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ACTIVATION RACE Activation race today. 100 miles into light head wind. Good Luck to all!!!
YESTERDAY Sorry no clockings for yesterday. I set toss up before I went to work but the fog was too bad and Larry chose to leave them home.
WEATHER Well it always rains the 1st day of dove season, but usually not the whole 1st week of the season. Looks like that's what were in for though. NWS is predicting 80/90% for our area through Thursday and 40% for Friday. Good chance to let the birds rest. They are coming great and Larry seldom beats them home, and if he does its by just a minute or two. 

The hawks have been terrible this year and we want to make a final offer to anyone who lost birds here at our race this year. Since you paid your perch fees, we would like to replace your lost bird or birds with one of our ADA banded birds. They have been trained along with the rest and are out of select breeders that I placed over at Larry's this past year. These are the same breeders that were responsible for me scoring the #1 Ace YB Loft , division 5 in the Nation on the Digest awards list in 2017. Just let me know before Sept. 7th. and I will replace them. 
Thanks for your support
Richard and Larry
Looks like live clocking is back thanks to Mr. Gilmors gracious help on Sunday. There are some issues yet with "unassigned' birds and some that are not clocking. I will try to get these all straightened out this week. Thanks for your patience and your support!
Larry & Richard
 Got the birds all scanned in yesterday and they are registering on the Unicon clock. Have to get Mr. Gilmore to get us back online with the new computer. Hopefully that will happen soon. I'm trying for today. Larry has started training and has taken them 5 miles several times. Hawks have been a problem and we have lost a few. Will let those owners know. Hope you are all well and safe.
Thanks for your support!
Richard & Larry
COMPUTER UPDATE Hope everyone is well! Got new computer in and hooked up Sunday. Got internet connection going and downloaded Unicon software and reentered all the birds. Uploaded bird list to Unicon module so that seems to be working now. Will scan in all birds and begin process of getting new computer linked to Wincompanion in the next few days. Thanks for your patience! Birds continue to look healthy and exercise vigorously.
ON THE WAY Decided the most expedient thing to do was get a new computer on the way. Ordered on Amazon last night. Shipping info said it will arrive early next week. Birds still looking great! Larry has started to teach them to load in the training truck and releases them down by the road to his house. It won't be long now till you can see them clock from a toss. 
LAST COUPLE OF WEEKS Just a quick update - Birds are all doing well! All out and ranging. Only had a few (4 or 5) sick ones that had to be destroyed. Chipped them all a couple of weeks ago so we could start doing live trapping but when I tried to send bird list to Unicon  I got an error message that there was no Unicon device connected. Thought it was cable, so ordered new one. Waited a week for it to arrive but that wasn't it. Could only conclude that it was the 9 pin port on the computer. Spent last 10 days trying to find someone in my area that could replace the port to no avail. Will order new computer tonight. Then start process of loading software (Unicon) reentering bird list, getting Mr. Gilmore to connect new computer to Wincompanion etc. etc. Hope everyone is healthy and being safe!
Thanks for your support
Birds are looking great! Only two more weeks to get your entries in to the 2020 Chickasaw Challenge. Pick your winners and get them in the mail to us ASAP. Thanks and good luck to all who have chosen to support us this year.
Richard & Larry
ENTRIES Only a couple of weeks left to get your entries to us. Perch fees still only $50. Send your best! We are going to have a great series!!!!!!!!! 
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