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Hello to All Breeders,

    The birds are in excellent condition.  They are flying good around the loft for 1 to 1.5 hours.The hawks are still here. Every time the hawk attacks the birds get scattered every where. Ten birds are missing. Please check inventory in wincompanion, we post them usually nightly.

  It still is hot here with temperatures in the 100's. 

 The birds enjoyed their bath today.


    Thank you for your support and confidence!


Hello to all Breeders, 

  Yesterday the birds enjoyed their bath.

A lot of the birds are still going through their body molt.

They are healthy and looking sharp. Even with the heat, they are flying good. 

We still have to fix a few kinks in the e- bands.

The hawks are are still around and giving the birds a hard time. So far there are few injuries. 


Dove season has started. We were hoping to train during dove season, but we decided it is too risky, if the birds get off course. Therefore, loft flying will continue during dove season.


Hope everybody has a Great Labor Day! 

Thank you for your support and confidence!


Hello to All Breeders, 

  The weather is still hot here in Tucson, but the mornings are getting a little cooler.

Some birds are still body molting. The birds are still healthy and looking great.

They are out loft flying almost everyday. We are varying the loft flying times to try to confuse the hawks. We have not been too successful.

 Dove season is starting Sept.1-15th. The timing each day is sunrise up to sunset. The birds will still loft loft fly everyday. We are still hoping to do some small tosses during the dove season.

  Thank you for your support and confidence!



Hello to all Breeders,

      The mornings are getting nice and cool here in Tucson AZ.

We let the birds out everyday. The birds have been flying well and trapping good.

    The body molt is almost complete.The birds are in good health.

We can't wait to put the birds on the road. 

   The hen from last weeks hawk attack is recovering well.

  Some missing birds returned. They are all still in good shape.

 Inventory is available on WinCompanion. Will will try to put it up daily. I understand how important inventory is for the breeders.

  Thank You for your support and confidence!



  Hello to all Breeders,

  The weather is still warm and humid. The birds are all doing well. The 3 sick birds, have recovered. We are so excited the 9th and 10th flights are fully grown now, so the birds can fly around the loft every good day. In order to prepare them, for road training.

   Training starts in Sept. Dove season is Sept. 1-15th.  We will keep the birds within 15-20 miles inside the city limits until the dove season is over. When the dove season is over, the training toss distances will increase.

The live inventory is up. There are still some errors to fix.

Race Schedule for 2017:

Trainer: 150 miles : Oct . 22nd

              200 miles: Nov. 5th

             250 miles: Nov. 12th

             300 miles: Nov. 19th

             350 miles: Nov.26th

Thank you for your support and confidence! It is going to be a great race season!


Hello to All Breeders,

   The weather is still warm.. The thunderstorms are slowing down. Due to the high humidity 3 birds came down with respiratory issues and they have been separated and recovering well.

 The birds flights should be fully grown out this week. Many birds are on the body moult and looking very good. All the birds look very strong and healthy. It is going to be a tough competition!

This weekend we put electronic bands on all the birds except 10 birds that got missed due to a glitch in the antenna. Then, the 10 missed birds got mixed with the assigned birds. So, we need to rescan all the birds by hand to fix the problem. Since all have E-bands on.

 We should have live inventory up soon as the bands are fixed.

Thank you for your support and confidence! Have a great week!


  Hello to all Breeders, 

    The weather has been humid and rainy here in Tucson.

The flights are coming out nicely. They are 3/4 ths of the way out.

All the birds are enjoying their avairy. They spend most of their day outside flying up and down and enjoying themselves. 

 We did head a head inventory and all birds are present. 

We can't wait to let  birds and fly again.


Hello to all Breeders,


 The birds are moltening well. Their 9th and 10th flights are are coming in.

 The days are a little less hot, but the humidity is higher with cloudbursts of rain. The birds are still enjoying their big avairy, even in the rain. Therefore, they are protected from hawks, while their flights are growing out.

 There are a total of 365 birds in the loft . Thank you to all the breeders for supporting us. We are very happy, we reached a top goal of 350 birds. We will make this a great race series this year.



Hello to all Breeders,

  We now have 357 birds in the loft. Thank you to all the breeders for sending birds and helping us grow are race. We are very excited we reached over 350  birds. A few more birds have not arrived yet.

  The temperatures are still in the 100's but it has decreased from last week. The birds are enjoying their baths and the new aviary. We are having trouble getting them in at night they enjoy it so much.

  If anybody needs to add extra email address. It can be updated on the breeders information. Or you can text or email it and I can update it. Please put the loft name with email address.

  We pulled the 9th and 10th flights out this weekend. 

Have a safe 4th of July!




Hello to all Breeders,

   The weather is hot, hot, hot here in Tucson. The birds have been enjoying their baths lately. 

   We clipped the 9th and 10th flights this weekend. Next weekend, we will pull the flights out. The birds are all doing well.

   It has been a very busy 2 weeks. We built a 400 square foot netting avairy over the loft. To let the birds enjoy the outdoors and be safe from hawks while the new flights are growing.

    There was a hawk attack on Friday. There was one bird that did not survive and 2 are missing. The breeders were notified.

  We have 326 birds in the loft.  It is going to be a great race season! Thank you so much for your support! We still have another week of accepting birds and their replacements. Let's keep them coming!

   Thank You for all your support and convience! We could not have reached our 300 goal without every-bodies help. 

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