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Hello to all Breeders, 

   The weather is still hot with strong gusts of wind sporadically.

 We are exited to announce " We have 298 birds in the loft and 370 reservations. Some breeders are sending more mores next week. 

    The missing 5 birds did not return and the breeders have been notified.

 Thank You to the following breeders for sending birds:

     Team Phoenix from AZ: Ricardo Hernadez

     Huan Qia Zhang from NC

     3S Lofts from CA: Bill Blankenship

     Nanez Family Lofts from WI: Rick Nanez

 Thank You ALL, for joining our race this year, to make this 2nd year great. 

  Lets keep them Coming! We still have the rest of June and plenty of space!


Hello to all Breeders,

   The temperature is over 100 now.The birds are doing well.

We now have 283 birds in the loft with 351 reservations.

We have 5 birds missing due a hawk attack.We will notify the breeders if they do not return in a few days. There is still a little under month left, for replacements. 


   Lets keep them coming! Lets get at least 300.



Hello to all Breeders,

  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

We are happy to announce we have 263 birds in the loft now, with 348 reservations.

I received calls from 3 different breeders that their birds are not ready yet and they already paid their perch fees. Therefore, we are extending the time to receive birds  and their replacements until June 30th.

Also, Thank You to all the breeders who sent birds this week!

    Jeff Earthman from NV

    Paul Rueter from OR

    Richard Cass from NV

    Sergio Gamino from AZ

    Tim Ross from CA

    Juan Rodriquez from AZ

    David Clausing from FL

Thank You for all your support and confidence!



Hello to all Breeders,

We are happy to announce we now have 229 birds in the the loft and 329 reservations. Let's keep them coming!

The winds have been crazy here in Tucson. Therefore, loft flying has been minimal. All the birds still present at inventory. The birds are in good health.

Thank you to all the breeders this week for sending great birds. Don Chapin, Rich Steele, Lucas Cramer and Greg Meller from Oregon. Joe  Jagielski, Lenny  Luther     and Shawnie Murphy.

Happy Mother's Day!



Hello to all Breeders,

  I hope everyone is doing well.

  It was windy here in Tucson today. Therefore, we kept the birds inside.

We are happy to announce we have 201 birds in the loft and 292 reserved perches. 

Thank You to DeanLipard of Autumns Dream, Mario Rodriquez, Neil Ihrig, and Bert Bruno for sending us great birds this week.

Thank you to everyone for supporting us, to grow this race.

We still have May and June to get those birds in. Let's keep them coming.








Hello to all Breeders,

    Hope everybody is doing well! The last few days have been windy about 20-30 miles winds.

   We had the birds out last week and the birds got spooked by a hawk. The same evening we did a head inventory and one is missing and one injuredThe breeders have been notified and sending replacements.

  We are so excited that we have 186 birds in the loft and 288 reserved perches.

   We have the whole month of May and part of June to get in more birds and their replacements in. There is still plenty of room. Let's us keep them coming! 

    We are so thank you for each and every person helping us to grow this race.



     Hello to all Breeders,

The birds are trapping and settling well.

At the hand inventory all the birds are still present.

The birds health is excellent.


The birds receive organic aplle cider vinegar twice a week.

The Arizona weather is starting to get hot.

There is still plenty of space for more perch reservations.  

Thank you for your support and confidence!

Lets keep them coming.


Hello to all Breeders,

     The weather this week has been beautiful and not too hot. 

    All the birds are looking very healthly and strong. The birds are trapping well. 

  We now have 142 birds in the loft. We still have 3 more months to get those youngsters in. Since, the big OLRs are starting to fill up. Please tell other flyers to consider a smaller race with plenty of top competition. 

Let's keep them coming. Its going to be a great season.

150 mile trainers, 200 mile, 250 mile, 300 mile, 350 mile

Thank you for your support and confidence.



Hello to all Breeders, 

  The Tucson weather has been nice and sunny. The birds are enjoying the sunshine. 

   I hope everyone is doing well. I would like to say thank you to all the new and returning breeders, for sending us strong and healthy birds.

  All the birds are settling well. There are still many birds in quarantine.

   We now have 110 birds together. Lets keep them coming!


   Thank you for your support and confidence. Feel free to contacts us anytime.


Hello to Breeders,

    The first group of birds are trapping well. The second group of birds were just transferred to the racing loft. All the birds look healthy.

  Thank you to:

         Rogelio and Adrian Perez

         Thai Tommy, Rusty Williams and Frank Hittle,

         Manny Casillas

         Juan Garrido from NV

  For sending us great birds this week.

     The weather is getting warm. the weather was in the 90's all week. 

      Lets keep them coming!!










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