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Final Race Tuesday December 3rd. Good Morning Breeders, the final race will be on Tuesday. Weather is calling for clear 37 at release WNW 8mph , arrival Partly Cloudy 51 WNW 7 mph. It should be a good working race and will separate the birds . For those attending food will be served from 12-1pm. Please bring a chair we have some but that way you are assured a seat. Bring a jacket the wind will make it feel pretty cool and we are located up on a hill . I will update again before the race .


Good Evening Breeders, the vast majority of birds that arrived today came out of the North. They overflew for some reason, I suspect we will have a bunch return tomorrow. I am suprised that they flew past, it was not a tailwind day. I will do race wrap up tomorrow and projections for the final race day. 

11/25 250 MILE RACE

Good Morning Breeders, we race tomorrow, looks like more of a West wind at the start now about 4MPH and then variable winds on the way home , does not exceed 6MPH . Birds will be released an hour later at 8.30am, GHC is releasing at 7.30 am 11 miles North of me in Lake City. Those birds will be well South of us at release headed home down south . Good luck to all of you. We are still taking high cotton pick birds today.


Breeders I am going to delay the race 1 day and race on Monday. This is a headwind course . However right now wind speeds are showing 12 mph WNW on the nose on parts of the course with a sustained wind out the WNW of 10 MPH the entire course . That means there are going to be periods where that wind speed will gust higher than that. We have a front that came in overnight and will be moving out quickly late tonight making for a blustery day tomorrow . Also to compound problems rain is moving thru release point this evening and is supposed to be clear in the morning but you know how that goes. Birds have worked too hard to be thrown away . Monday 8.30 am release with NW winds of 6mph on the course .


Good Afternoon Breeders, training will start back up Sunday, weather turns tomorrow and fall finally arrives in the South, it is so hot by 10.30 am that if the birds get into trouble they cannot get home with temps in upper 90's and heat index over 100. 

“Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path” 

Good Evening Breeders, birds continue to be flagged. We had low cloud this morning with light mist so birds did not go out. They are starting to fly better and better and many birds are leaving the loft and routing for well over 40 minutes and some groups upwards of an hour.  We will continue to flag birds this coming week again. We have had a Coopers visit a few times this last week, the birds are pretty savvy now and it has actually not been a bad thing as they will see them on the road and it helps if they are somewhat accustomed to raptors prior to road training otherwise a first time attack can really cause havoc in the flock. The loft is well located to prevent attacks, it usually occurs to birds that have sat in a tree or get really close to the treeline and a Coopers in hunting.  Health is really good, I do have birds that are a bit rough around the neck in molt but this will be gone in the next couple of weeks and they should be slicked down by the time we are in training. 

They have been out the loft 4 days now through the trailer and are already getting more comfortable with it. Later this week  I will chase them into a closed trailer and then open release doors and let them fly out. It looks like our weather has started to turn to early fall and birds will just continue to fly  better and better as temps drop. This coming week early mornings will be in the upper 60's which will be a welcomed relief for the birds and me. 

Breeders have great week and may your birds fly well in the series that are already underway. 


"In the absence of information we jump to the worst conclusions"
" Myra Kassim


Good Afternoon Breeders, so the reason for today's quote. Yesterday I got 95 percent of the birds off the roof and flying. Most went extremely high in several different groups. About 45 mins into the fly I could see that there were still what appeared to be at least 2-300 birds still not on the loft, no need to panic right. Well that all changed at about 9.15am, I got a call from one of our breeders stating that his bird and another one loft bird from this years race had been hit and killed about 50 air miles from the loft, the guy that hit the birds took the band numbers and one of them happened to be a flier here in GA. He stated that a group of about 200 birds was crossing the road low. The local  flier called me gave me the band numbers and told me it clocked the day before in loft fly and it was now dead along with another bird from South Carolina. I promptly called the breeder in SC  and told him that his bird had been killed. Only other one loft handlers can truly relate to the feeling now present in me, absolute gloom would be a understatement. I am thinking well the other 200 birds have never been on the road must of got spooked and now do not have the tools to come home. I contacted the breeder to get the number of the guy that hit the birds with his car to try and figure out where the birds were. In the interim birds are coming back to the loft in ones and twos way up .  I finally got hold of the guy that hit the birds I asked him to give me an account of what happened and it was exactly as was relayed to me. I decided to ask for the band numbers again and instead of one being #15 it was #16 and the other band number was correct in what I was given however the alphabetical letters were incorrectly conveyed to me. 
Well it turns out the #16 bird and the other bird were not in this years race. I have 3 birds that did not clock from yesterdays loft fly and not 2-300 missing as my mind jumped to scary conclusions. It rained today so we did not loft fly we will go at it again tomorrow. The quote pretty much summed up my day yesterday. Both the #15 bird and the other bird clocked and are not dead I am happy to report. In the One Loft handlers world that was a win and I slept really well last night , but there is always tomorrow :)

Birds flights and tails have come in really well, I will be getting all birds airborne each day as we push forward to the start of  road training about September 10th. Birds are looking great and I am ready to get them up.I did post a video or two to Facebook and one to YouTube. Have a great week. 


"The biggest lesson I've learned . . . was that if you have all the fresh water you want to drink and all the food you want to eat, you ought never to complain about anything. 
Eddie Rickenbacker


Good Evening Breeders, wish I could always abide by the above quote but fall short everyday. It has been so pleasant at the loft the last week, humidity has been way down and it has been in the 60's in early morning when the birds are going out. Flights and tails are coming in very nicely, I will start getting all the birds airborne in about a week. Many of the birds are already getting up and flying quite well . My plan is to flag the birds until we have them routing at least 45-50 minutes away from the loft before returning. I will have roughly 5 weeks to get them ready for their first toss. 

I will be getting our trailer hopefully later this week , I am really excited to see how it has turned out. I will do a video of it when I have it in hand. I did post a few videos of loft flies this past week to our Facebook page. Have a great week and I will update again soon. 



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