News and Updates



Hello everyone,

The final 400 mile race from Buffalo, NY is scheduled for Thursday, October 27th. We're expecting an 8 1/2 to 9 hour race. 

Good luck to everyone!


Birds were released at 8:15 from 316 miles station in Lyons NY. It will be a good working race. Good Luck To Everyone!


The 316 mile race is scheduled for Sunday the 16th and the final 406 mile race is planned for the best available day next weekend. The birds look very good and they have been exercised twice a day, early in the morning and just before sunset. The birds were road trained today short because of the bad weather again. 

The prizes for the 316 mile race is as follows:

1. $3000

2. $1000

3. $750

4. $500

5. $500

6. $500

7. $500

8. $500

9. $500

10. $500

Total payout: $8250

The prizes for the 406 mile is as follows:

1. $15000

2. $5000

3. $3000

4. $2000

5. $1000

6. $1000

7. $1000

8. $1000

9. $1000

10. $1000

11. $500

12. $500

13. $500

14. $500

15. $500

Total payout: $33500

Ace Pigeon: 

1. $2000

2. $1000

3. $500

Total payout: $3500

The total payout for the 219 mile race was $4000

Total payout for all races: $49250

Total activation for 115 birds by $450: $51750

Local fanciers are welcome to watch the races. Good luck to all!


Good morning everyone. The birds went up at 7:45. We are expecting the birds to be home in around 4 and a half hours.              We are still waiting for a few more entries. For the 200 mile race today, the prizes are as follows. 

1. $1000

2. $500

3. $500

4. $500

5. $500

6. $500

7. $500

The prizes for the next two races, the 300 and the 400, will be posted Monday or Tuesday. So far we have 115 activated birds. Good luck to all!


Good Morning Everyone,

1. Activations are overdue.  Please send by October 6th.  Any pigeons not paid will not show on the race result and be sold to any fancier wanting to activate them. Breeder will lose all rights to the pigeon. 

2. Due to the bad weather the last few days and the next three days we have fallen even more behind schedule.  Because of this, and losing 4 minutes per day of daylight.  We decided to skip the 150 mile race and go to the 219 mile station either Saturday or Sunday October 8th or 9th.  

3. We are still waiting on the last few activations and will publish prize money on Friday October 7th. 

The pigeons are looking excellent and in super condition.  Thursday looks like the next available day to train because of the clear weather. 





The activation race is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th. The birds will be released at aproximatley 9am. Good luck to all. Activation fees are due after the activation race. Fees must be payed by the middle of next week.


A few fanciers are asking about updates for the race. The birds are in great shape with excellent health and are pretty much done with the molt.  We stopped training for a few weeks due to extreme heat. We have the birds out flying again and we lost some birds from falcon attacks on the way home. They have been out 30 miles. Soon we will post an inventory and start getting them out to 40 miles and up. We will start posting the results for trainings soon. The activation should be within the next week or two.  We will post another update next week.