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Good Afternoon Breeders, training will start back up Sunday, weather turns tomorrow and fall finally arrives in the South, it is so hot by 10.30 am that if the birds get into trouble they cannot get home with temps in upper 90's and heat index over 100. 

“Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path” 

Good Evening Breeders, birds continue to be flagged. We had low cloud this morning with light mist so birds did not go out. They are starting to fly better and better and many birds are leaving the loft and routing for well over 40 minutes and some groups upwards of an hour.  We will continue to flag birds this coming week again. We have had a Coopers visit a few times this last week, the birds are pretty savvy now and it has actually not been a bad thing as they will see them on the road and it helps if they are somewhat accustomed to raptors prior to road training otherwise a first time attack can really cause havoc in the flock. The loft is well located to prevent attacks, it usually occurs to birds that have sat in a tree or get really close to the treeline and a Coopers in hunting.  Health is really good, I do have birds that are a bit rough around the neck in molt but this will be gone in the next couple of weeks and they should be slicked down by the time we are in training. 

They have been out the loft 4 days now through the trailer and are already getting more comfortable with it. Later this week  I will chase them into a closed trailer and then open release doors and let them fly out. It looks like our weather has started to turn to early fall and birds will just continue to fly  better and better as temps drop. This coming week early mornings will be in the upper 60's which will be a welcomed relief for the birds and me. 

Breeders have great week and may your birds fly well in the series that are already underway. 


"In the absence of information we jump to the worst conclusions"
" Myra Kassim


Good Afternoon Breeders, so the reason for today's quote. Yesterday I got 95 percent of the birds off the roof and flying. Most went extremely high in several different groups. About 45 mins into the fly I could see that there were still what appeared to be at least 2-300 birds still not on the loft, no need to panic right. Well that all changed at about 9.15am, I got a call from one of our breeders stating that his bird and another one loft bird from this years race had been hit and killed about 50 air miles from the loft, the guy that hit the birds took the band numbers and one of them happened to be a flier here in GA. He stated that a group of about 200 birds was crossing the road low. The local  flier called me gave me the band numbers and told me it clocked the day before in loft fly and it was now dead along with another bird from South Carolina. I promptly called the breeder in SC  and told him that his bird had been killed. Only other one loft handlers can truly relate to the feeling now present in me, absolute gloom would be a understatement. I am thinking well the other 200 birds have never been on the road must of got spooked and now do not have the tools to come home. I contacted the breeder to get the number of the guy that hit the birds with his car to try and figure out where the birds were. In the interim birds are coming back to the loft in ones and twos way up .  I finally got hold of the guy that hit the birds I asked him to give me an account of what happened and it was exactly as was relayed to me. I decided to ask for the band numbers again and instead of one being #15 it was #16 and the other band number was correct in what I was given however the alphabetical letters were incorrectly conveyed to me. 
Well it turns out the #16 bird and the other bird were not in this years race. I have 3 birds that did not clock from yesterdays loft fly and not 2-300 missing as my mind jumped to scary conclusions. It rained today so we did not loft fly we will go at it again tomorrow. The quote pretty much summed up my day yesterday. Both the #15 bird and the other bird clocked and are not dead I am happy to report. In the One Loft handlers world that was a win and I slept really well last night , but there is always tomorrow :)

Birds flights and tails have come in really well, I will be getting all birds airborne each day as we push forward to the start of  road training about September 10th. Birds are looking great and I am ready to get them up.I did post a video or two to Facebook and one to YouTube. Have a great week. 


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Eddie Rickenbacker


Good Evening Breeders, wish I could always abide by the above quote but fall short everyday. It has been so pleasant at the loft the last week, humidity has been way down and it has been in the 60's in early morning when the birds are going out. Flights and tails are coming in very nicely, I will start getting all the birds airborne in about a week. Many of the birds are already getting up and flying quite well . My plan is to flag the birds until we have them routing at least 45-50 minutes away from the loft before returning. I will have roughly 5 weeks to get them ready for their first toss. 

I will be getting our trailer hopefully later this week , I am really excited to see how it has turned out. I will do a video of it when I have it in hand. I did post a few videos of loft flies this past week to our Facebook page. Have a great week and I will update again soon. 




The 2019 Race is full please do not send any birds unless you are on the prepaid List. Thank you for the overwhelming response . 


