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Good Friday to Everyone! Hope all is well. We have received the last of the birds and so we are entering a new phase. This past week we pulled the flights on the birds. I decided to pull the 9th only and a roughly a month later we will be pullling the 10th. The birds that arrived in the last month  I will go through them and see where they are in the moult to determine if we need to pull flights on them. I turned the lights out a few weeks back, which really induced the body moult and we have feathers everywhere. The overall health seems really good.

The birds get up and fly really well first thing in the morning. I do wish that they flew a little longer than they do but we’ve got time to work on that and their conditioning.

The final number are 860 birds received. The support for our first year has been awesome. I have no complaints. Now its up to me to get these birds ready for a challenging race series. I look forward to the challenge and I apreciate your trust in me to get it done.

You all are apart of the Devil Creek Iron Bird Challenge racing movement!


Who will win the first Iron Bird Ace Trophy????


There can be only one!


Thanks for you support!



Next week will be the final week that we are accepting birds. Last chance to be apart of this Series 2024 and compete for the first ever Devil Creek Iron Bird Challenge Trophy.


We have a ton of Great birds already here. Should be fantastic competition!




We had a great week of birds coming in. I would like to thank all that have sent so far. The health and quality of the birds have been amazing. The following lofts are in the House!

DAE Loft-Rossi Loft-Clyde Price-Westfall Loft-Parkview Loft-Head for the Hills-Treetop Loft-BW Loft-Plymouth Peak-Royal Heir-98 MJ-Eastern Pearl-Gao Yindi-Blue Angel Classic-Blue Sierra-Sun Loft-Hi Cal-Paul Yahiku-Radd-Air Force-BTF Loft-Cory Christensen-Dirty Dozen-Jones Boys-Nykamp-Piazza Pigeons-Ryan Hess-STL Loft-Trivis Wall-Vicstrom-Bull Creek Racing-N-Y Syndicate-Army/War Alliance-Big Sky-Carter Mayotte-Rory Smith-Fassio Loft-Kai Loft-Linda Loft-Milo's Loft-WTJ loft-Wildman loft-Wolf Den-Borderline.


Let's Race!!!!!!!




We are ready for you to send your Birds as soon as they are ready. We still have some winter weather but the loft is ready for Birds. Remember to make sure they are eadting and drinking good on their own and then we will put them through our health program and quarantine period. We cant wait to start working with your birds. 


Thank you for your support! 


We are now accepting birds. If your birds are ready, eating and drinking good on their own, you can start sending them in. the loft is ready. If you are shipping them, always ship by Tuesday at the latest so they make it before the weekend. Make sure you feed them up and they look strong and healthy.

Make sure your payment for your initial perch fee arrives with or ahead of your birds arrival. It is $75 per bird or $50 for 10 or more. Payment options are:

online through the Website


send a check with the birds.

We are Looking forward to receiving your Birds. 


Over 1000 perches reserved, the cutoff will be 1100 for this year. So if you want to Guarantee your spot send in your payment now for your initial perch fee's. $75 per bird or $50 for 10 or more! We have had several guys start to send in their perch fees. I am entering all of them in the system in numerical order with DCC "Devil Creek Challenge" for club letters. When the actual birds arrive we will edit them and enter the actual band info into wincompanion. Really looking forward to this year!

Payment options are: 

Pay through the website with debit or credit card


Send check by mail.

10499 N. Old Highway 191

Malad City, ID. 83252

We are super excited to start taking birds the week of February 26th. The loft is just about ready. I am very pleased with how the loft has turned out. We still have snow on the ground but is slowly disapearing, knock on wood!


We are days away from having the Loft complete and ready to take in your birds. I have decided to move up the date for accepting birds a few days to February 26th. To gaurantee your spot in the race you can now start pre paying for your perches. As advertised if you are sending 4 or more birds to the race and you pre pay for your perches by end of February, you will get 1 of those “Initial” perches for FREE! So if you haven't signed up do so now and Pre-pay to recieve 1 initial perch for absolutley free. 



Payment options are:

  1. Zelle=

  2. Website Debit or Credit Card-

  3. Send a Check to 10499 N. Old Highway 191 Malad City, ID. 83252


We are very excited about how the Loft is taking shape. I will be sharing videos and pictures soon. Also on March 9th we will be doing a Grand Opening Open Loft event to give you the breeders a chance to walk throught the loft and bring your entries with you. We will be doing a raffle and a Bird Auction from some of the top flyers in the Country. Wes Lamons, Mike Westfall, Jon Stockwell, Ken Christopher so far will be donating a bird with more names to come. A chance to add to your breeding stock with some of the best!


A Little over 1 month until we start accepting birds! We have a lot of the top flyers in the Country all signed up and ready to compete. This is really going to be an Epic series. Thanks for all the support to help make this one of the Best in the Nation! The Loft construction has been slowed by Winter, but we are still on target to take birds at the end of February.

We just completed all the Loft Stall Doors and they turned out Great! We had Dry wall put in the Office area and the Quarantine room is all framed in. Eletical outlets and office lights are all live. We will be wiring all the perch section lights next. Within the next 2 weeks I  will be haveing the crew installing all the perches. Over 1200 of them! 

If you haven't signed up already, let's get you in. We have limited number of perches left. This is your chance to compete with the Best of the Best.




Happy New Year 2024! 
Hope you decide to join us in the fastest growing race in the land. 

Over 600 perch reservations and counting.

Sign up at



Merry Christmas Everyone from Devil Creek Iron Bird Challenge!

The Loft Construction is on Schedule and we will be ready to take birds towards the end of February!

We are planning a "Open Loft Event" To kick off the 2024 season. You can come walk through the new loft bring your birds with you. There will be food, a raffle and a bird auction. Come see where you birds will be housed and trained to compete for the first Iron Bird Trophy! Date and details soon to come. Please sign up for your perches if you already haven't to get insider information.



Devil Creek is adding the "Elite Breeder Challenge"


On top of the Main Event 5 race series. On top of the  4 race Sprint Series! Devil Creek will be adding The Elite Breeder Challenge, which will involve carefully selecting and nominating 2 birds from your team and a backup at the time of Activation for the Main Event series. There will be a second part to this that will take everything to another level. Details to come soon.


We will also be coming out with more details on the Double Down options within the next few weeks. So there are many ways to win, more than most OLR's. Which will make this an epic event for all who participate.


Yesterday we released the example payout for the main event. If you want this info and more insider info please reserve your perches now! You will then be apart of the emailing list.


Go to to reserve perches.


Lets take 2024 to another level! The Quest to find the Best!!


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