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UPDATE Hi good afternoon breeders , today we are pulling the 9th and 10 flight on all the birds except those birds that we recently receive as replacements. The reason we are only pulling the 9th and 10th is because birds are a little heavy and I still want them to sleep on their perch also we are  going into the raining season and having a lot of birds staying on the floors is not something you want because it can lead to sickness. Well thank you guys and have a great day.
UPDATE Good morning breeders  just a quick update this week the birds have not been out of the loft. We are giving some preventive treatment to birds that is going to be follow by coccidia treatment and worms in order to get them ready to cut the primaries. By doing this now is to prevent to give them any medication during that time. We haven’t done any inventory in the past week because we have been receiving replacements from those who needed to send replacements. The upcoming week there’s going to be a final inventory with all the birds including those that recently arrived. Guys please to those that didn’t send replacement prior to the deadline please don’t send them. Thank you everyone and have a great rest of your Sunday
ATTENTION BREEDERS Good afternoon breeders, wanted to give you a quick update. The birds are being released every day, I am not pressuring them. For those missing birds, I will be taking replacements through the last week of May, no exceptions. On 06/02/22 I'm going to do an update with benzing to upload all the birds. Also, the fights will be pulled between June 3-4, so there are no exceptions on replacements that came in after the deadline. Thank you all and enjoy the rest of your day.
UPDATE Good afternoon breeders I wanted to provide you guys with a quick update. The birds are very healthy and are looking super nice. We have not done an inventory do to we haven’t uploaded them to benzing and they also still in the net they have not been release. Any breeder that had to replace their birds we have contact them directly to informed them.  We are following the same game plan from the last 2 years. Once we are ready to release the birds we will start with the inventories. Thank you everyone
UPDATE Hello breeders hope everyone had a good weekend . I wanted to once again inform everyone that the loft is full so please don’t send birds if you didn’t prepaid your perches. I wish I could take everyone’s birds but I can only take a certain amount. So please once again if you didn’t prepaid your perches don’t send birds or they will be mailed back. Thank you I hope everyone understands.
UPDATE OFFICIALLY FULL Good afternoon breeders,  I wanted to inform everyone that Orlando Golden Classic is OFFICIALLY FULL.  I’m extremely happy with the support I received from you guys once again this year THANK YOU. I will only received birds from those who have prepaid their perches or communicated with me. Once again thank you for the support have a great weekend guys.

2022 Race Info

****Attention ****

Hi good morning breeders, I wanted to informed all the breeders that still have not picked up their birds or have not gotten in contact with me get in contact with me As soon as possible. If by Wednesday this week I haven’t received information from those breeders those birds will be donated to the local clubs in the are. Once again if you are one of those breeders and would like to get your birds back please contact me as soon as posible. Thank you
Weaverville NC 501 Miles
PAYOUT ( First Drop) 
  2- 8000
  3- 5000
  4- 3000
  5 -2000
  6 -1000
  7- 1000
  8 -1000
  9 -1000 
10 -1000
11- 1000
12- 1000
13 -1000
14- 1000
15- 1000
16- 1000
17- 1000
18- 1000
19- 1000
20- 1000
* 350 bonus first bird on the clock
UPDATE TRAINING 50 MILES Hi breeders birds arrived well from today’s training. Unluckily while the birds were try to land the hawk attack them and a group took off and do not want to come down at the moment just wanted to inform you guys that way your not alarmed
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