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Hi everyone,

I hope that winter is almost done here in New England. We've had some snow and cold weather but the next few weeks should be in the high 40s. We are starting to except the birds a little earlier this year on February 26th, this week. If you guys have any ready youngsters you can begin sending them. You guys can check the website or facebook page where short videos will be posted. If you guys have any questions, don't hesitate to call me at 617-504-2213. 

I wish good luck to all fanciers and all one loft races for 2024.

Best Regards!

Hasan Prashkov



Hello everyone,

First, I want to apoligize for the late update, I was busy training the last combine race birds and the convention birds we are hosting this year. Big congratulations to the first drop winners, Hristo Kolev and John Canto and all other prize winners. All the birds in the race that came back from the final race deserve respect because they have been trained really hard and they flew a tough season. And finally I wanna congratulte myself too for getting most the birds back from the final race. We shipped 198 birds, and we're mssing only 18 birds from the race. Thanks to eveybody who supported the race this year. I hope more fanciers consider the New England Derby next year. We'll start shipping the birds next week. Please make sure that your shipping address is up to date in win companion and please let me know if you'd like your birds back or not. The shipping fees for 1 bird is $70, 2 birds $75, and 3 birds $85. For those who won over $600, we need a w9 form. Again, congratulations to everyone and thank you. 


Due to the unstable weather condition at the release point, which is Rochester, New York, and the next 150 miles of the course, we decided to do the race Thursday instead of Wednesday. The winds directions will be the same as Wednesday, which is crosswind and tailwind from 3-7 mph. We expect 1400s speed. Good luck to all. 


Hello everyone. The 350 mile race is scheduled for Wednesday, October 11th. Thank you to everyone for the support this year. There are some videos on the New England Derby Facebook page if you guys haven't checked it. My prediction will be around a 7.5 to 8 hour race. I believe the birds are in very good condition and we'll have a very good race. Good luck to all. 


Hello everyone, the 250 mile race will be held tomorrow, Thursday, September 28, from Syracuse, New York. The birds will fly into headwind between 3 and 7 miles per hour all the way. The prized for tomorrow's race and the 350 mile race are as follows. Good luck to all and thank you to all supporters!

250 Miles:

1st 2000

2nd 1300

3rd 800

4th 500

5th 300

6th-10th 200


350 Miles:

1st 20000

2nd 8000

3rd 4000

4th 2000

5th 1000

6th-25th 500

26th-40th 300


Average Speed 

1st 2000

2nd 1500

3rd 500




219 mile race scheduled for tomorrow, September 20th. We're shooting for 7 or 7:30 release. Tomorrow's prize money is as follows. 

1. 500

2. 500

3. 500

4. 300

5. 300

6. 200

Prize money for the next two races will be posted this weekend. The birds had a 50 mile toss yesterday and they loft fly for an hour today. They look good and the weather looks good for tomorrow, so I hope we'll have a good race. Good luck to all!


Hello everybody, The 150 mile race is scheduled for Thursday, September 14. We will probably have a late release at around 8 or 9am. That being said, we are still missing a few entry fees, so tomorrow is the last day to pay your entries. If the owners don't contact me, the unpaid pigeons will not be shown in the race report. By the way, today's 50 mile toss, the late birds shown on the report were already in the coop, so they didn't scan and I ran the birds through the antenas after I came home. Usually I don't explain things like this, but I know you guys live on the vincompanion results, and I know you guys were wondering. Nobody knew I was training today so I would've kept the results to myself :). No prize money on the 150 mile race and all the other prize money will be posted after the 150 mile race depending on the activated birds. Good luck to everybody in all of their one loft races and all of the breeders.


Activation race scheduled for thomorow september 3th.Good luck to all and meSmile!




Hello everyone,

The final 400 mile race from Buffalo, NY is scheduled for Thursday, October 27th. We're expecting an 8 1/2 to 9 hour race. 

Good luck to everyone!

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