Franco & Belus Classic



News and Updates
Birds have started coming in. When the birds arrive they are given a Versele-Laga recovery cap, Shot of water, canker pill, and drops under wings for parasites. After a couple of days of eating and drinking in a quarantine section they are then vaccinated for PMV and Salmonella. They are then put in general population where they are able to go out on landing board daily along will access to Versele-Laga all-in-One grit and Junior Plus IC feed. 
Why you need to be in the Franco & Belus Classic

Over 1,000 perch reservations already!!! - Dont be left out of all the fun and excitement, reserve your perches today!!! 

if you need assistance text Mike Belus at

Guaranteed perch fees - any paid perch not filled, replaced, or lost prior to the first 20 mile training toss will be credited to the following year(does not include the $100 upfront money that goes directly to the prize fund).


Six race series (125, 150, 175, 200, 250, & 320 miles) - No big jumps, birds will be in shape for the big race and Champion Bird over 6 races will truly be a great bird.


400 mile Special at end of season - There will be a 400 mile special race 2 weeks after the main race. Entry fee will be $200 per bird ($175 goes towards prize fund)


500 mile Old Bird series available - We will be hosting an Old Bird series that will include a 500 mile main event in the spring. Entry fee will be $300 per bird ($200 will go to prize fund)