News and Updates

If you are getting more than $600 I need a w-9 from you before I can send you a check.

This needs to be filled out completely, signed and dated. Thank you for your immediate attention.



I want to take a moment to thank each of you for your support this season. The final today had all 12 money positions paid out in 25 minutes on a tough race.

Congratulations to all the winners today on another tough race 1086 ypm 5 on the drop. The day was virtually the same as the concourse race flown here yesterday as far as conditions and speeds.

The birds had rain pop up 100 to 50 miles from home, and about 60 miles wide. the winners came through it and their flights were damp when they got here. The ones that did not make it on the day I am assuming tried to go around it and if they went east they had to deal with it longer...purely a guess on my part as I watched it unfold on radar, on the computer from 430 to 7.

If you do not want your bird(s) back I will fly them in our old bird series the rest of the season.The remaining races are 400 - 500 - 300 - 400 - 300 - 500.

If you want you bird back I will ship them the 12th $60 for the first bird and $10 for each additional bird, there are some injured birds as well I will let you know if one is yours.

If you want to have me deduct the shipping from winnings I can do that.

If you are due a refund you will get that when I do all the payouts.

I have had many inquiries as to when I was accepting birds this year. The answer is I am not doing a race series this year. After the year I have had I need a break.

I want to move to a new location on acerage where I may under take the challenge again.

I will be club flying and will be handling birds for our GSWC special band race. If you have an interest and wish me to handle those please contact me asap..

Thank you again

Bud Williams


Toss for Friday cancelled .

Race for Sunday is on, will be released from Ada Ok. Home of the US OPEN one loft race, check it out!





Toss for Friday cancelled .

Race for Sunday is on, will be released from Ada Ok. Home of the US OPEN one loft race, check it out!





The final race is scheduled for this Sunday, yes Easter Sunday.

After all this is the Texas Holiday Derby, Even though this was

not the original intended holiday.

The rain should be ending tonight so the birds will go 60 miles

tomorrow and 40 Friday. Sunday is expected to be a real

challenge for the birds with 15mph head winds predicted the

entire course. It will take special birds to come home on the first


Best of luck to everyone.



The birds are home; the first drop of 13 or 14 arrived at about

1:20 according to two people here to witness the returns.

I was not here as it took 9 hours in traffic all day to get home, accidents and construction slowed traffic to a stall.

There was a malfunction with the clock, not exactly positive of the cause. The birds did their job, that was to fly

the distance as designed in preperation for the final. After much consideration, the decision has been made that

this race will be a scratch and WILL NOT be re-flown. There is nothing to gain by redoing this race, as if many were

lost on a "redo" that would not be good.

So the series and average speed will now be based on four races.

My goal will be to monitor the birds very closely and attempt to fly the 275 on Tuesday, this is a maybe.

An inventory will be conducted tomorrow or Monday to verify an accurate count on the birds.

I wish this was not the case, but it is and we must keep moving forward.The 2 money positions will be added to the

end of the final race payout.



The weather is not conducive to fly tomorrow with head wind gusts along the course up to 39mph.
The overcast expected to be much thicker than race 1 the 125.

Will plan to ship Sunday night for a Monday race from 175 mi. Weather is expected to be SW @ 11mph
with light gusts uo 15, and clear the entire course.

All activations are accounted for

Good luck everyone.



The first race is behind us and was a huge success all things considered.

The birds exceeded my expectations on a very challenging day. Skies were overcast the

entire 125 miles with a 15 to 20 mph headwind (gusting higher). Tempetures were mild.

Congratulations to the first drop of 12!

As a team they did amazing; 75% return within 1 hour of the first drop, and 97% return. 

The late ones did not give up they kept coming. Hopefully they learned something.

This race was a testiment to the quality of the birds and shows they are up for the

challenges yet to come.

Thank you for your patience and allowing me the time to get them as prepared as possible.

Now to the part I hate the most.  Most activation funds have been received, the ones

showing as missing are in the "check is in the mail" category, and the post office is currently

failing misserably. All funds should be here by Saturday.

If funds are received with a postmark after yesterday your bird will be sold to somone else

unless you have contacted me.

The next race from 175 miles may end up very similar to yesterday's race. weather condition

wise. I am hoping for Saturday if I feel the birds are up for it. Depending on the weather it

may be Sunday or even Monday so stay tuned.

Now for the moment I am sure everyone is interested in, The Payout...

1st bird to clock on the 175 will get $300

1st bird to clock on the 225 will get $400
2nd bird to clock on the 225 will get $200

1st bird to clock on the 275 will get $500
2nd bird to clock on the 275 will get $300
3rd bird to clock on the 275 will get $200

The 325 will pay the first drop equally 
1st $5000
2nd $3500
3rd $1500
4th $1000
5th $750
6th $750
7th $750
8th $750
9th $750
10th $750

Avg Speed
1st $3500
2nd $1250
3rd $750

Good luck next race