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ON THE WAY Decided the most expedient thing to do was get a new computer on the way. Ordered on Amazon last night. Shipping info said it will arrive early next week. Birds still looking great! Larry has started to teach them to load in the training truck and releases them down by the road to his house. It won't be long now till you can see them clock from a toss. 
LAST COUPLE OF WEEKS Just a quick update - Birds are all doing well! All out and ranging. Only had a few (4 or 5) sick ones that had to be destroyed. Chipped them all a couple of weeks ago so we could start doing live trapping but when I tried to send bird list to Unicon  I got an error message that there was no Unicon device connected. Thought it was cable, so ordered new one. Waited a week for it to arrive but that wasn't it. Could only conclude that it was the 9 pin port on the computer. Spent last 10 days trying to find someone in my area that could replace the port to no avail. Will order new computer tonight. Then start process of loading software (Unicon) reentering bird list, getting Mr. Gilmore to connect new computer to Wincompanion etc. etc. Hope everyone is healthy and being safe!
Thanks for your support
Birds are looking great! Only two more weeks to get your entries in to the 2020 Chickasaw Challenge. Pick your winners and get them in the mail to us ASAP. Thanks and good luck to all who have chosen to support us this year.
Richard & Larry
ENTRIES Only a couple of weeks left to get your entries to us. Perch fees still only $50. Send your best! We are going to have a great series!!!!!!!!! 
Receiving more every day! Don't miss out on the $50 perch fee this year!! We expect to have 150/200 this year.
Thanks for everyone's support and looking forward to a GREAT season.
Richard & Larry
Received 24 more great looking birds yesterday!!! First ones are already getting out and flying. Remember our Perch fee is only $50 this year so send as many as you like. 
Thanks for your support!!
Richard & Larry
Will receive three more lots of great birds this coming week! Breeders, Note that the Chickasaw Challenge is not only offering $50 perch fees but we have now decided to wave the deadline for paying the perch fee until July 15, 2020. We have spoken to several who would like to enter but don't feel they should because their financial situation is rather tenuous at this particular time. So we have decided to let you send your birds when they are ready and you can pay the perch on or before 6/15/20. In these time we have to trust one another and if we stick together we will all get through this time of crisis! So every one please stay safe and stay a safe distance from everyone!
Thanks for your support
Richard & Larry
We have received several lots of great looking birds this past week. Remember our perch fee this year is only $50 so send as many as you like. Lets get them coming! The competition is going to be FIERCE!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your support!!!
Larry & Richard
Congratulations again to all the winners! The Final prizes are now posted to the race results. Had to go down to 8th place to get it all awarded (325 prizes & avg. speed prizes). Again, I have to have a W9 form for my records before I mail a check to all winners over $600. Be sure to have your current address on the form to insure that I mail the check to the correct destination! Lets start getting those 2020 sign ups going!!!

Thanks for your support!
Larry & Richard 
Well it wasn't what I wanted but trying to predict the weather is a fools errand. Congratulations to the winners. We will keep the race open today so that any more birds returning will post. I will post the payout to the race winners tomorrow. You can refer to the message board and the message (updates) dated Dec. 10th for the payout. 
Thanks again for your support!
Richard and Larry
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