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Hi All,

Just reminding everyone that the Gator Classic is now open for accepting pigeons.
We have started receiving birds this past week already. We will be accepting birds until the end of August. Feel free to signup at anytime. 

We will be having a pick bird option for the last race, colored bird option, splash bird option, sprint avg speed, and 400 mile optional race after the series.. Plenty of chances for prizes.

Also, a reminder about the Au Convention Race being held in Orlando. I am handling for the race so anyone who is interested just reach out to me or go to for more information.



Good afternoon 

The 2024-25 Late Hatch season will be open for receiving birds on May 1st.

Wincompanion has been updated for the new season so everyone is free to sign up for our 2nd season.

This coming year we will continue the Sprint series, colored bird option and with enough participation the 400 mile optional race after the season... We have also included 2 new features.. the first is on the 350 mile final race we will have a pick bird available. The second feature is along the lines of colored birds, but just with splashes.. The splash option will be for any bird that has 2 or more white flights.

We look forward to another great year.


Good evening all,

First I would like to congratulate everyone who received a prize in the final 350 mile race. It turned out to be more difficult then anyone imagined.

Just a quick reminder, Becky is in Tampa for work conference so she is only able to receive texts. She won’t be back home until Wednesday evening.

Also, please send in w9s either by mail text or email if you have received $600 or more.
Also please let us know if you wish to have your birds returned. Right now I plan to fly old birds next year with my combine so I will use whatever is left. Please let us know one way or the other.
Here are the shipping rates
1 bird- $65.00
2 birds -$75.00
3 birds $85.00
4 birds $150 (2 boxes)
5 birds $160 (2 boxes)
6 birds $170 (2 boxes)
One last thing, next year I was thinking about doing a pick bird for the final race or a splash only category since I had so many white flight birds in the loft this year.. Let me know if either of those options would be of interest.
As many of you know we are accepting birds for next year May 1st until August 31st.
Thank you to everyone who participated this year and welcome to everyone who is joining us next year.

Good morning
Packing for tomorrow's 350 mile finale is going to be around 500pm on fb.
Good luck to everyone.


Good morning
Tonight we basket for the 300 mile race from Thomson Georgia live on fb around 5pm
Good Luck


CONGRATULATIONS!! Today’s payouts are as follows (checks after 350 mile and W9 received):

250 Mile Race
1. 123 Birds Love to Fly Tarek Patros. 361 VIP. $1,000
2. Wing and a Prayer Ross W. Hull. 2964 GBRC $500
3. Cordova Lofts John Cordova. 178 MCF. $400
4. Cloud Loft Charles Loucks. 12764 AA. $350
5. Hollywood Lou Louis Gurino. 1171 HL $300

Sprint Series Average Speed
1. Sooner Challenge Rex Urbany 154 Soon $1,750
2. PJ Villa King Loft Danny Gonzalez Peter Meca Pete Villa 1183 Cap. $1,000
3. Hollywood Lou Louis Gurino. 1171 HL $650

Thank you everyone for a great race! I have already personally called everyone that came in the money on today’s race!!!!



Birds are up in the air.   We will have a LIVE Facebook video starting at 11 am EST for the arrivals. 


Good Morning

Today will be basketing for the 200 miler from Baxley Ga 
We will be on facebook live probably around 515-530pm for the basketing.


Congratulations to the first 14 birds on the drop for the 150 Mile Race. 
We look forward to another competitive race for the 200 miler coming up next week.



The race is 3/20 Wednesday not 3/21
Sorry its been a long night.

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