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ACTIVATION RACE REMINDER Good afternoon breeders hope everything is going well as most of you guys know we had are activaron race last Tuesday. The race turn out to be more challenging than expected looks like the birds overflew the loft. I was hoping for a better race but the important thing was that we got most of the birds back. A friendly reminder please send the activation payments as soon as posible as we are planning on having the first race between the 27 and 28 of this month. That means you guys have until the 25 of this month to activated all your birds. Thank you very much for all your trust and support any question please don’t hesitate to contact me enjoy you guys weekend. Note: we are taking payments via check and PayPal. There’s a link on are website which allows to make the payment there via PayPal
UPDATE Good afternoon breeders looks like weather is improving for tomorrow. I’m planing on going back to 73 miles spot there is a little bit of a crosswind from the East if everything goes well the plan is to have the activation race for Tuesday if the weather allows it. Good luck guys
UPDATE just like yesterday the 50 miles is canceled by the dense fog, I'll move the birds for 35 miles,
UPDATE canceled the 50 miles for heavy fog, I'll move the birds 35 miles
UPDATE Hello breeders birds are looking we had 2 good tosses from 40 miles with some headwinds. We went to 50 miles and had a bad toss I’m still trying to figure out what happened. We hope that they learned their from their mistake most of the second day birds were coming from the south so looks like they overflew past the loft. I do want to inform that we have 6 birds that are clocking in on the clock but for some reason are not uploading I’m planning on doing a hand inventory to see which birds are the ones with that problem. Thank you have a great day
UPDATE Hello breeders I wanted to inform that training has been canceled for today and tomorrow at least do to constant rain. The birds will continue to loft fly until the weather permits us to go back to road training. I believe there’s no need to risk the birds if the conditions for road training are no optimal. Thank you and have a great day everyone
UPDATE Good afternoon breeders today we merge the two groups together and the hawk attack them a few times I don’t think he got any but we still missing a few birds im expecting them to come back later in the day.
UPDATE Hi good afternoon breeders I wanted to inform you guys that we have stared to settle the birds at the moment only half of the birds are being settle I divided the the loft in 2 groups. The groups were divided randomly, in a few days it will release the rest

Hi good afternoon breeders I’m tying to give you a quick update on the plans for the next few weeks. Breeders be on the lookout this next 2 weeks coming up I’m going be doing couple of inventories for those breeders that are missing any bird please have them replaced by deadline which is the 5th of June. On 06/05/20 I’m going be pulling the 2 primary’s and running a hand inventory also that day any birds that appear because of a bad chip and the breeders had sent a replacement for that bird you Don’t have to pay any perch fee for the replacement in that case. This week I’m going to do a preventive treatment for malaria for 7 days before pulling their primary’s . Birds are looking good and healthy. Thank you have a good day

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