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Hello Breeders, hope this finds you all well!

It has been a rough couple of weeks. The health of the birds was greatly challenged after the large amount

of rain a couple weeks ago followed by extremely high humidity, heat and a heat index in the teens for over

2 weeks.

We did lose about half a dozen birds though this time with 4 or 5 more which will need to be put down. I will

be in touch with the affected breeders this week. Young bird sickness, circovirus or ????? not sure but it hits

some birds really hard really fast and others just waste away to nothing. The mortality rate is not that bad

but one loss is to many.

The majority of the birds are looking great and are in great shape; molting heavily and trapping well, finally.

There were about a dozen birds that just did not want to trap on their own. Whatever their issue was, they

seem to have gotten over it.

The next item on the agenda is to get the clocking system updated and set up for this season. Hopefully

Terry will be available when I am. Then we will be able to post a current inventory on wincompanion.

As always, if you have a question feel free to give me a call



Good evening breeders, it appears as though the
rains may be over for a few days, but the high winds
have temporarily taken their place. Here at the loft
we received right at 8 inches of rain in 5 days.

It was tough going there for a bit but we made it through.

We did lose 3 more birds this last week The owners
have been. The hospital pen has three
more which may not make it, and I think that will be
the tail end. The rest of the birds are looking very
good and moulting very heavily.

When we get rains like we did last week any bird with a poor immune system suffers; part of what makes flying here such a challenge.

We have great ventilation and plenty of room so the majority seem to handle the added stress very well.

The birds are finally starting to get the hang of trapping, for some reason it was more of a challenge with this group as a whole.

With all the rain, I did not get the pictures I had hoped to but they will be coming.

I hope everyone is healthy and staying that way, and I hope you each enjoy the coming July 4th weekend.

As always if you have a question feel free to give me a call.



Hello Breeders, wow is all I can say!

We hit 400 birds for the start of the series! Never expected that, and am humbled by the entries.

Health is still holding, there continue to be  a couple birds a week I need to pull from the flock and isolate, 
we have lost 12 and have 8 others in the hospital pen. Four of those will get moved back to "gen pop" this

If you have lost a bird, you have been notified so you could send a replacement.

If you are on facebook you should be able to go there after this week and sign up on my channel
Texas Holiday Derby where I will be posting videos and pictures.(after next week)

A lot of rain and bad weather expected this week so will [play it by ear. Birds are learning the trapping 

system but it seems to be hard for many, not sure why.

Again thanks for the support, I will do my best.
As always, any questions feel free to call.



Greetings Breeders from the Texas Holiday Derby! Important info please read.

Things at the loft are proceeding on schedule birds are allowed to freely trap out into the aviary as they wish and trap back

into the loft. They all have not got the hang of it yet, but they are learning. we will give them another week or so to discover

it on their own, then force them out to fully understand the routine before we release them all.

We are right at the 380 mark with a few replacements yet to come in. The health has continued to hold strong. We have lost 6

birds to illness and 6 others had to be put down on arrival to protect all the other birds,, and 6 more with various ailments in

the hospital pen. There has been nothing consistent as far as ailments go they have all been different.

July 1st is a pivotal day... last day for replacements and also the last day to enter for average speed, $25 per bird you can

check on wincompanion. If there is NOT a large green dot on the far right for a bird, that bird is not in average speed. Only

birds with a green dot on their line will be competing for average speed.

All birds listed on the "BIRDS" list are here.

Any questions feel free to give me a call.



Texas Holiday Derby Update

A very heart felt thank you to all this years participants!

My goal this year was 300 birds. That goal was shattered last week and
this week will be more than I could have hoped for. We are sitting at 342
birds right now and due to some delays in shipping last week I expect
the last 30 or so birds this week. Several birds are needing to be replaced
because of the boxes they have been sent in.

