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These race dates are subject to change depending on weather or health factors.


The race course is from the North and YPM is 1300-1600 depending on the winds.   North/Northwest winds are faster than the North/Northeast or South Winds.


100 Mile Activation Race - Baldwin, FL  2/1/24

100 Mile Race 1 - Baldwin, FL  2/13/24

150 Mile Race 2 - Waycross, GA  2/20/24

200 Mile Race 3 - Alma, GA  2/27/24

250 Mile Race 4 - Vidalia, GA  3/5/24

300 Mile Race 5 - Thomson, GA  3/12/24

350 Mile Race 6 - Athens, GA   3/19/24


Good Afternoon,
I would like to thank everyone who has signed up so far for the race. 
My goal when I started this race was to make it affordable for everyone who wants to participate in a one loft race, so with that in mind I have this SPECIAL OFFER available.. From today until May 31st, anyone who signs up to send pigeons to race will have their perch fees reduced from $125 per bird to $75 per bird. The entry fee of $300 per bird remains the same.

I hope this will attract new participants into the one loft races.

Thank you and Good Luck.


Hello Breeders!

I would like to invite all of you to my late hatch race series... the Gator Classic One Loft Race.  My wife, Becky, and I are looking forward to putting on a competitive and fun series with the opportunity for you, the breeder, to have a challenging race schedule.

The series is 6 races with sprint and overall average speed with an optional long distance race after the final main race in series... We are also offering an additional yearling race for breeders who want the opportunity to test birds further and not just have 4- 6 races or so under their belt.

Please feel free to email us at or call Becky at (352) 553-6788.

Check out our website at

Look forward to hearing from everyone!!

Sal & Becky Mazzurco


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