News and Updates

Good Morning Breeders,


We will try an do a hands-on inventory today or tomorrow morning. It is raining here so there will be no training today or tomorrow.

We will have the Final 350 Mile Race this Sunday.

Everyone is invited to join us for the race and a season end BBQ. We will be serving food around noon.


The payout for the B Race and the Average Speed Race is posted on our Website.

Colored Bird Payout;

1st  place - $1,700.00 clocking order only

2nd place - $1,000.00 clocking order only


We will be taking a year off from the race in 2019 to do a little traveling and a little fishing.

At this time we would like to thank everyone who participated in our races Espo's East Coast Challenge in New Jersey and American International Challenge in South Carolina. We truly appreciate everybody's support over the last 15 years.

Good luck to everyone in the final race!

Hope to see you all in 2020!

Frank and Klare



Today the birds will get to relax and have a bath.

Tomorrow I will do a hands-on inventory before the 300 Mile Race on Friday.

Friday the birds will be released at 8:30 AM from:

Montgomery, Alabama

Exit 168 off I-85


Pay out for the 300 Mile Race:

1st  - $750.00

2nd - $750.00

3rd - $500.00

4th - $500.00

5th - $300.00


Do not forget to activate your birds for the:

A Race          - $500.00 Entry Fee per bird ( Race canceled )

Colored Race - $100.00 Entry Fee per bird

Get your payments in this week!



Frank and Klare


Good morning,

Tomorrow we will do a hands on inventory to make sure all the birds' chips are good and all the birds are in good condition.

According to all weather reports the best day for the 225 Mile race is Saturday.

We will liberate the birds between 8:30 and 9:00 AM from Plant City, Alabama

Exit 79 off I-85.

Good luck to everyone and we hope for a good race!

Frank and Klare


Dear Breeders,


These birds are for sale:

Long & Burt       AU18    109 COV   BBWF

IL Volo              IF18  34726 E       BC     -  Sold

IL Volo              IF18  34727 E       BC     -  Sold

IL Volo              IF18  34729 E       CHWF - Sold

IL Volo              IF18  34733 E       BCWF

Baldwin Tilson   AU18   8147 TENT  CHOC


 Today is the 150 Mile Race

Payout Clocking Order

1st  - $300.00

2nd - $300.00 

3rd -  $300.00

Do not forget to activate your colored birds for the 350 Mile Race.

 Good luck to everyone! Hope to have a good race series.

Klare and Frank



 To give birds confidence I have been doing a lot of 30 mile training.

They are responding nicely and doing well. 

Our 1st Race is planned for the beginning of October and the Final Race is scheduled for the weekend of October 27th.

We have plenty of time to get the birds out to the 100 mile activation toss, which we are planning sometime around the 3rd week of September.

After the activation all birds must be activated for the B Race.

The activation fee is $300.00 per bird.

Sincerely yours,

Frank Esposito