News and Updates
UPDATE, (REPLACEMENT DEADLINE) Hi good afternoon breeders I’m tying to give you a quick update on the plans for the next few weeks. Breeders be on the lookout this next 2 weeks coming up I’m going be doing couple of inventories for those breeders that are missing any bird please have them replaced by deadline which is the 5th of June. On 06/05/20 I’m going be pulling the 2 primary’s and running a hand inventory also that day any birds that appear because of a bad chip and the breeders had sent a replacement for that bird you Don’t have to pay any perch fee for the replacement in that case. This week I’m going to do a preventive treatment for malaria for 7 days before pulling their primary’s . Birds are looking good and healthy. Thank you have a good day
Hi good afternoon breeders I wanted to inform you guys that we have stared to settle the birds at the moment only half of the birds are being settle I divided the the loft in 2 groups. The groups were divided randomly so don’t panic if your missing any birds more likely they are on the other group inside the loft.
Hello breeders by this letter i will like to let you guys know that our race is full now
and i will only accept the birds that has their perches paid already,,,
Please dont send me more birds since we are currently in our loft limit,

i wanna thank you all of you for your trust and helping me make this dream come true i am really proud of your great support,
for the rest of you that did not have the chance to be a part of
 our race this year i hope to see you guys next year, for sure we will have a fun year together in this journey, one more time thanks you all who help in make this possible and 
god bless you all