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Birds released just outside of Winnemucca, NV. 0730 release,


After watching the weather closely the last few days, we feel good about having the final race this Saturday, October 23. It will be cloudy with up to 7mph head winds along the course. Most of the course has only 10-20% chance of showers. 


We will start basketing birds at 2pm. If you are coming to handle your birds, please let us know and be on time, as we won't hold birds until you arrive. You can only handle your own birds.


On Saturday, the gates open at 11am and lunch will be served at noon. Birds should be in after 2pm.


Thank you all for your continued support and good luck!




Race #2 175 miles went really well. We had 28 birds on the drop with a good working speed of 1370 ypm and 84% of the birds with in 1 hour. We are only out a few birds.

The last couple days here we have had high winds NNW 20-30mph with 40mph gusts. Tomorrow should be calmed down and we will train 40 miles and toss 55 miles on Thursday. We will be shipping Friday afternoon for a Saturday Race #3 225 miles from Lovelock, Nevada.

The 2021 Actual payout is posted on the website and in the updates.

As of now we are planning on still holding the final race on Saturday, October 23. All festivities will be held outdoors and we ask that all attendees practice the proper covid safety procedures. If you have birds in the race and plan to attend, please RSVP to Mabel, call or text 650-834-1868.

The daily weather is cooler and the birds are flying well and looking good. The air as of now is cleared of smoke, our combine is done for the season so there are less birds in the air. Our last two races will be Saturday as not to conflict with the Mid Valley Combine.

Good luck to all!


RACE 2 175 MILES Today is Race #2 175 miles and will be let go from Fernley Nevada at 0730. Today we are giving 10 $250 prizes to the first 10 birds thru the traps. Also we have the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Classes also paid by clocking order.

Bronze $25
1st  $228
2nd $137
3rd  $ 91

Silver $50
1st  $483
2nd $290
3rd  $193

Gold $100
1st  $871
2nd $523
3rd  $349

We are posting the actual payout on the website and on a update shortly.
good luck to all!

RACE #1 150 MILES Birds are in the air! Race #1 150 miles is underway. Birds released at 0730.

I still am marking birds paid and in the Bronze Silver and Gold classes. Its not to late to get in. You have till 10am and must only be paid thru PayPal.

All birds not paid for will be offered off tomorrow.

Good luck to everybody
Qualifier Today
Birds are in the air for the 125 mile qualifier. All entry fees will need to be paid by Saturday October 2. The best way to get your fees here in time would be to pay thru the store with a credit or debit card. If you want to send a check it would be advisable to send registered mail so as to be able to track the check. We are not responsible for the mail not arriving in time.
We will be doing the Bronze, Silver, and Gold classes again.
Good Luck to All!
Revised 2021 Race Dates
125 mile Qualifier September 27
Race #1 150 miles October 4
Race #2 175 miles October 10
Race #3 225 miles October 16
Main Event 320 miles October 23
These date are subject to change.
SCHEDULE UPDATE Now that the smoke is clearing from several fires here in California, we will start getting the birds farther out in training. The new date for the qualifier will be September 24. Here is the proposed training schedule till the first race.

Sept 15 - 70 miles
Sept 17 - 70 miles
Sept 20 - 100 miles
Sept 22 - 70 miles
Sept 24 - 125 miles Qualifier
Sept 27 - 55 miles
Sept 29 - 70 miles
Oct 1 - 150 miles Race #1
*weather permitting

In this video, see a Cooper's Hawk swoop down on the flock as they are being released at Friday's training toss #5



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