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UPDATE Good afternoon Breeders, please if someone who is going to leave the birds for 500 miles I need you to write me a message with the band numbers, to separate the birds as soon as possible and start flying the loft,
RACE UPDATE Good morning breeders just a quick update regarding the race.  Before anything this year weather have been very unfriendly towards us  last week it was a tropical storm had to cancel the race I had plans on having it this Wednesday since is was the best day to have a decent race for the birds to work more but it change now to NW same as Thursday but is overcast at the release and about 150 miles more on the way home. To big of distance with overcast to take a risk and possible have a smash race is not because of the wind is because of the overcast. On Thursday the day is clear but it will be a really fast race so we going to race on Friday which is 5 to 6 miles North wind only. The day is clear and it will not be as fast as Thursday would be. I’m very sorry for all the changes but we are trying to do the best for the birds and the race to have a good final race.
UPDATE Hi good afternoon breeders tomorrow we are planning on road training the birds to 75 miles  and plan to give another road training on Monday. We are planning on basketing the birds on Tuesday to have are final race Wednesday. As of right now the wind is going to be WNW it should be a good race not as fast as if we do it Thursday which is straight tail wind. Thank you and have a great weekend.
UPDATE Good afternoon breeders here is a quick update as of right now the race for next Thursday has been cancel the weather in Florida is not going be ideal for a race we are expecting lost of rain and wind for Thursday and friday. We are planning to start training Saturday and Sunday to provide the proper cycle of training to have a race. Thank you and have a great weekend.
UPDATE the trailer is with the birds loaded, but we are going to cancel the training today and do the release in the loft due to weather conditions
UPDATE what seemed to be an easy race ended up being a headache, the birds can be seen on Facebook live they arrived in good condition, but the Cooper hawk hit me repeatedly there were groups flying for more than 20 min, it's a shame the loss of time on the clock due to the Average Speed, is something that is not in my hands, I am very sorry for such a complicated day, congratulations to the winners
UPDATE the birds arrived in a Big group and were hit by the hawk, some birds entered but the big group continued to fly
UPDATE Hi good afternoon just a brief update on the birds. Today we went to 50 miles with a head winds they did pretty good. I’m planning on going to 50 miles again tomorrow and basket the birds on Wednesday to have are first race on Thursday’s from 150 miles. Tomorrow those birds that have not been paid for will be available for anyone to purchased exept to those that have sent their payments and have previously spoke to me. Thank you everyone

Good morning breeders, we had the activation race this past Monday and we are taking activations payments via check or zelle. Pay pal is charging a fee that it has nothing to do with their activation payment that’s their processing fee.( please try not to pay by PayPal) If you wish to don’t pay those extra fee you can mail a check overnight or pay via zelle. Guys please understand that the payments needs to be in by the upcoming Monday without any EXCEPTION. Any birds that has not been paid by Monday will be up for sale that same day. Any birds that has not been activated will be remove prior to the first race. The plan is to have the race between Tuesday and Friday. The day that we have the first race for example Wednesday then the reminder races will every Wednesday 4 weeks in a row weather permitting. Any race that has 14 miles per hour wind in any directions will be cancelled or rain. Thank you guys if anybody have any question let me know.

ACTIVATION UPDATE Good morning breeders I wanted to inform you guys that we are going to have the activation race tomorrow. The weather for tomorrow and Tuesday is about the same but I would prefer tomorrow since today we had a 50 mile toss. I will start the shipping at 11 at night that way the bird will have 12 hours to rest and make proper digestion of their feed. This is a personal believe of mines that it would be best for the birds Tomorrow. Good luck to everyone tomorrow
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