también estará entrenando cómo subir se solas gracias 


Hello Breeders 

We have been letting out Group 3 everyday now they all settled in and will post an  inventory here very soon ,today we have a lot of rain in our area. but tomorow we be back at it and get the count of all them. Next will be group 4 to go out next week and then we will get 9/10 flights cuts. after that we will keep birds in the loft for at least 30 /45 days but we will continue trap trainning...daily....Also we will do a hand inventory to correct any chip rings..

Hala Criadores

Hemos estado soltando diariamente el Grupo 3 estaremos haciendo un invertario de todos ellos muy pronto. Hoy tenemos mucha lluvia en nuestra area pero manana seguiremos soltando. Luego seguiremos con grupo 4 y despues cortaremos las  plumas 9/10 ya una ves cortadas, las palomas estaran en el palomar de 30/45 dias entrenamiento de trampeo. cuando procesemos las palomas haremos un inventario a mano para corregir cualquier problemas con chips....


“Black Gold Race”
Please check the inventory as today 06/22/21
Group #3 will be released for the next 4/5 days the thing to compare here is what you have on this inventory against the next inventory after releasing group #3. If by any chance you have only two pigeons out of 4 pigeons you sent that means the other two are in group number 4. Now after all group been settle we will cut flights and hand inventory thank you 🙏

"Black gold Race "
Verifique el inventario hoy 22/06/21
El grupo n. ° 3 se soltará durante los próximos 4/5 días, lo que debe comparar aquí es lo que tiene en este inventario con el siguiente inventario después de liberar el grupo n. ° 3. Si por casualidad tiene solo dos palomas de las 4 palomas que envió, eso significa que las otras dos están en el grupo número 4. Ahora, después de que todo el grupo se haya soltado , cortaremos las plumas y se hará un inventario a mano ✋ gracias 🙏


Hello breeders

We have posted today 06/17/2021 an inventory of Group # 2 after loft flying them out few days... We have a few missing off the loft and a couple hawk attack in witch on resulted very bad injured i was able to get the hawk off her... we have notify the breeder...

Two thing to look out here 

1st- Trap Trainning Group 2 Before release.... check how many you had here

2nd- Open Loft Group 2 Inventory..... Check how many you have left????

if you missing any bird from group 2 call me let me know if you want to replace

thank you


We will now work with group 3 be on look out for trap trannig soon


Hello Breeders just an update on settling the 1st group please check Wincompanion the inventory from 5/31/2021 and today 6/9/2021 to see if you have any bird missing if you do please contact me to arrange replacement the 2nd group will have open loft on Friday 6/11/2021!!! thanks 🙏


Muy buenas a todos una pequeña actualización en la adaptación del 1st grupo por favor de chequiar Wincompanion el inventario de 5/31/2021 y el de hoy 6/09/2021 en caso de que les falte alguna paloma contácteme por si deseas mandar algun remplazo. El grupo #2 tendrá palomar abierto el viernes 6/11/2021. gracias 



Just a quick update this week will be the last week of taking birds if you have prepaid perch please send us your birds and if you thinking to send would be ok to ship this week after this week we will be closing and only replacement will be allowed thank you everyone for participating and give me the opportunity to work with your birds. We are looking by the end of this week close to 800 pigeon thanks.

We started to release the birds yesterday overall everything went well Incase that we loose any of your birds we will let you know so that you can replace them thanks 🙏 for flying the Black Gold Race 2021


Hello Breeders

Just a brief message as today 5/24/2021 we are approaching quickly the last day of sending birds May 31st...

with that said we have 654 birds  and 1100 birds signed up, im expecting to be at 700 birds by the end of the week.

we ask everyone who has prepaid perch to send in their birds we also had several calls of people sending birds this week, i like to thank everyone who has gave us the opportunity of working with their bids this year....

we also had few issues with a few birds that have been notify to their breeders. most have been replaced others will be this week..

On the other hand the weather in southeast Texas has been bad for at least over a week with Rain and storms just to let you know as soon as weather give us a break will let the 1st group to settle in. Incase of any bird lost we will contact the breeder and give them the opprtinity to replace in the month of June... thank you agin

Yoannys Sainz

Black Gold Race




Hello Breeders 

Just a short message  as a today 5/1/2021 we have 1,011 perch signed up on Wincompanion and 459 birds between prepaid and birds in the loft with more coming. 
We will appreciate if you can give us heads up on when will you be Shipping your birds. Thanks to everyone that has reached out to us already. Birds are doing very well and health has been keeping up. Thanks 🙏 

feel free to call me for any questions or concerned that you may have thank you

Black Gold Race 

Yoannys Sainz



Hello Breeders just a brief message as Today 4/19/21 we have  908 perch sign up on Wincompanion I like to thank all participant.

We also have 317 between prepaid and pigeons inside the loft With more coming in at this point they all looking very healthy. Our

cut off Time of taking birds is 4/30/2021.  With that said you will get a full month of May till 31st of replacing time. Give your

birds a chance to be here a get settle in. Now this doesn't mean that birds coming in the month of May I won't take them I will

continue till May 31st. That's my dead line of replacement. after 5/31/2021 we will work with what we have in the loft. Thank you

for your support. If you need to contact me 



Hola Criadores, solo un breve mensaje, ya que hoy 4/19/21 tenemos 908 perchas inscritas en Wincompanion. Me gustaría

agradecer a todos los participantes. También tenemos 317 entre prepago y palomas dentro del palomar. En este momento

vienen más palomas y todas lucen muy saludables. Nuestro tiempo límite de aceptar pallomas es el 4/30/2021.

Dicho esto, obtendrá un mes completo de mayo hasta el 31 de tiempo de reemplazo. Dale a tus palomas la oportunidad de

estar aquí y establecerse. Ahora, esto no significa que las palomas que se envíen en el mes de mayo no los tomaré,

continuaré hasta el 31 de mayo. Esa es mi fecha límite de reemplazo. después del 5/31/2021 trabajaremos con lo que

tenemos en el palomar. Gracias por tu apoyo. Si necesitas contactarme 8326735350
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