News and Updates

Hello breeders, I hope you are all doing well. We're doing good here. I want to let everyone know that the Triple Crown Race will not be happening because we did not reach the minimum amount of birds to make it fun. We will see what will happen next year. To anyone who has a bird in the Triple Crown, I will be contacting you soon. 

Today I did a hand inventory and some birds were not coming up as registered in the system so I registered them now and they are ok. The numbers you see under inventory is less than the actual number, this will be fixed.

I will due loft inventory tomorrow to make sure all the birds are in the system. I have had some birds get sick and die. I will contact the owners of those birds. This sickness is something new and works fast, I noticed that a bird will get sick one day and die the next. I have not seen any sick birds in the last few days. I will keep everyone updated. 

All this month of May, replacements will still be accepted. 

Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Thank you all for your support!


Hello Breeder's, 

I hope you are all doing well. The birds are doing good. I believe the issues i had with the internet are fixed. Tomorrow will be inventory of everything that is in the loft. If you hear from me I'll be asking for replacements. We still have 5 more weeks so if you have replacements, hold on to them, you might never know. I'll start providing more updates. 

Questions, give me a call.

Thank you!


Hello Breeders, 

   Birds are doing great, but I've been having issues with my internet recently but will be fixed soon. I will be doing hand inventory tomorrow on April 21st. All the birds received from March 1st to April 1st have been out and flying around. If any are missing I will find out tomorrow. If any replacement birds are needed I can meet breeders and do pick-ups this weekend I will be at the auction in San Jose on Saturday April 23rd and at the auction in Martinez on Sunday April 24th. 



Hello Breeder's,

The birds are looking good and healthy. Tomorrow, March 27 is the Martinez Auction I will be there if anyone would like to meet-up there and enter birds for the One Loft. Next week, Hayward Autction, same thing, I will be there and can pick-up birds for the One Loft.

Good Luck to all, see you soon!


Hello breeders, this Sunday Feb, 27 2022 I will be at Martinez auction to pick up birds, for Me and Francos and Juan seeyou Sunday,

Ismael Fraco he will be at Jedds this Sunday from 12 to 1 pm picking up birds, if anyone got som for me, good luck guys,


Antonio Gomez 


Hello Breeders and Happy New Year 2022!! Hopefully this year will be better than 2021.

I'm looking forward to focus on doing better to get better results. This year we have Triple Crown, check it out, if you guys have any questions give me a call. We already had this question, "How do I reserve the perches for Triple Crown?" If you want to enter birds in both races, when you bring the birds here, you tell me how many for the Triple Crown and how many for the regular race. Once I enter it into the system, the Triple Crown birds will have a green dot on the right hand side of the screen. I am looking forward to see you guys and to Have Fun!