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Good Evening Breeders,we have had a good week of training. We had a good toss from 69 miles today. We will loft fly in the morning and be back on the road on Tuesday weather depending. The birds are starting to handle better and better. I really like to see when the birds appetites are really good. If all goes well and we don't get too much bad weather this week and can get down the road more we will have our 100 mile activation race sometime the week of October 15th.

I posted several videos this past week of training to our Facebook page and one to our YouTube channel. We are right in the middle of the one loft race season and it is always fun to watch and see the lofts that stand out. Have a great week and I will update again soon. 


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Good Evening Breeders,finally it looks like we will have several days in a row that will be good for training. We are going to the 50 mile spot in the morning. I have the GPS tracker up and running on the trailer, you can follow the trailer from a link on our homepage, no password is required. Even though the weather has  not been great the birds have been out everyday this past week when we could not train and flagged for over an hour, it is not as good as roadwork but does help keep the birds tuned up. 

My goal is to have the birds  out to the 100 mile station by the middle of the month some time. We have had many short tosses and now will put some real miles on the birds. I have posted a few videos to our Facebook page this past week. Have a great week and I will update again soon. 


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Good Evening Breeders, we had two good tosses this past week. We will push out on the road this coming week. Birds were flagged for 5 days at the loft, an hour each day. They were allowed to land rest for 10 minutes and were sent up again without flagging. On the third day of this I already saw a changed team and by day 5 they were really flying with purpose.  If all goes well the activation will be in  early October. 

Several races have had their activation's and we are underway. It is fun to watch how you guys do in other series. We are very fortunate to have the wincompanion site to enable all of us to enjoy one loft racing like no other place on earth. Terry and his son do an incredible job and are always trying to make the site better for you guys and for the handlers of the races. They just this past week went to a new much faster server and already I can see how much quicker it uploads the results. If you get a chance shoot them a thank you. 

Have a fantastic week and watch our Facebook page for updates during the week. 


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Good Evening Breeders, we have had a couple of tosses this past week with the birds coming in busted up. I appreciate the input from some of you on what may cause this. I have tossed the birds in many different ways over the years, small groups, larger groups and one group and it does not seem to eliminate those tosses where 30% of the group come in all scattered and over a period of a few days. A few stragglers are still coming back from the toss on Thursday. 

Birds will be back on the road on Tuesday, the birds had an easy day today and enjoyed the bath pans in the warm weather. We are almost complete with the molt and only about 10 birds are rough in the neck. They have plenty of energy and have spent the past couple of days pumping their wings in the loft ready to go. Tomorrow is the last real threat day for dove hunters and then we should be green light all the way. The weather is still hot, but we are starting to see some of the fall winds kicking in. 

Have a good labor day with your families, videos have been posted in the usual spots. I will get the GPS tracker mounted to the trailer this week now that we are starting to get a bit farther out. Have a great week.


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Good Evening Breeders, we had some rain the last few days slow our road training progress. We will be back on the road as soon as weather allows. The birds have been out everyday despite some really low cloud cover and rain the last few days. They are flying really well, we will do several more short tosses and then move out. 

I still have some birds that are rough in the neck, In the next couple of weeks they should also be slicked down like the rest. The health is great and birds have plenty of energy in the loft with cocks prancing all over the place. September will start bringing some cooler weather, we are in the mid 80's right now which is very pleasant for this time of the year. 

I posted a video on Facebook and YouTube for your enjoyment. Have a fantastic week. 


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Good Evening Breeders, birds have been released from my property three times. I always proceed slowly, have to in this part of the country where birds cannot see the loft a half mile down the road from eye level. We will go across the road tomorrow to my neighbor about a 1/2 mile from the loft. Birds will not be able to see the loft and we will progress out slowly. I am well ahead of schedule so I have plenty of time to train till our activation race in late September. 

Birds health is good, I have a few birds that are rough in the neck from the molt, but nothing to worry about.  I have it down to about 15 minutes to load roughly 500 birds. The birds have been watered several times in the trailer and have it down pat. We will push forward on all good weather days. 

I posted a video or two this past week hope you enjoy them.  Have a great week.


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Good Evening Breeders, we have had a good week at the loft. Birds have been out all but one day this past week. I have started posting loft flies and will continue to do so. We have now shifted the team to morning flying and it is going well. Birds are really staring to chew up some sky. The health is good and at this time it appears we may have the flock finally on the same page. 

The weather this coming week looks great with temps in the upper 80's which is cool for the south in July. I will be going up to North Carolina this week to pick up the new trailer, I cant wait to see it and get the birds accustomed to it for when training begins in August. The design will allow for very easy loading and maximum space for your birds with 3 sections each section being 7 feet wide and 12 foot long. Waterers that run the full length of the section on both sides. It will have internal led lights to water in the dark. 

I posted a couple of short videos this past week . Breeders have a great week and I will update again soon. 


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Good Evening Breeders, birds are moving right along at the loft. More and more birds are going airborne and we have a pretty decent group flying in a kit. I will start posting loft fly inventories later in the week. I wormed the birds this past week and had them on a 5-1 for general clean up. They are on the Van Beeks solution 4 days a week. Weather has been good and has allowed birds to be out almost everyday this past week. 

The birds handle great and I almost wish the final race was here to see who will come on top. This course will test your birds and the cream will rise as it always does. My goal is to make sure the race offers you three things:
1. A competitive race with fit pigeons
2. A transparent race
3.A race that you enjoy and allows you to test your race birds and your breeders. 

We are so fortunate to have the wincompanion website that enables all our races, if you get a chance and you know Terry Gilmore who started and runs wincompanion give him a big thank you. He is always so helpful if I goof up and quick to fix the problem. 

Breeders have a great week and check out the video I posted on Facebook and YouTube with the birds flying and a rainbow over the loft. 


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Good Morning Breeders, happy fathers day to all you dad's , I hope your day is  filled with joy and family. The molt is gong well, primaries are about 2 1/2 inches out. I will let the birds out in about 10 days. Pigeons had a bath yesterday and really enjoyed splashing around. The birds are on probiotics, vitamins and apple cider vinegar in the water on alternate days. I pulled two birds this past week both with one eye colds, one is back in the loft and the other will be tomorrow. The health is doing well, this time in the south is generally the danger time health wise. I walk thru the loft at least 5-6 times each day to check on birds. I pull any bird that looks even slightly under the weather immediately. 

One of my breeders contacted me and told me that there is a pretty bad outbreak of PMV in upper South Carolina. We have not problems here, all birds were vaccinated on arrival and again 21 days later. I always vaccinate my own youngsters at about 21 days and those that go to the one lofts will often get at least 2 shots.  Those of you that do not vaccinate in your own lofts should definitely do it,  it helps your birds own immunity when going out to the races.

Check our YouTube and Facebook  pages for video uploads from the past week. Happy Fathers day again and have a great week. 


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