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Must be 18 YEARS OLD to enter.
Accepting birds from March 1, 2021, to May 30, 2021

Replacement birds until June 15, 2021. 

No BIRDS limit per breeders entered. 

Perch fee options are as followed- $125 per bird or $100 if more than 5 birds entered, Non-refundable.

Perch fee due upon arrival of entries, No exception!

There will be 2 times 100 miles training before the Activation Race
Race fee due after the activation race - The race fee is $350 per bird (Mandatory)

10% will be withheld for expenses
Birds whose entry fee is not paid after activation will be sold.
Live Clocking by Wincompanion. 
There will be an Average Speed of 4 Races (200, 250, 300, 365)

Final Race 365 miles from Oakland Oregon. 
On the final race, the prizes will be paid on the first drop and then by clocking order.
An IRS ( W-9 form ) will be required for any winnings over $600.00
All birds will have the 9th and 10th flight pulled and grown in before training.

Light System will be used by the handler

All birds will be vaccinated with PMV and POX

Breeders pay return shipping USPS $60 for the first bird an additional $15 for each Bird.

Race dates and locations are subject to change due to weather conditions.

All birds will be equally managed, feed, medicate and trained.

The loft manager reserves the right to refuse entries.

Loft manager has the right to make all final decisions

Loft visits are by appointment only and may only view inside the loft.

No handling of any birds.  Maximum of 1000 birds.