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UPDATE Good afternoon breeders, to give you an update, as many of you know, I am going through a family problem, my mother is in intensive care, this is the reason for the lack of update and information about the OLR, I apologize and I hope you can understand, yesterday I made the update with benzing and took an inventory.  On my Facebook page there is a video of the birds yesterday afternoon, the birds look very good and in very good health.  I am going to pull feather 9 and 10 between Monday and Wednesday, after 40 days I will start releasing the birds two weeks after I start releasing any lost birds you can send the replacement... once again sorry for the inconvenience
Afternoon breeders , at the moment we are sitting at 1400 birds and growing . I have gotten a few calls regarding the intake period of the race I want to let everyone know that we are still open until the end of this month
UPDATE FINAL RACE Afternoon breeder we are planning on having the race this upcoming Friday. The race is going to be a working race for the birds. They will be over 7 hours on the wing as they going to have headwinds and calm in some other parts. Tomorrow we are going to take them 65 miles. The live shipping of the birds will be on Facebook Thursday as long as the weather stays the same. Thank you
UPDATE RACE 240 good morning breeders, I am monitoring the weather for the 240 mile race, from Friday to Monday there is rain between Jacksonville and the release point, I don't want to wait until next week, so we are going to advance the race to Thursday, which is the Best day, the birds had a toss today of 65 miles, they did a good job despite Hawks' attack, thank you very much everyone
UPDATE The birds are flying in the loft but the hawks attacked them.
UPDATE Good afternoon breeders just a quick update. The race was scheduled for Sunday, but we are going to do it this Saturday instead because the weather on Sunday is not the ideal. The wind is about the same but I think is best not to have much overcast they still have to work true 50 miles arriving to the loft Saturday, good luck to everyone .
UPDATE Good morning breeders this week the weather is not very good I would love to road trained the birds but if the weather is not optimal I Can’t risk the birds. In another note those that have not paid their activation fees or contacted me to inform me that they sent it and it’s on the way. The  birds that have not been paid will be listed for sale this upcoming Tuesday.
TRAINING CANCELED We canceled today's road training, because the app shows me that at the release point there is dense fog, I don't want to take the birds and waste the day, so today we will  loft fly, thanks.
UPDATE the birds had loft fly today for one hour and ten minutes, tomorrow we are going to take them to 73 miles and on Saturday shipping for the activation race on Sunday is the plan, if there are no last minute changes
UPDATE Good afternoon breeders, to provide an update, today we were processing the birds, pulling feathers 9 and 10. Tomorrow, we expect to finish with all of them. Anyone who wants to send a replacement can do so, but please make sure it is within this same week. I took a few minutes to make a short video of some random birds so you can see their conditions. Thank you very much, everyone
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