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Hello Breeders,

I hope all of you are doing well. Today we had a 150 mile training toss that was a little tough. We are only missing a few so it's not bad, some will show up tomorrow.  

We have to change the final race day to the following day. We couldn't get the driver to work for us on Saturday but he can do it on Sunday Oct. 25. This is the final race, I appreciate all of your support this far. We will have video on Facebook Live and I'll be separately recording on other cameras to send short clips. 

I Wish Everyone Good Luck,

Antonio Gomez


Hello Breeders, 

One more training toss on Tuesday October 20, 150 miles Yuba City.

We are planning on the final race to be on Saturday October 25. 

I have had many requests for individuals to come here on the weekend of the final race but I am sorry that I'm not allowing anyone due to the COvid-19 situation. If things were different you all know we could get together and have a party like the years before, so let's stay safe and save the party for next year. I hope you understand and thank you for respecting my wishes. 

After the final race, please call me so we can set to pick up your pigeons and/or prize winnings. 

Carol Perry will be having his race the weekend after mine and since he is close to my location you can opt to pick up your pigeons from me that weekend. thanks good luck to all.

Antonio Gomez  





                                             287 Birds Qualify

                                     287 x 200= 57,400.00 Total

                                  -10% For Expenses= 5,740.00

   -5% To Give Places 21 Thru 30th an Equal Split=2,870.00 and the 10 Places        Split Four Ways = 287.00 Each

    =44,590.00 For 1st Thru 20th Places & 3 Average Speeds


       #1 RACE              #2 RACE                #3 RACE               #4 RACE

    1st Place 200       1st place 300          1st place 400         1st place 500

    2nd place 200      2nd place 300         2nd place 400        2nd place 500

    3rd place 200       3rd place 300         3rd place 400         3rd place 500




 1st Place 25% 11,147.50

2nd Place 20% 8,918.00

3rd Place 15% 6,688.50

4th Place 10% 4,459.00

5th Place Thru 20th Place 15% Split 6,688.50= 418.00 Each


Average Speed

1st Place 7% 3,121.30

2nd Place 5% 2,229.50

3rd Place 3% 1,337.70


Hello Breeders,

Birds got released at 7:30am and with the blowhome wind made it a fast race. The birds beat me home by 25 mins. Congratioulations to the winners. Some birds did come from the back due to strong winds.

Antonio Gomez


Hello Breeders

I hope all are staying safe, this is the plan tomorrow Monday Oct.12-75 miles and Oct 14 we go for the 4th race from Redding Ca., 235 miles, we hope everything goes good, and then we go Oct. 19, 150 miles and FINAL RACE Oct. 24 or 25, whatever day is better. I will let you guys know ASAP.


Antonio Gomez


Hello Breeders,

I hope you're all well. Two more birds came today but those have not updated to the wincompanion because it was down while we were fixing an earlier issue. Thanks to Terry and Camile from Siegells that problem has been fixed. 

Next race we are looking towards Monday or Tuesday, I'll keep you all updated. 

Everyone has untill October 12 to complete sending the entry fees. Any bird that has not been paid on time will be forefited to Central Valley. We hope that all entries will be paid on time and so far everything is going good. 

We have 284 birds in. 

Questions, call me.


Antonio Gomez


Hello Breeders,

Congratulations to the champions!!! Thank you guys for send those good birds.

Okay there is there ways how to do it for your entry fee, 

1) send a check in my name

or 2) deposit to my account, call me for the account number

or 3) pay with Zelle on your phone

Questions call me.


Okay their is a problem with race 2 results that are shown but that did not affect the original places, I already called Terry the owner of Wincompanion so he is going to work on it starting tommorrow. 


Antonio Gomez  



Breeders this is the activation race 150 miles from Maxwell Ca, 288 birds are going. I am planning to release the birds at 7:15 am, I hope that everything goes well, I will call everybody for the activation. Please make checks out to Antonio Gomez.

Good luck to all!!!


Antonio Gomez



Breeders just to let you guys know there is too much smoke here and things are going to change. I will keep you guys informed, any questions call me.



Antonio Gomez 


Hello Breeders,

Congratulations to all the special winners, yes we're looking foward's to the activation race this Sunday Oct. 4th for 150 miles, questions please call me Thanks for your participation! 


Antonio Gomez 

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