We have received 2 boxes of dead birds in square/rectangular boxes with
flat tops. I highly recommend using the boxes which are angled at the top
so if the postal/shipping personnel are not paying attention and pack the
boxes tight against each other and on top, there is still at least some air
getting to the birds.  Many other boxes which were cut down were simply not
appropriate to ship birds in, most with not enough air holes for air flow.

For the most part the health has been excellent. There have been a few
issues, we have had a couple birds expire and a total of 6 pulled from the loft.
The owners have been notified.

As you already know, any time you mix birds from dozens of lofts from all
around the country there will be problems pop up. The key is early recognition
and quick action.

Thank you again for your trust and support of this race.

As always feel free to call if you have any questions.



Hello Breeders, we are coming down to the wire here

accepting birds for this years race.

This is the last week to accept birds unless you have

already made arrangements.

Replacements until July 1st.


We have 269 birds/perches taken care of and (3 to check in yet this morning) 266 showing on wincompanion.

I am expecting 60 - 70 this week maybe more! The health this year despite all the rain has been holding, and

at this time all things are good. The birds are enjoying the new expansions to the loft and I feel we are right

on track.

I appreciate your participation in the race this year and will do my very best with the birds.I feel truly honored

to handle your birds and to have your trust.

We have lost a few breeders who were planning on participating this year due to illness and even death. This

was one reason you may have noticed the reservation numbers go down as I deleted them from the site.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.



Hope you are having a blessed Memorial weekend, If you are a veteran, many thanks for your service. If you are not a veteran, hug one and tell them thank you for their service! 

Just a quick update. We have 216 birds in after today (picking up 2 this afternoon) and expecting +/- 100 this week. That will put us over the 300 target.

Several people have contacted me saying their babies will not be ready till the first week in June. so if you are in that situation also we will also take them next week. Replacements can be sent until July 1st.

We have only had 3 birds needing to be replaced, all 3 for different reasons. The owners have been contacted. The overall health is excellent.

As always any question or concern fell free to give a call!


Hello Breeders, just a quick update

We have reached the halfway mark in receiving birds; 2 weeks in and we have 150, right on target with 2 weeks to go for our target of 300 birds. There are 141 showing on wincompanion and I got 9 today which have not been checked in yet.

I appreciate your support and confidence. If everyone who has indicated they are sending birds follows through, we will have about 330 - 350 birds for a great start.

The first group from week one will come out of quarantine this week and start their trap training.

The health has been very good this year, I am cautiously optimistic.

Any questions feel free to get in touch with me.


We started accepting birds May 1st and we are receiving birds on a daily basis. We have 80 birds in the loft, and 92 perch fees taken care of with over 200 reservations. We are on track to start with over 300 birds.

The health of the birds has been extremely good this year. We have only had one bird with an issue and the owner was notified and will be sending a replacement.

Several people who have sent birds have not included the $25 PER BIRD for average speed. If you do not include this with the perch fee your bird will not qualify for average speed awards.

You can go to the Texas Holiday Derby link from the top menu bar on wincompanion to see if you are included or not.

If you received a free perch fee from last year, traded perch fees or bought perch fees from a donation or raffle, this $25 is/was not included. It is due when the birds are received if you want your birds to qualify for avg speed awards.

Many hours and several thousand dollars has gone into updates to the loft this year. I think you will like them. We are finishing up these upgrades over the next week and will post pictures on the website when we are done.

We are on track to have over 300 birds this year, 400 is our limit. Share this race with your friends! The more participation the bigger the payouts!

As always if you have any questions feel free to contact me at 281-924-5197



Hello Breeders and race followers

So far (started accepting birds May 1st, we have 52 birds in the loft and expecting birds from at least 4 more lofts tomorrow. Should be close to 100 birds the first week. at that pace we should surpass our goal of 300 with no problem by the end of the month.

If you are on the fence about sending birds to us, I hope you will send them, we will do our best.


As always if you need info or help, feel free to give me a call!




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