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"Leonardo Da Vinci"


Good Evening Breeders, settling is going well. We have a decent anchor group now so when birds are scattered all over it is not long before they make their way back onto the landing board. Loft addition is finally done and we will start adding birds to the new sections this coming week. We have just under 500 birds in the loft and over 600 with prepaids. 

When I posted the payout early this year it was based on 500 birds gong to the first race. Based on the sign up we have I suspect we will have at least 700 birds gong to the first race and possible more. Below is a tentative payout based on 700 birds, 
Tentative updated payout for 325 Mile final

1st $70,000
2nd $20,000
3rd $10,000
4th $9,000
5th $8,000
6th $7,000
8th $6,000
9th $5,000
10th $4000
11th-15th $2000
16th-20th $1500
21st-50th $550
51st -70th $450
Average Speed 
1st $6,000
2nd $4000
3rd $2500
4th $1500

It is going to be a very competitive race series with many  of the top racing lofts in the USA participating. The course will bring the cream to the top, get your birds in and lets see who has cream in his loft. 

Weather ahead this week looks great so birds will be out again each day. I did contact 4 breeders this past week about birds that had a respiratory issue and two that had gone light. I go through the loft very carefully each morning and afternoon at feeding to see if there are birds that are not eating properly or who are  looking dumpy. Any bird that is taken out the loft is put in my sick bay loft which is a long way from the main loft on its own so they can recupirate . I am very happy with the health so far considering we have almost 500 birds in already. 

I did post a short video to YouTube and Facebook today of the birds out this afternoon. Thank you for your support and have a great week. 


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
"Edward Everette Hale"


Good Evening Breeders,exterior of loft is complete, electrical has been run and interior wire ceiling is in. Traps are done, last thing to do is hang 4 interior doors and finish up perches. The addition will be complete at the end of the week.

Groups 1,2 are out and group 3 will join them later this week.  I did have the skies scattered with birds today, always nerve wracking when the birds get spooked  and go in all directions. Always neat to see some youngsters that go up for their first flight and take several circles and land on the landing board like they have been doing it their entire lives. The first couple of groups are always the most stressful groups to settle, after that when birds are already familiar with loft and surroundings subsequent groups have a far easier time. 

We have over 300 birds in the loft already with many more due this week. Health is holding and we hope it continues to do so. I am using Ropa B in the loft this year and see why it is liked by so many fliers.

Weather is really nice and looks like we have several dry days in a row, will help to get 3rd group settled, I hate it when I cannot let the birds out for several consecutive days in a row especially when we are settling.  I uploaded a video of the loft addition to Facebook and YouTube. Have a great week and thank you for the support of our race. 


Good Morning Breeders, this update is directed at all California Breeders living in Riverside, Los Angles and San Bernardino Counties.
The Southern Belle Race will  Not Accept any pigeons from you in the 2019 season as your areas are under a very strict quarantine for Virulent Newcastle's Disease. The fine imposed will be  $25,000 for breaking the quarantine. We would ask those breeders to adhere to these rules and we look forward to having you back in the the race in the 2020 season. It takes many years to build a race and our trust and integrity is all we have at the end of the day. Breaking of this quarantine puts not only our race at risk but also all our other breeders and potentially other One Loft Races.  

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Have a great day 


If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. 
"Napolean Hill"


Good Evening Breeders, we have had a busy first two weeks at the loft. There are 122 birds in the loft and 962 signed up. We will be full this year so prepay if your birds are going to be arriving later in the season to ensure your spot in the race. The first group are trap trained and will go out for the first time this coming week if weather is good. We are having a mild early spring.

The new loft addition is coming along well, got the small angled front roof skirt on the loft yesterday. It was tested this afternoon with a very strong storm coming thru and no water came into the new addition, I was happy to see that. I am still working on the 644 new perches that will go into the new addition. I am adding another sink and feed area  in the trapping section to help cut the back and forth up the passageway in half. Just a heads up the loft lights are kept on until 10 pm each night, it has already kicked our first group into a heavy body molt, droppings look great.

I had a interesting thing happen to me this week, I opened a box of birds and proceeded take the birds our and put them in the arrival basket. When I opened the envelope on the inside the check was addressed to another one loft race. This has happened before when a breeder is sending out multiple boxes to one lofts and makes a mistake. I decided to take a look at the label and was stunned to the see the birds were supposed to go to Oregon. What had happened was the post office scanned an old label and sent the birds to me. So just a heads up pull off old labels to ensure your birds don't end up on the opposite side of the country. Have a great week and thank you for the support of the Southern Belle race. 

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