News and Updates
UPDATE Good afternoon breeders, tomorrow the clock will be put on for the last time and be left on for 2 days in case any missing birds decide to come back. After that the replacement time for those that need to replace a bird will be closed. On Monday we will start to pull the primaries. Guys remember that Friday the 11 will be the last day for replacement. Thank you very much and have a great weekend.
UPDATE Good afternoon breeders I wanted to give you guys a Quick update. Birds are looking great so far they seem extremely healthy and happy. I’m no pressuring them yet to fly the objective is for them to feel relax and adapt well to the loft . We have small groups that take off and land then others do the same. Thank you have a great afternoon
UPDATE Hi good afternoon I wanted to inform the breeders that yesterday I separated the loft into 2 groups random. If you see your missing any birds they will probably be on the other group. Guys be patient loft was devided into 2 groups once again. Once both group are settle you will see if your are missing any birds. Thank guys have a great day
UPDATE Good morning breeders this message is to give you guys an update about the Orlando Golden Classic. We are planning to start releasing the birds between spring 30 and may 5 same as last year. I haven’t made an inventory because birds are in wincompanion but still need to update on the benzing program and that should happen the upcoming week in order to start doing the inventories. The birds are very healthy and molting extremely well. I want to wish everyone a good season.
ATTENTION BREEDERS Good morning breeders once again those that did not prepaid their perches or coordinated with me previously please don’t send birds because I’m going have to deposit the check take the money for shipping and ship the birds back with the difference please don’t send more birds. I would love to take everyone’s birds but I don’t have any more room and I don’t want to over crowd. I hope everyone understand thank you and have a good day everyone.
ATTENTION BREEDERS Good morning breeders, I would like to inform everyone that we have officialy reach are maximum capacity and we will only be accepting birds that are already on their way and paid birds. I would like to request for other breeders not to send any more birds because they would be mailed back. I want use this time to thank you all for your support and trust. We are hoping for a great season. Let the games begin 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Good morning Breeders,

I hope you all are having Happy New year’s, 2020 is finally in the books and we get a fresh start into what looks like promising year!


Here at Orlando Golden Classic we will start accepting birds on February 1st. I can’t wait to start receiving the 2021 youngsters and to officially commence our 2nd Season. I also want to thank all new breeders who have subscribed to our race, and for those who are returning breeders this year, you are the reason we are blessed to do what we love, THANK YOU AGAIN!


Some of you have prepaid the perches, they will show up on the website as PPD (Prepaid) and will guaranteed your participation in our race for this year.


In the next two weeks we are working on disinfecting our lofts, making sure that we sanitize every inch. We are also extending the loft another section to increment the capacity


Thank you all for the support and I look forward to a great year of racing here at Orlando Golden Classic.