News and Updates

Happy and healthy New year to all you Breeders for 2022. 


To say that 2021 was a challenging year for us is an understatement. We lost more birds than we ever have. The only single event that I can point to  is that on back to back Sundays we lost a total of 500 birds . For the past few years we have not trained on Saturday’s due to local races and did not again last year. It is now evident that several regional races also release birds on Sundays. We will no longer train on Saturday and Sunday going forward. I cannot say definitely that this was the reason but can only surmise it was a contributing factor to the losses. 

There were 2 choices I faced at the end of the season , throw in the towel or push on. As a young man in the South African defense force there was a word drummed into my brain and all that served in the forces there. “Vasbyt” direct translation  is bite hard , never give up. I have never quit at anything in my life and am not  about to start now. I came to America 35 years ago with nothing more than a kit bag two tennis rackets and $1000 to my name to start my life in America . I have been blessed beyond measure . In that time like all of you I have faced much adversity . I have always prevailed and will do so again. I fully expect the race entry to be down this year and cannot blame those not returning . For those that are returning I have been busy formulating a plan for 2022 that I think will help . 

With the help of one of the top one loft handlers I have garnered some very insightful things to implement from time of acceptance to training . 

I kindly ask for your support in 2022. Accepting birds February 1st , perch fees remain $100 per bird or 6 birds for $500. Entry fee is unchanged at $325 per bird due after the 100 mile activation race. We will again offer our sprint series in the 80,100, 150 and 200 mile races . Breeders I wish you all a great season and good luck breeding those future champions .