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UPDATE FINAL RACE Good afternoon breeders I wanted to inform you guys that tomorrow we are going to be basketing the bird for the final race if you any of the breeders wants to handle their bird are more than welcome to come but only the owners of those birds. I’m going to start basketing the birds at 3:00 pm otherwise you can see the live basketing on Facebook live. The Final race will be this Wednesday 11/24/21 we are expecting a similar to the last race with strong East winds. This winds are the hardest to us because we are on the East coast close to beach and is pushing the birds to the west coast. If your planning on coming to the final the doors will be open at 11:00 AM Wednesday hope to see some old faces and some new faces. We are going to have a catering company that is going Prepare Paeya And soft drinks will also be available along with appetizers. I want to thank everyone who put their trusted in me with their birds hope we have a good final and everyone enjoys it. If anybody has any question you can call me I’ll be glad to help. Thank you and hope to see everyone on Wednesday.
**RACE UPDATE **  Good morning Breeders I wanted to give you guys an updated on tomorrow’s race. The race is looking like is going to be hard one they are going be facing headwind at the release point. Once the get in to Florida is side winds and headwinds between 10 to 12 miles. I mention before that if the wind does not go over 15 miles on any directions or rain the race is a ON. The Final Race will still be 7 days from tomorrow weather depending. Thank you and good luck tomorrow
PAYOUT 2021 350 Miles
1st 100.000$
2nd  20.000$
3th   10.000$
4th     8.000$
5th     5.000$
6th to 10th 2000$
11th to 20 1500$
21th to 30 1000$
31th  to 60th  500$

150 Miles
1st 1000$
2nd to 6th 500$

175 Miles
1st 1000$
2nd to 10th 500$

  250 Miles.              
1st  2000$                 
2nd 1000$
3th  to 10th  500$         
Ave Speed
1st  10.000
2nd  5.000
3th   3.000
4th  2.000
5th  1.000     
UPDATE TRAINING 50 MILES Good morning birds did an amazing job today practically the entire group arrived together. I had a hard time bringing them down today has been the coldest day of the year so far here in Orlando and birds felt good and kept training around the loft for a good 30 to 40 mins. You can watch the Facebook live from today and see the groups as they arrived. Thank you guys enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Good Afternoon breeders , I’m really satisfy with the activation race we had yesterday birds did a really good job and are doing fantastic. Now is time to activate as soon as possible the faster we get this done the faster we can have are first race. The last day to activate the birds is 10/30/21, on the 31st the birds that have not been activated will be publish for anyone to activate then without any exception. We are planing on having the first race between Wednesday or Friday. Once we have are first race the rest of the races would every 7 days. The race can only be cancel do to winds stronger than 14 miles coming from any direction or rain. Once again thank you to everyone that trusted me with their birds I’m super happy with the quality you guys sent. Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.

ACTIVACIóN UPDATE Good morning breeders , I wanted to inform you guys that Tomorrow we are going to be basketing the birds to have are activation race Saturday. The birds look super we had 4 50 miles tosses in order to get them ready for Saturday. Thank you and good luck Saturday.
UPDATE Good morning breeders , benzing is doing an update today and that’s the reason why today’s training hasn’t been uploaded yet. I did a Facebook live of the arrival of the birds That we were attacked by the hawk in the landing board and they went back out to fly again. I wanted to inform you guys about that at the moment we still have birds flying. Unfortunately it hasn’t been the best day with the update and the haw attack but the good news are that the birds are here in the loft. Thank you and have a great day
UPDATE (ACTIVATION RACE) Good afternoon breeders , as you probably seen on wincompanion we have taken the birds twice to 73 miles and they did an excellent job. As of right now I’m planning on doing the Activation Race between the 21st or the 25th of this month which is next week. Prior to the activation the birds will get multiple 50 miles tosses. There’s not a set day as of right now I will let you know the following week the exact day. Thank you and have a great weekend guys.
UPDATE Hi breeders I wanted to provide you guys with an update regarding yesterday loft fly. We loft fly the birds yesterday morning birds were routing some groups were seen a couple of miles from the house. When I started to call the birds in I notice that we are missing a group of around 70 birds that did not come back to the loft. At about 1:15 o had a group of 9 birds arrived and some later in the afternoon. I don’t know what happened or where they went very frustrating. I’m hoping we will get some more back today. After we pull the primaries and started to release birds back out we had some incidents with the hawks and now that I thought that everything was going good this happens. The worse is that the birds are in excellent condition. I have gave my everything to maintain the birds health which they are looking excellent but when we open the loft and they go out everything is out of my control. I want to thank everyone and enjoy the rest of your day.
UPDATE Good morning breeders birds are in excellent condition. It bothers me that we have lost some birds do to the constant hawk attacks. I have tried to hold the birds back , change loft fly times to see if the hawk would give us a break but we still suffering. I’m hoping that  with the birds starting to get in shape will decrease the attacks. With Mother Nature you just never win it frustrate me a lot but I’m hopping that once the birds are in better shape this attacks will not hurt us as much. Thank you have a great day .
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